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20 Questions with Ron Jeremy, 12/17/02



Ron with Howard Stern

If you don’t know who Ron Jeremy is, then you should just leave our page right now. This man needs no introduction, so we’re not going to give him one. Enjoy our 20 Questions with Porn Legend Ron Jeremy.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only change to promote whatever it is you have going on.

Las Vegas Novelties for products, Metro for movies, lots of traveling (I was just in Australia) and mainstream films.


2. What advice would you give to a young chick, fresh off the farm coming to L.A?

Off the farm? Milk this!!!

with Sam Kinison

3. Being a porn star over 4 decades, you’ve obviously seen some shit. Who was the single

most stand-out celebrity you ever hung out with?

There have been many. Sam Kinison, Andy Dick, George Clooney (once, but he is great)


4. What rock band should give it up and call it a day?

Huey Lewis, though I like them

5. Rate the following porn stars on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody

who’s a dead fuck and 10 being a the top of the line.

Traci Lords = 10

Ginger Lynn = 10

Jenna Jameson = never had

Kendra Jade = 10

Janine = never had

Jasmine St. Claire = 10

Nina Hartley = 10

Racquel Darrian = never had

Savannah = 10

PJ Sparxx = 10

Tori Welles = never had

Juli Ashton = never had…YET!

Seka = 10

They are all tens…I was the dead fuck!


6. You’ve spent quite a bit of time at the Rainbow over the years. What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve ever seen there.

Me..having sex in the chef’s bathroom

7. You were good friends with Bill Gazzarri. What are some of your memories

of Gazzarri’s in its heyday?

The Gazzarri dancers (I hosted or judged the contests)

Bill dancing with them

The great music

Best of all…Bill knowing he’s the Godfather of Rock & Roll telling me his favorite singers were Frank Sinatra & Patsy Kline.


8. Would you have sex with Pamela Anderson even though she has Hepatitis-C?

Sure..with a rubber

9. If you could do one sex scene with anybody, alive or dead, who would it be?

Your mom


10. Rate the following non-porn chicks. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Heather Locklear =

Gwen Stefani = 10

Lita Ford = 10

Christina Aquilerra = 10

Angelyne = 10

Pink = 10

Shakira = 10

Pamela Anderson = 10

Donna D’Errico = 10

Robin Quivers = 10

with Tommy Lee

I would do all of them. Hell, any woman with a pulse!!


11. What rock star and porn star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

The women of rock and porn stars deserve a cock in the mouth


12. Last of Ron Jeremy:

Last time you sucked your own cock =
3 years ago

Last time you were tested for an STD = every month

Last time you were at the Playboy Mansion = 2 months ago

Last CD you purchased = the new Kid Rock — a few weeks ago

Last porn star you had sex with = The Virgo twins and Nakita Denise

Last sex toy you used = on a girl, last week

Last rock star you hooked up with a porn star = 2 months ago

Last time you had a threesome = a month ago

Last rock star you had dinner with = last night

Last porn you were in = last week

13. Was being in Orgazmo ever a career goal?

It turned out to be a good one. Every college kid has seen it…WORLDWIDE!

with Jonathan David and Kid Rock
14. Which do you prefer:

Mancow or Howard Stern =

Implants or the real thing = real

Warrant or Poison = both

A big floppy labia or a nice tucked snatch = either (again… pulse)

Metallica or Korn = both

Sunset Blvd. Or Santa Monica Blvd. = Sunset of course…I’m hetero

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar = Sammy

Getting head or Ass fucking = giving a woman head

Traci Lords or Tracii Guns = Guns

LA or NYC = both, but LA more

15. What’s your best Axl Rose story?

He loved when I played the piano (Chopin) for him. I took 8 years classical.


16. Yes or no, has Ron Jeremy ever:

Had sex in the Grotto with a Playmate =
yes in the Groto, but not with a playmate

Received a blow job from a girl whose name you didn’t know = yes

Met Britney Spears = not yet, but they mentioned us both in a Maxim article

Seen Sam Kinison’s dick = a few times…from a distance

Used a realistic vagina = never

Compared cocks with John Holmes = yes…he won

Walked out on a tab = never

Drove drunk with Vince Neil = been in the same bar, but not drunk

Pulled out your dick and had shit on it = rarely, but it can happen

Had a vibrator in your ass = never… nothing but a prostate check ever goes there

17. What are 5 pieces of advice you’d give somebody entering the porn


Skip it…take up tennis


18. You did a tour not too long ago where you were doing stand-up comedy. What that really necessary?

Yes. I still do, and it draws well and does well

19. Isn’t the moustache a little too retro-70s? How about a new look and have you ever heard of trim-spa?

I’m losing some weight and I still like the moustache…it’s a flavor savor

with Jani Lane

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you

give us your thoughts.

Sam Kinison =

Jonathan Davis = sweet guy. black fingernail polish

Howard Stern = deserves his fame and salary. He turned radio into a visual media

Bret Michaels = cool guy — put my name on his Flesh and Blood album

Vince Neil = Long time bud. I introduce him a lot. He did a few non-sex scenes in a few of my porn films

Gene Simmons = used me in Detroit Rock City and we both claim 4-5,000 women

Jani Lane = we both did a video for a band called Nitro

David Lee Roth = only knew him through Bill Gazzarri

Kid Rock = I love this guy. Has had me introduce him and rap with him on stage. If I was a girl, I’d blow him.

Hugh Hefner = Sweet man. Always been real nice to me. Much respect.

For more info on Ron, you can visit www.RonJeremy.com or www.LasVegasNovelties.com

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