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The Final Entry, 12/20/04


Thirsty and Miserable ? The Final Entry

by Iann Robinson

Hey everybody, what?s up. Sorry it?s been so long since I wrote anything but I?ve been busy trying to figure out the rest of my life and you know how much time that can eat up.

I?ve come up with my 20 best albums of 2004 list and it?s also the last thing about music I?ll ever write again. Between watching the metal scene spoil from the inside and seeing bands selling their souls to get 15 minutes on Headbangers Ball I?ve just given up on it altogether.

Extreme music once stood for the anger, despair and bitterness people felt towards a world that didn?t understand them?now it stands for Juliya, stupid hand gestures and cliques.

At first I could deal with the new ignorance in metal, the betty boop costumes, the redneck jocko-jackass posturing?but once people started using what happened to Dimebag Darrell as a device to get back into the public eye by weighing in on that tragedy when nobody asked them, I just gave up. The people who knew Darrell know who they are and the people who didn?t and still ran their mouths should be ashamed. I didn?t know the man very well, met him a few times, but I did my best to keep my mouth shut about it because it wasn?t my place. I also loved how Phil wrote that big statement about how devastated he was (even though he just did an interview that called for Darrell to beaten severely) and how we wouldn?t see him for a long time because he was so upset about this (way to make it all about yourself Phil) and the best part were these fans who actually came out chastising a family and friends who?d lost somebody they loved because their hero Phil wasn?t allowed at the funeral.

I also got the sharp end of the how-quickly-they-forget sword from bands I killed myself to help when I was on MTV who suddenly forgot I existed once I wasn?t on the channel. You add this all to the fact that for every 50 albums that come out, maybe 5 are worthwhile and you start to become bitter and broken hearted about it all, until you finally just give up altogether.

I know there?s a lot of you out there with your Limp Bizkit T-shirts on or your corpse paint that hate me and, well, fuck you, and congrats, cause I?m done with it.

20 Best Heavy Records Of 2004:

  1. Mastodon: Leviathan
  2. Neurosis: Eye Of Every Storm
  3. Japanische Kampfhorspiele: Hardcore Aus Des Ersten Welt
  4. Isis: Panopticon
  5. Rwake: If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die
  6. Backstabbers Inc: Kamikaze Missions
  7. Converge: You Fail Me
  8. Unearth: The Oncoming Storm
  9. Mare: Mare
  10. These Arms Are Snakes: Oxneers Or The Lion Sleeps When It?s Antelopes Go Home
  11. Jesu: Heartache
  12. Grails: Redlight
  13. Pig Destroyer: Terrifyer
  14. Today Is The Day: Kiss The Pig
  15. Motorhead: Inferno
  16. Old Man Gloom: Christmas
  17. Premonitions Of War: Left In Kowloon
  18. Decapitated: The Negation
  19. Killswitch Engage: The End Of Heartache
  20. Cattle Decapitation: Humanure

In 2005 I?m expecting big things from Cursed?s new album (the new 7? is fucking crushing) as well as the new band featuring Milligram?s Jonah Jenkins. Black Helicopter are due to have some new stuff out and hopefully things will creep out of the woodwork that will surprise me. Anyway, thanks to those who?ve been supportive of me over the last few years, it meant a lot to me.

Take care,

Metal Sludge would like to thank Iann Robinson for his "Thirsty and Miserable" column over the last year and for his various other contributions and support during the last few years. Fuck, he even used to wear a Metal Sludge shirt on the air when he worked at MTV2. He’s been a welcome addition to our Sludge Family, and we wish him only the best in life as he takes his place alongside Jesse Camp, Adam Curry, and other former VJs that no one talks about anymore. Thanks, Iann!

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