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In Case You Were Wondering Where Real Music Went, 9/22/04


In Case You Were Wondering Where Real Music Went

by Iann Robinson


I?m always being accused of being too negative so I thought I?d start my come-back article for Metal Sludge on a positive note. Now before any of you bitches start complaining that some of these have been out for awhile, I know they have–it’s more a list for people who don’t know, so stop bitching.

Fu Manchu: Start The Machine — A lot of people were wondering if we’d ever see this album and now that we have, everybody can breathe a sigh of relief. Fu Manchu are making the groovy foot stomping jams that made them the legends they are today.

Black Helicopter: That Special Function — A group that has written blisteringly emotional and crushing songs based on the ramblings of a drunk–amazing stuff. You can check them out on Traktor7 records.

Blacktail: Styrofoam Island — Another great Traktor7 Records release. This band makes brutal, ugly, crushing, fist bashing music that is as exciting and riveting as it is destructive. A must for any extreme music fan.

Unearth: The Oncoming Storm — These guys have been through a whirlwind of bullshit that woulda killed most bands. Instead they turned it into one of the best metal offerings this year. MetalBlade Records

The Black Keys: Rubber Factory — I know, I hate the hipster style these guys sport but their drums and guitar blues jams fucking kill. Great song writing and a haunting voice make it one of my favorites for this year. Imagine the White Stripes–but good. Epitaph Records.

Bury The Needle: S/T – I was introduced to these guys first when they played live and just slapped me around. Heavy, thick and pounding but with a hint of dark humor, really great shit.

Witchcraft: S/T — Imagine if a super psychedelic, drugged out seventies rock band went through a time machine and landed in 2004. They took a look at all the modern equipment and said "fuck it, let’s still make shit with old gear!" Instead of striving for a seventies super rock sound, these guys just have it, in spades.

Neurosis: Eye Of Every Storm — I think this is the best thing they’ve released since Enemy Of The Sun, but that’s me. Evil, heavy and still with that dark emotional core that makes Neurosis one of the only bands to have NEVER released a sub-par album. Relapse Records.


Backstabbers Inc: Kamikaze Missions – While everybody else in hardcore is styling their hair and singing like a bunch of bitches–Backstabbers Inc have made a fast, brutal and crushing hardcore album. All you other bitch ass bands should take a listen. Trash Art Records

Mastodon: Leviathan — Simply one of the best single slabs of metal I’ve heard in years. The first riff will make you scream ?Holy Nuclear Assault Batman? and the songs just get better from there. Mastodon are head and shoulders above everybody else, period. A concept album about Moby Dick written by masters of their craft, it just doesn’t get any better. Relapse Records.

Lamb Of God: Ashes Of The Wake — Even though I didn’t get a shout in their two page long "thank you" list, I can’t deny the power of the record. The constant fight to see what’s more hateful, the lyrics or the music makes Lamb Of God top dogs at what they do. This is like a heavy metal tour through the darkest part of the human soul, it can both wear you out and invigorate you at the same time. Hopefully being on a major won’t fuck them because I’d like to see these dudes around for a really long time.

Shadows Fall: The War Within — Another band laying the smackdown on me thank you wise, but ah well, they still made a killer fucking record. It?s like Testament for the new millennium with a brutality that?s tempered only by a great style for writing songs. You also need to dig the leads — dude, remember leads!!! Great shit from a great band. Century Media Records.

Wolf: Evil Star – Snatching the torch from Iron Maiden Wolf deliver a seriously great third album, complete with their trademark old school metal riffs and vocals. Some people bitch on this band but fuck ?em, I love it. Prosthetic Records.

Gonga: S/T – While a lot of the ?stoner rock? genre makes me ill because it?s the same guitar effects written with the same ?oh feel like you?re in the desert? tempo — sometimes it strikes gold. These guys simply rock and crush and maim and destroy — all with a Sabbath groove. If you dig the sludgy, thick guitars — you need this album. Tee Pee Records

Today is The Day: Kill The Pigs — Ever been punched in the face by a professional boxer with broken glass covering his fist — if not then you haven?t experienced the lavish beatdown of TITD. Kill The Pigs is confrontational both musically and lyrically and Steve Austin pulls no punches. At the end you don?t know whether to celebrate, cry or just hide?powerful stuff. Relapse Records.

Japanische Kampfhorspiele: Hardcore Aus Der Ersetn Welt — Rarely do I get anything in the mail that amounts to more than bad hardcore but holy shit did I get knocked for a loop with these guys. JK are a blend of hardcore, thrash, death metal and grindcore but instead of meandering through various genres they?ve whipped it into a frenzy of nut-kicking heavy music that literally blew me away. Check out Bastardize Recordings for these guys — holy shit!!!

Pig Destroyer: Terrifyer — Another band that can do no wrong in my eyes. These guys are consistently fucked up, evil and mean spirited as only the bastard son of thrash, grind and death could be. The lyrics are evil, the music is ugly — God I fucking love these guys!!!

Well, those are some of the things blasting from my CD player lately, you may know about all of them, some of them or none of them but hey, I hope I helped a little. I?m also into the new Dillinger Escape Plan, rarely is a record released that I love but can?t describe, just go get it. I hear Witchery is in the studio, and that fucking rocks. The new Helmet record sucks incredibly, thanks Paige for ruining the legacy Helmet had left behind. Well, I?m going to go back into the world and see what pisses me off — be back soon.

"Thirsty and Miserable" is Iann Robinson’s very own column here at Metal Sludge! Whenever he feels like it, Iann will write about whatever it is that’s on his mind. Much like us, Iann is never one to mince words or hide his feelings, so he’s a welcome addition to our Sludge Family!

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