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20 Questions With Dan Spitz, 11/13/01



Ex-Anthrax Dan Spitz

This is without a doubt the longest it’s ever taken anybody to send back 20 Questions with us.

Over a year ago, on September 26th, 2000, we got an email from Dan Spitz requesting to do 20 Questions in response to Charlie Benante’s 20 Questions. So we sent him out the questions and never heard back from him. We emailed him 4 times and he never responed once. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. He eventually ended up on the Pussy List. Then we forgot about him.

But last week, Dan sent us an email basically bitching about Anthrax and answered a few of his own questions that he made up! We said it doesn’t work that way. You either answer our questions or you get denied. So he sent back his original 20 Questions and included everything he bitched about in his original email. Plus he sent us some new photos of himself.

So for the first time in 6 years, Dan Spitz is basically going to go off on a variety of topics. Strap yourself in for this wild and bizarre ride. Enjoy!

1. Who are you and have you done anything that’s made you famous?

I don’t do things to be famous. I do things to be original and achieve a goal un- attainable by the average person, and at a shorter time period than is the norm. As you have previously asked scott in one of his 20 questions He

even gives you the answer, and then contradicts himself later pertaining to his first quote that "He’s smart" then the contradiction that I am "an owl hooting in the forest". I don’t hoot, scott, I hunt!!!! Find the following and stop with the I, I, I, I, I and me, me, me, me stuff sourrounding Anthrax. A distinctive and original band is the sum of it’s parts that makes a majical connection that is un explainable or un attainable with any other conbinations of people.

I now will respond after 6 years of silence to some of your un explainable, self motivated, mouthin off of things that are un- true in the Anthrax camp. It’s time the fans knew the truth so get ready everyone ’cause were havin’ some fun now!!!

A quote from scott from his 20 questions:

"Who is more of a bitch and why, Joey Belladonna or Dan Spitz?

scotts answer:

"Dan. He’s smart."

answer from me dan spitz:

Bet your …… watch your mouth for once. Bag of big wind. Too bad you still don’t realize everyone dislikes you. You should turn around faster after you talk to someone, maybe you might actually catch what they say about you. Let

someone else in what is left of the band talk for once. Try to be a little more sympathetic to peoples feelings. It couldn’t hurt.

2. What is your take on the theory of evolution?

answer from me dan spitz:

Read what you just asked ^^^^^^ isn’t that word "THEORY". Look up the definition in a dictionary of that word. Then base some FACT from that theory that concludes only still in THEORY!!!!! No conclusive evidence = just a


3. How does one "Bring back the heaviness?"

answer from me dan spitz:

Ask Scott (a legend in his own mind), he’s been trying (since I left for Switzerland, and after the big decision to part with joey) with NO SUCCESS ONLY TO FAIL TIME AFTER TIME. Take a Total album sales survey and see when the band Died!!!

Hmmmm 1995<<<< Hmmmm>>>> isn’t that when I was done loving this thing we call music after 14 years or so in Anthrax?

1.4 million in sales still with me and john bush. Next album after me 80,000 sales.

DO THE MATH!!!!!!!

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

answer from me dan spitz:

ANTHRAX, stop ruining the name. Everybody is laughing at you guys. Honestly. I’m on the outside looking in (charlie). There was only one Anthrax. You guys are not Dave Mustaine, havn’t you figured that out yet or should someone hit you with a brick.

5. Charlie said you are responsible for Joey Belladonna backing out of the Anthrax tour last Winter. What do you have to say about that?

answer from me dan spitz:

Really, charlie you said that? I don’t believe it. and I thought it was just scotts mouth once again not telling the fans the truth only to what amounts to a ficticious story in his own mind as usual. Find the following quotes from scott.

A 20 question quote from scott:

Joey Belladonna was scheduled to go back out with you guys for your latest tour, but then he flaked out. What was the real reason behind that and why is he such a bitch?

$$$$$. Money, money, money. He wanted more money than Metallica pays their tailor. If he would rather sit home than play to the Anthrax fans, that’s his decision. Sharp as a marble. In the immortal words of Tony Soprano, "he’s

dead to me now".

answer from me dan spitz:

Finally I’ll set this one straight For Joey. I was there at joey’s recording studio/house and listened to what was going on. The band offered Joey less per week than they paid the guitar tech or my old roadie paul crook.

Metallica money? are you freakin’ kidding. I think it was $1000 bucks a week!!!!! Joey makes more than that collecting interest at the bank. For the fans sake is a Joke!!! an excuse by the band to cover up the truth!!!

They previosly (the band) made joey drive to ny to sing on some anthrax song and never re-payed his GAS MONEY!!!! nice guys!!!!

Joey is one of the nicest guy’s I know. The band tried to take advantage of his amazing voice, and name to further there almost done carreer. Joey is a lot smarter than the band knows. He is just tooo nice for the half of a band

that’s left to understand.

6. In your bio you said, "It was like every time I touched the guitar it burnt my hands." What burns did you suffer and have your hands healed yet?

answer from me dan spitz:

First your misrepresentation of quote taken out of context reads and starts with "It was LIKE" <<< what part of like don’t you understand? It’s called losing the love of music moron. A horrible feeling nobody should have. The

guitar, your best friend for years is now a horrible thing to even think about, let alone touch. I wish this upon nobody. Ask Elton John he had it too.

7. On your site it says "did someone say Anthrax reunion?" Are you awarethat the band didn’t break up but continued without you?

answer from me dan spitz:

Nobody on earth is aware they continued either. When there is one majic flavor everything else tastes like ….. They probably think that just because the name Anthrax is known now from one end of the earth to another that they can now achieve huge success without Joey and me. Hah!!!!

8. Do you think there’s any chance that God might be Black?

answer from me dan spitz:

What makes you think? Hope you can’t sleep tonight trying to figure out that one.

9. If King Diamond needed a cuckoo-clock fixed, would you fix it for him?

answer from me dan spitz:

Cuckoo-clocks are for people who cannot attain the following technological expertise attained by myself. Let Scott fix it.

A 20 question quote from scott:

Any plans on following Dan Spitz’s path and renouncing the Devil’s music or maybe fixing cuckoo-clocks?

scotts answer:

Maybe he’ll give me a job at his Christian watch repair shop/Jews for Jesus music project thing.

answer from me dan spitz:

Try four Swiss degrees in Microtechnology, Micro-electro-mechanics, Master Swiss Watchmaker, Master of micro-mechanical Museum Restorations. One of six people chosen per year in the Whole World given a Full scholarship to the Only Swiss English speaking micro technology school. Total graduate degrees per year from this school is 12 people. I’m one of them. That’s after completing a 26 month course in 8 months time at the Bulova

school for Watchmaking here in the USA!!! The fastest Graduate in the 53 year history of the school. That’s how I got the scholorship. So, that’s 5 Diploma’s. I did this for quiet time after almost 14 years of loud music. The

sound of tic toc on a $200,000 masterpiece is just wonderful. Or maybe being offered job’s from company’s such as johnson and johnson to do research for brain implaints for elephantisis. I could name my salary. You want a Job? Get a brain first!!!! Remember what you said scott. spitz = smart. Do the math!!!

10. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the following sinners. 1 being somebody who is going to burn in hell and 10 being somebody who is going straight to heaven.

answer from me dan spitz:

Only God knows on there judgement day where they are going. Unless they have the Glory of the Holy Spirit running through them now. They themselves will know at that point while they are still here. In the meantime all the following are now on my prayer list. Find the following special message for scott.

Ozzy =

Scott Ian = Keep reading those Steven King books. You’ll find the truth there!!! <<sarcasm

I’m praying for your soul right now scott!!!

"May you know the name and power of Jesus Christ. Not a religion, but a personal relationship." Scott to God. You don’t need the religion dude. Ever want to know the way. I’m alway’s here for you buddy.

Charlie Benante =

Joey Belladonna =

Gene Simmons =

Dave Mustaine =

Tom Araya =

Marilyn Manson =

Howard Stern =

Michael Sweet =

Tommy Lee =

Anybody in Slaughter =

The staff at Metal Sludge =

11. In a recent interview, you said the following about Christian bands, "I need to guide them in the right direction. Their message is great. They just need some good production. And, I hope I can help and guide them. Anything I can do, I’m here. I’m just a vessel-24 hours a day. Find me." How much would it cost a band to be shown the right direction by a vessel such as yourself?

answer from me dan spitz:

God has given man an ordained mission to work by the sweat of our brow. My gifts and talents he has given me are thanked by me each and every day. My talents and brains are not cheap. When you can not only achieve diplomas for sanity, but also know what tubes are in an La2a compressor, or what and how a Q factor is in the recording studio, or the difference between a neve 1073/1066 pre amp/eq, and Trident A series desk, and what the outcome would be in the end result of your music using the previous combinations let me know. Untill then you will pay me MUCHO $$$$. Will I and have given my talents for free. Bet your butt. But you will never know where and how.

12. Do you think people who have homosexual relationships are sinners? And what’s worse, 2 guys being together or 2 chicks being together?

answer from me dan spitz:

Sin is Sin. All sin is equal. Read it in you bible if you know how to read.

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

answer from me dan spitz:

I think I answered that one already.

14. Was "danthrax.com" already taken or what?

answer from me dan spitz:

Let’s see. Spitzthrax works. Now on the Anthrax site they have slipthrax logos. Once again. DO THE MATH!!!!!!

15. For a while you thought about suicide a lot. Do you think that had anything to do with you being so short?

answer from me dan spitz:

five feet one is short? Tell that one to Malcolm Young from ac/dc he is smaller than me.

16. Is anal sex a sin?

answer from me dan spitz:

Is the person married yet?

17. Did God promise to fix your lazy eye if you went on TV and renounced the Devil’s music?

answer from me dan spitz:

There is Devil music out there. Oh, you mean Slayer. That’s not devil music that’s a release of Anger!!!!! and my lazy eye is being fixed by the Nova eye institute proffessors as we do this. No joke. Goood question. I got Thick glasses now baby.


18. Are Scott and Charlie charging you rent to ride their nuts like you’re doing?

answer from me dan spitz:

Excuse me<<< but if I followed anyones business sense it would not be either one of these people. I have been quiet and not even in this country for the better part of 6 years leaving the band Anthrax alone to give it a go with no competition or confusion to any of the fans. Now there is no fans. Once again, actions speak louder than words. Find the following:

A quote from scott from his 20 questions:

Time For Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Joey Belladonna – Who?

Dan Spitz – An owl hooting in the forest.

answer from me dan spitz:

The whole world can see how charlie (the brains),(not you scott) has ruined a great band and as alway’s places the blame on every record company and manager involved with the band.

Without me and Joey you guy’s have attained such success I’m in awe<<<<that’s a sarcastic remark for all you Real Anthrax fans who remember my humour.

"Anthrax, wasn’t that a band in the ’80’s"

That’s all I hear since I have returned to the USA

19. Are you a Jew for Jesus?

answer from me dan spitz:

Does the following answer your question derfuss!!!
A 20 question quote from scott:

What is your take on people who believe in God, The Bible & their own religion?

And their own religion? What does that mean?

People should do whatever the hell they want to. It’s all fiction to me.
Keep reading those Steven King books. You’ll find the truth there!!! <<sarcasm

I’m praying for your soul right now scott!!!

"May you know the name and power of Jesus Christ. Not a religion, but a personal relationship." Scott to God. You don’t need the religion dude. Ever want to know the way. I’m alway’s here for you buddy.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Joey Belladonna = Meek, mild, ’70’s music loving, dude. One take Joe. Incredibly Amazing voice!!!!!

Scott Ian = (rosenfeld) Despite what he might think. I think his rythm playing is Awsome!!!! Only malcolm young is in his leauge. Has his own view of the world that ALL must follow (this is not acceptabe behavior in a group

envireonment). Very creative, intelligent man if directed in the right path. A magical connection in playing between us that will Never be duplicated. A pronounced Jew (that’s ok). A pronounced christian is not? (hmmm).

Charlie Benante = Very nice guy. An un believably talented musician, probably the best drummer I ever heard, played with, or viewed live. He should play more drums, do less of everyone elses jobs, and realize that there was only ONE Anthrax. I miss jumping on his drum riser and watching his feet go really fast while I try to make him crack up. There is only ONE drummer I would ever play with beside him. That guy in Slipknot. He rocks!!! That’s because he studied Charlie very well.

Frank Bello = Warm guy with a heart of gold. Filled with Italian frustration. I love this man and miss him tremendously!!!

John Bush = I voted against him to be in the band.

Creed = A great band that gives thanx to me personally for inspiration during there youth. Passing the torch feel very warm inside.

Lars Ulrich = A million ideas in that head trying to come out and be printed to hard disk/tape.

Fred Durst = A fantastic businessman. All musicians should learn from this guy what there potential is in the music business. I’m sure I’ll be mixing something that passes through his hands very shortly.

Nikki Sixx = Another great businessman!!

Marilyn Manson = What a showman. Needs more low end in his mixes. Alice cooper anyone!!

Gene Simmons = Ahhh, the king of All businessman in the music biz. A genious money mogul knowing and searching all new paths at all times. Love this guy.

Slayer = Angst, Pain, ahhhhhhhhhhh, released….

Howard Stern = don’t listen

Ozzy Osbourne = Original. Best show I ever saw live was the re-union 1st time around. Bill Ward was the missing link. Who would have thought.

Okey dokey.

Now that was entertaining to say the least! What else can we say about that?

Dan’s website isn’t up right now, but when it is we’ll pass the link along.

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