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20 Questions with Jon E. Love, 6/12/02



Ex-Love/Hate Guitarist Jon E. Love

A few weeks ago, Jon E. Love emailed Jani Bon Neil and wrote,

"Hey Guys, this is Jon E. Love from Love/Hate. I was surfing your site and found the "Love/Hate Exposed" bit. I was fuckin rollin on the floor. I hav’nt seen that shit in over 15 years. Man we’re we trying to hard or what? I should’ve invested in Aquanet stock, probaly would have made more money than I did playing with the band. Anyways,keep up the great sludge.


Jon E.

Naturally, we then hit him up for 20 Questions and here they are! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug whatever it is you do.

I’m currently playing with Luiz Oliart (Quincy Jones bass player) and Jaime Chez (Prince’s old drummer), also producing and devoloping some new actsat Grooveworks Entertatinment in the South Bay. Besides that just trying tospend time with my 6 year old daughter.

2. You’ve been around Hollywood for a few decades plus on the music scene. Of all the bands you’ve watched, who really deserved much more success and who hit it big with almost no warning?

Without sounding self-absorbed I feel that Love/Hate deserved much more success. Unfortantly, are timing with the release of the 1st album coincided with the Seattle grundge explosion. When I heard the Nirvana and Pearl Jam releases, I said "oh shit, there goes the metal scene". Radio changed overnight and next thing you know it was "uncool" to be a band from LA. We were actually label-mates with Alice in Chains and our records were released weeks apart. There’s exploded while our’s was slowly trickling until we jumped on the AC/DC tour.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Donnie and Marie

4. How do you feel about Jizzy playing out with Love/Hate and being the only original member left?

Trick question? There’s still a moderate sized of hard-core fans out there that want to hear the L/H shit so power to him for playing the songs live, It does’nt bother me as long as he and his bandmates do a good job. I actually sat in with him for a few songs at a show in LA, had a blast. Maybe we’ll do it again sometime.

5. Rate the following guitar players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hack and 10 being a virtuoso.

C.C. DeVille =Keri Kelli =

Darren Householder =

Tracii Guns =

Gilby Clarke =

Slash =

Erik Turner =

DJ Ashba =

Brent Muscat =

Kirk Hammet =

I’m not trying wimp out on this but each of the guys you posted have their 
own trip going on and can play what they do well. I prefer old school guitar players like Jeff Beck, Hendrix, Page, etc. My pet peeve is these GIT idiots that have no passion and are basically guitar typists that can play 85 notes per min.

6. Why did Jizzy hang himself on the Hollywood sign?

He could’nt deal with his awakening of homosexuality . HAHAHAHAHA!

7. What do you remember about the following years;

1979 = drugs were still good

1982 =
could’nt afford good drugs

1985 =
decided to see if I could get high on "Tang"

1988 =
living downtown with the band trying to get my girlfriends to buy good drugs.

1992 =
doing fan’s shitty drugs

1995 =
still trying to get my girlfriends to buy good drugs

1998 = 
trying to stay out of jail from doing shitty drugs

2001 =
decided that "Tang" was better if you drink it

8. When you look back on the photos of yourself in Data Clan, what exactly goes through your mind?

Will I eventually seek a sex change? Man, I wish I had eyelashes like Skid. HAHAHA

9. Is this interview with us the biggest thing to happen to you since "Blackout In The Red Room?"

uuuhhhhhhhh! …………..YEAH? This and realizing you can’t smoke viagra.

10. Which do you prefer:

Coconut Teaser or FM Station = Goddammit my name is "Filthy

Skid Row or Skid Rose = never lived on Skid row but "Soulhouse" was about 8 blocks from it

Cocaine or Crystal Meth = TANG

Joey Gold or Rikki Rockett =
Joey Gold or Joey Platinum

Rock City News or LA Rocks =
Rock City News, Ruebin still needs to learn how to use the spelling correction tool with his Mac though.

Crazy Girls or The Body Shop =
Crazy girls, used to date a few girls before they worked there.

The Cathouse 1988 or The Catclub 2002 =
1988, the leather was less sweat-stained

Vince Neil or Bret Michaels =
Vince has faster cars.

KNAC ruled, LA needs it back

Metal Sludge or Metal Edge =
I guess you guys since Metal Edge has’nt contacted me to do some stupid interview. Whoever donates money for my atty fees.

11. Did Skid’s big mouth really get you guys dropped from Columbia records?

Actually it was due to the enormous size of his penis, The CEO of Columbia could’nt deal with it.

12. Did you ever get ripped off on a publishing deal?

Yeah I signed up for that COLUMBIA PUBLISHING HOUSE DEAL and never got anything in the mail. I figured since I was signed to the label I would get preferred treatment, but……………………….

13. Five true Sludgefessions by Jon E. Love…(Yes or No answers)

Have you ever had an uncontrollable nose bleed from snorting cocaine = no, but my eyes bled when I accidently stuck the straw in them

Have you ever tag teamed a groupie with another band member =yeah me and Jizzy got in the ring with some WWF girls and got our asses whipped

Have you ever been with another man in the naughty way = My Father told me to mow the lawn and take out the garbage once and I did’nt, He said I wasnaughty

Have you ever used the words nigger, spic or jew = Only when I need the waiter to bring me some condiments

Have you ever considered committing suicide =
Only when I listen to OZZY or Judas Priest

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Mark Wahlberg,

15. Last of Jon E. Love:

Last time you talked to Jizzy = couple of month’s ag

Last mix drink you enjoyed = I usually have the bartender mix the drink

Last rock star you shook hands with =
I took a piss in the same stall with  Nikki Sixx

Last time you read one of Jizzy’s books = hav’nt read the new one but amwaiting for a free one

Last time you were hand cuffed = Last night

Last time you played a gig with Love/Hate =
Feb 2002

Last guitar you bought =

Last time another musician banged one of your chicks =
Last night while I was cuffed in the closet

Last time you felt really old =
right now, but I just got back from Costco with a lifetime supply of Geritol, "wonder if you can snort this shit"

Last time you beat the bishop =
What’s the difference between a bishop and  acne? Acne usually waits till the kids 14 before it "comes" on a kid’s face.

16. Here is your math question. If Love/Hate splits their record dealadvance four ways after some standard deductions, how much does Jon E. Love take home?

(The advance is $ 180,000.00 but your manager takes 20%, your lawyer takes 10% and the band pays the Rainbow $ 2,200.00 for a party out of the big check.)

A. $ 39,050.00

B. $ 35,900.00

C. $ 30,950.00

D. $ 30,900.00

Enough for a six-pack


17. Why were you fired and replaced by Darren Householder?

I was’nt fired.maybe the guys think they fired me but the truth is I quit over the phone with Skid.

18. Is Jon E. Love a better guitar player, sound man, or janitor and why?

Better basket-weaver and crouchet.

19. How many times have you been arrested for drugs?

too many

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

NRG Studios = great room, been friends with Jay for 18 years

Riki Rachtmen =Bought a used car from him last month, or was he the guy

that served me at McDonal

John Jansen = Cool guy, wrong producer for L/H

Josie Pearl = Don’t know her really, just a few times I’ve run into her around town.

Sunset Strip 1988 = Very Hazey, Free beer at the Whiskey every night, Thanks.Vicki, see you at a 12-step meeting.

Dana Strum =
Lived at my girlfriends apt brieifly when he was living there with my girlfriends roommate.

House Of Blues = Nice venue, shitty corporate attitude since disney got involved

Nikki Sixx = great guy, visionary, true metal-bass player

Tom Werman =
need’s to focus on producing the band more than making phone calls to his bookie

Ronnie James Dio =
Pipes from hell, Always will be grateful to Ronnie because he took us under his wing on our first big tour and asked us to do 3 more with him. Now leave me be , I need to take my Geritol.

For more info on Love/Hate, you can go to www.lovehate.com and download every Love/Hate song, or you can go to www.jizzypearl.com and buy his new book.

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