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20 Questions with Breaking Point, 8/13/02



Breaking Point Guitarist Justin & Drummer Jody with Arkansas Cracker!

This is the first 20 Questions where we actually interview two people at once! It’s with Wind-Up Recording Artist Breaking Point, who do the entrance music for WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam. This interview was done in person, but not by Jim Bob Dwarf, but with Gossip Board regular Arkansas Cracker! Cracker writes:
I caught up with Jody and Justin from Memphis based band Breaking Point during a looong drunken weekend in Memphis. We had just all been to a show with Injected, Greenwheel, and Default and were hanging with a prettygood buzz. The guys and a couple of buddies, me and Dizzy Bon Coverdale, a local DJ, and some lovely ladies went back to our hotel suite where we chugged beers and went through the questions.

The guys are definitely down with the Sludge. It should be noted that these guys aren’t trash-talkers really, but more of just jokesters. They are really down to earth and can’t say enough how appreciative they are and talk good about most everyone. Great guys.

By the way, I attemped to add a few questions (6, 21, 22, 23), but they were like last minute ones and hey I already said I was drunk and stareing at the chick’s racks so they may suck so I’ll know you’ll be deleting some stuff or adding some stuff from the tape anyway. Dammit, I had good intentions, I ain’t Jim Bob fuckin Dwarf ya know. Jody played with Fuel and they had a "falling out" but are all really good pals now. They were talking to him on the cell phone right before the interview to line up a fishing trip. Hey, there’s you a Fuel hook-up anyway.

So there you have it! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to?
Jody: Chasing pussy, smokin dope, drinking beer… next
Justin: We just got off tour with Sevendust, we did some radio shit…
Jody: blah blah blah… we saw some mullets
Justin: We saw a bunch of mullets and now we’re home. We’re writing the next record to be honest.

2. What should people expect when they come to a Breaking Point show?
Jody: lots of fat asses sweatin’… next
Justin: Fuckin’ energy man. We’re all about just promoting the energy man and gettin’ it back from the crowd. You can expect a band just pouring their hearts out for ya. Just a lot of fuckin energy man. Just a good rock n’ roll show.

3. The song "One Of A Kind" is used as WWF wrestler Rob Van Dam’s entrance music. How did you guys get hooked up with the WWF and were you wrestling fans before all this?
Justin: The famous question, my God I’ve answered this 5 million times
Cracker: make it 5,000,001
Jody: I used to watch it Saturday mornings
Justin: Absolutely, we grew up in Memphis it’s the fucking wrestling capital, you know. Jerry fuckin Lawler, I mean, all the big wrestlers come through Memphis at 1 time or another. It’s like a tradition. We got a fuckin phone call from Wind-up, they have a relationship with WWE with Drowning Pool, so they called us up and they said you have a chance to write a song for WWF wrestler Rob Van Dam, the catch was we had 24 hours to do so. We went straight in the studio, the studio was already booked a day later for 3 days so they’re like you gotta write it in 1 day and just do it. So I dropped a fuckin load in my pants of course, shit all over myself, but you know what we pulled through man, just fuckin wrote it, bam that night, in 24 hours and went in the next day and rehearsed it for like 12-15 hours, figured it out, and in 3 days we had written it, recorded, the whole motherfucker was done and all the sudden it just blew up. Within a week the WWF started using it. It freaked everybody out and Wind-Up loved it so much they recalled all the records and put it on there and eventually it just became a top 40 rock single.
Cracker: And you got free front row seats at some WWF shows I noticed
Justin: Fuck yeah we got to be on Raw. We went down there it was cool, hooked us up in the first few rows there. They told us we were gonna be on TV and all the sudden they cleared out all the rows there and the cameras come over to us we’re like what the fuck? We’re on there acting like a bunch of rednecks. We got to go back and meet all the wrestlers, very cool man. Ric Flair is cool.
Jody: Handsome Jimmy… the Moon Dogs were there, Tojo Yamamoto…

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Jody: Default
Justin: I think they’re fuckin’ good. I actually like them.

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hack and 10 being a virtuoso.
Mark Tremonti = 7
Zakk Wylde = 10
Kirk Hammett = 11
C.C. DeVille = Jody: 1! Justin: 6
Steve Vai = 10
Ace Frehley = 10
James Hetfield = 11
Dave Mustaine = 8
Dean DeLeo = Jody: STP baby! 12 plus. I’ll help you out there, beotch.

6. Who is the real king of Memphis, Jerry Lawler or Elvis Presley?
Justin: Elvis Presley.
Jody: Thank you very much.
Justin: I was a big Elvis fan growing up. My first concert I went to.

7. Being a newer band, has any of the bands you’ve opened up for treated you guys like shit yet? If so, who?
Justin: We’ve always been treated with much respect. We don’t come off with any fuckin’ attitude you know and people notice that. People have always been cool with us.

8. How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?
Justin: Wow. It was big and we’ve just been living off of it man.

9. What’s your opinion of the state of radio today?
Justin: It sucks. I’m so sick of the political fucking bullshit where motherfuckers gotta pay to play your fucking crap. Fuck this shit is all I gotta say. When does a good song count for anything? Fuck all this.

10. Which do you prefer and why:
Signing a tit or signing an ass =
Jody: I’m an ass man myself.
Justin: I’m definitely an ass man especially when it’s a nice thong, preferably one of the Breaking Point
"One of a Kind" thongs.

Radiohead or head from a groupie = head from a groupie
McDonald’s or Wendy’s = Wendys
Linkin Park or Papa Roach =
Jody: Linkin Park
Justin: Papa Roach
South Park or The Simpsons = The Simpsons doh!
Poison or Motley Crue = Motley Crue
Massage parlors or strip clubs =
Justin: strip clubs
Jody: Chinese massage parlors
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera =
Jody: neither
Justin: Christina, thank you I’ll have her
MTV’s Jackass or The Osbournes = the Osbournes of course
Vibrators or Anal beeds = vibrators for sure

11. Which member of the band generally fucks the fattest chicks?
Justin: That would be Jody
Jody: Roll em in flour and go for th
e wet spot.

12. What do you remember about the following years:
1984 = God… nothing
1988 =
Justin: Van Halen
Jody: I graduated college
1991 = Nirvana, thank God for Nirvana
1994 = Nirvana, thank God for Nirvana
1997 = Dr. Schols
2000 = Getting a deal

13. You share the same label with Creed. Exactly how overrated do you think they are?
Jody: I don’t think they’re that overrated
Justin: Not at all. They’re a great fuckin’ band man.
Jody: Everybody wants to knock you down when you’re at the top, know what I’m saying?
Justin: Straight up

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Justin: This is where you start that Fred Durst and Scott Stapp stuff. I haven’t met anybody I want to
smack in the mouth to be honest with you.

15. Yes or no, have you ever done the following:
Watched 2 chicks have sex in your dressing room = yes
Caused damage to a hotel room = yes
Been arrested = yes
Sang along to a Britney Spears song = hell no, only the Pepsi ones
Wished you could go on tour with Winger = hell no
Had your label pay to have your song on the radio = I don’t know
Woke up in your own piss = wow I’ve got some stories about that shit. Other people like to pee all over my suitcase
Took a tour of Graceland = hell yeah I’ve given a tour there
Seen a Breaking Point bootleg video for sale = yeah, with no audio
Sold something on Ebay = I’ve bought something on there

16. Have you been to a used CD store that didn’t have your CD in the bargain bin?
Justin: No, I’ve never seen one.

17. The last of Breaking Point:
Last band you opened for = Puddle of Mudd
Last autographed you asked for = Tommy Lee
Last lie you told = something about chasing pussy
Last movie you saw = From Hell, much like my life
Last time you masturbated = What time is it?
Last band you saw that you thought sucked =
Jody: Default!
Justin: I didn’t think they sucked
Last 80s hair band CD you listened to =
Jody: Skid Row
Justin: We just hung out with Sebastian 3 weeks ago and he was supposed to get up and play a show and
we were gonna play a Skid Row cover and he was gonna get up and sing but he wussed out, well he didn’t
wuss out but he’s got a 45 minute routine he has to go through when he warms up, and it shows when
he plays he’s bad ass. He came and introduced himself at the show it was cool. He was cool.

Last speeding ticket you got = Dude, I’ve been to driving school, had my license suspended
Last time a chick gave you a fake phone number =
Justin: Never. We’re in a position to get real ones I think
Jody: No chicks fake shit with me that’s all I got to say

18. Is it safe to say that the WWF has done more for you guys than your record label?
Justin: No man, everybody is doing there part. Wowm what a question. Our label rocks they’ve supported
us 100% and WWE has done a great, great thing for us.

19. Have you filled out an application at McDonald’s yet?
We’re thinking about it.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Kid Rock = cocky
Sevendust = badass, training camp nightly
Fred Durst = red hat
Rob Van Dam = good weed
Lars Ulrich = awesome
Ted Nugent = wango de tango!
Gene Simmons = if he was a dinosaur he would be a lickolotapuss
Jody: sucks!
Justin: Carson Daley
Sugar Ray = mean machine
Saliva = our homeys

21. What’s up with the number 27?
Justin: It’s a fucking hit song that never got a chance. End of story.

22. So Josey Scott does a duet with Chad Kroeger from Nickleback that hits the top of the charts. You guys do a duet with him on your cd and it never gets released as a single, what’s up with that.
Justin: That’s because Island Records wouldn’t let us release it.

23. What the deal with Fuel. Didn’t you orginally play drums with them?
Jody: Yeah we’re friends. We went on tour with them and had a good time. We kissed and made up. Those are my boys.
Justin: Oh my God, the last show Jody walked out on stage in a fucking tutu with a bra on with a magic
wand, out there with Saliva and Fuel, Josey is blowing up all these rubbers and we all bumrush the show.
Jody’s out there in a fucking fairy outfit, Carl
(Bell from Fuel I assume) walks over and pulls his pants down his fucking dick is flopping everywhere butt-naked with 2 or 3 thousand people there. Josey, Jody, and Brett were doing the Rockettes up behind the drum riser, it was fucking classic.
Jody: These guys are going with me to spend some time with Brett (Scallion from Fuel) on the river tomorrow. He’s got a boat.

23. Can you point to your proboscis for me?
What? (laughter) (Justin points to his nuts… Jody points to his ass… then we walk to the balcony overlooking Beale Street where Jody moons some innocent bystanders)

Alright, thanks to Cracker for getting us this 20 Questions!

For more info on Breaking Point, you can go to their website at http://www.breakingpointmusic.com

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