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20 Questions With Lorraine Lewis, 4/23/02



Ex-Femme Fatale Singer Lorraine Lewis

You probably woke up today saying to yourself, "I wonder what happened to Femme Fatale?" Well today is your lucky day because we’re doing 20 Questions with Lorraine Lewis! Finally, all your questions will be answered!

In case you don’t know, were too young to remember, or just didn’t care, Lorraine was the singer for the late 80s band Femme Fatale, who had a deal on MCA as well as a Top 10 MTV video with the song "Falling In And Out Of Love." She even dated Rikki Rockett! So what happened to Femme Fatale and Lorraine? Well read on and find out. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your gigs, albums, appearances, websites, etc.
I have moved back to Los Angeles and working on my comeback! I’ve gotten honest about myself and my music and you can check it out at www.lorrainecafe.com ! xxxLorraine

2. If you could sing any one song beautifully and perfectly, which one would it be and why?
The national anthem, because I hope to get asked to sing at the superbowl someday soon.

3. What happened that Femme Fatale only put out one album? It seemed like there was a lot going for you guys, then you more or less disappeared. What gives?
Femme Fatale lost the cheerleaders at MCA , that went to other labels, our manager and friend Andrea Accardo lost her life……and we lost our hunger.

4. What hard rock / heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I don’t think anyone should give up and call it a day except Mike Tyson.

5. Rate the following female singers on a scale of 1 to 10, one being a raspy old goat and 10 being an angel who could break glass if she wanted to:
Lita Ford = 5
Nancy Wilson = 9
Doro Pesch = 4
Joan Jett = 7
Shania Twain = 9
Christina Aguilera = 10 great chops
Pat Benetar = 9
Courtney Love = 9
Pink = 10

6. What are your 3 best and 3 worst memories of Femme Fatale?
best:1. getting the deal after 8 shows 2.getting the call that we’re asked to tour with cheap trick 3. getting played on MTV
worst: 1. loosing my voice before our big record release party at the Roxy 2. staying in motel 6’s while touring 3. loosing our deal

Lorraine & Rikki

7. It’s well known that you & Rikki Rockett dated for awhile. Approximately how long were you two an item, and which one of you ended up breaking it off?
Rikki’s great I still think of him as a friend…we go way back to the Poison on the strip days and his first tour with loudness, we lost touch for a while during that time….but nothing gets you a date quicker than having a video on MTV!

8. If one of your new projects really takes off and you find yourself with a hit, what will you do differently this time than you did in 1988?
Call my own shots.

9. How would you describe the difference between your two current projects "Snowball" and "American Girl?"
It’s all about American Girl……take rootsy guitars, soul filled vocals add a shot of jack daniels…….that’s the kind of music I’m doing now. And I love it!

10. Yes or no, has Lorraine Lewis ever:
Shoplifted = candy when i was a kid and another girl’s boyfriend in high school.
Shot a firearm = no, i hate guns
Bowled a perfect strike = many times
Performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking victim = no
Been photographed nude = many times
Had sex with another chick = what do you mean by sex?
Sang along with a Britney Spears tune = many times
Lip-synched one of your songs in a performance = no
Played a record backwards to hear hidden messages = once in highschool black sabbath, i didn’t hear anything
Had plastic surgery = surgery? yes plastic? no
Had 3-way sex involving yourself & 2 other guys = I wish
Killed a spider all by yourself = many times, but sometimes i let them live, depends on my mood.

11. Has there ever been a rock star or celebrity that you really wanted to meet, and when you did, you found them to be a complete jerk?
Most everyone I have met has been great….although I met Cher once and she looked like she didn’t want to move her face while she talked to me…it was very uncomfortable looking.

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
The van halen brother’s for treating dave unfairly after their brief "reunion"….

13. Some of your songs can be heard in movies with big stars, big like Harrison Ford, Ellen Barkin, and Christina Applegate. How did this happen and what do you get paid for shit like that?
yes the work comes to me from all over and i love doing it…pay is good.

14. What’s the shortest amount of time before you let a guy get into your pants?
two hours

15. Which of the following guys have you had an intimate (as in carnal) relationship with? Either answer yes or no, and if you answer yes, please rate the person’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a terrible lay and 10 being the bomb.
Stephen Pearcy = no, but i sat around his house while my friend did him
Howard Stern = no, but i dig him
Rikki Rockett = what do you mean by carnal exactly?
Jon Bon Jovi = only in my dreams
Vince Neil = 0
Kid Rock = no, but i dig him
Darrell Millar = no, who is he?
Bret Michaels = no
Steven Adler = no, but he’s a sweet heart
Pauly Shore = no
Anybody from Warrant = absolutely not
David Lee Roth = only in my 80’s rock fantasies
Robin Zander = no, but he was alot of fun
Tommy Lee = no, but i drank a few corona’s with him

16. For $100,000: With a guarantee of no AIDS, would you give a random person off the street a blow job without ever so much as speaking to them? You are guaranteed not to know them, with no common acquaintances, and you will never see them again and must swallow. Would you do it?
don’t you always swallow?

17. Which do you prefer:
Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson = both
Seattle or Hollywood = both
Falling In And Out Of Love or Waiting For The Big One = both
Valentine’s Day or 4th of July = both
Gwen Stefani or Pink = both
Blow jobs or hand jobs = blow jobs
C.C. DeVille or Bobby Dall = cc deville
Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s Of Hollywood = both
Jani Lane or Kip Winger = kip
Somebody squeezing your tits or somebody squeezing your ass = neither…but kissing my ass is preferred

18. What kind of demon possessed you to move back to L.A.?
the biz and buzz of LA

19. Did you ever meet a fan after a show and just fuck them silly, and how many guys would you bang during a typical tour?
no, zero

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.
Rick Rael = sweet heart of a brother, and a great singer
Marc Ferrari = good buddy
David Lee Roth = reason i wanted to rock
Bobbie Brown = never met her, but she dressed like me in that cherry pie video
Gerri Miller = nice girl, tall girl,metal edge babe
Lita Ford = why didn’t we get along lita?
Mazzi Rawd = great idea for a rock name….good guy,good songwriter
Rikki Rockett = good dresser
Erik Levy = skinny jerk
Dave Hillis = jerk
Mike Clink = would love to hear from you…..x

There you go, all your Femme Fatale questions have been answered. But if for some reason you still have the urge to find out more, you can visit Lorraine’s website at www.lorrainecafe.com. You’ll find her latest appearances as well as a ton of photos.

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