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20 Questions with Eddie Spaghetti, 8/19/03



Supersuckers Singer/Bass Player Eddie Spaghetti

The Supersuckers are a band that you’ve probably heard of, but you might not know anything about. If that’s the case, then today is your lucky day, because our 20 Questions with singer/bass player Eddie Spaghetti will let you know everything you ever wanted to know. After today, you’ll leave our page a huge Supersuckers fan and run out and buy their entire catalog!

Well, not really, but it sounds good.

Anyway, these guys have a good, Sludge like sense of humor and their new CD is called "Motherfuckers Be Trippin’" so how can you not appreciate that? We decided to make these 20 Questions fit in with the theme of their new CD, so enjoy, motherfucker!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only motherfucking chance to promote your CDs, tours, websites, and shit like that.
- More than I can possibly let me fingers type. Lets just say that we’re picking up the pieces of our recent separtion with our long time drummer and we’re going to hit the road and promote our motherefucking asses off.. CD’s, DVD’s, live album all forthcoming. Don’t forget to buy "Motherfuckers Be Trippin’"

2. You calls call yourselves the "World’s Greatest Rock N Roll Band." Ok then, what makes your motherfucking band so great?
-We don’t call ourselves that. That’s just what we’re called. And we’re called that because it’s motherfucking true. We’ll go head to head, toe to toe, blow to blow with anybody, anywhere. Including your mother.

3. What motherfucking hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
-All of them. Especially "Godsmack." There are too many damn bands in the world, most of them with nothin’ to say and nothin’ to play. Godsmack comes to mind.

4. When you guys moved to Seattle, you were signed to Sub Pop Records during the huge grunge movement. Did you ever hang out or shoot up with Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, or any of the other depressed Seattle motherfucking musicians?

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who has no motherfucking business up on stage and 10 being a rock vocal God.
David Lee Roth = 10
Sully Erna = 0
Paul Stanley = 1
Lemmy = 10
Rob Zombie = 3
Vince Neil = 4
Bret Michaels = 2
Kid Rock = 8
John Bush = 0
Phil Lynott = 10

6. The Supersuckers are always touring. What’s the most brutal touring schedule you motherfuckers have ever done?
- The last couple of weeks with our old drummer.

7. Yes or motherfucking no, has Eddie Spaghetti ever:
Wanted to tour with Warrant = no
Drank a beer with a member of AC/DC = no (as I cry a little)
Lit a dumpster on fire = no
Seen Poison in concert = no
Had a threesome = yes, does it count if it’s with another a guy?
Smoked cracked = no
Worn eyeliner = yes, I’m wearing some right now.
Throw a TV out the window of a hotel = no, but I have watched T.V. in a hotel room.
Been arrested = yes
Sacrificed a goat in the name of Satan = as far as you know.

8. What do you remember about the following motherfucking years:
1978 = "My Sharona"
1983 = I think that’s the year my wife was born and the year of my first public rock performance.
1987 = Zodiac Mindwarp
1990 = Nirvana and "The Smoke Of Hell"
1992 = Flannel as fashion and "La Mano Cornuda"
1995 = "Sacrilicious" and Willlie Nelson
1998 = "Must’ve Been High"
2001 = Quattro

9. Do you think a lot of your humor and shit goes over motherfuckers’ heads?
- Yeah, sadly I do. It’s not to say that I’m smart, it’s that people are stupid.

10. Give us a memory about making up the following motherfuckin songs:
Santa Rita High = Ron had a riff I didn’t think was very good but he proved me wrong.
Creepy Jackalope Eye = I wanted to write a song that uses the "jackalope" as a metaphor to show how some thongs that appear to be great or unbelieveably cool, are just regular old things.
Dead In The Water = Bolton wrote it. I think it’s great I remember when he brought it to the table, I was the only believer.
Born With A Tail = Ripped off a little Chaucer – "I’d rather choose my soul to lose…"
She’s My Bitch = Ripped off a rap song for the riff, I think it was "Jump" by Kriss Kross
Dead Meat = Bolton had an idea for a ficticious wrestler and I felt he needed a theme song.
Supersucker Drive-by Blues = straight up take on Van Halens’ version of "Ice Cream Man", it turned out to be a nice little instructional for a non-violent attack.
Bad, Bad, Bad = Collaboration over many beers – all of Boltons’ songs have chouruses in threes… "bad, bad, bad", "kill, kill, kill"
I Say Fuck = People think this songs about having sex and it’s really just about cussin’
Pretty Fucked Up = A sad song written on a bad day in about 5 minutes
Rock N Roll Records (Ain’t Selling This Year) = Killer Bolton riff, we wannted to pay tribute to Willie’s "Sad Songs and Waltzes Aren’t Sellin’ This Year"

11. Of all the bands the Supersuckers have toured with, who were the coolest and who were the biggest motherfucking dicks?
-Most of them were totally cool. Mudhoney, Zen Guerrilla, Zeke, and Throw rag- all being stand out cool. The singer from Bad Religion and the new drummer for Reverend Horton Heat- being the stand out dicks.

12. We know you party a lot, but try to give us a motherfuckin touring memory about the following cities:
Boston = Big fight with the "Outlaw" biker gang. Ron got punched in the face.
Chicago = Where my wife and I realized we were never going to be apart.
Dallas = Getting thrown out of the Rev. show, cause Ron just had to light up a joint when they played "Marijuana"
Tampa = What?
Atlanta = Huh? Oh, getting into a fight with the Motorhead lighting guy and having him call the cops on me cause he thought I was trying to kick his ass. And I was.
Philadelphia = Cheese steaks. Cheese steaks, and more cheese steaks. Oh yeah, and the cheese steaks are pretty good.
Phoenix = Seeing Zodiac Mindwarp, The Lords Of The New Church and Cherry Bombs at the Mason Jar in ’87 and then playing there again in 2003.
Las Vegas = Gettin’ married, going to see Steve Earle play, taking extacy and passing out in the middle of the strip on a median.
Los Angeles = My wife paid for a hooker and we took her out to Pink’s hotdogs for dinner- yummy.
Detroit = Bad, bad coke.

13. What rock star motherfucker deserves a kick in the balls and why?
That Sully fella from Godsmack, just for being so damn average and selling so many goddamn records.

14. When you hear bands on VH-1 talk about how hard it is to be famous and that it’s rough touring in a bus and all that shit, does that make you want to start hitting motherfuckers with baseball bats?
- Yes. It makes my stomach turn to hear these sob stories. It just makes me think they are not in it for the right reasons and they don’t appreciate what they have. Eat a bullet already and give someone else a turn.

The Supersuckers’ "Tour Bus"

15. The motherfucking Last of Eddie Spaghetti:
Last time you did cocaine = I’m doing some right now.
Last time you were in a fight = Boston, three years ago.
Last bootleg CD or album you purchased = Tom Petty live in Utrecht, Holland ’82. I bought it last month
Last concert you saw from the crowd = The Drive-By Truckers, last night
Last book you read = "Fargo Rock City" by Chuck Klosterman
Last time you threw up from drinking = This morning
Last rock star you shook hands with = Chuck D and Flava Flav, last week, at a festival in Spain.
Last movie you saw = That David Gale movie. My wife is hot for Kevin Spacey.
Last time you thought about getting a 9 to 5 job = ’90
Last time you saw the inside of a tour bus = 2 years ago. It was Wllie Nelson’s

16. Which would you rather have happen to you (and you have to pick one):

a) You are kidnapped at gunpoint by a maniacal psychopath wearing a ski mask and a Viking helmet, who drags you into a van and smothers you with a cholorform-soaked rag. When you come to, you discover yourself in a dark basement, naked, ball-gagged, hog-tied and suspended in mid air by several intricately connected chains. Your captor, still wearing the ski mask and viking helmet (but nothing else) then proceeds to brutally sodomize you, not just once or twice, but over and over again repeatedly, and without any lube. His unsatiated libido never lets up, and after a while, you lose count of how many times you’ve been ass-raped by this sick and twisted ski masked motherfucker. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your captor puts a gun to your head and forces you to swallow a live tapeworm, then continues to sodomize you over the course of several more days. His relentless brutality to your anal region causes your sphincter to lose any sort of elasticity. It gets so bad that the tapeworm, now living deep in your intestines, can come and go via your rectal opening, and does so at will, and you’re powerless to do anything to stop your torture. Then, inexplicably, the kidnapper knocks you out again with the chloroform rag, and when you come to, you find yourself completely dressed and standing in the same spot as when you were first abducted, and no sign of the tapeworm. The mental scars will never completely heal, but after some emergency surgery (and a month of wearing diapers), your ass gets basically back to normal.


b) While dining in an off the beaten track greasy spoon restaurant, a chunk of food suddenly gets stuck in your throat and you begin choking. You can’t breathe, your face starts to turn purple, and everyone else in the diner simply stares at you and doesn’t attempt to do anything to help. Just as you begin to pass out, an 11-year old in a boy scout uniform with barely any first aid training rushes into the diner, foregoes the Heimlich maneuver and immediately begins performing a rudimentary tracheotomy with a butter knife and a drinking straw. His ghastly field surgery leaves you with severed vocal chords and a hole in your neck the size of a drain stopper, and you won’t ever be able to speak or sing again, but he did manage to save your life.

What will it be, motherfucker?
- I’ll take the second one. i’ve said enough in my life.

17. Who’s the most overrated motherfucking band today and why?
- Godsmack. You know why. we all know why.

18. Which do you motherfucking prefer and why?
Warrant or Winger = Motorhead, cause they’re prettier.
Pro wrestling or NASCAR = Motorhead, they’re faster.
Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson = Yes
The Ramones or The Sex Pistols = Ramones, they did it best, first and for the longest.
Nikki Sixx or Gene Simmons = Lemmy, ’cause he did it first, best and for the longest.
Iron Maiden or Judas Priest = Motorhead, cause they’re the only English band that matters.
A shaved pussy or a nice landing strip = Yes, please.
Brian Johnson or Bon Scott = Come on. Are you serious? No contest.
Marilyn Manson or Charles Manson = Shirley Manson. Although I am pretty hot for Marilyn.
Public Enemy or NWA = NWA. With "Fuck The Police" BARELY edging out "By The Time I Get To Arizona"
Ratt or Cinderella = Snow White, she was into The Dwarves.
Camaros or Firebirds = Camaros, cause they have bigger back seats… atleast that’s what my wife tells me.

19. You guys are currently managing yourselves. Is that a wise move considering none of you motherfuckers really appear to give a shit about the business end of things?
- Fuck you. We’re not exactly the kinda guys that make wise moves.

20. You motherfuckers have been playing together since 1988 to minimum success while numerous other bands have gone on to sell millions of albums. How bitter are you?
- Imagine the darkest, darkest chocolate and times it by 4.

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a motherfucker and you give us your thoughts.
Kid Rock = Tommy Lee.
David Lee Roth = Mooseknuckle.
Fred Durst = Where does he get those hats with the bills on the back? Fag.
Riki Rachtman = "Hey Riki, we got a video!"
Gene Simmons = He should kick Paul Stanly out of KISS.
George W. Bush = Shaved or landing strip?
Lars Ulrich = He’s the Pauly Shore of rock n’ roll and even that’s giving him too much credit.
Carson Daly = "Hey Carson, we got a video!"
Geddy Lee = Giving bass playing singers a bad name since the 70’s.
Dan Bolton = The Homer Simpson of rock n’ roll.
Ron Heathman = He died for your sins.
Chris Neal = "Mr. Excitement", the Big Bird of rock-n-roll.

After reading that, we can just hear all the Godsmack fans running out to the stores and picking up "Motherfuckers Be Trippin." Hey, anybody who thinks Godsmack is overrated and that Paul Stanley needs to be kicked out of Kiss is our type of motherfucker!

For more motherfucking info on the Supersuckers, visit www.supersuckers.com!

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