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20 Questions with Serenity, 3/11/03



Porn Star Serenity


Last August 2002, we were emailed and asked if we wanted to do 20 Questions with Serenity and Ron Jeremy. Well we got Ron’s 20 Questions back and they went up in December, and we finally got Serenity’s back and here they are. These are 7 months in the making! Serenity joins Jenna Jameson, Kendra Jade, Jasmin St. Claire, Jenteal, Matt Zane, and Zoe as Porn Stars we’ve done 20 Questions with. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to? This is your only chance to promote whatever it is you want.

I am currently getting ready to shoot my first video for Hollywood Video tentatively titled "Serenity in Toyland", working on my website www.serenity.net ,putting out new toys for my company Las Vegas Novelties (www.lasvegasnovelties.com) and launching my new distributorship in Australia, C & L Wholesalers (www.CandLwholesalers.com)

2. You have a company called Las Vegas Novelties, which puts out a variety of sex toys. Tell us what it takes to make a good vibrator and dildo?

That’s easy! Comfort, Dependability and great price. All 3 of which can be found with any Las Vegas Novelties product.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Lots :)

4. You were the E! hostess for Howard Stern’s Birthday party. How was it working with Howard and what was your best memory of that?

That was really my first big E! gig. I had to shoot during his commercial breaks and get it right the first time. The times I’ve been on with Howard he was great. I think seeing David Bowie during that special and jawing with the late Hank the Drunken Angry Dwarf were interesting memories. That and, Gov. George Pataki wanting me to interview him and his handlers not letting him.

5. Rate the following porn stars on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a chick that’s totally lame and 10 being a true porn star!

Jenna Jameson = 10

Kendra Jade = 8

Jasmin St. Claire = 9

Jenteal = 8

Briana Banks = 8

Tera Patrick = no comment

Racquel Darrian = 10

Janine = 10

Asia Carrera = 10

Chasey Lain = 8

Kira Kener = 8

6. What’s the wildest thing that has ever gone down during a "Wild On" taping?

During "Wild on the Mediterranean". Nothing was happening at this bar we were taping so I jumped up on the bar and got a champagne bath from the patrons. Honorable mention: sharing a shuttle bus with Melissa Rivers during a "Wild on the Riviera". She was in a bad mood the whole ride, just staring at the ocean when a car passed us, hit a mud puddle and covered her through the open window.

7. 2 Part Question: Do you allow yourself to be photographed during your period and do you have sex when you’re on the rag?

Those are different types of movies. No

8. You’ve met a lot of celebrities. Who was the most obnoxious celeb

you’ve ever met and who was the coolest?

Sandra Bernhard gave me a hard time during the Howard Birthday special. You can see it in her face on the part they used. Coolest? I just met the guys from Styx, they were real nice. The guys from Godsmack and Dave, the drummer from Papa Roach.

9. What rock stars have you fucked or would you like to fuck?

No comment on who I have. Would like to? Robert Plant, Sarah Brightman and Neve Cambell ( I know she’s not a rock star)

10. Rate the following dudes on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Carrot Top = 8

Ron Jeremy = 10 he’s my guy!

Vince Neil = 9 came by our booth for a pix

Gene Simmons = 8

Nikki Sixx = 8

Sebastian Bach = 8

Kid Rock = 10 real nice at the PETA party

Fred Durst = 10 he got to do Britney

Mark McGrath = 9

Eminem = 9

11. What rock star & porn star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?


12. Who would you like to bang but haven’t gotten the chance to yet?

In porn? Janine

13. What advice would you give a beginning stripper?

Learn to dance, get good costumes,smile.

14. The last of Serenity:

Last time you talked to Howard Stern = a year ago here in Vegas

Last concert you went to = Styx

Last CD you purchased = Mediaeval Baebes and Gabrielle Roth

Last movie you cried during = The Two Towers …when Haldir of Lorien died

Last time you had a vibrator in your ass = never

Last lesbian experience you had = wouldn’t you like to know :-)

Last porn magazine you appeared in = Adult Video News

Last rock star that hit on you = They have all been perfect gentlemen

Last time you had an HIV test = coming up before filming "Serenity in Toyland"

Last strip club you danced at = Deja Vu in Washington Park IL.

15. Who do you think is the most overrated porn star?


16. Yes or no, has Serenity ever:

Had sex with Ron Jeremy = Does a blowjob count?

Sold your pubic hair to a fan = never

Had sex with Jenna Jameson = many years ago in "Built for Speed"

Pissed on somebody = never

Had a fan pay to have sex with you = never

Spent the night in jail = never

Had sex with a pro wrestler = never

Won more than $1,000 on blackjack = 2 months ago

Had sex with a midget = not yet

Fallen off the stage while dancing = many years ago

17. Please tell us about your first lesbian experience and how it went


It was a birthday present for my boyfriend at the time. I came with her to the club my guy was at, we grabbed him and told him to tell his friends goodbye. Off to the Hilton and you know the rest!

18. Have you had to deal with any stalker type fans and what was the most fucked up thing a fan did to you?

Actually, for the most part my fans are great to me. I did smack a guy in the head years back when I walked by him and he said a few choice words.

19. When you are giving a lap dance to a fat, smelly guy who is totally repulsive, what is going through your mind at the time?

(A) I should have gotten more for this. (B) When will this song ever end?

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Traci Lords = Deceptive

Fred Durst = bangs Britney. enough said

Hugh Hefner = Great life

Motley Crue = Really don’t want to hear "Girls, Girls, Girls" ever again.

Justin Sterling = Always nice to me

Kid Rock = Bangs Pamela. enough said

Sebastian Bach = Nice hair

Marilyn Manson = Nice makeup

Jonathan Morgan = My combative brother

Randy West = A perfect gentleman

Howard Stern = Innovative

Not the most exciting 20 Questions we’ve ever done, but you got to see some boobs for free, so you can’t complain.

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