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Takin’ Out the Trash #2 :: Matt Kramer responds to Jason Bieler!


Matt Kramer takes out the trash!

Welcome to another edition of "Takin’ Out the Trash," a semi-recurring feature from your good pals at Metal Sludge. Whenever some current recording artist, washed-up rock star, producer, manager, or industry person feels like going off on a tangent about someone, this is the place where it gets posted.

Here with our latest edition of "Takin’ Out the Trash" is none other than former Saigon Kick singer Matt Kramer! It appears that Matt’s recent 20 Questions interview caused quite a stir, especially with Saigon Kick’s guitarist Jason Bieler. The other day, we posted Jason’s response to the things Matt said about him in his intervew, and that fueled the feuding ex-Saigon Kick members to talk trash about each other even more. Matt sent in this lenghty retort to Jason Bieler’s response, so here it is in its entirety. Enjoy!


by Matt Kramer

Ha that retaliation was a fucking horse laugh, HEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAA

Did I say the hate was over? I got nothing to lose.

You sure that was Jason Bieler? I only know a jason. With out the proper.

Did any of you read that comeback? Now that?s what I mean! What do you want to do? Throw me pennies for sweeping your floors now Bieler. Didn?t you fuck and Steal from me bad enough? I wouldn?t take a cent of your filthy money if my life depended on it. (didn?t you get that point when you crookedly released ?moments from the fringe? after you fucked me bigger and harder than ever in our 1997 reunion. and I never cashed it no matter how much I needed it? I wiped my ass with your measly what was it ? a $50.00 check? How much did you make? HUH? Those were the band-owned demos, not yours, thief. I bet you were real happy about that fucking Lie as well, you pansy-sniffing, corporate whore.

So I had a day job after SK. I think it was $5.00 per hour, Happy? I know for a fact that everyone in SK after I left had day jobs as well ? Of course except for Whasoan, and you?re still gloating in it… I really hope people can read between the lines. Here?s the translation to Bieler?s offer $5.00 of his money equals $0.00 That tight wadd loser is still rubbing together the first 2 nickles he ever got.

I wish the other guys would grow a pair! Really! Phil Varone is the only one with the balls enough to call him on this atrocity with me. Plus it?s not your clean money anyway, it?s the dirty band money that you fucked everyone for, and fleeced off of your label bands that do nothing but tank on your label til another sorry ass band has the unfortunate dream to believe your horse droppings. Come on man. Once again, anyone that enjoys seeing his partners go down while his stolen money gets him everywhere he needs to go is a COMPLETE BONIFIED SCUMBAG PIECE OF SHIT. How many times can I say it.

In all actuality, Jason hates me for what he did to me. If it makes it easier for him to turn things around in order to justify the nasty way he treated me and the band, then so be it. Hope you feel better now, bud.

About me re-writing history, wasn?t it Jason that released the Greatest MRS. without even my picture being anywhere on the cover or inside artwork (Yes). I was the lead singer for fuck sake (not you, background boy). Talk about rewriting history. ?Peppermint tribe? is my lyrics. Don?t say I needed your bag of stolen goodies ?Body bags?, ?Coming home?, ?Month of Sundays?, ?New World? (my lyric and your Jane?s Addiction riff), also ?For the love of god? ? My lyric and your ?U2 in the name of love? rip-off. ?What do you do? ? my lyric, ?ICU? ? mine, Freedom ? my lyric.

You did everything a person can do to fuck and rewrite me, and no matter how hilariously funny you or I get. You?re a bad egg. Hey, I?ve been nice long enough, and I got a lot more where that came from. You is just a Sorry Mofo, dig?

Now he?s stealing from other young bands for a living with his Burglar Brother?s recording company. Cause he can?t write a fucking decent song anymore (Refer to the crap after I left) or find an ounce of vibe with his self-admitted big Clydesdale head in his asshole. Don?t judge my talent.

On the other hand, I have learned to fill in the gaps, and my album is out whether Mr. Ed horse breath likes it or not, and it is getting me back out there without a doubt or needing Bieler?s poopsie writing and borrowed riffs from Jane?s Addiction and U2 among others. So please don?t write any songs for me. You suck now, I really don?t want them. Just know that once upon a time you were pretty good too. But now all I see is a laughable shell of yourself. ?Ugly? was pretty damn cool and Down by the ocean pretty fucking good. But you? A Genius song writer. Ha. Pleeeeeeeaaaase? I think ?Water? Should have been titled ?Watered down?.

As for my hairline and waistline, man, that?s a ringer too! Not that I care, Cat, but I?m a lean 165 LBS and I have a Hairline as thick as Bieler?s lies. I think larceny fucks with your eyesight man.

Yeah, also, Bieler did NOT produce ?The Lizard? in any way, I don?t care what he or the album liner notes say. It was a Saigon Kick production plain and simple. He wasn?t even in the room with me during the vocals. Just another way that crooked fuck stole from a good band. I?m telling you it?s not a lie Jason could not produce anything good on his own (listen to his productions). Not that any of you have or even care. But I consider it a pleasure to tell the truth about a fool that shit on a lot of fans and friends that were innocently there for the art.

The only good thing he said is that no one cares about the tiff between us. That?s pretty on. Sorry you all have to read this shit.

As far as being a little bitch talking on the website. Remember what I did with that Chain? When I saved your little girl bitch ass when that big guy was on top of you, pummeling your fucked up sorry worthless body into the ground! Looking back on it, I should have beaten you instead that day! I think you would look nice with a few link marks on your head. I just don?t want to get locked up. Cause I?m bigger than that. It would be a real shame going to jail for a bottom feeder like you!

No doubt I didn?t put anything out till 2002. So what! My album is out now, reviewed pretty amazing as well, it?s just art to me. I don?t rush the clock to put bad albums out like Bieler. What else can I say. Supertrans Titanic was the biggest piece of shit I?ve ever heard. Except of course for the later SK releases you bastardized. (no pun intended)

But without a machine to run, yeah I was pretty much stuck at home, he?s right, I left SK with $10.00 total, you like that? Is that what you enjoy? Friend? I couldn?t even make a long distance phone call to get a band together after Bieler and Wyatt embezzled all of my money, which was a lot more than a $85,000.00 check (that was one check), it was more than double that. He thinks that?s funny? The irony is that Bieler had 3 times more than anyone of his own money to hoard, and forgive me for being so na?ve to help my band with my songwriting money anyway I could by giving to the band while Bieler bought his parents house they were about to lose. That was nice, but all the money I made (while my family starved) went into the band so he could take over and not pay a cent back. Man What Balls This prick has! I will never ever forget that.

I?m glad he?s showing his greedy colors to everyone. Maybe this crazy thing will be a little more believable to the fans that did care (which after His SK abomination, No on does) So throw me your dirty tuppence for sweeping your filthy floors, Oh and please jump off of something higher that your wallet, and stand on a precedence more worth while you shallow greedy fuck. You aren?t that fucking rich, I know real rich people; you?re just a scumbag with a dirty bankroll. Money doesn?t care who owns it. The fact that you truly enjoy seeing people that trusted you suffer, with your mighty hoax. Just shows that you?re a fucking low life.

Life has its way my friend, and you?ll get yours.

Every song (The Genius Bieler) wrote was a complete rip of another band, and SK was a good band and we mopped up the trail leading to the other band by masking it with a get this, a Vibe. Which I know he would know nothing about. So if it?s the writing you think you got me on, that?s a fucking laugh too poopsie pie. Your good songs stopped flowing about 1990, when you stopped ripping off good bands. Check out my new album, Fat Ass Thief. You can say all you want about the business its doing, but at least I see the funds coming into my account. All Jason Bieler has ever done in his life is fuck over the people closest to him (nice Guy) and smoke screen their credibility. I?m not a bitter guy at all, No matter how this sounds, I just Hate Hate Hate this manipulating asshole! Actually, I?m a pretty relaxed guy for the most part. Having a fun Poke at his eyeball.

Psychologically speaking, if his inferiority complex wasn?t so massive, he wouldn?t find the need to knock those less fortunate than him. Of course after he?s already crushed me. This guy needs some serious therapy.

Now knocking my talent gets him off. I thought that was over when Bieler and Wyatt sabotaged my credibility with the label after I left the band. Your later albums were mush. I?m not going to lower myself and stroke my ego, but my chops are sharper now than ever. I don?t think you stand even close to your old shadow. But then again I wouldn?t stand next to you either.

For the record, I never, ever did any account audit with my lawyers, we stopped because his attorney said that he was bankrupt (ask Phil he?ll tell you), and our attorneys said there was nothing to go after so they stopped. The fact that him and Wyatt can steal without a paper trail, and hide money is no news to me anyway. They are good at what they do. I wouldn?t even bother, and I was trying to sue because Bieler Illegally took me and Phil Varone off of the Saigon Kick corporation (among a million other corrupt things). Which he had Illegally done with his SK accountant.

If I was stupid enough to give the band all of my publishing money. That shows what kind of a guy I am. Is it really my fault?? I do have to live with it?. So if you?re happy that I was delivering and working in a telemarketing phone room after all that I put into Saigon Kick. I have no problem with that.. Once again it just goes to show that, a Zebra doesn?t change his stripes. This guy did everything you could possibly do to fuck me for no reason. And now he?s having fun with it? Karma will pay you. I can have my fun too.

Oh, and the brief tour. We made nothing. Don?t flatter yourself! The band was dead (from Jason?s shitty releases after I left) it was a fun 8 week run. That was to get on the road without a complete fucking asshole (You Bieler), and as far as doing SK songs, I can do any song I want. I bled for that band. As a matter of fact. I never had a cent in my life (and Bieler knows that), that?s fine with me. I?m used to it, I?ve always been the poor guy on the block. But I rest assure its not the money that makes the man. It?s Integrity, and friendship, as well as honesty, and bringing people up to your level instead of squashing their talent ? a character Bieler would know nothing about that.

This is the single biggest pleasure I?ve ever had in my life. Getting this story straight. You are the single biggest fucking cocksucker the world has to offer. Enjoy your Fat wallet. And the wealthy status, and I hope your life is happy, and sleep well my friend.

Attention all bands!!! Jason Bieler, also known as CEO of Burglar Brother records will fuck you. Lie, and leave ya dry. (Don?t say I didn?t tell you so) Just read his retaliation response. It says it all.

How?s that for an ending?

Fuck You, Sincerely

Mr. Monkey Dance

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