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20 Questions With Neil Turbin, 1/8/02



Ex-Anthrax Singer Neil Turbin

In our never ending quest to bring you 20 Questions with ex-Anthrax members, we bring to you 20 Questions with original Anthrax singer Neil Turbin. After 17 years, Neil is finally back. Please try to contain your excitement.

Neil sent us a variety of photos including some quality old school Anthrax photos that might be worthy of Exposed!


1. First things first. What the fuck have you been doing for the last 17 years?
Why? Did you miss me? Pursuing my passion for music and working hard at it, just like everyone else.

2. What are you up to now? This is your only chance to plug your projects.
I’m currently recording tracks for my upcoming solo album "Threatcon Delta" for Metal Mayhem Music, due out in the Spring 2002 timeframe. I have some great musicians who have been very generous with their time and energy and who also happen to be good friends of mine such as:

Ronnie Borchert, lead Singer and guitarist for "Amsterdam" (also signed to Metal Mayhem), Mitch Perry (MSG, Talas, Edgar Winter, Glenn Hughes), Kurt James (Steeler, Dr. Mastermind, Project Driver), Kevin Layland & Glenn Noyes (Thank You Drive Thru), Vernon Anderson, Lucky Luciano & Dave Sanchez (Invicta), , Paul Mervosh, Mark Nathanson (Frank Dimino, Permanent Damage) and a few others.

I give them all the credit in the world for helping me out and contributing killer performances. People will finally get to hear what I’m really about. Expect a metal record! I think Joe Perry said it best "Let the Music Do the Talking"?

Additionally, I recorded a song on a Limp Bizkit tribute album for Cleopatra Records with Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright and Jasmin St. Claire. I’m sure the Sludgeaholics will rip the shit out of me for this one, but that’s OK, since I got paid for it and these guys are my friends. Two good reasons that made it hard to say no.

Old School Anthrax!

3. What did you think about Dan Spitz’s 20 Questions he just did with us?
Wacked! Now you know why Scott Ian usually did all the interviews.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
None. No one should give it up if they believe in what they do. Besides, then who would Metal-Sludge have left to amuse themselves with? Bastard Boy Floyd would probably be left homeless, toothless and living at McDonald’s Playland.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.
John Bush = 9 Liked him in Armored Saint, Great in Anthrax.
Joey Belladonna = 9 A very good singer.
Rob Halford = 11 The Godfather of Metal. His new Material Rules!
Vince Neil = 7 Distinctive voice, you know it when you hear it. Sold way more records than me
Bret Michaels = 6 Was good for what he did. Also sold way more records than me.
Phil Anselmo = 9 Cowboys and Vulgar – great vocals – set trends.
Alice Cooper = 10 For being Alice Cooper. He also has a mean golf game from what I hear.
Sebastian Bach = 9 For playing Riff Raff in Rocky Horror and for being a member of Paul Crook’s band.
Tom Araya = 9 Death Metals’ finest. God doesn’t hate us all, only some of us.
Dave Mustaine = 9 He’s got his own trip. Hung out with Dave back when he was in Metallica. An angry young lad was he.

6. Do you have any proof that you were really in Anthrax?
No, I was trying to keep it to myself. Now you’ve let the cat out of the bag.

7. Is it true you fired Danny Lilker because he was taller than you?
If I had that kind of power in Anthrax, he wouldn’t have been the one I fired. There has been a misperception about this for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, the band took a vote, the label and management agreed, and Scott felt it was his responsibility and wanted to be the one to break the news to Dan, since they were childhood friends. You guys must be reading the same whiny baby ass bullshit that I have. It’s easy to blame someone else who isn’t there anymore.

8. After you got the axe from Anthrax, you drove a cab for a while in New York City. What’s the most fucked up thing you ever witnessed while driving a cab?
I saw a car crash into a pothole and disappear as the whole street collapsed.

9. What’s your opinion on the current status of Anthrax? The band, not the disease.
It’s cool. They’re doing what they love to do. More power to ‘em for not changing their name and hanging in there at a time of much adversity and tragedy.

10. What do you remember about the following years:
1974 = Zep, Purple, Sabbath, Beatles, Stones, Jackson 5, Motown & Stevie Wonder.
1978 = Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Priest, KISS, UFO, Ted Nugent, Scorpions, Sex Pistols, Ramones, NWOBHM and my first band ‘The Newrace".
1982 = Playing with Anthrax.
1984 = Touring with Anthrax, Raven, Metallica and others.
1987 = "Fistful of Anthrax" was released in Japan. Wrote and recorded an album for Polydor Japan with Kuni.
1990 = Playing with my own band "Turbin" in LA. Good melodic hard rock.
1992 = Played with "Wrecking Crew" in LA.
1995 = Working with Claude Schnell from "Dio".
2000 = Beginning the writing for "Threatcon Delta".

11. When was the last time somebody on the street recognized you?
I just ran into Barry Sparks, Don Dokken and Paul Shortino. They all seemed to know who I was.

12. Why has it taken you about 17 years to put out your first solo CD?
Good things come to those who wait.

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
There isn’t a rock star that does but Rock City News does for being anti-American. I say pound ‘em with the mighty Sludge Hammer. Bunch of impeachment happy, war dodging, terrorist defending, anti-American cowards. Ted Nugent should go and kick their ass. They most definitely deserve a nice warm glass of "Shut the Fuck Up" to wash down their punch in the mouth.

Neil with James Hetfield on his shoulders, ala Warrant!

14. Do you really consider yourself the first singer of thrash metal?
I was among the very first. If you want to get technical about it then here goes: We were all doing it simultaneously. When Anthrax and Metallica were hanging out in the early days the term "Thrash Metal" had not been used. It was referred to as "Power Metal" or "Speed Metal". The song "Metal Thrashing Mad" on the first album gave birth to the term "Thrash Metal". I remember seeing it in an early 1984 issue of Kerrang! Magazine where they reviewed Anthrax and Exciter. This was the first time I’ve ever seen "Thrash Metal" used in the media or my singing referred to as "Thrash Metal". Bottom line is, I give credit to all of my peers in the other Thrash Metal bands, who were right there with me. We all helped to shape the sound, and pioneer the blueprint for what would become a future style of heavy music.

15. Yes or no, has Neil Turbin ever:
Had a threesome = Wish you were there? 4 Titties.
Drove drunk = No. Drunk Drivers Suck! My condolences to the Family, friends and fans Of Bianca Halstead. What a tragic loss.
Had a voodoo doll made of Joey Belladonna or John Bush = No, not into Voodoo. Both Joey and John never gave me a reason to dislike them. Just because they ended up with my old job certainly doesn’t give me a reason to dislike them at all.
Shit your pants on stage = I tried, but nothing came out. No shit.
Had somebody ask for your autograph in the last year = You mean besides the tax collector? Yeah, actually quite a few times. Surprised the hell outta me.
Had an STD = No.
Used the name Paul Crook in a sentence = Yeah, he co-wrote and played guitar on a song on my dear friend Glenn Hughes’ album "Building the Machine". A completely different sound than his work in Anthrax.
Done blow with Lars Ulrich = Lars would never share, but he’s always been cool to me. Had lots of beers with Lars in the day, but never touched the white stuff.
Suffered from premature ejaculation = If you’re a flirtatious, busty babe, bend over and find out (and sometimes when I see a picture of Bastard Boy Floyd).
Worn a turbin = On my other head.

16. How do you pay your bills?
On time.

17. Any plans on becoming a Darwin-hating, Creed-loving, Swiss Watch expert?
Fuck no! But that "Snow Gorilla" shit on your Gossip Board is fucking hilarious.

Since it’s the holidays and I’m feeling somewhat generous, I thought I’d throw you guys a bone. Here’s a little story about Dan Spitz: During the recording of the first Anthrax record, Dan Spitz, Scott Ian and I were out drinking one night at a local bar. The bartender was making some shots that we never had before like B-52’s and flaming shot’s of Bacardi 151. Needless to say at that point we were getting pretty ripped. That’s when we all blew out the flames on each of our 151 shots. Well, all except for Dan Spitz- his shot lit back up and singed off his eyebrow, his bangs and part of his hair. I looked over at Dan and his head was on fire. There I was smacking him upside his head and swatting out the flames on his head and face until the bartender threw water on him. He looked funny afterwards with one eyebrow, fucked up hair and all. We were laughing at that for quite a while.

18. Do you think if you walked up to Scott Ian he’d have any clue as to who you are?
Maybe? if he was standing on a stool, just kidding.

19. On your website it mentions that you went for auditions for about 15 bands, including Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Badlands, and Black Sabbath, and other no name bands like Warlord, Spellbinder, Bloodlust, and Teriff. Do you realize that those are 15 gigs you didn’t get and do you think that is suppose to impress people?
Why you don’t think its cool to meet, hangout and sing with Jake E. Lee, Joe Holmes, Don Costa, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge? It’s hard to get auditions like these unless you’re very well connected, which I was not. The fact that I was even considered was flattering and it was great to play with such legends of rock and make good friends with quite a few of them. I’m simply stating facts, and accounting for some of the time since Anthrax.

Anthrax Exposed!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Bill Ward = legendary original Sabbath drummer and a noble English gentleman.
Chuck Wright = Great bass player and friend. Bang-Your-Head!!! That was him playing bass on "Metal Health" and a lot of other records that you’ve heard.
Frank Bello = Also plays bass. Was a former roadie for Anthrax.
Dan Spitz = Cuckoo Clock specialist and great soloist.
Lars Ulrich = Last time I saw Lars was at the Cathouse in Hollywood. He gave me his number and signed his name Lars, and wrote Metallicrap underneath it.
Slayer = Godfathers of Death Metal. Not really into the Satan thing though.
WASP = Blackie Lawless, a true original. I spent New Years 1986 with Chris Holmes at the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Totally cool people.
Gene Simmons = Mastermind of it all. Sued Monopoly in a landmark case for the $ sign and won. Gene $immons owns the $ sign and kicked Monopoly’s ass, because they never trademarked the $ sign.
Charlie Benante = One of the best drummers in metal who plays guitar.
Scott Ian = The artist formerly known as "Scott Rosenfeld" m/

We have to give props to Neil because after reading his 20 Questions, it’s obvious the guy is a full blown Sludgeaholic! Fuck, even the Dan Spitz Snow Gorilla from the Gossip Board got a mention, so you know this guy is up on his Sludge!

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