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Page Sludge for 10/10/04


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October 10, 2004

Hello, I’m Jani Bon Neil. How are you? I am fine.

Halloween is just around the corner! Well, in 21 days, to be specific. We have a few tricks and treats in store for the Sludgeaholics this year, so be on the lookout for a few surprises on the page within the coming weeks, including a special surprise 20 Questions perfectly fitting for the week leading up to Halloween.

The Metal Sludge Radio Hour, airing every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST on XM Satellite Radio Channel 41, "Da Boneyard," also lands on Halloween this year, so be sure to tune in for our special Halloween edition.

Speaking of the Metal Sludge Radio Hour, I’m actually getting a little burnt out on doing everything each week, from picking out the playlist to recording the show. So next week, we have a special guest program director picking out all the songs. So if you don’t like what gets played, you can beat someone else’s ass instead of sending me hate mail. As well, in a few weeks I’ll be taking a hiatus from being the DJ on the Metal Sludge Radio Hour, and another Metal Sludge staff member will be taking my place. "Who could it be," you ask? It could be Taime "Sex" Slaughter, it could be Dana Brittingham, or even (God forbid) our own bastard boy floyd. It could be any of us, so you’ll just have to keep tuning in each week to find out for yourself.

As well, the Ricky Parent Benefit is happening next Sunday, October 17th at The Metro in Chicago. And while this isn’t a "Metal Sludge Extravaganza" per se, it’s a party/concert in support of someone from our extended Sludge family. Ricky Parent has been down with the Sludge for years, and now you can come out, show your support for Ricky, and enjoy Enuff Z’Nuff, D’Molls, Love Hammers, American Motherload, and whoever else shows up to jam. We’ve heard the list of VIPs and celebrities that are expected to be in attendance, and it pretty much should be as out of control as any Extravaganza we’ve ever thrown. There are Sludgeaholics coming into Chicago from all over the country for this event, so put on your Sludge swag, head on out to The Metro next Sunday, and join in the ensuing mayhem. And by all means, take lots of pictures and send them to us! We’ll post them when we recap the Ricky Parent benefit a few days after the 17th.

That is all.

Your Paragon of Sludge,

Jani Bon Neil

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