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20 Questions with London, 6/3/03



Brides Of Destruction’s Singer London!

Recently, Nikki Sixx sent Jani Bon Neil the following email: "HEY BRO..MY SINGER LOVES YOUR SITE AND WANTS TO DO A 20 Q’S//////YOU INTRESTED?" Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking about Vince Neil, he was talking about London, the singer for Nikki’s new band Brides Of Destruction! So since London loves our site and we like to make our fans like London feel special, we whipped up 20 Questions for him and here they are. This might not be the first interview London has done, but it’s certainly the biggest. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit.
Well, beyond the obvious writing, rehearsing, and recording, I made a cameo appearance in a video directed by Eric Zimmerman and am using any free time to catch up with family and friends. (No offense to the people I still haven?t had time to hang out with)

2. You?re kind of an unknown, so we don?t know that much about your background. Without Nikki telling you what to say, what are your musical influences, what other bands were you in, and how did you meet Nikki and end up in BOD?
My first band didn?t have a name. But one guy hated me because I didn?t look like the lead singer of some popular band at the moment .Too much emotional turbulance.

Next band was an experiment with a friend of mine when we got snowed in in the Georgia mountains. There was nothing to do and the place we were staying was filled with instruments, so we figured we?d write some shit. That?s when I got into this hybrid psychedelic community ,Little Five Points , Atlanta?got into that trip you know?

I was in 2 more bands but I wanted mo, ya know ,so I moved to LA and decided that if shit was meant to go down in my time maybe this?d work.many,many lifetimes later?

Adam Hamilton, told me that Tracii and Nikki were looking . , Tracii gave me a copy of ?No You Don?t? (by Sweet). I came back and did the demo with Tracii and Adam. Working with them was really organic and easy. Nikki came over later that night and it gelled you know

3. What?s the best Motley Crue story that Nikki has told you that most people probably haven?t heard before, meaning that it?s not in The Dirt or anything like that?

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
On with the show?.rock till ya rot!

5. Rate the following vocalists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal God.
Sebastian Bach = 10
Don Dokken = 10
Bret Michaels = 10
Jani Lane = 10
Taime Downe = 10
Phil Lewis = 10
Jizzy Pearl = 10
Rob Halford = 10
Paul Stanley = 10
Vince Neil = 10
In each of their own styles, they?re 10s, they?re at the top of their game. Don?t call me a kiss ass? Just think about it. They?re all different from one another. Yea?

6. You used to work on Melrose cutting hair. Where did you work, how did you get into cutting hair, and are you out of the closet yet?
As you know, I worked on Melrose. I got into hair because women wanting their scalps massaged at waist level isn?t the worst thing to do for 8 hours a day. As far as being out of the closet, I was never in, but I?m curious as to why it interests you.

7. You were the keyboardist in the Sunset Strip band Queeny Blast Pop. What?s gayer, being a keyboard player in a band or being a keyboard player in Queeny Blast Pop?
20 questions for mullets

8. Since you know a thing or two about hair, who has the worst wig in all of rock, who has the best wig, and who needs to start wearing a wig?
Wigs are cool remember twiggy? come on that shit was cool rock till they rot! (hahahahaha)

9. Did you ever see Motley Crue perform back in the day or meet any of the guys back then?
I saw them in my home town when I was way younger.

10. The Last of London:
Last time you cut somebody?s hair = weeks ago
Last CD you purchased = [ comes with the fall ]gave me their dvd ,At the drive in(my last one scratched),momentary lapse of reasoning :pink floyd
Last shampoo you purchased = I haven?t purchased shampoo in almost a decade.
Last movie you saw = A movie starring ?Ernest? the great ..now that?s rockabilly!
Last concert you saw from the crowd = Six Foot Nurse, ellee ven, and just recently, some concert footage of LA Guns and DJ Swamp. Tis was cool.
Last song you sang in the studio = A new one we?re working on
Last book you read = A story on extraterrestrial life.
Last time you threw up from drinking = a little over 4 years ago a friend of mine, who happens to be a from time to time squatter punk, apparently the cousin or nephew or something like that of Eddie Van Halen, but still to this day, don?t know if it?s true, told me some shit about Cisco and I told him he was full of shit-ain?t no way some wine cooler shit?s gonna drop anybody from the South. So with that he walks to the door, turns around and says ?are you comin? or what?? (Very Ferris Bueller) Next thing I know we?re walkin back from the store with Mickey?s and Cisco coming down off ecstasy. I had been doing ecstasy for 2 days straight and on the 2nd day when I started coming down the drinking began. Like 5 hours later I was crawlin? to the bathroom. That kid and I have been through a lot together. I don?t know where he is right now and I haven?t seen him in like a year and a half, but that?s how it is. I have relationships like that with some people in LA..
Last strip club you went to = Crazy Girls
Last thing you regretted doing = ?

11. Do you realize for fans that don?t have a cable modem that it takes approximately 3 days to enter the Brides Of Destruction website?
That sucks but doesn?t EVERYTHING take forever if you don?t have DSL or cable? All I can say is that if they?re into the web, they should bite the bullet and get a high speed connection cuz listening to music and seeing pictures is way more fun that way!

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Probably me. I said some shit on the street recently that I?m not too proud of.

"Yeah, you don’t need to read this contract. Just sign it and we’ll make sure you get a free meal now and then."

13. How often does Nikki bitch about Vince or make fun of his weight?
I mind my own shit

14. Have you ever auditioned to be the singer in any other bands and if so, what bands?
Who? Me? .

15. Yes or no, has London ever:
Cut Nikki?s hair = He won?t let me touch his hair but I shaved his ball sacks yesterday.
Been envious of Vince Neil?s physique = No, but I ain?t slammin? him.
Masturbated to a photo of Donna D?Errico = No, but Tracii said in his Metal Sludge interview that our bass player has.
Masturbated to a photo of John Corabi = No
Done heroin with Nikki = No, but I?ve been on a stage with him.
Lied about your age = Of course-who hasn?t.
Signed a contract without any clue as to what you were signing = Of course-who hasn?t
Had somebody ask for your autograph = Of course-who hasn?t.
Asked for Nikki?s autograph = Of course-who hasn?t.
Thought Brides Of Destruction could go platinum = Of course-who hasn?t.
Had somebody shove your head in a toilet = Of course-who hasn?t.

16. Do you really believe the story that somebody broke into the studio and stole the hard drive that contained the song ?Shut The Fuck Up?? Who came up with that shit?
Of course who hasn?t. I say it?s cool for fans to get a preview.

17. Have you been getting more pussy, or dick if that?s your thing, now that you?re playing with Nikki and Traci?
Actually, yes.

18. When John Corabi was still in the band, was it weird to be the singer when he could out sing you?
Actually, yes.

19. When the Motley reunion tour happens sooner or later, do you realize that Nikki will probably change his phone number and you?ll never hear from him again?
Actually, yes. No..I really hope not. He?s an inspirational guy and has become a great friend. My guess is I?ll know him for a long time.

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Mick Mars = Mick Mars kicks ass
Scott Coogan = Kicks Ass
Kid Rock = Gets Ass
Tommy Lee = I wonder if I could beat him in golf..
Kris Kohls = Kung Fu
David Lee Roth = Kung Fu
Vince Neil = haven?t seen anything recent, but the old stuff I watch is awesome.
Pamela Anderson = Guns
Tracii Guns = he owns Jimmy Paige?s theramin, he started Guns N Roses and he?s played in the Misfits?need I say more?
Nikki Sixx = your idol.

For more information on the Brides Of Destruction, you can go to their website at www.BridesOfDestruction.com!

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