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20 Questions with Steve “Sex” Summers, 6/10/03



Pretty Boy Floyd Singer Steve "Sex" Summers


Our Metal Sludge Xtravaganza Tour starts this weekend, so what better 20 Questions to have this week than Steve "Sex" Summer from Pretty Boy Floyd! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your projects, websites, Metal Sludge Tours, etc.

PBF are currently working on a brand new record to be out at the end of the year while rehearsing for the Metal Sludge Tour with Faster Pussycat, and Enuff Z’Nuff. You could check out all the dates on our website http://prettyboyfloydonline.com or our HOTLINE at (818) 380-3401. We also just re-released "Leather Boyz" with brand new artwork + bonus tracks which you can also order on our website. I’ve also been helping out a great new glam/punk band called PEPPERMINT CREEPS. They’re a solid band with an amazing sound and image. Check em’ out at http://peppermintcreeps.tripod.com. In fact, Corey Brennen from SANCTUARY RECORDS recently contacted them to do a few shows, I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys in the near future. I would also like to introduce a Porn Star that I Have been managing for the past few years, her name is Chance Fortune, her website is http://www.xxx/fortune.com her email is chance@xxx/fortune.com . The newest movie we just did is entitled "GLORY HOLE GIRLS" and will be out soon. Build it and they will come. Check her out and buy her stuff, c’mon I get 20% of EVERYTHING!

2. Let’s cut to the chase. What was the truth behind the songwriting lawsuit against Pretty Boy Floyd soon after your MCA debut came out in 1989 from former member (guitarist) Aerial Styles who claimed he wrote your songs?

Man, who cares? In the industry there are always lawsuits of some sort about songs. Basically Aerial wrote some songs before we met him, and then we wrote some songs together with him. Then when we moved on with Kristy, we wrote some songs with him. I’m assuming since we became popular so fast, and signed to a Major label within 1 year, he expected more credit than agreed upon. That was the first of many lawsuits. It’s amazing who comes out once you start making money. The situation was resolved with Aerial, we even ended up playing together again from 91 to 94 in Floyd once Kris departed

3. What ever became of Vinnie, Kristy and Kari?

Vinnie- We heard from some fans that he was in Chicago somewhere in the mountains.

Kristy- Runs a booking agency in Hollywood

Kari- We heard he found God or Jesus. The last time we called kari his wife yelled at us and said "he doesn’t associate with people like you guys anymore. You guys are a bad influence." That was funny!

I currently do not speak with any of them. Nothing personally.

4. Other than Pretty Boy Floyd, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

None of them, just us. Hey man, if you love what you do, and there’s still a market for it, All the power to all of them.

Pretty Boy Floyd – 1989

5. Rate the following singers named Steve on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who blows goats and 10 being the ultimate singer and shit.

Steve Whiteman of Kix =

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith = 10

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt = 7

Stevie Rachelle of Tuff =5

Stephen Sheraux of Kik Tracee = Who?

Steve DeLong of Sweet FA = Who?

Steevi Jaimz of Tigertailz = 4

Stevie Wonder = 8 (happens to be my neighbor too!)

Steve Perry of Journey = 10

6. VH1 recently aired a weekend of Metal videos, and PBF got a few spins. Has that helped or affected your name and did you hear from new fans who saw your videos for the first time?

Yes, and Yes. After that aired, we received a lot of new hits on our website, and also more fan mail than usual. I also think we sold a record somewhere in a Tallahassee used CD store. I know the owner, he said it went fast.

7. Aside from music we’ve learned that you have some involvement in the adult entertainment industry. Would you care to elaborate?

My brother Mitch (who used to mange Floyd) and I , owned a nude strip bar in Phoenix a few years back. I was managing a strip bar for the last 3 to 4 years, but I stopped doing that once Floyd started to get busy. Also the girl I manage (whom I mentioned earlier) Chance Fortune, takes up a lot of time. Besides movies, she also tours the adult circuit as a feature. The cool thing about her, is that she loves Metal, and she recently told me she would love to do some work with you guys at the Sludge.

8. We’ve also learned that you once worked as a personal trainer. If you could give some tips to Jani Lane about health and fitness, what would they be?

I still do some training on the side. So if you want to get in shape call me @ (818) 386-5899. I’m not trying to give myself props, but a couple of years back I was hired by the Osbournes to work with Aimee (the Osbourne sister who is not on the show), who also is starting her acting & singing career. Oh, back to Jani, I haven’t seen him in a long time, I didn’t know there was a problem. But for anyone who does have a problem, STOP EATING SO FUCKING MUCH, GET YOU’RE ASS TO THE GYM, AND TRY TO SWITCH TO HARD LIQUOR INSTEAD OF BEER!!

9. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your PBF career?

High Points:

1) Getting signed to a Major Label after only 8 shows.

2) Having a record on the Billboard Top 200. (I think we peaked at 135, Oh well.)

3) Touring -Always-Anywhere-Anytime


Opening for the Nelson brothers in 1990, that was very un-rock n’ roll.

Opening up recently for some of these "used to be" bands that are mostly all tired, fat and bald bastards, but still walk around like it’s 1985

10. The last of Steve "Sex" Summers:

Last time you talked to Vinne Chaz =
5 years ago

Last time you wrote lyrics for a PBF song = 2 today actually

Last time you saw Taime Downe sun bathing = never

Last time you posed for a picture with a fans nipple in your mouth = 1 year ago

Last time you performed without a hat =performed what – oh Austria – 1 month ago

Last time you punched someone in the face =A month ago in Berlin

Last time you had short hair =2nd. Grade

Last gig you played with the original PBF band = 5 years ago

Last time you visited Metal Sludge =A few days ago when someone was bitching that I didn’t send in my 20 Questions fast enough.

Last CD you purchased = I can’t remember, it’s been awhile

11. Just for a laugh, what was your biggest musical related check for and what did you buy with it?

Actually, "back in the day", there were some pretty good checks floating around. I think someone thought we were going to sell a lot of lunchboxes. A Merchandise Company cut us a $50,000 advance check, so after paying off all the attorneys, I think I filled my tank with gas.

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I can’t talk about this because he’s dead.

13. You also work at a strip club named Gotham City. What exactly do you do and tell us 3 good stories about working at a strip club?

As I said earlier, I used to manage Gotham City, but now I just have a small affiliation with the company. Stories? I don’t know .. Naked girls, beer , and naked girls 24/7

14. What exactly made you think that having ?Sex? in between your name was a good idea?

Well, doesn’t sex sell? Actually the other guys came up with that after a few of my backstage antics.

Steve and his brother Mitch

15. Yes or no, has Steve Summers ever:

Lied about your age =

Auditioned for L.A. Guns =no

Worn extensions =only on my penis

Met Traci Lords =yes

Smoked a joint with Chip Z?Nuff =yes

Seen ?Electric Boys With Electric Toys? in a used CD store within the last 2 years = yes

Been evicted from an apartment building = yes – that was Kari’s fault

Filed for bankruptcy =no

Had sex with a hooker =Is a hand job sex?

Had sexual relations with a man = no

16. ?Electric Boys With Electric Toys? is being re-released on Perris Records. Does that mean that Tom Mathers and Perris Records purchased the rights to the CD from MCA and how hard was it to do that?

No, we purchased the right to release it again. It was pretty easy, some guy at MCA made it happen to enjoy a little cash, free beer, and free lap dances.

17. Of all the bands PBF has toured with over the years who treated you the best and who acted like complete dicks to you?

FASTER PUSSYCAT and LA GUNS are the coolest bands to tour with. I would have to say that no band personally has ever treated us like shit. It’s usually the bonehead road manager who thinks he’s running the whole fucking Whitehouse.

18. Along with several other 80s groups, Pretty Boy Floyd have revived your name over the past few years, but with a rotating line-up. Why won’t anyone stay put in these bands?

Money, Money, Money. In most cases if your not an original member, you probably get tired of being paid with beer and pussy. I mean, not at first, but after a while I heard it’s hard to pay bills. In our band, it’s right across the board, in black and white. I get 70% of everything, and they get 10%

19. There have been some rumors about current PBF band members fighting. What?s the problem?

Oh, a little disagreement with a former member or 2 is only healthy. Actually, most of it is rumor shit.

20. Seriously, are you wearing a wig or what? If you?re doing our tour you need to come clean on your hair challenges so spill the beans now. Wig, extensions, hair plugs, what?s up under the ski hat?

No wigs, No Plugs, No extensions -

Just for you guys, I will wear no hat, bandana, ski hat or nothing. Guaranteed. I’ll even let you touch it!

21. Is it safe to say that the MSX Tour is the biggest tour Pretty Boy Floyd has ever been on and that this will restart your career and you?ll all go on to sell millions of albums?

Well no, it’s definitely not the biggest tour we’ve ever done, but we are stoked about doing it. We dig Faster pussycat & Enuff Z’Nuff and we can’t wait to see all the Sludgeaholics. Make sure you get there early, I think we’re first up. About the restarting career and millions of records thing.. I don’t think so.

22. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Gene Simmons =
Rock N’ Roll Icon – Genius

Marq Torien = Demented – but I love him

Tracii Guns = Great player – cool fucking guy

Ugly Kid Joe = Thanks for the Press!

Jizzy Pearl =He was O.K in Love/Hate, but he ruined Ratt

Brent Muscat = very cool guy – great player – friend

Keri Kelli = same as number above

Vince Neil = another Rock N’ Roll icon – one of the few great frontmen

Donnie Vie = Is he alive?

Now that wasn’t too bad!  Obviously he can hang since he is doing our tour!  Though we’re still not sure about his hair. Anyway, for more info on Pretty Boy Floyd, you can visit www.PrettyBoyFloydOnline.com! And be sure to check out Pretty Boy Floyd all Summer long during our Metal Sludge Xtravaganza Tour!

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