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20 Questions with Georg Dolivo, 5/14/02



Rhino Bucket Singer Georg Dolivo

A few months back we did 20 Questions with Rhino Bucket drummer Jackie Enx. We’re sure you all remember that. Well this time around, we’re doing 20 Questions with Rhino Bucket singer, Georg Dolivo.

Georg hasn’t changed his sex or anything like that, so this isn’t as exciting as Jackie’s 20 Questions, but it’s still cool.


1.What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your projects, tours, websites, etc.
Rhino Bucket is in the studio, both rehearsal and recording. We’re sounding
better than ever and will be continuing to play out in the Los Angeles area throughout the spring/summer. www.rhinobucket.com

Rhino Bucket 2001

2. Tell us how your band chose the name "Rhino Bucket" and what does it mean?
Once upon a time four very drunk lads tried to come up with a name. The drummer (no longer with us) wanted "Rhino Chaser". He was from Hawaii and we didn’t get it. The Lead Guitarist (Greg, who was with us for quite a while) wanted "Bucket of Lard". Don’t ask, I don’t know why. We, being a democratic band and about to pass out, crowned ourselves "Rhino Bucket". That is actually the truth. I was there, I think.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Rhino Bucket . . . Oh wait, I’m in Rhino Bucket . . . Fuck ! Strike that. I’m always doing this, you know, shooting myself in the foot that is in my mouth . . .

4. What are your 3 best and 3 worst memories of Rhino Bucket?
Best: Getting a back rub from "Tattoo" of Fantasy Island in a hotel room overlooking Disneyland while he explained to my then girlfriend that I was too tense from not getting enough oral sex.
Touring Australia with the Angels (US- Angel City), it was great and the guys in the Angels got me hooked on speed . . . thanks mate !
Every fucking gig, I’m here to play.
Worst: Same ex-girlfriend stabbing me in the face after I tried to convince her that "Tattoo’ was right. I’m not kidding, she actually did stab my face.
The day Greg told me he was done with it. But I knew he was. It still sucked.
Working at Crown Books (I needed the money) when the reviews finally came out for the "PAIN" album. It was after the band had already stopped and it was pretty stupid signing autographs as you’re ringing up a customer at the cash register.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being someone who sucks and 10 being a vocal god:
Brian Johnson = 8,The man has balls of steel
Michael Monroe = 4, Hey, I’m Finnish too, but give me a break.
Tom Keifer = 7, Good songwriter, good singer
Jani Lane = 5, Not my cup of tea, thank you very much
Alice Cooper = Please see the Jani Lane remark
Sebastian Bach = 6, I guess so ?
David Lee Roth = 9, Not the vocal god, but, like Jagger, what a fucking front man
Steve Whiteman = 8, Out of this list, the only one I’ve met and played with. A true front man with a great stage persona
Vince Neil = 4, Fuck it, I’ll never meet him
Bon Scott = 10, I stand accused

6. What happened that your bands "Das Cabal" and "Deep Six Holiday" were so short-lived?
"Das Cabal" was shopped but Harry would not play live, so that was that. "Deep Six Holiday" was a band slightly out of control with the substance thing. Enough said.

7. You’re in a terrible plane crash high in the Himalayas in which the only survivors are yourself and Rhino Bucket’s bassist Reeve Downes. Everyone else on the plane was vaporized by the explosion. You are far from any kind of civilization and blizzard-like conditions make rescue impossible. Poor Reeve is severely injured while you are basically intact. After a week, however, it’s clear that you’re both starving. Reeve’s rapidly deteriorating condition makes it obvious that he will soon die, but if you don’t eat something immediately you will die also. You are faced with the inevitable: either kill Reeve with your bare hands and eat his flesh, thereby keeping yourself alive to be rescued; or starve to death and die in the snow like a pauper. Which do you choose?
Honey, I was in the Finnish Army when I was Seventeen. The cold does not affect us like you warmer climate folks. I would have dispatched Reeve to his favorite Pub in the sky and hiked down the mountain with his head in a basket so that there would be something to bury. Life is life.

8. Of all the bands Rhino Bucket toured with, which ones were the most difficult?
Chris Robinson and the Black Crows. He was so obsessed with the fact that Brain Baker (then Junkyard-now Bad Religion) hated his ass that it was all he and we and the crews could talk about. What a fucking pussy.
Actually, It was only one gig in Arizona. Thank God.

9. If we were to order a gross of Rhino Bucket CDs and give half to a distributor and half to my friends but kept 10 for myself how many CDs did the distributor get?
What ?

10. Please rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being a bucket of fish entrails and 10 being a bonafide hottie.
Sarah Michelle Gellar = 2, some former friends of mine bought her house . . . I think the same of them
Pamela Anderson = 0, anybody want to fuck Barbie . . . again . .
Tara Reid = 6, I’m guessing here
Gerri Miller = 3, I kiss no ones ass
Bobbie Brown = Please refer to my Jani Lane answer above
Tina Yothers = 0, Enough to turn a man celibate
Carmen Elektra = 6, Rodman aside, Prince aside . . . wait, change that to a 2
Lorraine Lewis from Femme Fatale = Who ?
Shakira = 6, my la raza friends say she is the one, I dare not disagree
Jackie Enx = 10, hot bitch on the skins, I follow the party line
Christina Aguilera = 8, Latin and Blond spells party in my Van Nuys Party Book

11. Tell us what you remember about the following years:
1975 = My Grandfather Died, thanks for the memory
1980 = Nothing . . . Maybe the faint aroma of stale beer and pot
1984 = Please see above
1988 = I think I’m in Rhino Bucket, please see above
1990 = Knee deep in Corporate rock shit and loving every minute of it
1992 = Only ankle deep at this time
1995 = My son Julien is born
1997 = I think I was in Das Cabal ?
1999 = My daughter Logan is born
2001 = Rhino Bucket back in the saddle

12. What Rhino Bucket song could go into a vault called "Songs That Fucking Suck"?
Stomp, what the fuck is it? A bunch of moaning from my friend Erin

13. What’s your best memory about the following cities:
Tampa = Was I even there ?
New York City = Fuck Manhattan, Queens kinda rocked though
Denver = Babes, Blow and a whip
Toronto = Never been there
Washington, D.C. = A big fucking Scotsman in a kilt . . .
London, U.K. = Beer and falling down two flights of stairs
Helsinki, Finland = Lock me up and throw away the key, is what they said
New Orleans = 3 days of fun with a photographer in tow
Sydney, Australia = Speed, thanks again mates
Chicago = Cold as home, no police though

14. What "rock star" deserves a smack in the mouth?
Every single one for not telling MTV to kiss their fat ass

15. Yes or no, has Georg Dolivo ever done any of the following:
Been arrested = Yes, yes and yes
Worn a kilt = Not in public
Refused a fan’s request for an autograph = Never, it’s rude
Mainlined Jack Daniels or any other kind of hard liquor = No, Nikki can take care of that
Jerked off in a public restroom = "Been" – YES
Sang along with an N’Sync or Backstreet Boys song = No, it’s not even funny
Felt embarrassed when telling someone you’re in a band called "Rhino Bucket" = Every time I got arrested
Shot an anti-tank missile = Fuck yeah baby
Lost your voice during a performance = What voice ?
Wished Brian Johnson would die so you could audition for AC/DC = Not once, He’s a nice guy and why would I like that job? It would be, for me, like being in a tribute band. Fuck that.

16. Do you guys pay AC/DC royalties?
I checked with the U.S. patent office and the chords A, G and D are still public domain, so no.

17. If you had to kill, fuck & marry one each of these people who would you pick? (Angus Young, Liam Jason or Jackie Enx)
Kill = Liam, where the hell did he go?
Fuck = Liam, now that he’s dead . . .
Marry = You’ve got to be kidding right, of course I’d marry Angus, the man’s loaded

18. How do you pay your bills?
I fucking work.

19. How do you feel about the fact at one time Rhino Bucket had a male drummer and now Rhino Bucket has a female drummer, except you didn’t change members at all. It’s the same person. Isn’t that a tad weird for you?
Yes it’s weird, but I have enough bullshit going on in my own life to be pointing fingers at anyone else. Besides, she knows the fucking songs . . .

20. Time for Metal-Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Gene Simmons = Okay, so you’re Israeli, we get it, enough already
AC/DC = I’m glad you’re still at it, now stop :-)
Harry Cody = A good fucking guitarist
Simon Wright = In my heart, still a member of the Bucket family
Dirty Looks = Nice guys, sound too much like Rhino Bucket though ;-)
Greg Fields = A brother, a friend . . . the man who owns the guitar I currently use
The Leningrad Cowboys = The Sleepy Sleepers were better. Tina, you rock . . .
Kid Rock = Sorry about the Pam comment
Liam Jason = Who ?
Riki Rachtman = We went to the same high school, so did Liam, small world ain’t it ?

For more info on Rhino Bucket, you can go to www.rhinobucket.com

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