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20 Questions With Nicholas Wash, 7/10/01



Slik Toxik Singer Nicholas Walsh

This week we’re talking to the former lead singer of Slik Toxik! It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

Here’s a brief history lesson for those of you who aren’t Slik Toxik-aholics. They put out an EP called "Smooth & Deadly" in 1991. They put out their first full album on Capitol Records called "Doin’ The Nasty" in 1992 in the height of grunge. Then they put out an album called "Irrelevant" in 1994 and broke up soon after.

With a little assistance from our Canadian Sludgeaholics, we were able to track down Nick and find out what he’s been up to. He also sent along some pictures as well. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your projects, CDs, websites, etc.
I just recently opened up a recording studio with a partner in Toronto and I am currently working on new material for an upcoming CD.

2. When and why did Slik Toxik break up and what are the chances of a Slik Toxik reunion tour?
I felt that we or I had done all we could do together as that band; I didn’t want to beat a dead horse. As for the reunion, the chances are dim, slim and grim. For all the hype, it was so short lived, that I don’t think it’s worthy of a reunion.

3. What are the rest of the guys in Slik Toxik up to and do you still talk to any of them?
I still see some of the guys. Dave is still one of my best friends, and I’ve had Neal and Rob do some tracks for my solo stuff.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Personally, I think if a band has passion and the balls to keep on givin’ shit, then all the power to ‘em, but if they think they’re day in the sun will come back and be on top; think again. Hippies aren’t ruling the world, and neither is Alan Freed.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being somebody who rules! Russ Dwarf = 7, (tit for tat Dunk!)
Geddy Lee = 6
Vince Neil = 6
Don Dokken = 6
Taime Downe = 5
Mark Slaughter = 8
Kid Rock = 8
Rob Halford = 10 (the METAL GOD!)
Lemmy = 6
Sebastian Bach = 8
Bret Michaels = 5

6. Sebastian Bach called Slik Toxik rip-off artists in an issue of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles. What do you have to say about that and do you feel embarrassed that he is also from Canada?
When I was 14, I played the same clubs that a 16 yr. old Baz was playing (Larry’s Hideaway) in Toronto. So to say anything like that would be ludicrous, when you come from the same school, of course there will be some similarities (except that I wrote my own songs).

7. Slik Toxik didn’t really tour that much in the States. What was up with that, eh?
We did some touring down there with Yngwie and Faster Pussycat and started getting radio ads with "White Lies, Black Truth", but the tour support ran out and we had to go home. You know, Mexicans of the North $$!

8. What’s the most destructive thing you’ve ever done?
Hey! that limo thing wasn’t me man! * (check question 20 for answer)

9. How much does Russ Dwarf impact your daily life?
Unfortunately, I don’t see Russ all that often, but I can say when I was 15 yrs old and saw the "Heavy Mental Breakdown" video, I knew I’d end up jammin’ and partying with that cat one day, and I did!

10. Rate the following Canadian chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hoser and 10 being a hottie.
Pamela Anderson = 10
Alanis Morissette = 6
Celine Dion = 5
Shania Twain = 9
Neve Campbell = 9
Natasha Henstridge = 10
Shannon Tweed = 10
kd Lang = ?
Sarah McLachlan = 6

11. Did you ever see the inside of a tour bus?
Yep, I even got to ride and sleep on a couple eh!

12. What is Raised On Mars all about, eh?

13. A crazed lunatic is holding a loaded gun to your head with one bullet left – and right now it’s got your name on it. He tells you that he is going to have a horrible bout of diarrhea at any given moment. He also feels that he wants to shoot you in the head. But if you put your mouth on his butt and drink every drop of diarrhea, and top it off with a wonderful blow job at the end of which you swallow, he will let you go. Suck butt or take the bullet?
You guys must pay one sick bastard to come up with that shit! I mean, that’s weird!!!

14. Of the bands Slik Toxik did play with, who treated you guys the worst?
Their caterers!

15. Which do you prefer:
Doin The Nasty or Irrelevant = Irrelevant
Midgets or monkeys = Midgets (of course)
Poison or Warrant = Warrant
Tom Green or Howard Stern = Howard Stern
Kiss or Wasp = Kiss then Wasp
Montreal or Vancouver = Vancouver
The Tragically Hip or April Wine = April Wine
Chris Jericho or Bret Hart = Bret Hart
Prostitutes or strippers = Strippers
Blow or pot = HASH!!

16. Do you still have long hair or did you cut it off and go for the Carson Daly look?
I cut it, I grow it, I cut it, I grow it, I cut it, I grow it…..


17. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
He’s not a rock star anymore.

18. Why did Slik Toxik rely on Dave Mercel to write all your lyrics? Couldn’t any of you guys come up with your own lyrics?
He was the only one with a Highschool Diploma.

19. You’re kind of short. Is it safe to say that when it rains you’re the last to know?
I think that I’m the average musicians’ height, but I’m usually the first to know. I may still get carded to buy alcohol, but when the rains a comin’ my joints start to ache like an old man!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
EMI = Sex Pistols
Dave Mercel = Buddy ol’ pal ‘o’ mine
Capitol Records = The Beatles
Bryan Adams = Vegetarian
Motley Crue = Grade 8
Sebastian Bach = One of the greatest classical composers of all time!
Gene Simmons = DAD
Rush = Childhood
Sven Gali = Party Animals
Pat Howarth = * Limo Crasher

Thank you for the questions, it was a hoot!

Nick doesn’t have a site yet, but if you want to contact him you can do so at nicktoxik@hotmail.com

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