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20 Questions with Sum 41’s Brown Sound, 8/6/02



Sum 41 Guitarist Dave Baksh

A few weeks ago, we got the following email from Dave:
"Hey I’m Dave Brownsound from sum41 I love this site. I got told about it by Butch Walker and think it’s awesome. Keep heavy metal living. Have you done a Halford 20 questions yet?"
No, we haven’t done Halford yet, but we’re doing Sum 41 now!

Even though they aren’t a "metal" band per say, they have been waving the metal flag and are up on their metal knowledge. They also had Slayer’s Kerry King appear in one of their videos and played with Rob Halford and Tommy Lee at MTV’s 20 Anniversary show. Plus they like to cause havoc and destroy shit, so that works for us! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote whatever it is you want.
We are currently in the studio recording a new album. It might be called "Yiddish Steel"

2. If you could give anonymous advice to any one band about their music, who would it be, and what would you say?
I would give some advice to Train. Go play a concert in a thunder storm under a big tree. Hopefully Vin Diesel will be working for them that day.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should call it a day and give it up?
Faster Shittycat

4. Explain your feud with SR-71 and the fight you guys got into with them?
We got into a fight with them because we were in a bar together after humiliating them during our set. We sent them a drink to be funny and it got sent back. So we turned on our video camera and taunted them. On the way to the bathroom Deryck began spitting at them. After a loogie accidentally ended up on one of their girlfriends tits. We got beat`up by their roadies. I say roadies because I don’t reeally know where the band went. After being kicked out of the bar we went to our van and continued drinking. When our singer Deryck decided it was time to go talk with them.
As we approached the bus we were intercepted by Bitch Allen who said: "Listen! I don’t know why you guys have a hard on for a fucking beat down. But SR-71 won’t even waste our time with you. How much have you sold this week?"
We reply. "Three-Thousand."
He interjects "Really we sold ten times that three weeks in a row. In fact it looks like I’ll be too busy hanging a gold record on my wall to even think about you little shits, while your stuck on the bottom of my shoe. So go back to your little van, but take a good look at this bus because you’ll never see the inside of one in your lifetime."
We cursed his name as we walked back to the van. But our heads were hung high as we egged their bus at the next festival we shared. But honestly we don’t give a shit about that fight anymore. Neither do they.

5. Rate the following guitar players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who plays with broken fingers and 10 being a virtuoso.
Kerry King = 10 For his searing leads
Scott Ian = 10 One of the Best Rhythm players ever
C.C. DeVille = -10 Yes that’s a minus in front of the 10
Mick Mars = 7 Great Rhythm player but lacked a bit in the solo range
Glenn Tipton = 9 Invented Solo faces for me anyway
Yngwie Malmsteen = 10 But that doesn’t mean he’s not a prick
Ted Nugent = 7 Great Rhythm and good at dodging bullets while playing guitar
Jeremy Popoff = 8 Great feel in all aspects of his playing
Adrian Smith = 10 one of my favourite guitar players
Dimebag Darrell = 10 Seamless playing even when he’s double wasted
Tom Morello = 15 Re wrote guitar. He’s a genius. I can’t praise this man enough. Darren from Goldfinger would sleep with Gretzky. I would sleep with Morello.

6. Wouldn’t you agree that Canada isn’t really a foreign country but more like a suburb of the US?
I think we should join the US. Then we could teach you how to read.

7. When you guys performed with Rob Halford on MTV’s 20 Anniversary show, did Rob try to get any of you to sit on his lap or anything strange like that?
No, Rob is a good man. Sure he’s gay but that doesn’t take away his crown of the ultimate metal singer.

8. What’s the most amount of damage you’ve done to a hotel?
Me myself not alot but once we trashed a room in New York. That was worth eight to ten thousand dollars.

9. You’re kind of known as the guy who goes back to his room after the show and chills out why the rest of the guys cause mayhem. What’s your story?
I caught this disease called old. I go out and drink and stuff but it’s after the drinks that the mayhem mainly happens. I can’t say I’m totally innocent. But it’s usually Stevo that ends up at the front desk in his boxers asking for a room key. After he just pissed all over the wall.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Pamela Anderson = 1 Heroin
Britney Spears = 6 Great ass
Trish Stratus = 5 to muscular she looks like an 80’s car model
Beyonce Knowles = 10 Just the way I like em lots of junk in the trunk
Kelly Osbourne = 8 Why not
Mandy Moore = 8 Really gorgeous just too wholesome
That Avril Lavigne chick = I am afraid to rate her because the authorities may come after me.
Shakira = 6 I’m not inpressed by her but I like her caveman gear in that video
Gwen Stefani = 10 Beyond perfect
Oprah Winfrey = 10 Be still my beating heart.

11. If you had to repeat any one alcohol or drug experience you’ve had, which one would you repeat?
The time when a girl I was dating at the time and I walked home in our boxers (A ritual called Boxer time). I was too drunk to remember I had given her my pants and wallet. I broke up with her the next day and never got the balls to ask for my pants back.

12. The last of Brown Sound:
Last hotel Sum 41 were kicked out of = The Paramount
Last 80s hairband CD you listened to = Wasp
Last time you stormed through a party like your name was El Nino = At a bar near my house
Last time a member of Sum 41 was arrested = In Edmonton, Deryck got arrested when we egged a picket line at our concert.
Last prank you were involved in = Offered a heavily shaken beer to my tour manager and opened it whilest it was over his crotch. Pee Pee
Last time you threw up = A while ago
Last book you read = Iron Maiden Biography
Last rock star you met = Adrian Smith
Last CD you purchased that sucked = The White Stripes
Last time you were carded for buying porn = I always stole it until I was old enough.

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Moby. Even though he thinks he is he is not a rockstar.

14. Which do you prefer and why:
Death or Carcass = I can’t decide on this one but Heartwork is one of my all time favourite albums.
South Park or Beavis & Butthead = South Park They just hit it harder
Winger or Warrant = Warrant but only because we know Mike "The Sack" Fasano
Metal Edge or Metal Maniacs = Metal Edge we have some friends over there
Killer Dwarfs or Sebastian Bach = Killer Dwarfs. Watch Sebastian Bach cribs. The part where he and Paul Crook are jamming on his son’s equipment and you’ll understand
Windsor Strip Clubs or Toronto Strip Clubs = Toronto, The Brass Rail to be exact.
John Bush or Ripper Owens = John Bush. Anthrax is my all time favourite band
Warp Tour or Campus Invasion Tour = Warped Tour. The Barbecue was bigger.
Bloodhound Gang or Insane Clown Posse = The Bloodhound Gang because of the Chasey Laine song.
Throwing a TV out a window or blowing off fireworks inside a hotel = Throwing a TV ou the window while lit fire crackers are taped to it. The mess is outside. and you can continue partying.

15. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:
Atlanta = Deryck almost got raped by a girl dressed completely in fun fur
Boston = We were on a bus filled with strippers
Detroit = Had a homeless guy ask me for crack after I gave him money.
Chicago = We trashed a rental kit, broke some mics, and almost got in a fight with the stage hand
Denver = We saw Brian Mulroney (ex-primeminister,<fake president>)
Dallas = Our van was broken into and we lost our cd’s 16 track and effects rack
Los Angeles = Played at the Palladium with Tommy Lee
Orlando = Saw Judas Priest and Anthrax For the second time
New York = Watched as a stripper challenged our head of A&R at Island to a drinking comp. After two shots she puked out Alien slime.
Las Vegas = Hired strippers to come to our room where we were having a party. But they were wretchedly ugly so we made fun of them and sent them away. Realizing after that they still had our $400.00

16. What are you guys going to do when TRL doesn’t support you guysanymore?
Desperately look for things to get addicted to. Then draw straws to decide who has to OD. These make for a great Behind the Music.

17. Yes or no, has Brown Sound ever:
Stolen a hubcap = no
Filled up a Super Soaker with piss and shot it at somebody = no
Worn a ninja suit = yes
Been mistaken for the bass player in No Doubt = all the fucking time
Touched a pair of balls other than your own = yes
Woke up in a puddle of your own piss = almost
Missed bus call = yes
Been caught masturbating = yes
Had dinner with a member of Judas Priest = no
Had a nosebleed from doing too much blow = no
Fathered any abortions = No. But I’m sure they taste good cooked up.

18. Has Blink-182 ever charged you guys rent for riding their nuts?
No but they do have the softest nuts. Except for tom he only has one, and it’s lumpy.

19. How’s the 15 minutes of fame been so far?
Isn’t it over yet? Time to listen to mom and get a real job.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Butch Walker = Great song writer and one of the coolest guys I know
Carson Daly = Nice guy went to Scores with him
Gene Simmons = Tongue Pushups
Tommy Lee = Always givin’er
Nikki Sixx = That was cool when he set himself on fire
Mark McGrath = "Don’t touch my Veneers!" Is all he would say to us
The Osbournes = Roseanne for the 21st century
Scott Stapp = The messiah of all that is pompous, badly dressed, conceited. On top of that His drummer looks like Bud Bundy.
Kid Rock = Heroin
Jani Lane = Left tour once after a nervous breakdown.
Anthrax = Best band ever

Once again this week, another entertaining 20 Questions! Plus he admits to knowing Mike "The Sack" Fasano, so that takes balls, no pun intended. And thanks to Butch Walker for sending Sum 41 our way!

For more info on Sum 41, you can go to www.Sum41.com.

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