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Rikki Rockett, 6/19/00




Check this out!

Rikki Rockett wore our OFFICIAL METAL SLUDGE SHIRT, which can be purchased right here, ON STAGE LAST NIGHT at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, NY!

Here are a few emails about it.

Hi Guys,

I just got back from the show at Jones beach and I wanted to let you in on a Metal Sludge sighting. Basically, slaughter and Dokken were pretty flacid.  The guitarist of SLaughter sounded like a total Zakk Wylde clone. and the only cool thing about the was Mark’s journey back into the crowd. I can’t say anything positive about the Dokken set. I was never too impressed with Dokken, and there is no reason to be. Cinderella actually kicked ass. By then the crowd was up and running and they put on a great set. Poison came out and put on a great show, but, Brett can’t hit them high notes anymore. The cool thing was, when they came out for the encore Rikki Rocket was wearing a Metal Sludge T-shirt. Me and my bud went nuts. It was really cool to see that with all the ribbing these guys get he can still have a sense of humor. Hats off to Mr. Rocket. Ciao For Niao

Sure it was wet, but it rocked.  It rained throughout most of dokken and cinderella but it was mainly dry for poison.

Slaughter—-tight as usual. They must be used to playing in front of 1,000 people at a 12,000 seat arena so im sure that didnt phase them. If they didnt do an crazy long version of fly to the angels every time they could play another song. 30 minutes

Dokken—-Don Dokken always comes across as an arrogant prick, but his band is always tight. Great harmonies very dates riffs.  35 minutes

Cinderella —Surprised me. I didnt realize they were as popular as they are. Tom Keiffer basically does everything, but how do they make any money?? they each have about 25 guitars, 5 roadies and that piano was just a waste of time and money. Very fun band to watch, but too many ballads 50 minutes

Poison—-REALLY bad mix for half the show. CC was WAY too loud and vocals were low. CC is super sloppy, but so fun to watch. "Power to the People" came across live a lot better than on the CD.  2 funny CC things  "if you dont go buy my new CD i will go out and do drugs…..just kidding"  and during "every bone"  where the solo came in, he yelled "CC" just like bret would. I was disapointed at the short set,  An hour and 10, but the energy was always up. The crowd was a lot more into the show last year but this crowd was smaller than least year. Probably about 8,000 but not bad considering they were in NJ the night before and last year only played one area show. Rikki was wearing a METAL SLUDGE T-shirt during the encore. I would go again next year.

Tony "bag o donuts" McDokken

Hey—-You wouldnt fucken know me from a hole in the wwall but I just wanna let you know that the "METAL SLUDGE" tee-shirt was worn with pride tonight (sunday june 18). Rikki Rockett from Poison was wearing on one of the sets at the concert tonight.

Since Rikki wore our shirt ON FUCKING STAGE, we have no choice but to give him the very prestigious

Super Balls Award!

Rikki is the first rock star to wear our shirt on stage!  Not only does Rikki have a huge cock, but he’s got huge balls!   SUPER BALLS! And it’s even better that he wore the shirt while touring with Slaughter!  Plus, we’ve bagged on Bret & CC quite often, but Rikki doesn’t give a fuck!  He’ll still wear our shirt on stage!  Even if you disagree with his views on hunting and eating meat, you still have to give him his props for representing Metal Sludge in front of 8,000 or so fans!  That’s the shit!!  Just for that, you should go out and buy a Poison CD.  Go pick up "Power To The People" or if you don’t wanna do that, just go fucking buy "Look What The Cat Dragged In" again.  You could use 2 copies anyways. 

Rikki is the 6th person to win this honor, following in the footsteps of such celebrities as Paul Gargano, Donna D’Errico, Nikki Sixx, Joey Allen, and Snake Sabo.  If anybody has a photo of Rikki playing drums in his Metal Sludge shirt, we’ll hook your ass up with some free shit! 

And in case you were wondering, Rikki was sporting the very fashionable Fancy Ass Poison Shirt design.  Don’t be a dick, buy a Metal Sludge shirt today!

By the way, Rikki’s Tour Diary will be up sooner or later.  Like us, he’s slow about writing shit so he fits in rather well.  But we’ll let that slide since he’s wearing our swag!!

So for now, may all the meat eaters and the vegans join together and salute our Super Balls Winner, Mr. Rikki Rockett!

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