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20 Questions with Brand New Sin, 7/23/02



Brand New Sin Guitar Player Slider

Brand New Sin is a new band that recently had the #1 Metal album in the US, according to the Album Network. They’ve also recently toured with Motorhead and are out now with Fu Manchu and Speedealer. In other words, there is somewhat of a buzz on these guys so we decided to do 20 Questions with somebody from the band to find out why. And since we like fat guys, we picked the fattest guy in the band to talk to. Enjoy!

1. Who are you and what are you doing?
My name’s Slider, I’m 14 beers deep in a case of Budweiser

2. Why exactly are you called Slider? Eat a lot of greasy burgers or something?
Your mom gave you the nickname… she likes how my big fat cock slides in and out of her tight little asshole

3. Honestly, how old is everybody in the band. Don’t to lie about it either.
The Average age of the band is 26.66666666, that’s all the record company will let me say

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
All that Nu metal crap should give it up

5. Which do you prefer and why:
Monster Magnet or Tesla = Tesla, modern day cowboy, baby
Jenna Jameson or Janine = Jenna Jameson , because she sucks cock on camera
Poison or Motley Crue = Motley Crue, Because Poison are Fags
American Pie or Fast Times At Ridgemont High = Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Because Spicolli
Down or Superjoint Ritual = Down, Because it’s Rock & Roll
Carson Daly or Johnny Carson = Johnny Carson, Carson Daly’s a fuckin geek
David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar = David Lee Roth, Please do I have to explain that one….
The Osbournes or South Park = Both
Chris Farley or John Belushi = John Belushi, Because without Belushi there would be no Farley
Lemmy or God = Lemmy, because I drank him

6. You guys toured with Motorhead and Morbid Angel. That?s a pretty heavy bill. How did their crowds react to you guys and did you have any piss or anything thrown at you guys?
No, we had nothing thrown at us, no piss or shit, The crowds loved us and were fucking awesome

7. Did Lemmy ever give you any advice, and if so, what was it?
Lemmy told me to drink it

8. Have you seen the inside of a tour bus yet, or are you guys still in a van?
What the fuck are you talking about. We fly to every gig

9. Of all the bands you guys have played with, what band treated you guys the worst?
Every band has been very cool with us

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Carmen Electra = 9
Shakira = 8
Pamela Anderson = 9
Robin Quivers = 5, that’s only because she takes it in the ass, if she didn’t I’d say 1
Britney Spears = 8
Courtney Love = 3, what a mess
Heather Locklear = 7
Winona Ryder = 6
Jennifer Love Hewitt = 8
RuPaul = What The Fuck is a Ru Paul

11. Brand New Sin?s bio says, ?This record will make you want to play air guitar in front of the mirror again, like Appetite For Destruction.? Do you have any proof that anybody ever has played air guitar to your record?
Hell Yeah, every fucking show we see people wailing away on their air guitars

12. If Warrant called and wanted you guys to open up for them for $250 a show, would you take it or pass?
I’d pass

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Scott Stapp. Why not?

14. Yes or no, has Slider ever:
Spent money on a hooker = Just on your mom
Done 100 sit-ups at one time = Yeah I just did them, just to see if I could
Been mistaken for that guy from Fear Factory = Who the fuck is Dino? And who the fuck is Fear Factory?
Wished you were signed to Perris Records instead of Now Or Never Records = Who the Fuck is Perris Records
Had the van breakdown and miss a gig = Yes
Got pissed when the headlining band wouldn?t strike their drumset = Yes
Been arrested = No Comment, talk to my lawyer
Played air guitar in front of the mirror to your own record = Every fuckin day motherfucker
Jerked off in a public restroom = Only to pictures of your mom
Stolen a riff from another band = FUCK NO

15. A farmer has 17 sheep standing in a field and all but 9 drop down and die. How many sheep are left standing?
NOTE FROM SLUDGE: Actually, the answer is 9. The questions says, "all BUT 9 drop down and die." Thus, the answer would be 9. Nice try.

16. The last of Slider:
Last thing you regretted doing = Answering these fucking questions
Last autograph you got = Motorhead’s….Fuckin A Man
Last book you read = Gene Simmons Auto Biography
Last lie you told to a groupie = "This Wont Hurt"
Last CD you purchased = Hank 3’s new one
Last movie you thought sucked = Star Wars Episode 2
Last time you got a speeding ticket = 6 yrs ago
Last magazine you purchased = Guns and Ammo Monthly
Last time you broke a string during a song = 4 months ago
Last time you signed a breast = Yesterday

17. Brand New Sin?s bio also says, ?"Brand New Sin is unyielding rock-n-roll power and timelessness," says Altier, "You can pick this record up twenty years from now and it will still feel as fresh and relevant as it does today." Indeed, Brand New Sin could ultimately join the ranks of classic bands like Led Zeppelin.?
How can you possibly justify mentioning your band in the same sentence as Led Zeppelin and how many drugs are you guys on?
Who’s going to stop us from saying it? We’re fueled by Budweiser, Jagermeister and steroids

18. Have you filled out an application at McDonald?s yet just in case this whole band thing doesn?t work out for you?
First off, 3 of us have Bachelors Degrees, so we have that covered, secondly this band will work out.

19. Are there parts of your body that you can?t quite reach with a washcloth?
Yes, The piece of skin between my balls and my asshole( The Taint) I can’t reach, but your mother gets it w/ her tongue every morning so I’m covered.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Staind = No thoughts at all
Nikki Sixx = Drugs
Creed = Please Stop
Lars Ulrich = Where’s James?
Fred Durst = Go Home
Sebastian Bach = Great Singer
Howard Stern = Ringmaster of the Freaks
Ted Nugent = Opinionated
Gene Simmons = Brilliant Businessman
Zakk Wylde = Prodigy
Phil Anselmo = More Drugs

Somebody needs to inform Slider that one mom joke per interview is ok, but he needs to mix up the insults. Variety is the key, ya fat funny guy!

For more info on Brand New Sin, you can visit their website at www.BrandNewSin.com.

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