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20 Questions With Anthony Focx, 9/18/01



Beautiful Creatures Rhythm Guitarist Anthony Focx

Now you might be wondering, "Why did Metal Sludge post a really glammy photo of Anthony on the front of the site?"

The answer: Because it’s funny! Especially after you read this entire interview. It’ll all make sense then.

This interview is basically how NOT to do 20 Questions with us. So it’s time for us to once again add our thoughts after a few of his answers. The guy tried, but he’s about as smart as a peeled banana. Just read the interview and have a good time.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote what ever it is you wanna promote.
Touring, having a blast, meeting a lot of new people.

2. Who are you and what former bands did you and the Creatures play in? (Don’t lie or leave anything out either)
Who am I ?? Anthony Focx, whom played in various local bands which never really amounted to anything.. The
Creatures? Wasn’t that a band from the 70’s or something?

Metal Sludge Says:

Well since you didn’t mention what the rest of your band use to do, I guess we will.

?Singer Joe LeSte use to sing for Bang Tango. Their first album came out in 1989 called Psycho Cafe.
?Bass Player Kenny Kweens played in an LA band called Shake The Faith around 1994/1995. They eventually changed their name to No. 9.
?DJ Ashba was the guitar player for the BulletBoys around 1997.
?Glen Sobel was a hired gun for various artists.
And Anthony….well keep reading. We’ll get to his past soon enough.

3. You were in the Wayne’s World movie. Tell us a good story about the filming of that movie.
I remember showing drumming tips to Garth (Dana Carvey) for his drum solo in the first movie.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I support all hard rock and heavy metal bands?. I give them credit for still trying! At least they’re not hopping on the band wagon and playing rap rock and denying the fact they were ever into that style of music!

5. Rate the following guitar players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being somebody who rules.
Eric Turner = See Below
Slash = See Below
Yogi = See Below
C.C. DeVille = See Below
Steve Vai = See BelowDj Ashba = See BelowWarren DeMartini = See Below
Amir Derahk = See Below
Ted Nugent = See Below
Mick Mars = See Below
You picked all my favorite guitarists based on different reasons? Except for DJ Ashba, He rocks in every category?That guy Kicks Major F*%KIN ASS!!

6. You went from being a drummer to rhythm guitar. Why?
Because I’ve played guitar for about the same length of time as drums but never professionally, and I wanted to try something different.

7. Tell us 3 of the best and 3 of the worst things to happen this summer while touring on Ozzfest?
Best things –
1. Got a chance to play in front on 5,000 to 15,000 people a day.
2. Made a lot of new friends.
3. Metal Sludge taking notice of our band and enjoying the free advertising?

Worst Things –
1. Being rained on in the middle of our set (more than once) I do play electric guitar!
2. The hot and humid days in the Midwest
3. Dealing with the super tight ass venue security personnel who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground!

8. Does BC have any plans to play a Bang Tango song as an encore ever?
Aaaa? that’s a negative Beavis?next question –

9. Word has it that you had a fog machine in your bedroom that you’d turn it on when you had chicks over, except they’d end up gagging, coughing, and leaving. What the fuck was that about? Were you trying to create some crazy
porno room or something?
Is that the word on the street? WOW!

Metal Sludge Says:
That is the word on the street, fog boy. Lots of chicks have spilled the beans on that. Maybe your new name should be Anthony Fogx.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10
being a hottie.
Pamela Anderson = See Below
Jasmine St Clair = See Below
Heather Locklear = See Below
Christina Applegate = See Below
Joe’s latest wife = See Below
Britney Spears = See Below
Gerri Miller = See Below
Bobbie Brown = See Below
Kendra Jade = See Below
Jessica Hahn = See Below
DJ Ashba’s wife = See Below
Allison Miller = See Below

Aaaaa ?.Regis ?.Can I use my lifeline?

11. How much is Warner Brothers paying Playboy to have that Beautiful Creatures Tour Diary up on their site?
Playboy approached us on their own, we must have turned a couple heads.

12. Speaking of that diary, so who’s writing that for you guys? Is it like a label guy who reads Penthouse Forum or something because we know you guys aren’t getting that much pussy on the road. What’s the deal?
The band has written about some of our experiences in trade for a link to our website?gee? what a great deal!

13. What rockstar deserves a good swift Sludge kick in the ass and why?
Rockstars?.. I don’t know any Rockstars!

14. Why do you think Buckcherry’s new album has had such poor album sales?
Why don’t you ask that question to the public.

15. What do you remember about the following years:
1972 = I wasn’t born yet!!!
1976 = Too young to remember!!
1980 = Isn’t that the year AC/DC – Back In Black came out?
1988 = GnR
1992 = first time I got laid
1996 = Shitty music
2000 = Our band got signed to Warner Bros. Records

Metal Sludge Says:


Anthony, did you just say that in 1972 you weren’t born yet? And you can’t remember 1976? And you first got laid in 1992? Really? That’s funny, we could have sworn you were born on May 27, 1966. Which would make you 35 right now. In 1976 you were 10. In 1992 you were 26. So don’t try to lie about your age to us. That might work with some little 17 year old groupie, but not us.

And speaking of groupies, word has it you’ve also been telling chicks on the road that you are 26 or 28. Again, that’s strange, because we could have sworn you were playing in a band called Tommi Gunn in 1987! So how old were you then, 12?
Dude, you think you’re dealing with a bunch of monkeys here? Just to prove to you we know what we are talking about, enjoy the photos below. They are fliers from 1987/1988 featuring Anthony in his band Tommi Gunn. They played all along the Sunset Strip back in the hey day. See if you can spot the goof.

Anthony’s the goof in the back with the really big blond hair. This is from 1987.

Anthony is second from the right in this one.

Anthony’s at the bottom

And we love this cute K-Mart portrait of Anthony from 1988.

It’s also funny that for 1980 you say, Isn’t that the year AC/DC – Back In Black came out? You should know what year Back In Black came out because you were in an AC/DC tribute band called Back In Black, remember? Robbie Crane and Erik Turner were in the band and you played drums. That was back in the early to mid 90s and you guys always played FM Station. Oh yea, in 1992, the year you "supposedly" lost your virginity, well you were in a band called Jones Street. Their photo is below.

Anthony’s on the far right with his shirt off.

Here’s some advice for everybody: If you want to lie about your age, try shaving off a year or two. You might get away with that.
But anybody who thinks they can shave off 10 fucking years is a complete and utter moron. If it didn’t work for Trixter, then it won’t work for you. And they tried pulling that shit off before the internet and still got busted!
Anthony, we are all now dumber for reading what you wrote. A short hair cut and a black dye job isn’t going to make your past disappear. You’re 35, and you were born on May 27, 1966. Try to remember that.

16. Any truth to the rumor that your record label wants you guys to lie about your age?
No truth to that

Metal Sludge says:
See above

17. Who’s the most overrated band today?

18. Are you getting any publishing from Beautiful Creatures and did you even play on the record?
Why don’t you ask me if I wrote any of the songs? Does air guitar count? Yes, I did record my rhythm tracks on the record?

Metal Sludge says:
We didn’t need to ask you who wrote the songs because we already knew you had nothing to do with that. And while you did record tracks for the album, did they make the final mix? Exactly.

19. Did Joe LeSte split any of the money he supposedly embezzled from Cleopatra Records with you? What embezzlement?
Oh, the rumor started on your message board by people who love to gossip!

Metal Sludge says:
The Metal Sludge Gossip Board didn’t start that rumor, because it isn’t a rumor! You know that, foggy. Here’s the report from our source about Joe LeSte:
First off, I have nothing good to say about Joe. He has burned my company in the past for money as well as several other people. All i know is that he was hired by cleopatra to do a job and he didn’t deliver. Brian (Cleopatra) sued him and was happy with the outcome. I have one word for Joe "Karma " .
Once again Anthony, know who you are dealing with.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Rikki Rockett = Cry tough!!!
Jani Lane = Taught me where the Down Boys go!
Vince Neil = Brent Woods
Sharon Osbourne = Guitar Pick!
Howard Stern = Very funny!
Sebastian Bach = Don’t know him.. What band is he with?
Joshua Todd = Who?
Alice Cooper = Rules!! Thanx dogg!
Wayne’s World = Party on!!! Excellent!!!
Joe LeSte = Best friend, a singer with balls of steel! Love Ya Brotha!!!

Now we have nothing against Beautiful Creatures. But the fact is, Anthony is trying to pretend to be somebody he’s not. The truth is he’s 35 and has been playing on the Strip forever. All he did was cut his hair and buy some trendy clothes, just like the rest of Beautiful Creatures did. All those guys have been around for a while so don’t believe the hype. Anthony saying that he wasn’t born in 1972 is perhaps the stupidest answer we’ve ever received, and we’ve received a lot of stupid answers.

Let this be a lesson to others who want to try and pull this shit on us….don’t do it.

Not to mention this interview basically sucks. He puss’d out of some questions and out right lied on others. This could have been a good opportunity to expose people to Beautiful Creatues and come off looking good. Instead you come off looking like a pathetic goof. And as much as we enjoy people ripping on Sebitchian Bach, saying you don’t know what band he’s in is fucking lame considering your status in the music industry. Same thing by saying you don’t know who Joshua Todd is. He’s the singer from Buckcherry who actually went Gold and came from the same scene you did. Think you’ll ever see a Gold record? Doubt it.
Dude, according to Sound Scan, BC’s album has been out for over a month and you guys have only sold 11,529 CDs. And that’s after being on OzzFest and getting quite a bit of press. It’s not exactly burning up the charts and at this pace it’ll be in discount bins before long.
You’re not even close to being a rock star, fog boy. Remember, your day job not too long ago was pushing a mail cart at an office! So don’t get too carried away because you might be pushing that mail cart before you know it. And save your fog machine, because you might need to pawn it off for a little extra cash.

Even though Anthony Fogx was too stupid to plug his band’s website, we’ll be nice and do it for him. It’s www.beautifulcreatures.net

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