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20 Questions with Nadir D’Priest, 10/13/03




Nadir D’Priest


This week we’re doing 20 Questions with Nadir D’Priest, or as he is now known as, Antonio Nadir. Nadir was in the LA band London, who at one time featured members of Motley Crue, Cinderella, Guns N Roses, and WASP. Nadir emailed us about doing 20 Questions so we whipped these off and here they are. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote whatever it is you do.

At this time I am in Los Angeles recording with Mr.Steve Kachinsky founder of the band Steel Prophet. We are currently working with Intromental Management in Denmark who is now representing our project.

2. In your e-mail to us you said; "I’ve worked with Nikki Sixx, Fred Coury (definitely NOT the wholesome, "boy next door" image everyone thinks he has) and others." Please do elaborate as to why Fred is not the wholesome boy next door?


Fred Coury I have known since he was 19 years old waaaaay back during his audition with Ozzy I belive. He was a ambitious young man who was looking to get in a BIG time Rock&Roll band but ended up in the back of LONDON’s Non Stop Rock album, a not BIG TIME band. Sorry Fred. I thought about you’re question regarding FRED but I think it is better for me to leave it alone since at this time I cant recall much of that time and place.

D’Priest – 1990

3. In your e-mail you also said; "I know Dana Strum (was going to work with him at one point) and can verify that all the horror stories Dennis Duncan told in his 20 questions are probably true. Strum was/is out to screw over anyone he can. But I digress…." Once again, please don’t digress, let it all out Mr. Nadir?

Dana Strum another ambitious player. The story is that at one time Sharon Ozborne had an Idea for project that she wanted to put together and it was going to be called Driver. Its line up WAS going to be Vinnie Vincent, Tommy Aldrige, Danna Strum and I was to be the Lead singer for this project. Well as you know it never happened but I thank Sharon Ozborne personally at that

time for the consideration and support. I know you are looking for dirt on Dana but I never had a beef with him unlike lots of people who do not care much for him cant remember much of him

oh Yeah lots of attitude.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who totally sucks and 10 being the shit!

Vince Neil =

David lee Roth = 10

Stephan Pearcy = 10

Sebastian Bach = 10

Axl Rose = 10

Bret Michaels = 10

Randy O = ?

Jani Lane = 10

Dave Mustaine = 10 good guy

Blackie Lawless = 10 good guy

The reason I gave them all a 10 is because they should be credited for the success the’ve had wich is more than I can say for my career.

6. What do you remember about working with Nikki Sixx?


7. The last of Nadir D’Priest:

Last time you played a Hollywood club =

Last CD you bought = Lammya amazing singer she worked with me on my last Rock en Espanol solo album. She is GREAT.

Last fast food you ate = Sushi in Redondo beach.

Last time you talked to Lizzie Grey = 1988

Last hair band you saw live = Angel at club Vodka inWest hollywood.

Last time you signed an autograph for a London fan = 1994

Last time you talked to Nikki Sixx = 1989

Last movie you saw = Treasure Planet with my son Antonio Nadir JR.

Last book you read = Montsters Inc. with my son

Last 80s CD you listened to = Just bought Non Stop Rock CD re-mastered on ebay, funny cause there where no CD’s at that time and now there are available Thanks Varney$$$$

8. London "Non Stop Rock" was released in 1985, and even though you beat Poison, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns and Guns N’ Roses to a debut, it sold poorly. How did it feel a year, two or three later when all of these bands started going gold, platinum and beyond?

I felt GREAT! honestly we did not give a shit about everyone elses success if anything we thought we where going to be next you know the rest.

9. You played the world famous Sunset Strip throughout the 80s. What bands did you feel deserved much more success and which bands got lucky and then some?

Cant remember who deserved more all others where the lucky ones since it was a very competetive time for bands. At time it was A&R HELL this fucking guy’s in suits and pinky rings buying you drinks sshmoosing you and fucking you’re female stock, and basically taking you for a major label fuck you ride.

10. Tell us a story or a memory of the following:

The Rainbow =
Mario Sr. Thanx dad I love ya man.

Gazzarris = Qualudes and easy ass.

Troubadour = Qualudes, blow eassy ass.

Whisky-a-go-go = Qualudes, blow and live rock&Roll.

The Central (Viper room) = The original allstar jam

The Cathouse = Lots of girls and fun

The Roxy = My House

Country Club = great time

Rajis = never worked there

Bordello = Girls

Madame Wongs (West) = Not to many 80’s bands played there unless they asked you too. you forgot Mw (east)

11. On "Don’t Cry Wolf" you worked with the legendary Kim Fowley. How did that come about and did he help or take away from the credibility of the bands sophomore effort?

I do not remember how it happened it just did and it was lots of fun. I dont do things for credibility i do it for fun and because it comes out naturally. Maybe credibility is something that most people would like others to believe they have.

In the band Vertigo – 1983

12. One of your most famous Metal Musical moments was no doubt your appearance in the Decline of Western Civilization Part II the Metal Years. What did that screen time do for you if anything, and was it good or bad?

You obiously saw it right? what happens when you see a movie you remember the REAL characters and not the extras. To answer you’re question it gave us lots of exposure and also it pissed some of the bands off. I wont mention any names but! good try motherfuckers.

13. Which do you prefer:

Shakira or Jennifer Lopez =

Tequila or Jack Daniels = Don Julio

Warrant or Poison = Warrant

El Pollo Loco or Del Taco = Loco

Vince Neil or Kevin DuBrow = DuBrow

Marc Anthony or Marq Torien = Torien

Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth = Diamond Dave saw him at Universal last month

Robbie Crane or Rudy Sarzo = Sarzo

Ricky Martin or Rikki Rockett = Martin gets all the chicks ALL the Chicks

Gerri Miller or Rueben Blue = ?

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

15. Yes or no, has Nadir D’Priest ever:

Stolen a hubcap =
Played one

Gone swimming with all your clothes on = No

Been arrested = yes

Had dinner with Mick Jagger = Many times

Done coke with Nikki Sixx in a bathroom = No

Gone grocery shopping with Blackie Lawless = No just had drinks in AZ.

Rode in trunk across the border = Fuck you

Gone to the Playboy Mansion = Many times

Ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain = Lived in Barcelona in 2000 loved it.

Gotten a blow job during a guitar solo = No

16. According to public hearsay, you are a fairly big guy and also had a little bit of fight in you. Throughout the years whose ass did you kick, who’s ass did you want to kick and who kicked your ass?

It seems to me that the people who got their ass kicked deserved it and I never went out of my

way to get into a fight. For some reason they came after me they talked a lot of shit but! did not back it up. I am all better now and I am in therapy at this time.

17. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your involvement with music?

My kids our three albums and videos touring and fun. low points not being around my family as much as I should of been. Too late to change things but working on it.

18. Of all the bands you shared a stage with throughout your heavy metal career, who were the biggest dicks to deal with and who treated you the best?

I think I would pretty much open a can of worms with the answer. I will leave it at that since my psycologist and my anger management couselor advise me to not give names not worth the agro. Sorry!.

19. Someone was once quoted as calling you, "The Dark Lord of 80s Metal in LA!" If you were the Dark Lord, what would Jani Lane have been called?

The smart Lord" he is very talented and he should be respected and not fucked with since he has paid his dues. Sorry about the blood on you’re kintchen wall some asshole started shit at his house so u busted his nose that was a long long time ago.

20. Nikki Sixx’s singer for his band Brides Of Destruction is named London. Coincidence, yes or no?


21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Slash =
Great player

Riki Rachtmen = Smart bussines man

Nikki Sixx = Great songs smart guy.

Lonn Friend = Dick head backstaving asshole.

Penelope Spheeris = Lovely lady very talented, miss you girl.

Lizzie Grey = ?

Bill Gazzarri = Qualudes

Doug "Dr" Starr = ?

Fred Coury = Smart kid

Billy Sheenan = Great player.

Ok, so he skipped two questions. At least we have a 20 Questions up this week. Anyway, for more info on Nadir, you can visit http://www.chaoticworks.com/dpriest/, which has a variety of info and photos of his entire career.

You can also visit Nadir’s current band at http://www.steelprophet.com.

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