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Stephen Pearcy


Stephen Pearcy has been on the Pussy List for a few years now, but within the last week, he suddenly decided to do 20 Questions! This was all set up by Jesse Capps over at RockConfidential.com. Jesse recently did an interview with Stephen and brought us up, and it seems Stephen decided it was time to do it. So we sent Stephen the 20 Questions, and then he ended up calling Jesse to give his answers to. Jesse wrote down everything he said and then sent them over to us. Anyway, here are 20 Questions with Stephen Pearcy. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote all the stuff you have going on.

Check out TopFuelEntertainment.com.

2. You recently did an interview on RockConfidential.com that Bobby Blotzer responded to. He contradicted a few things you said. He said you have NOTHING to do with Ratt business matters, that you’ve been making pursuant calls to their representatives, and that you had a $760,000 judgment handed down from a court because of various lies you’re trying to perpetrate. How do you respond to that?

He is correct. I have nothing to do with Ratt business matters, just the unfinished Ratt business matters. I do pursue unfinished matters…my publishing interests. Any and all. HAD and HAVE are two different things.

3. Why did the whole Ratt reunion fall apart a few years ago and why wasn’t Juan involved? What made you finally decide to bail?

You’re actually seeing it happen again now, just with two original members.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Clothe and Hoove

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who totally sucks big floppy cock and 10 being a vocal God.

Vince Neil =

Paul Stanley =

Don Dokken =

Sebastian Bach =

Jani Lane =

Jizzy Pearl =

Dee Snider =

Phil Lewis =

John Corabi =

David Lee Roth =

Bret Michaels =

I rate those as they rated me.

6. Speaking of rate a singer, this is how your contemporaries rated you in their Metal Sludge 20 Questions. What do you think about these ratings and do you have any responses to any of these guys?

I always considered my contemporaries David Lee Roth, Steven Tyler, Eric Bloom, Rob Halford.

Jani Lane said Stephen Pearcy = 3

Don Dokken said Stephen Pearcy = 2

Kip Winger said Stephen Pearcy = 2

Paul Shortino of Rough Cutt said Stephen Pearcy = 5

Peter Loran of Trixter said Stephen Pearcy = 3

Mike Tramp of White Lion said Stephen Pearcy = 7 Pearcy was great in the big Ratt days

Kevin DuBrow said Stephen Pearcy = Sounds good on record when they triple track his voice. Never seen him live.

Ron Keel said Stephen Pearcy = 6. Dated any of my ex wives lately?

I rate those as they rated me.

Comment for Ron: I’ve always dug Ronnie back to the Steeler days. Got any? A bastard son.

7. We asked Dee Snider the following:

Metal Sludge: What are your thoughts on bands that still tour with only one or two original members left?"

Dee Snider: "It’s fucking hysterical. It’s hysterical. Ratt! Oh my God, what’s going on there? I liked it when there were multiple Ratts out on the road. Now that’s a good time! Hey why not? Why not split into five different bands, each with one original member." Any comments for Dee?

Dee…A true bastard. Straight up sick motherfucker. Gotta tell it like it is.

Comment for Dee: Bastards of Metal Tour 2004?

Stephen and a bearded David Lee Roth

8. Ratt made a reunion like comeback and toured in support of Poison a few years back. It’s well known that Poison usually put a lot of restrictions on the openers. Did you have any problems with stage room, monitor volume, overall production or talking to groupies back stage?

I was happy to be astroplaning and be there and support anybody that supported me. I enjoyed the party for what could be made of the situation. Next.

9. Name the 3 highest points and the 3 lowest points of your musical career to date.


1. Hearing "You Think You’re Tough" on the radio for the first time driving around Hollywood with Robbin in 1983 before the "Cellar" deal. We were the happiest motherfuckers on the planet. I think we celebrated with a chicken and a couple of tall Budweisers!

2. First gold record.

3. Platinum records.

I don’t believe in low points.

10. What do you remember about playing the following cities in the 80s:

Las Vegas =

Dallas =

Tokyo =

New York =

New Orleans =

Cleveland =

Milwaukee =

Salt Lake City =

Detroit =

Chicago =

Eighties. Nineties. 2000s. The three P’s: Pussy, party, paycheck. Been there done that and I always came back for more.

11. What’s the point of re-recording 13 Ratt hits? How can you possibly top the originals and for that matter even hit the notes you hit back in the 80s?

Because I can. I will in every format possible. Watch, learn, and listen. I’m re-recording the whole Ratt catalog. Time to Ratt & Roll, yeah? I never considered myself a "note hitter," maybe a professional screamer.

12. Of all the bands Ratt toured with, who treated you the best and who treated you guys like complete dicks?

Best? Ozzy, 1984. Great tour…US, Canada, Europe. It’s all good. Worst? None.

13. What rock star needs a real good smack in the mouth and why?

All of us if you’re really a rock star.

14. The last of Stephen Pearcy:

Last time you talked to Blotzer =
Don’t recall

Last CD you purchased =New Marilyn Manson. Kicks ass, by the way.

Last concert you saw from the audience =Blue Oyster Cult, Edgar Winter, and Oleander. The Rat Bastards played the same gig. I had the pleasure to sing with Blue Oyster Cult on "Dominant" and "Submission." Fuckin’ way cool!

Last Ratt song you played live =Ask me tomorrow

Last time you tried to sell something on Ebay =Right now! Go to TopFuelWear.com.

Last rock star you shook hands with =Frankie Banali. Plays great drums…

Last time you had a fist fight =If you can call it that. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Last movie you saw = "Our Man Flynt" on DVD

Last time you fell off the stage =A few years back. I believe those two over there pulled some cash out of that, too…without injury.

Last time you had sushi with Keri Kelli =Don’t recall. I love dead fish, though.

Vince Neil & Stephen way back in the day.

15. A while back you went out on tour as Ratt featuring Stephen Pearcy. Meanwhile, Blotzer and Warren were also out as Ratt. Didn’t you realize how misleading it was having two Ratt’s out on tour? Even if you thought you should have the name, why not wait until it was solved legally instead of confusing the fans like that?

Are you scolding me? A true Ratt fan is not confused.

16. Did you ever see the drunken emails Bobby Blotzer sent us about a year ago? What are your thoughts on Bob’s behavior and his delusions that he’s still a rock star?

I think you answered the question for me, thank you.

17. Yes or no, has Stephen Pearcy ever:

Had sex with Tawny Kitaen =
Never. That was Robbin.

Done heroin =Yes.

Had your vocals tripled tracked =Today.

Regretted a tattoo =No. Never.

Kicked your leg in the air on stage in the last 10 years = Don’t recall. Is that mandatory?

Had a secret pocket sewn into your pants so it’ll make your dick look bigger =Never. It was actually a sack supporter designed by Audrey Carter. Shocking, huh?

Wanted to get Robbie Crane deported =Never.

Thrown up on stage =About 16 months ago. Well, it was before the show.

Read one of Jizzy Pearl’s books =The first one on paperback. He was out singing for L.A. Guns. Good reading. Great shitter book.

Sold some CDs to a used CD store =CDs and DVDs by the boxes. Go to TopFuelRecords.com.

18. It seems like you and Juan frequently talk about Robbin but we don’t hear much about him from Bobby and Warren. Why is that?

Our respect. Ask them.

19. Is there a reason why you have the stage presence of a mannequin from a department store?

Fuckin’ great question. No reason at all.

Robbin and Stephen

20. Are you that desperate for money that you have to sell your stage clothes on Ebay? What’s up with that?

Actually, check TopFuelWear.com for all your collectibles and merchandising needs.

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Bobby Blotzer =
Don’t recall.

Desmond Child =Great writer.

Warren DeMartini =Warren De Martini.

Vince Neil =Field Marshall. Gladiators. Bastards of Metal Tour 2004?

John Kalodner =:John Kalodner.

Beau Hill =The Ratt Sound, the Ratt Time.

Robbie Crane =Robbie Crane.

Keri Kelli =Keri Kelli.

Nikki Sixx =Leader. Gladiators. One smart fucker.

Juan Croucier =Original bass player, songwriter. Ratt.

Fred Coury =Little brother. Good producing lately.

Robbin Crosby =King. Gladiators. Rest In Peace.

Jizzy Pearl =Jizzy Pearl.

Thanks for your questions! I have to get back to work in the studio now.

Well there you go!

Thanks to Jesse Capps for the hookup! In case you didn’t notice, Stephen has a few websites, which are TopFuelWear.com, TopFuelRecords.com, and TopFuelEntertainment.com.

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