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20 Questions with Terry Ilous, 11/26/02



XYZ Singer Terry Ilous


In our never ending quest to interview every band that once had a pinup in Metal Edge, this week we’re talking to the lead singer of XYZ!!

Last week we did 20 Questions with somebody who typed in ALL CAPS and this week we have 20 Questions in all lower case letters. See, we’re just trying to keep this diverse here at Metal Sludge. Enjoy!

1. Who are you and what do you have going on?

my name is terry ilous i am currently recording the new xyz cd so thats take a lot out of my time. i am also acting and doing voice over for all kind of cartoons and ad just finished Stuart Little 2 < french version > and a new movie for Disney

2. Before the Hollywood rise of XYZ you lived outside the U.S. Tell us about your musical life elsewhere?

i grew up listening to all kind of music. my dad was a jazz guitar player so …. i also listened to a lot of classical …

3. Lucasmusic is your Spanish/Latin band project and you have a song called "Mantiras" at MP3.Com. How did you get involved with this style of music considering you?re not even Spanish, you?re French?

wrong i am french spanish my dads familly comes from spain … so i am an americanfrenchspanish…..joke… i received a french education but the spaniard has always been in me ..just look at me ……a true <gypsie >

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

only the ones that don t enjoy playing anymore … it s likes sex it s not because you are older that you should not do it … <viagra ..>if you still enjoy it and make other people do … then there is nothing wrong with that

5. Rate the following singers (Rock & Espanol) on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who makes you wanna vomit and 10 being a vocal God.

Sebastian Bach = is a 9 .

Ricky Martin = is a 6

Jani Lane = is a very good song writer !!!!!

Shakira = is entertaining….,would like to show her my stamp collection

Paul Shortino = is a 10 he rox

Marc Anthony = is a 7 i like him… great writer

Vince Neil = is a great performer!!

Enrique Iglesias = looks good !!!!!

Bret Michaels = very good entertainer

Fher (Mana lead singer) = 7 is good

Don Dokken = is a very good song writer …

Marq Torein = is a 9 .. he is very good

6. Don Dokken produced your debut in 1989. How did you come to work with Don and how much of a pain in the ass was he to work with?

don is don. he has a lot of of ideas and like many good pro he likes it his way or the highway i respect that ….otherwise i dont recall much of anything else since i was not allowed to say much ……

7. Who, where, why, when and what can you tell us about your other projects Cage & Flynn?

cage was done with jeff and other great players .. some great songs in it just wrong timing flynn ..ah ah flynn well after this ordeal with xyz and cage i was a bit lost so try to find my self and since many characters live in my head … so came flynn more romantic .. and softer … still like the guy,, ah ah

8. "This (XYZ-Hungry) is the real shit. It’s hard on the outside, yet tender on the inside," observes Ilous with a wry grin. "Can you tell I watch a lot of porn?" This was a quote from your 1991 press release. Do you still watch a lot of porn and if so who are your faves?

no i dont watch much porn.. if so i like amateur videos they are more fun and it seems like every one doing them love what there are doing… the problem with porn is that too many times they are made in a way that diminishes women … and that s wrong … they should be made more for cples wanted to be voyeur.. that i like

9. What was your opinion of Pat Fontaine?s project Puzzle Gut and their 1997 debut?

pat is happy with puzzle gut. it s more like him more punk … pat is really a true rebel … and i

salute him for that a lot of rockers pretend and play the game of being bad boys … pat doesnot … he is really a bad boy with a big heart … you think sex pistols or who ever, are bad asses … think again … meet pat fontaine. if you are a girl date him!! and you ll see if he was a jailmate he will be in isolation room … cause he is the shit .he is the jessy james of rock n roll. god bless him

10. The following bands all have 3 letters in their name. Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a band who sucked and 10 being a great band.










i like ccr pod the rest i don t care much for them or don t like what they stand for ….

11. Out of all the bands XYZ toured with, who were the coolest and who were the biggest dicks to deal with?

i don t recall i was too busy having fun but they were one band also on capitol that gave us a really hard time let s forget about there name … they were making fun at us cause the day we played together is the day we lost our deal … and we were very sad.but pat ended up stealling the singer s girl friend and they never sold more then 10 copies any way

12. Give us a Hollywood memory from the following clubs:

The Rainbow = loved the rainbow

Bordello = best food most beautiful women

Troubadour = great club

FM Station = loved that club and it s patrons…easy easy women

The Whisky = i lived there xyz became the last band to become <the whisky s house band >

we made a deal with the owner and had to play ther every month and at every major events

Country Club =

Madame Wongs =

The Roxy =

Coconut Teaser =

The Cathouse = not my scene more .. like faster pussy cat s scene… women wearing lots

of black… and dark make up .. i don t do much into the halloween scene

Rajis =

X-Poseur 54 =

13. What 80s rock star deserves a big smack in the mouth and why?

me … i should have known .. nothing last for ever … it took me a while to get back on my feet after the band broke up…all the friends went away i lost all my money and loved ones i messed

up a great romance with my loved one … … left was the memories and that voice …. hard lesson

i came here with $500 in my pocket became famous had money ….and lots it all….. thank god im back on m feet doing movies soundtracks the xyz album and i m happelly married and expecting my first child….

14. The last of Terry Ilous

Last rock star you shook hands with = gene simmons

Last concert you attended = the latin grammy award

Last time you puked from drinking = i was 17 … i really don t drink much

Last CD you bought was = sheryl crow

Last time you felt good about MTV = sucks

Last time you slept on a tour bus = 7 years ago

Last time you recorded a song in Spanish = .. next week for xyz i ll do a song in spanish…..

Last year you got an XYZ royalty check = i get checks every 3 month

Last movie you saw = amelie

Last time you took a bath = … well i don t i am french i wear perfume ah ah .. i guess you will have to get closer and smell the scent from my naked skin to figure it out

15. Name 3 bands who got signed off the Sunset Strip but had no business getting a record deal and explain why?

i think all bands that got signed had a business getting signed. look there is an audiance for every one. i may not like something but some else will

16. Spell at least 5 words using the following letters. You can use all 11 letters at once or only a few. (ADEEGMLLSTU)

1. sex

2. alouette..

3. god

4. udick…< that is one word>

5. tantraNOTE: Obviously Terry didn’t get that question. He was only supposed to use the letters given to him up above, but instead just made up his own words. Follow directions next time!

17. XYZ is working on a new record for MTM Records. Does the world really need a new XYZ record?

the world no … but i do .. i have lots more to say .. hopefully some one will listen .. and thet matters to me

18. Who the fuck came up with the name XYZ anyway? Why not MNO or BCD instead?

pat came up with xyz. if you are looking for music at a record store yu ll always see those 3

letters together.. so he thought .. here we go they will always be a spot for us …. :)

19. Why are the French such cowards?

i do not associate my self with political decisions made by the french they are coward cause they want to be diplomatic about every thing … but sometimes you have to go for it and drop the bomb <saddam > i am not a coward and because of that got my self in a lot of troubles many times … that and my ass kicked too… i guess you have to take like a man but sometimes… dont be foolish … run away ….or what face the heat ah ah ah

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Jerry Lewis = god to the french … i know you hate that … that is why i say it …. :)

Jeff Northrup = musical genious … wait a minute i thought that was stevie wonder ….

Kid Rock = lucky guy

George Tutko = a good man

Gene Simmons = must have been famous among the chearleader s team

Neil Kernon = is ok

Nikki Sixx = has tatoos every where except on his dick? on mine it says: thank you….. ah ah ah

Ozzy Osbourne = the true godfather of rock… i did not say like marlon brando in the

movie ok …..:)

Rudy Sarzo = cool dude

Pat Fontaine = the jessy james of rock n roll

Well that was unique. For more info on Terry, you can visithttp://www.terryilous.com

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