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The Good, The Bad and The Rest, 10/13/04


The Good, The Bad and The Rest

by Iann Robinson

Hey there everybody, so this is a new thing I?m starting, just a quick overpass as to what I?ve been checking out lately. These aren?t full reviews, just quick blast beats on what I feel about any given record. The Good and The Bad you can figure out, The Rest means I don?t love or hate the record, I just don?t care. You can get it if you want but I wouldn?t recommend it to anybody. Anyway, here we go:


CONVERGE: You Fail Me?I was never a Converge fan until Jane Doe and now this record. These guys fucking crush, on every level. The music, the lyrics, the general emotion that pours out from the album, definitely on my list for top ten albums of the year. (Epitaph Records)

SICK OF IT ALL: Outtakes For The Outcast?A collection of rarities from the boys in SOIA. Some of it good, some of it great, some of it just average but who cares, it?s SOIA and they rock. (Fat Wreck Chords)

MELVINS + LUSTMORD: Pigs Of The Roman Empire?A nice thick slab of rocking sludge for your collection. The Melvins are always deciding to turn their style on it?s head and for some reason they always make it work. If you dig the Melvins you?ll love this, if you don?t dig the Melvins well?then fuck you anyway. (Ipecac)

BLOOD & TIME: At The Floor Of The Garden ? Another score for Neurot Recordings and Neurosis member Scott Kelly who writes the music here. Slow building acoustic music with actual emotion and resonance that never gets pretentious or overbearing. The kind of music you wish more supposed ?singer/songwriters? could reach inside and create. (Neurot Recordings)

ISIS: Panopticon?Isis have always made strong, powerful music, but this time, the band have reached into their hearts and arrived with an emotional record that will devastate you. Introspective, ethereal and layered in such away as to give you the idea that you?re floating on a dark cloud with bits of broken glass in it. Isis have done what so few bands have, they?ve created art that touches the mind, soul and spirit.

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL: Peace Love Death Metal? I know a lot of people hated this record and thought it was a big joke but I dug it. Catchy rock tunes, fun riffs and a great cover of Stuck In The Middle. What?s not to like? (Rekords/Rekords)

MARDO: S/T?When you first see these guys you?re going to want to hate them, trust me, but just give the album a listen. Nice, solid, powerful fucking seventies rock that doesn?t let up. I love the grooves and the voice grows on you. (House Of Restitution Records)

MARE: S/T?This record is a fucking train wreck but a train wreck that just had to happen. Switching from ambient music with sad, gorgeous vocals to crushing post-hardcore mathrock and a screech that?d kill?this is the mind of a maniac wrung out on a CD. (HydraHead Records)

DAMNATION: Destructo Changelia?These guys are supposed to be Black Metal and they do have on corpse paint and bullet belts but they also have killer songs and great production. Plus the growl is actually kinda cool instead of that irritating one most ?Black Metal? bands use. It sounds more like Death Metal, save the super blast beats. (Threeman Records)

GRAILS: Redlight?This record is simply beautiful, a rolling landscape of ambient textures, slow desert like songs and layers that lull you into bliss before crushing your heart. It?s the theme music to that lonely drive through the night desert or the barren landscape scorched by the sun. (Neurot Recordings)


THE NERVOUS RETURN: Wake Up Dead?This is bad, like really bad, like who cares bad, like fuck these guys bad, like shit on a rope bad, like avoid at all costs bad. (La Sale Records)

NIGHTWISH: ONCE?And ?Once? was enough for me and this shitheel disc. I hate keyboards in metal about 99% of the time and the female ?I?m so goth and lonely? vocals make me want to choke myself to death. If you got to buy something with a chick, buy Lacuna Coil, at least she?s hot. (Roadrunner Records)

NONPOINT: Recoil?Well nobody told these guys that the Nu-Metal ship has sunk already and so here we have another paint-by-numbers chunk-chunk-chicken-riff album that has no versatility or imagination. If you think giant earrings and wacky facial hair is still cool, you?ll love this. (Roadrunner Records)

SKINDRED: Babylon?You got your 311 in my Disturbed!! No, you got your Disturbed in my 311!! Either way this lame attempt at combining reggae and metal just fucking sucks. (Roadrunner Records)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND: Casually Dressed & Deep Conversation?I guess these guys have a fan base because I keep hearing their name but musically all I hear is a tired combination of indie and emo. I?m sure these guys matter to somebody but not to me. (Ferret Records)

3 INCHES OF BLOOD: Advance And Vanquish?How about ?Advance And Write Songs?, cause these guys need help. I?m not a huge power metal fan anyway but these guys are just laughable. (Roadrunner Records)

THE EXPLOSION: Black Tape?These guys are supposed to be some kind of big deal but to me they just suck. Coloring Book attempts at raunchy punk that fall way short, though some of it is catchy. They may not be the evil of Good Charlotte but they ain?t far away from it. (Virgin Records)

MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL: Volume 2?MTV again proves it can only get shit half right. For every LOG track, there?s a Kittie song. For every Dillinger Escape Plan song we have to sit through Fear Factory or Eighteen Visions. Hey, it?s a lot like the show. (Roadrunner Records)

ALPHA SAFARI: Commercial Suicide?This is supposed to be a super group of members of Misery Love Co and Entombed. Well it?s a group but it ain?t super, it?s just really bad ?indie rock? almost comical. Sounds like a band trying to achieve something in a new genre and failing. (Threeman Records)

GOD AMONG INSECTS: World Wide Death?Grrr, grrr, arrghh, arrggghh, death metal?SCARY and LAME. (Threeman Records)

SINGAPORE SLING: Life Is Killing My Rock N Roll?Ever think it would sound cool if Sonic Youth played Velvet Underground covers? Yeah, me either. (Stinky Records)

THE MIGHTY NIMBUS: S/T?This is truly awful, some kind of mish mosh of southern and ?stoner? rock, fucking boring, contrived and just fucking bad. (Threeman Recordings)

PHENOMENAUTS: Re-Entry?I guess these guys thought they?d try to be the ironic indie answer to Devo and they fail on every level. Fuck these guys. (Springman Records)


TOM WAITS: Real Gone?Since I could never call a Tom Waits album ?bad? I?ll just say this one left me cold. Only for the die hard fans. (Epitaph Records)

CRADLE OF FILTH: Nymphetamine?This isn?t good or bad, it?s just eh?who cares. With all the attitude these guys throw around and their little costumes, does anybody even consider them relevant anymore? (Roadrunner Records)

KAADA/PATTON: Romances?I know that Ipecac puts out killer shit and I know Patton fucking rocks but sometimes I wish he?d stop feeling bad for Faith No More (who I liked) and do a band that?s not ?kooky? to show he?s down with the underground. This isn?t awful but the joke is getting old. (Ipecac)

TUSK: Tree Of No Return?I think these guys might have a big future in the heavy semi-evil post-hardcore run but for right now none of it gels, they got to stop trying so hard.(Tortuga Records)

THE CHASM: Spell Of Retribution?This record starts off really cool but then falls into a deep hole of pretty average death metal. It doesn?t suck but it?s really only for hardcore fans of the genre. (Earache Records)

ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES: Ruin Jonny?s Bar Mitzvah?This is a fine offering for these guys, funny punk rock covers of Blondie and Led Zeppelin but I?d really like to hear them do a real record. (Fat Wreck Chords)

BAD RELIGION: The Empire Strikes First?I love Bad Religion but this album seems phoned in. I know everybody says it?s their big comeback record but I just don?t hear it. As far as what it sounds like, it?s Bad Religion, figure it out. (Epitaph Records)

THE HOSTAGE HEART: Where There Is Despair, Hope?Not a bad record but just sounds too much like Converge to me, by the end of the album I wasn?t paying attention, which is always a bad sign. (Five Point Records)

So that?s it for now, it?s a lot to digest but I figured since people work hard for their cash I?d help them try and spend it wisely. Like I said, this ain?t in-depth reviewing, these are my opinions, agree or don?t, no big deal to me. I heard a new Haunted song on a Terrorizor compilation?doesn?t make me happy to hear the new album. Hopefully it?s just a lame track. Well, until next time?see you at the shows.

"Thirsty and Miserable" is Iann Robinson’s very own column here at Metal Sludge! Whenever he feels like it, Iann will write about whatever it is that’s on his mind. Much like us, Iann is never one to mince words or hide his feelings, so he’s a welcome addition to our Sludge Family!

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