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20 Questions With Brian Saunders, 8/28/01



Tuff Bass Player Brian Saunders

About a month ago Metal Sludge was running real low on 20 Questions. We’re talking, really really low. So low that we would have sent 20 Questions to your mom had you asked us to. It was really getting down to the wire so we sent out 20 Questions to quite a few people that we wouldn’t generally bother with. We’re not gonna lie. But sometimes when you do shit like that you’ll discover something really good. A diamond in the rough. Something that you might not have found otherwise. Is this that interview? Fuck no! But we couldn’t think of anything else to write here and it took up space. So enjoy!

1. Who are you?
My name is Brian Saunders & I am currently playing Bass in the band TUFF. I am also a guitar player, singer/songwriter looking for Rock Stars before there’re Rock Stars… if that makes sense? In other words, looking for musicians that are good enough to "BE" Rock Stars, but not just acting like 1 with nothing to show for it. Fuck knows there’s plenty of those around. You can check out my website,updated almost weekly. http://home.earthlink.net/~bsauns The address is a little long but, oh well.

2. Do you realize the only reason we are doing 20 Questions with you is because we?ve run out of people to talk to?

3. Do you have a real job and if so, what do you do?
I work at a shop in Hollywood that rents musical equipment & rehearsal rooms to local bands that can afford it, almost all of the the "big" bands from time to time & of course, television. So with that, I also work the "big" bands & television shows as a stage technician.

4. Other than Tuff, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up?
As of now TUFF isn’t going away anytime soon. Besides, you don’t have the nuts to come out & tell us we suck! But to answer the question, all of the bands that are constantly sad & pissed off. If they’d kick back & smoke 1 every now & then, they’d see that it ain’t all that bad.

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody
who sucks and 10 being someone who rules.
Nikki Sixx = 10 He is my God. I remember getting "Shout at the Devil" on vinyl, opening the record, & looking at the 4 of them & just thinking ,"Oh My God ! " while listening to the record over & over & over.
Michael Anthony = 10 He is also my God. Awesome fuckin player.
Billy Sheenan = 10 (* I’ll never be that good )
Fieldy = 8.5 Fieldy is tight. I do not know how he plays upright style. Whether that’s what he wants or not, I don’t know, but it looks like he’s playing in upright fashion.
Jerry Dixon = 5 (** He’s sold a lot more fuckin records than me.)
Les Claypool = 10 See Above*
Jason Newsted = 8.75 Entering God – like status
Bobby Dall = 6.5 Bobbie was cool on "Cat Dragged In"
Dana Strum = 4 See Above **
Robbie Crane = 7 I don’t really know Robbie personally or really as a player. I saw him at Paladino’s not too long ago & from what I saw, it sounded like he knew his stuff……….. And he’s always fucking touring!! ……..I’m jealous
Johnny Rod = 0 Don’t know anything about him. The only thing I kinda remember about him is that he used to hump his bass……..?

6. 2 Part Question: Do you think it’s proper to quit a band hours before your band is scheduled to play?
It may same seem proper to you, if it’s you that’s quitting. If a person has their mind made up that’s pretty much it. But as a professional, not at all.
And when do you plan on quitting Tuff? As soon as Metal Sludge hires me to be their Roaming Hollywood Reporter.

7. How did the song American Hairband come about and what has the response been from the bands mentioned in the song?
The song I guess came about by the "original" TUFF2000 line-up just fuckin around at practice playing bits & pieces of cover songs from Skynard to Ozzy, & every fuckin-thing in between. I believe that Stevie said, around that same time, that he wanted to do a medley of like… Limp, Manson & Kid Rock or some shit like that. It just flew around & that was it. Then Stevie asked if we could learn it Kid Rock style & we said sure. He wrote the lyrics & called me over 1 day & said "what do you think of these lyrics dude?" He sang them to me while playing the "Kid" version in the back. I thought it was cool, we recorded it & it’s getting a great response. As far as the response from the bands mentioned in the song, those of whom who know about it, think it’s fuckin great! It touches generations of the last 20 years. The newer being the "Sad But True" riff with the rap style of Kid Rock.it talks about a lot of the 80’s bands that the grunge genre dissed

8. You mentioned in your e-mail that, ?I work at instrument rental / rehearsal company in Hollywood, testing gear & working for the "big" name bands.? Ok, what big names bands have you worked for and who were the coolest and who were the biggest dicks?
I honestly can’t name all of them. I’ve probably worked with 100 or more. Everyone from The 4 -Tops to Stone Temple Pilots. Some of the bands for the day, some for weeks.
One of the greatest bands I’ve worked for was STP. If any of those guys asked me to mow their lawn I would. Just great fuckin guys. Not mention awesome fuckin song writers.
Rick James was the biggest asshole I ever encountered. We were at Universal Amphitheater 1 night & this guy was so much of an asshole, that the monitor guys of the local union (I was standing directly behind monitor world to keep an eye on the band as their stage tech, & to stay as far away from that dick as possible!) shut down the monitors & walked over to Rick’s manager & said, "this guy says one more thing to us, the way he is right now, we will pull the fuckin lights, the monitors & front house & you guys can find your own crew to set up your own show that’s due in 2 hours." He shaped up quick. Then he acted like nothing happened when all his "peers" were there to see him. 1st class asshole.

9. Has anybody ever asked for your autograph?
I have probably signed 1000’s of things. It’s kinda weird cause it’s only you, but then in a sense it’s kinda flattering. If I can make someone smile by scribbling my name on something for them? Fuck it ! I have time, where do you want it?

10. Which do you prefer and why?
Vince Neil or Stephen Pearcy = They were both in 2 of my favorite bands when I was a kid, so I can’t choose here.
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera = Britney’s cuteness, & Christina’s voice.
Give or Tuff = Apple’s & orange’s here bro. GIVE was my band so that’s blood. But touring & playing like we do in TUFF is a lot fuckin better than sitting at home doing nothing pointing fingers & being the professional apartment rock star. Come & see us. You may be surprised. If anything, come see all the pretty that come see us & decorate the scene so nicely.
Kendra Jade or Jasmin St. Claire = Never seen either in action. Met Kendra. She was nice.
Kid Rock or Bob Rock = Kid for being the slut, & Bob’s production.
Minnesota or California = Duh……no brainer here. I do miss a lot of friends back in the Cities though.
Hand jobs or Blow jobs = Nothing like a sloppy blow job!!! But , if I can’t get that, I’ll take the hand.
Porn stars or Strippers = Both
Cocaine or Crystal meth = If I have to answer this, Coke. But for Christ Sake I am NOT promoting that shit!
2001 or 1991 = 2001. You can’t look back. I’m having as much fun now as I was back then, only on Southern California scale.

11. Tuff recently did a show where John Corabi played guitar. How the fuck did that come about and did he talk any shit about Motley Crue, Union or
Stevie knew him from years ago & called him after Daryll left us the night of the Metal Sludge show. Stevie asked John if he knew of any guitar players that would possibly be interested in the gig. John said he did & called some of them. When everyone found out it was TUFF they said "nah. I don’t really want to play with them", so he called & said "fuck it I’ll do it." Dude that guy is also on my God list. He had fuckin 2 1/2 days to learn 12 songs & 3 covers that we all knew, but had to rehearse to fill the 90 minute set we had that Saturday in Vegas. We jammed 2 nights for about a combined total of 12 hours, jumped in the van & jammed! I was kinda freaked, cause I was a huge Scream fan prior to him in Motley. I’ve worked & work with Rock Stars & Movie Stars almost everyday you get used to it. But every now & then 1 comes along that truly moves you, & Crab was 1 of them for me. And then to add, for him to be so real m it even cooler to have jammed with him. The fuckin stories we exchanged had us laughing all weekend. He & Layla are the shit!!!!!!!!!

Tuff with John Corabi

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
I won’t mention any names cause I’ve worked with too many, but believe me they’re are an ass load out there. But to those of whom that think their untouchable & your shit on their shoes? Those people & bands can go Fuck Themselves! So a quick note to those who qualify……….. If it wasn’t for jack-asses like us buying your stupid shit you wouldn’t be where you are! So be real bitch. Remember what goes up eventually comes down, & it’s 1 hell of a long fall if there’s nobody there to catch you………..bitch!

13. A chick sent us a photo of you singing with Southgang one night in Minneapolis back in 1991. What was that all about?
I played in a cover/original band back then called Brass Kitten. We toured 6 nights a week 365 days a year all across the country. So Southgang came to play in Minneapolis one night at the Mirage & they asked us to be on the bill. We opened & I sang my songs I would normally sing. After our set we found out the singer had laryngitis but the rest of the band wanted to play at least a few songs for the sold out show. So they asked our singer for BK if he knew a few of the tunes they named & he said I sang those. So they asked me to sing with them & I was a little nervous but said ok fuck it. Let’s rock. I don’t remember the tunes we jammed but it was fun. Butch kissed me after the show to say thanks a million, which I thought was a little trippy for me being the redneck from Wis. If there was tongue involved there would’ve been a fight. But there wasn’t & he was really cool. Great fuckin guitar player. I think I still have that night on video tape as a matter of fact.

Brian on stage with Butch Walker from Southgang

Brian with Jayce Fincher from Southgang

14. Who’s the most overrated band today?
I’m sure I’m gonna be lynched for saying this, but I just don’t understand bands like Tori Amos & Radiohead. I’m not saying I’m better than they are, cause Radiohead just sold out the fuckin Hollywood Bowl last week. But fuck! Where ya coming from dudes? Maybe I don’t do enough drugs, or hang with the "in" crowd to understand. Or maybe I’m just not clinically depressed. I just don’t get it.

15. Tuff has a new drummer and now a new guitarist and you guys have only been playing out a short time. Our question is… is Steve that much of a dick that he can?t keep any band members or what?
No man, it’s almost comical. We laugh about it all the time. It’s the curse of Rachelle from Hell. It’s all different shit from all angles. 1 guy quit because another guy told him not to affiliate himself with websites like Metal Sludge, & bands like TUFF. The other quit because of financial reasons. But all I know is I’m keeping busy & touring & playing & getting my name out there to maybe find some kick ass players of my own. Or even join a cool group that’s already established.

16. Your picture was found on the site CaliforniaLonghairs.com. Are you trying to pick up chicks and isn’t that pretty fucking gay?
Too funny. No I’m not trying to pick up chicks. I don’t have enough time to play cyber love. But some people do. To each their own. But Stevie & the girls that run it, thought it would be a cool idea to put us on there. Why not? Am I too fuckin cool to NOT be on a website? Some people from some bands would probably think that, but I’m really not anyone that a lot of people know about so fuck it. Maybe when I become as big as you, then I’ll boycott it.

17. Is everyone in Tuff on steroids or is it just you and Stevie that take them?
Dude you fuckin rule. You’re crackin’ my ass up. Nope no roids. Just staying clean, (of course a little herb never killed anyone) eating right, & lifting at the gym. It’s amazing what a little exercise does for your levels of corporate aggression. Thank you for the compliment.

18. Could you please remind us of your name again, we?ve already forgotten who you are?
Ok slim. Put down the bong, & refer back to question #1. In case you don’t remember how to do that, use the "scroll" bar to your right of your screen. Press the "upwards" arrow & you’ll see the name begins with Brian.

19. When was the last time you saw Stevie without a hat or headband on? And if so, was the glare from his head blinding?

Careful………he may fuck your girl

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Fred Durst = Knows how to stir the business
Vince Neil = Didn’t give me the time of day to sign his book "The Dirt"
Slaughter = ummm
Jani Lane = Awesome song writer
Butch Walker = Great guy
Howard Stern = The Fuckin Man!!!!!!!!!!
Riki Rachtmen = He kinda shunned me with my old band GIVE
Bret Michaels = Probably getting laid
John Corabi = GOD!
Darrell Roberts = guitar player of WASP
Stevie Rachelle = Have band, will travel

Fat Bitch Mafia member Ette, wearing a Metal Sludge Baby Doll, sent us this photo of her and Brian from last weekend

Thanks a lot dudes & dudette’s at Sludge. I get a good laugh everytime I visit your site. The coolest part about the site is that, if your not cool & real to your people that are out there supporting you, somebody is always watching. And if they are a Sludge fan? Hold on to your sweet ass!!!! Keeps you on the straight which is what a lot of "Rock Stars" need. They tend to forget where they came before they were stars.
Sludge Forever!!!!!!


See, that wasn’t so bad after all. Right? Hello?

And since we threw up that Capture that SludgEtte got, here’s another capture of Brian from Thomas Meyer, the guy that got lectured by Dana Strum. At least Thomas didn’t have to put his jacket on this time.

Thomas and Brian, August 9th, Auroa, WI.

For more info on Brian you can go to his website at http://home.earthlink.net/~bsauns or go to www.tuffcds.com.

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