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20 Questions with David Walsh, 7/21/03



Disturbance Guitarist David Walsh

In our Metal Sludge Exposed section, we Exposed The Exies. We said that Exies guitarist David Walsh used to be in the band Disturbance, which had a deal on Zoo Records back in the early 90s. However, we got this email a few weeks ago:


My name is David Walsh. For the record, I was one of two guitar players in the Zoo Band band Disturbance from the early ’90’s. However, the David Walsh from "Disturbance" is NOT the same David Walsh that’s in The Exies. I also wasn’t in Black Cherry – the guy currently in the Exies may have in fact been in that band, but I couldn’t say for sure…



David Walsh
Los Angeles, CA

Huh? Well isn’t that something? We figured if we could do 20 Questions with Matt from the Wild Boyz, why not this David Walsh dude? So we did and here they are. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to?
Professionally: work at Capitol Records in A&R Administration; also play guitar and keyboards in an 80’s New Wave Tribute Act in L.A. called "The Breakfast Club U.K."; The Breakfast Club also is writing original material, 80’s synth-pop style; also do occasional session work as a guitarist (am on one song on the Lisa Marie Presley album)
Personally: recently married and a dad.

If you’re really curious about the Breakfast Club thing, the website is:


I’m Nigel Fisticuffs (wearing a wig, of course). No original material posted yet, we’re just working on that now…

2. How does one get "Down With The Sickness?"

3. Why did you quit Disturbed and join The Exies?

4. So you’re not in Disturbed, and you’re not in The Exies, so who are you again?
I’m David Walsh; I was in the band "Disturbance"; we put out one record in 1993 called "We Come Out At Night"

5. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

6. Other than us, how many people get you confused with the guy from The Exies?
Lots. The funny thing is, I actually know the drummer from The Exies – Dennis Wolfe. He got me the job here at Capitol. Small world.

7. After being signed to Zoo Records, what happened with Disturbance?
We had fights over who got the biggest tour bus, then we all killed each other (I’m the only survivor). (Just kidding) – we moved from Memphis, TN to L.A. around July 1993, recorded 10-12 demos and did some local shows before splintering end of ’94.

8. When Disturbance moved to L.A., who were the big local bands at the time and which ones were the most obnoxious ones to deal with?
Good God I can’t even remember that one. Seemed like a really dead scene at the time…sorry

9. Being a band in LA, did you guys do the time honored tradition of using girls for food and clothes?
We still do…

10. Yes or no, has David Walsh ever:
Rode in a tour bus = no
Had somebody ask for your autograph = yes
Seen Poison within the last 3 years = no
Had a mullet = are you kidding? abso-fuckin’-lutely!
Auditioned for another 80s band = negative
Received a royalty check = a whooping $4.25!
Met Gene Simmons = sort of
Took advantage of an underage groupie = i can neither confirm nor deny that
Shoplifted = nope
Been arrested = not to my knowledge

11. Disturbance did a tour with Dangerous Toys. What do you remember about that tour?
Lots of laughs. Super cool guys (Dangerous Toys). Stinky Van. A couple of rough shows, but a couple of good ones, too…

12. How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?
$25k. spent it all on hookers and blow. just kidding. actually, some of it probably was spent on hookers and blow, I can’t be sure. I paid some bills I think.

13. When was the last time you saw a Disturbance CD in a record store?
1996 at Virgin Records on the Champs-Elysees in Paris

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
David Walsh of The Exies. Just kidding.

David’s second from the right

15. The last of David Walsh:
Last CD you purchased = Bjork – Vespertine
Last concert you saw = Coldplay
Last movie you saw = Matrix Reloaded
Last time you read Metal Edge = 1994
Last interview you gave other than this one = 1994
Last book you read = Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
Last time you were in a gym = last year
Last Disturbance show = lol….uh…sometime in 1994
Last rock star you shook hands with = Damian Kulash / Ok Go
Last strip club you visited = some lame-ass one in one of the Carolinas on that tour in 1993

16. Disturbance has a song on the Metal Edge compilation CD. What that the height of your musical career or is it doing 20 Questions with Metal Sludge?
It’s doing 20 questions with Metal Sludge, trust me

17. Had the CD "We Come Out At Night" been released in 1987 instead of 1993, do you think the outcome would have been different?

18. When you tell people you were in Disturbance, has anybody ever gone, "Oh, the Wa-ah-ah-ah band." Does that get annoying?
Nope. They ask, "who?"

19. There is a David Walsh that plays guitar for Lisa Marie Presley. Would that happen to be you, or are you going to deny that as well?
Whoops, didn’t scan down to this question before answering #1. Boy, you guys do your research. Yes, that’s me on one song called "The Road Between". But I’m not in her band. That was just session work.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Jason McMaster = great musician, very talented, also a super cool guy
Saigon Kick = great, underated band
Gerri Miller = very nice woman – always appreciated her enthusiasm and support
Nikki Sixx = dude! heroin!
Warrant = I have the same accountant
Taime Downe = should be pronounce ‘TameDowney’
Eddie Van Halen = god, those first 6 albums were amazing
Bart Walsh = hey Bart! Thanks for putting us on that compilation!
Bruce Kulick = tears are falling?
C.C. DeVille = lol oh C.C.

Thanks – that was fun


David Walsh

David’s the guy in the back with the glasses

There you have it! I bet when you woke up this morning you had no idea you’d be reading 20 Questions with a member of Disturbance! See, you learn something new everyday.

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