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20 Questions With P.J. Farley, 9/11/01



Ex-Trixter Bass Player P.J. Farley

Only at Metal Sludge can you go from one week doing 20 Questions with Dave Mustaine to the next week with Trixter’s former bass player!

Back in February of 2000 we did 20 Questions with Trixter singer Pete Loran and his interview ruffled some feathers. So we thought it was time to see what P.J. Farley had to say. Our eventual goal is to do 20 Questions with every member of Trixter. We won’t close the page down until the happens. In the meantime, enjoy!

1. What are you up to right now? This is your only chance to plug your band, projects, and other bullshit like that.
Me and Steve have a band called 40ft Ringo. you can find out more at www.40ft Ringo.com

2. How would you describe the music of 40 Ft. Ringo?
I would describe it as energetic hard pop rock. same shit we’ve always done.

3. Why won’t Steve Brown do 20 Questions with us?
I really dont know, he never mentioned it until I told him I saw him on the "Pussy" chart and he never said why he didnt.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I love Kiss, but c’mon already dudes. take it out back and shoot it………..NOW!

40 Ft Ringo

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a Billy Sheehan type guy.
Bobby Dall = 5
Jayce Fincher = couldnt tell ya
Fieldy = 4 1/2 (lighten up dude Korn is not U2 or Pink fucking Floyd)
Nikki Sixx = 8 (out of respect for one of my childhood heros)
Gene Simmons = 8(same deal as Sixx) but why is it that the people with the most money have the worst wigs?( I guess I know who not to ask for any tips when I get mine!)
Rachel Bolan = 7 1/2 he’s pretty cool
Chip Z’Nuff = his playing =9 ( his weed=10)
Robbie Crane = couldnt tell ya
Dana Strum = 7 he’s actually pretty good but……..
Jerry Dixon = 8 he’s a bro

6. When did you know your days as Trixter were over?
I knew it was on the outs within a month of Hear being released but, I knew it was pretty much over after the club tour for that record. we did the Undercovers EP pretty much just to go out on tour and have fun one more time.

7. Why do you and Steve keep changing the name of your original band?
Well, our first band after Trixter was called Throwan Rocks which was a retro type Beatleesque kinda band, then the drummer and guitar player left and it took on a different sound. We had new members(and 1 less) and a new sound so we changed it to Soaked. We played for 1 1/2 years like that then got new managers who wanted us to change it again. That brings us to 40ft Ringo and its not gonna happen again.

8. We heard a rumor that you were caught throwing furniture out the window at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. What exactly happened with that and were you pretending your were a rock star that day?
I didnt throw furniture out the window but Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon,and myself did line up at the top of the stairs in the lobby and have a pissing contest and pissed all down the stairs at the same time. and yes I’m guilty of pretending to be a rockstar( actually an idiot). I was 18,drunk, and having the time of my life, what can ya do?

9. What was the band Sugarbelly all about? Explain that.
SugarBelly is a coverband that me and steve are in. We play in small bars in the Jersey area to pay the bills. We never made all that much money in Trixter,People think because we had alot of MTV support and magazine covers( for a about a year) that we were loaded. We made some money but we all went broke real fast what can I say. (I think I hear the worlds smallest violin playing)

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Bobbi Brown = 8
Susan Dixon = 71/2
Christina Aquilera = 6
Pamela Anderson = 8
Daisy Duke = a mighty 10
Traci Lords = 6
Lita Ford = 6
Courtney Love = I thought you said chicks! 0
Gerri Miller = an easy 10
Cozette Brown = 10 Hot mommy!

11. Pete Loran told us, "I think they all had a fucking ego problem..everybody wanted to be the lead singer…some sort of bigger dick ploy!!" What do you have to say about that? Why did you and Steve start singing songs when Pete was the singer of the band?
That was never the case, nobody else in the band wanted to be the lead singer for Trixter. The idea came up for the Undercovers ep and we all sang lead for a goof. On that tour Steve sang one new song. When we got home from that tour, me and Steve started writing and demoing new songs not even knowing what the hell they would be used for. Pete never made an effort to be involved because he knew just as much as we did that Trixter had 3 prongs of the fork stuck in it anyway. I was actually suprised to hear(in his interview) that he was concerned about it.

12. Explain exactly what happened at Trixter’s Turlock, California gig?
Turlock was one of those gigs where something crazier happened every minute. typical sex ,booze and rock n roll experience, but not that typical for a Trixter show.I’ll say this about it, when your on a small club stage and you look behind the guitar amp and see your roadies getting a blowjob, it gets alittle ugly( I think Gus might have gotten alittle something while he was playing also) I dont remember much but I know that night stood out.

13. You were known as the slut of the band. What’s the most amount of chicks you fucked in one week?
I didnt keep track but I had my share.

14. Do you consider Trixter a "joke band?"
No, and I really dont know what Pete meant by that because Trixter was something that we put all of our time and energy into as a band. It was something that was built in the local Jersey scene for years and then got its moment in the sun. We should all be proud and grateful for anything and everything we got out of it. We were always a band that never took ourselves too serious only because it was a fucking rock band and we were(half of us) teenagers.We had and still have a serious love for music but, it wasnt fuckin brain surgery thats for sure.

15. Which do you prefer:
Limp Bizkit or Korn = Limp Bizkit
Pop Tarts or Rice Krispie Treats = Rice Krispie Treats
Peter Loran or Mark Scott = either or. I got no beefs
Carmen Electra or Jenny McCarthy = Jenny
Touring with Poison or Touring with Kiss = Kiss
Throwan Rocks or Soaked = Soaked
Jessica Rabbit or Jessica Hahn = Rabbit
Ted Nugent or Rikki Rockett = oddly enough Rikki
Fucking a chick with a good body but fucked up teeth and a lazy eye or fucking a chick that’s fat but has a pretty face = I like’em in all shapes and sizes but I think I would prefer the butt ugly chick with the good body
Tats or piercings = tats

16. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Where do I start? Fred Durst, and anybody else who is taking themselves too seriously. That Scott Stapp guy could probably use a bitch shaking.

17. If you guys get a record deal, are you gonna lie about your age again?
Actually I was the only one who said my real age because of how young I was which was 17 when we first came out . Our managers and record label had a brilliant idea of making everybody else say they were younger…..it backfired. We were young, stupid, and just happy to be there thats all.

18. Who played bass on the first Trixter CD?
……well Pete and Steve did?

19. Tell us what happened the night before Trixter played with Warrant at Red Rocks? Something about you and one of Warrant’s girlfriends? Fess up.
Oh man! did me and Bobbi Brown have a Wild, shag filled night!!. (just kidding!!!) Actually it wasnt one of they’re girlfriends or wives. It was a girl that a certain member of the band had his eyes on all night, and she just happened to have eyes for me. If I’m not mistaken, he unknowingly took her out the next day before I got a chance to tell him. Shit happens.

20. We heard a rumor that for the VH1 "Where Are They Now" episode, Steve told nobody else in the band, except you, about it until it was too late for them to be involved, just so he could further his own band. Is that true?
No, because it was vh1’s job to contact everyone. I know he called Pete and asked him what he wanted him to say for him( figuring vh1 wasnt going to fly to phoenix to interview him and not knowing they were gonna have Pete send a video tape into vh1). It got blown out of proportion like most things and it was stupid.

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Marvelous 3 = god bless’em for getting another deal.
Liad Cohen = a wondering,pondering, pot smoking friend.
Joey Allen = a really funny guy
Sebastian Bach = big white pointy shoes
Firehouse = hangin in there
Jani Lane = chain smoker, great frontman
C.C. DeVille = Co-Caine Deville also very funny
The Undercovers CD = it was a project to do when we were in limbo. some people really liked it.(god bless’em)
Mark Scott =
last guy in the world I would have thought would give up rock n roll. he’ll always be a character.
Pete Loran = enjoying his place in the sun

Thats about it.thanx -P.J.

If you like the Marvelous 3 or bands that do "energetic hard pop rock" like PJ said, you should probably check out 40 Ft Ringo. They have 15 MP 3’s you can download off their site. Donna Anderson heard the songs and thought they were cool. For more info you can go to www.40ftringo.com.

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