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20 Questions With Michael Angelo, 2/25/03



Nitro Guitarist Michael Angelo


We tracked down Nitro guitarist Michael Angelo about doing 20 Questions and he wrote back saying, "I am a big fan of your website. Let’s do it." Michael is known as a guitar virtuoso who can play the guitar with one neck, two necks, four necks, 55 necks, etc. He put a lot of effort into his answers since he knows what the Sludgeaholics expect and here they are. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to, plug your shit now?

I toured the Far East in December last year with stops in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 5 of my solo CDs were released there on December 1st. I just signed with Dean Guitars and will do a minimum of 60 shows for them this year. In a few days, I’m leaving for Baltimore, then Washington D.C., then going to Europe in the beginning of March. My company M.A.C.E. Music ( www.angelo.com ) is 10 years old this April. M.A.C.E. licenses, distributes and sells CDs to virtually every one of the 30 countries I have toured in since the mid 90’s. I just performed in L.A. doing 8 shows in 2 weeks starting at the NAMM show and ending performing with former Nitro drummer KC at the Galaxy Theater in Costa Mesa. KC is great. We mixed Metal, Trance, House, Progressive music and the results were mind-blowing. It was like Arena Rock for the 21st century. We had 4 unbelievably hot dancers on stage plus a full concert laser and light show. Check out photos of the event at www.spiritworld.com The show was called Club Rubber on Jan. 25th, 2003. I have a studio called "Monster Mix" that is Mac based. I’m recording a new CD there with Jim Gillette that will be released later this year. Lita Ford will make a guest appearance. KC will play drums. Jim and I have written about 20 new tunes for the disc. There’s more. Please check out the M.A.C.E. Music website.

2. Why did Nitro break up and where are the other members at now?

After the success of our first CD, the label quadrupled our recording budget. We had a serious 6 digit recording fund for the second album. Jim and I controlled the money. It was awesome- but we were not stupid. We moved the entire band and crew from Hollywood, CA. to Orlando, Florida, rented a huge, fully furnished house close to Disneyworld and recorded the entire record at (the incredible) Full Sail Center of the Recording Arts. We spent 3 months there recording and mixing 17 songs. When we got back to L.A. and delivered the record the label loved it but told us they couldn’t release it now. They were changing distribution from Capital (CEMA) to Warner Brothers and we had to wait until the contracts were finalized. 2 YEARS LATER- they finally got everything together. During that time they gave us money to basically hang out and wait. Jim and I even moved to Las Vegas for a while. When they released the album our "key man" at the label moved to New York and was gone. GRUNGE was king. Pearl Jam and Nirvana ruled. We toured for 6 months but the whole music scene had changed. Everyone at the label that was behind our first album, as well as the new one had moved on. By this time Jim and I had been working together for 5 1/2 years and it just seemed like it was time for a break. Jim and I have never had a major fight or an argument. We have always gotten along great. I had signed with Washburn Guitars a year earlier and they immediately put me on the road- all over the world doing between 150 to 200 shows a year for the next 4 years.

The other members- Jim Gillette married Lita Ford. They live on an island in the Caribbean and never have to work again! KC is touring all over the world with a really "cool" Progressive, Trance, Electronic Drum show. KC is a fantastic drummer. He has everything. The technique, the timing, the look. TJ is fine. I saw O.F.R. drummer Bobby Rock at NAMM. He’s doing well.

3. You and Donnie Vie were having some drama last Summer at the Metal Edge Rock Fest Tour. What was that all about and what?s your problem with Donnie?

I have known Donny (and John Monaco) for a long time. Chip even longer. We have a saying that most lead singers, especially most great lead singers (which is what I consider Donnie to be) suffer from LSD- Lead Singer Disease. Anyway, I just spoke to Donnie last night. We hung out in L.A. when I was there. Here is the story. He said an "off the cuff" remark about me that was in poor taste, that wasn’t true and I read about it on the Metal Sludge site. When I saw him last Summer I confronted him, he apologized and everything was fine. That was it. I made some remarks about him in reaction to what he said that got printed in a later Metal Sludge article but by that time it was a non issue. We have never even discussed it since.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Not any one band but- ANY person IN ANY BAND that complains about how hard it is being "on the road". I did a 12 country, 2 month tour of Europe in the mid 90’s. It was almost 50 shows in 2 months. I flew to and from most of the shows, stayed in 5 star hotels and made great money doing it. The last 2 countries were Italy, then Portugal. I remember leaving Florence, Italy and flying to Porto, Portugal. I was so tired from basically having a BIG EVENT every day for the past 2 months that I really didn’t care if I was in Portugal or not. I had never been there before and couldn’t care less at the time if I would ever go back. Then the little voice in my head said- WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY? ARE YOU INSANE? YOU are in Porto, Portugal, performing, on tour, playing music YOU have written for people who are paying to see YOU. APPRECIATE THIS! "Don’t be a Jag-off " I said to myself in my best Chi-ca-go accent. Most people hate their jobs. I get paid to be an entertainer. I’m not a rocket scientist and didn’t invent a cure for cancer. I’m a musician and I love what I do. I enjoy every moment of it because it is the greatest feeling in the world to know that what you do matters enough to someone that they will take the time to buy your albums and pay to see your concerts. So, to answer your question- the ones who should give it up are the ungrateful ones who complain about the road when they should be thankful that there is even one person in the audience willing to listen- especially when the musician is not an original member of a once popular band. They didn’t write the songs or record the music that got them on that stage in the first place. Like Clint said- "feel lucky- well do ya, punk". Yes, they should feel very lucky.

5. Rate the following guitar players 1-10. One being a joke and ten being a guitar God

Eddie Van Halen =
10. I played on the bill with Eddie for a Jason Becker benefit in the 90’s. After the concert I spent about 45 minutes talking to him backstage- one on one. We talked about Sammy Hager, about Van Halen (the band), about a lot of things. I told him about my Double-Guitar and how I came up with the idea. It was great. He was really "down to earth". When we were finished talking he thanked me, then gave me a hug- like we were bro’s. I was in shock- I wanted to thank HIM. After all, it was Eddie Van Halen. The man that influenced the way EVERY GUITAR PLAYER PLAYS!

DJ Ashba = 8. Every girl who posts on the Metal Sludge bulletin board thinks he’s hot. He sounds great on the Beautiful Creatures CD.

Slash = 10 The opening riff to "Sweet Child O’ Mine" is worth the 10. I used to see him handing out fliers on the strip. It was one of the best times to be in a band in L.A.

Yngwie Malmsteen = 10. I was at his very first USA show at the Country Club in Reseda, CA. He played with Steeler. I met him that night. Again, like Eddie, he changed the way guitarists thought about guitar. He influenced the way people play the guitar. That’s worth a 10 to me.

Joe Satriani = 10. He is a great person, has a great guitar tone and writes really memorable instrumental guitar music. IMHO "Surfin’ with the Alien" is one of the best rock instrumental guitar CDs that has ever been recorded.

Steve Vai = 9. I think his CDs sound fantastic. Great production. He seems to take a lot of time recording them, paying attention to the smallest details of the music.

Warren DeMartini = 8. I really liked the original Ratt. Last month in L.A. Stephen Pearcy was at The Cat Club (upstairs) and we chatted for a while. We talked about jamming, touring, the 80’s, etc… His band played a quick set and his voice sounded awesome.

Zakk Wylde = 9. As one of my British friends said to me a few years ago when we saw Zakk performing at the Whiskey in L.A. "He’s a fucking Rock Star, he is". I think Zakk rules.

Dimebag Darrell = 10. I met him in Florida when Nitro was recording our second CD. It was at a rock club in Orlando and Pantera was playing to an almost empty house. "Cowboys from Hell" was just out. My guitar tech was the one who told me about them. Dime saw me in the audience and dedicated the set to me. After the show he told me that he studied my "Star Licks Instructional video" and that it had really inspired him.

CC DeVille = 10. I think he is a great songwriter and an underrated guitarist. I knew CC "on the way up". Jim Gillette and I used to hang with CC occasionally. He is one of THE funniest people I have ever met. Plus, that voice. I remember sitting with him, being surrounded by girls at the Rainbow on Sunset (back in the day) when he said or should I say yelled "I’ve had VD so many times, I have 2 Crabs riding shotgun on my Balls"!

Tony McAlpine = 9. I have done a few shows with Tony over the years. We played together in Frankfurt, Germany a while back, then co headlined some shows in Chicago a few years ago. I think he is an awesome player. I had a beer with him in a little Irish pub in Studio City, CA. this January.

Doug Marks = 10. Doug has taught more people to play guitar than anyone else on this planet. What else can you say. He deserves a 10. He has earned a 10. Plus, he is a great person and a really good friend.

6. There have been some serious rumors circulating about you doing hard time for your inter-actions with an underage groupie. Would you care to elaborate on this and if possible give some helpful advice to the rest of the musicians out there?

Part 1. I have never spent 1 day, 1 hour or 1 second doing "hard time" for anything. Ever. Period. Bottom line. End of story. Part 2. My advise to the musicians out there- CHECK ID’s!

7. A Nitro show at Gazzarris back on the strip advertised that Jim Gillette would break a wine glass in front of a live audience by screaming. Rumor has it the glass did NOT break. What really happened and was it embarrassing for the band?

Jim DID break the glass. First, I have to "set the stage"- The show was sold out, people everywhere. Even my parents flew in from Chicago to see us. You used the right word when you said "break" the glass. You see, most of the time the glass would shatter, almost explode and look really spectacular. But not this night. Jim Gillette can hold a note for 30 seconds or more. You need that ability to shatter or break a glass with your voice. You have to zero in on the exact frequency and be able to hold the note long enough, raising or lowering the pitch to find the breaking point. He started hitting the note to shatter the glass and it broke right away. It happened so fast that at least half of the audience didn’t even know he broke it. We were both standing on stage in shock. It broke and just kinda fell to the ground. Really anti-climatic. Not like in rehearsal where they would explode, so Jim tried it again. By that time the audience was loud and rowdy. I don’t think Jim could hear and key in on the note. I’m not really sure, but for what ever reason the second glass didn’t break. Jim did break the first one. After the show my parents came up to me and said that "Jim broke the glass- He did it. Why did he try to do it again"? All I know is, after playing only 1 show in Hollywood, Nitro was signed.

8. You played the National Anthem at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in March 2002. The press clipping said there were over 18,000 people in attendance. Was this for a sold out Nitro re-union show or a Professional Hockey game?

I wish a Nitro reunion show could sell 18,000 tickets! When I performed at the Winter NAMM show (Anaheim, California) in 2002, a representative for the Los Angeles Kings came up to me, gave me his card and said he was a big fan of mine. He then asked if I wanted to perform the National Anthem at a Kings game. I said yes, but really didn’t think much more about it. When I got back home there was an e mail from him and it was serious. I called him. His name is Wyatt, and we set the date. 3-11-02. It was against my home town team the Chicago Black Hawks. Over 18,000 people were in attendance at The Staples Center that night. What I didn’t realize is that the date I picked was the 6 month anniversary of 9-11 and that it was televised all over the USA. I took great pride in performing for them, for my country. Every time I travel outside the U.S. I realize how lucky I am to live here. I played the National Anthem to the best of my ability. With respect and with reverence. The only other guitarist asked to perform for the Kings last year was Zakk Wylde and he did it too.

9. The Nitro song "Freight Train" was featured in the Hulk Hogan movie: Suburban Commando’s. Is it safe to say this was a career highlight? If not, please name the 3 high points and the 3 lowest points of Michael Angelo?s music career to date?

Yes, I would say it was a career highlight. I have acted in movies. I have songs in several movies. It is one of hundreds of highlights. To anyone who is not familiar with what it means to have a song that you wrote in a movie or as in the case of "Freight Train" co-wrote with Jim Gillette- 1. You get paid thousands of dollars for the rights to use the song. Paid in advance. 2. If a movie like this one has major stars, even if it doesn’t do well at the box office, it will have a life on cable, pay per view and video/DVD rentals/sales. This means a lot of money for the songwriters. Checks quarterly or semi annually for years.

High point no. 1. The first is when I lived in L.A. for less than 1 year and went from being an unknown, starving musician to an Atlantic Records Recording Artist in the band "Holland".

Low point no. 1. Even though I was signed to Atlantic and our record budget was $125,000.00 dollars, I received a GRAND TOTAL of $225 dollars and was STILL a starving musician.

High point no. 2. Being on the first Nitro tour. Having our record O.F.R. on the charts. Our video on MTV. Being interviewed and playing my guitar LIVE on Head Bangers Ball. Having a video crew follow our tour bus filming our second MTV video. Performing a concert in Central Park in New York City in front of thousands of people, then flying back to L.A. to film the movie "Shock’em Dead" in between shows. That- to me- is the life! All this was happening in the time frame of a few days!

Low point no. 2. Having "the powers that be- the suits" take us off the road in the middle of that tour to start a new record. It completely halted the momentum of our 1st album. From that point on our album was "on the charts with an anchor". I have always thought that some managers play both sides of the "management coin" and it is why it is so hard for bands/artists to become huge or "make it". Here is the scenario. The manager suggests STRONGLY to do something the band is against. He or she makes it clear that they work for you and it is ultimately your decision but you better listen to them or else. The band knows it is a bad decision but is pressured to capitulate- to give in. The band gives in to management. The decision then turns out just like the band thought- BAD. Then the manager says "don’t blame me, I work for you". It is a "catch 22" for the artist.

High point no. 3. Realizing that after having not 1 but 2 major label record deals, I finally knew enough and had enough experience to start my own music company. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have never been in music for the money. I have always felt that great art equals money. I always knew that if I was good enough, I would have a long career and that the money would be there. I have done so much better musically and financially having my own company M.A.C.E. Music. I play music that I want to play, record what I want to record and perform how I want to perform.

Low point no. 3. I was extremely close to my Father. I moved back to Chicago from L.A. because of my parents ill health. He passed away September 20th, 2002. Everything is going so well now and I wish that I could just talk to him, ask his advise, tell him I’m O.K., tell him about all of the projects I’m involved in- have him come to another show. It is a loss, a profound loss that can never be replaced. I have tears in my eyes just typing this.

10. What do you remember about recording the following songs?

Freight Train =
The president of our label told me this and I quote: "Angelo, I want you to over play, all the time". I was told to play as "over the top" as humanly possible and faster than anyone had ever played before. I did it. It was a challenge. It was fun. It was hard work. He guaranteed that our record would hit the charts if Jim and I were that extreme. We delivered. Jim sang higher than any person had ever sung before on record and I played faster than any guitarist had ever played before on record. It hit the charts. Jim and I talked about this a lot and both of us felt that it was like we were in the Olympics. They even took the midrange frequencies out of our CD in mastering to make it and again I quote, "sonically abrasive"! Aside from all of the wildness, I feel this is a great song. The message is simple, forceful and direct- watch out world, ready or not, I’m like a Freight Train comin’.

Long Way From Home = Every label that heard this song thought the arrangement was great and that it had "hit potential". This song was climbing the charts when our management stopped our tour. Again, I couldn’t believe they could make such a bad decision- and that I was dumb enough to go along with it.Nasty Reputation = A lot of strippers danced to this one.

O.F.R. = It stands for "Out Fucking Rageous". The pre chorus has 11 separate moving vocal parts. It was a complicated track to record. The whole guitar solo is string skips. I go from the first to the six to the fourth to the second string, etc… at blinding speed. All the solos on both Nitro CD’s were recorded in one continuous take. No "punch-ins". Everything on this CD was O.F.R.

ll of the songs mentioned below are from the second "Nitro" CD "Hot, Wet, Drippin’ With Sweat ". We recorded, finished and mastered several other songs that in my opinion were much heavier, better and unfortunately never used.

Cat Scratch Fever = We added Double kicks to the chorus. Jim rewrote the third verse but it was edited out. Motorhead recorded this same song and released it at the exact same time as us. It was crazy.Hot, Wet, Drippin’ With Sweat = We thought of this one as the "Son of O.F.R."

Boyz Will B Boyz = I felt this song was not Nitro and didn’t want it on the album. It got on the record anyway.

Johnny Died On Christmas = I am very proud of this song. The melody is great. The lyrics are great. The message is good (an anti drug song) and the chord progression flows seamlessly in an unpredictable way. We had a gospel choir come in and record the background vocal parts. They said a prayer before they sang. It sent chills up and down my spine to hear them sing to our song.

Hey Mike = Please listen to my solo CD’s like "No Boundaries" to find out what my guitar soloing is really like. "Hey Mike" is O.K. as far as I’m concerned. Just O.K.

11.This is from a Nitro website: "NITRO WREAKING HAVOC AND DESTRUCTION ACROSS THE U.S.: In Connecticut, the concert had to be shut down because the band was too loud! Police had to be brought in to the scene at the L & G. Club in New London, and it’s rumored that NITRO may go for the Guinness Book of World Records for the LOUDEST LIVE BAND in history!" What ever happened to the Guinness attempt? Did they blow you off or was all of the Nitro hype just that, hype?

We honestly didn’t think about or care about breaking any record. That is the truth. Never once did we say "dudes, let’s break the loudest band in the world record". It just wasn’t important to us. We were interested in continuing touring, selling records, doing the best live shows we could, doing interviews and making MTV videos. The label gave us great tour support. We had the kick ass tour bus and brought our own production. Our sound system was a "Turbo" British sound system from the company Showco out of Dallas that was typically used for venues much larger than we were playing. We were reaching sound levels of 138 db at the back of the rooms. That is WAY louder than standing next to a Jet engine (120db) as it is taking off! We literally caved in a ceiling in Detroit on that tour. KC started the kick drums to the song Freight Train and I saw dust coming down from the ceiling in sound check. Then I came in with my guitar, Jim hit the high intro scream and KA-BOOM- the whole ceiling came crashing down in a pile of dust and debris. The owner got out a broom and started sweeping up the huge mess, looking ridiculous yelling "every time Nitro comes to town I will have to remodel my fucking club"! It was great. The hype was real. We didn’t TRY to do anything. We just did it and people wrote about it.

12. Which do you prefer:

Warrant or Slaughter =

The Olsen Twins or the Dahm Triplets = Dahm Triplets (look at the photo)

Chicago or Hollywood = I was born in Chicago and I love Chicago, but Hollywood wins.

Bruce Kulick or Tommy Thayer = Bruce Kulick- Bruce and I played together on stage in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1997 with 1500 Canadian guitarists in the audience playing the KISS song "Rock and Roll all night" for over 90 minutes straight breaking the world record for the most guitarists playing one song all at the same time- for the longest time! Did that make sense?Double neck or Quad neck = Double-Guitar. The Quad was awesome though. Dean just built an incredible Double-Guitar that I debuted at the NAMM show 2003. We are also building a new Quad guitar.

Playing (hands) regular or Playing (hands) upside down = I like them both.

Disturbed or Smashing Pumpkins = Disturbed just slightly more because I like REALLY HEAVY music but- I think that Smashing Pumpkins are one of the great alternative rock bands. Great songs.

Gene Simmons? wig or Paul Stanley?s wig = I have jammed with KISS before and they didn’t wear wigs. I just saw Gene Simmons at the NAMM show. He came up to me and said "Hi Michael" and said something to me like "I heard that Nitro was back together". I looked at him in amazement and then he said "I know things". As god is my witness, HE DID NOT WEAR A WIG! I have never seen him wear a wig. I do not know Paul Stanley well having jammed with him only once, but off stage he didn’t have a wig on either.

Enuff Z’Nuff or Firehouse = Enuff Z’Nuff

14 year old girls or 16 year old girls = The last girl I dated (a few days ago) is 30 years old and looks like she’s 21. Does that count?

13. What 80s rock star deserves a big smack in the mouth and why?

Axl Rose. I believe my choice is self explanatory.

Mikey’s musical words of wisdom: Be thankful, have fun, stay healthy, make the best possible music you can and play every show like it is your last.

Axl’s musical words of wisdom: Fuck you, fuck you, you and even you. Yeah you too, fucker. Whoops, Fuck me.

14. What was your biggest musical related check for and what did you buy with it?

This check is not my biggest but it is the most meaningful. It was for $42,500.00 dollars. I received it as an advance upon signing a contract for my first instrumental CD "No Boundaries". M.A.C.E. Music was less than 2 years old at the time. It launched my solo career and helped make my company a successful indie label. I used the money to purchase some equipment for my recording studio and invested the rest.

Michael with Randy O in some band we don’t know the name of

15. The Last of Michael Angelo:

Last time you listened to a Nitro recording =
1 week ago.

Last concert you attended = The Genetorturers (Evil D and Jen are the best. This band is incredible. Biz and Angel rock).

Last time you had a hair cut = December 2002. Just a trim!

Last rock star you shook hands with = Gene Simmons

Last time you played a simple bar chord = It was so long ago that I can’t remember!

Last 80s group you listened to = Holland "Little Monsters"

Last porn you watched = I can’t recall the name- who can? It was in the Spring of 2002.

Last time you saw a prison fight = in the movie "Natural Born Killer". What an intense flick.

Last gig you played = O’Malley’s in Chicago with Vik Fox (Enuff Z’Nuff, Vince Neil) on Drums and Mike Duda (WASP) on Bass. It was great.Last time you went to a strip club = May 2002

16. Out of all the bands Nitro toured with, who were the coolest and who were the biggest dicks to deal with?

Nitro was the headliner on both tours so our experience was mostly with opening acts. We never really had any problems with the support acts. We did play occasionally with bands like The Atomic Playboys (Steve Stevens). Again, nothing negative to write about. Steve was great to work with.

Nitro on July 4th supporting their 2nd album

17. You made the double neck and the quad neck guitars famous. What’s next 6 or 8? And have you ever hung out with Rick Neilson, who made his multi-neck guitars famous as well?

I wanted to do something different. Not to be better or "cooler" than other guitarists- just different. I wanted to do something that no one had ever done before and I did it. The guitars are truly left and right handed. The Double-Guitar got me noticed instantly in L.A. I patterned the Double and the Quad guitars after people like Gene Simmons. The things he did on stage were wild, were"bigger than life", but they were only part of the live show and they were REAL. My Double-Guitar is the same way. It represents something that is wild, something that is "bigger than life" but I ONLY use it in concert. Actually, only for the encore and it is REAL. I really play it. I don’t fake it or make stupid noises with it. I play it with a vengeance. The majority of the night I am playing various 6 string Dean electrics. As far as Rick, I met him when I was in the band "Holland". We have hung out several times since then. "Holland" opened for Cheap Trick. He is a great person. A fantastic songwriter. He has one of the best vintage guitar collections in the world. I have jammed with him before. We did some AC/DC covers. That was really fun. Robin Zander does a "mean" Bon Scott.. Rick thanked me on a Cheap Trick CD a few years ago.

18. Your site claims that your "Star Licks" guitar instructional release has sold over 100,000 units. Do you know that is more units sold than CDs by Wildside, Beautiful Creatures & Slik Toxic combined

The sales stats are true. The video was released in January 1987. I was the first guitarist to really show on video how to develop great technique. What made the video sell so well was 2 things. 1 My guitar playing was crisp, precise, super fast, clean and well thought out. No studio tricks, no cheating, no gimmicks. 2. I tried to show people that this video is not about "how to play like Mikey". It was my sincere wish to help other guitarists become better players. I just saw John Petrucci (Dream Theater) at NAMM and he told me how much this video helped him. Dimebag said it, Michael Romeo (Symphony X) was really inspired by it. Michael told me he used to watch it over and over. That is the impact that this video has had on people. Tom Morello was my student. So many great guitarists have seen it. Steve Morse, Warren DeMartini, Jeff Watson, Ted Nugent, to name a few. It was the first of it’s kind. Also, that was in an era when a big CD would sell 15, 20 or as in Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 30 million copies. Today, one of the biggest artists last year, Eminem, sold roughly 10 million CDs. There wasn’t the competition then that there is today- in CD’s or instructional videos and now DVD’s. I made the video for the right reason- to help people. It was Star Licks best selling video for 2 years straight. It has stood the test of time.

19. Who has a worse hair system: Don Dokken, Kevin DuBrow or yourself?

I was a huge Dokken fan (the original Dokken with George in it) so I am biased. Here goes- To me Don’s hair looks O.K. Kevin’s hair looks good. So once and for all, let’s set the record straight. My hair is real, it is mine and I have the receipt to prove it!

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Chip Z’Nuff =
Great songwriter and singer. We’re good friends.

Bobby Rock = Single stroke rolls.

Ted Nugent = Alpha male.

Vinnie Vincent = Great songwriter but according to people who have worked with him, he is his own worst enemy.

Jani Lane = Great singer, songwriter, was in the Nitro video "Long Way From Home".

Nikki Sixx = The guy every other guy wanted to look like in the 80’s.

David Lee Roth = Attitude plus. Great sound bites. I saw Van Halen on their second tour. Girls were screaming for him like Elvis, the Beatles or any one of the "boy bands".

George Lynch = Great guitarist. I wish Dokken would have stayed together in the 80’s. They would have been HUGE. They were ready to explode when George left.

Doug Marks = 500,000 plus guitar students. A great businessman. One of my good friends.

Jim Gillette = One of my best and closest friends. He is like family. He is also one of the "baddest", toughest men on this planet. I have seen Jim one punch, knock people out cold. I have seen him take on 5 plus people at the same time and they backed down because they were scared to death of him. Jim is also extremely smart and knows how to get things accomplished. He is a great singer, a great songwriter, a great frontman. Girls used to tell me "he’s gorgeous", "he’s hot"- all the time. We would go into trendy L.A. clubs and not just any girls but Playboy Centerfolds, Starlets, Penthouse Pet’s of the Year, would hit on him. And not just one, but several at the same time. I know. I was there. I mean- he married Lita Ford. He just has this charisma, that when he walks into a room- he is the man.

Now that was a good interview! Michael wrote detailed answers and gets what our page is about. Props to Michael for doing a good job.

For more info on Michael, you can visit his website at www.angelo.com

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