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20 Question With Bianca Butthole, 7/3/01



Betty Blowtorch Singer/Bass Player Bianca Butthole

Now you might be saying, "Who’s Betty Blowtorch?" Well Bastard Boy Floyd discovered them because he finds all the new and interested stuff.
Lets go over their names first. The singer/bass player is named Bianca Butthole, the guitarist is named Sharon Kneedles, the other guitarist is Blare N. Bitch, and the drummer is Judy Molish. Those almost sound like Metal Sludge names. And any chick named Bianca Butthole deserves 20 Questions!
These chicks have about as many tats as Motley Crue and they all look like they could kick our ass. They have song titles such as "Shut Up And Fuck," "Part-Time Hooker," "Size Queen," and "I’m Ugly And I Don’t Know Why." They also have a song called "Big Hair, Broken Heart" which is all about Hair Bands and mentions Motley Crue, Jani Lane, Ratt, Quiet Riot and Whitesnake. Plus they blow up shit during their shows, and that’s good enough for us.


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your website, tours, etc.
Well, we just released our 2nd record "Are you Man Enough?" and had a record release party here in Los Angeles that was almost criminal. We’re getting ready to go out on the road in a few days here for the rest of our lives… oh, and we are about to launch the saucy new Betty Blowtorch website next week… 

2. How did you settle upon the last name of "Butthole?"
I like it in the ass.. Duh.


3. Speaking of buttholes, how many times have you had anal sex?
Plenty wanna see my resume?

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Limp Trisquit…I mean Biscuit.

5. You have to pick one of the following. Which will it be:
A. With a guarantee of no AIDS, give a random person off the street a blow job without ever so much speaking to them;
B. Do a lesbian spread for Penthouse;
C. Be only able to tour with Slaughter for the rest of your careers and eventually end up broke, ruined, and living in a trailer park.

B. Do a lesbian spread for Penthouse

6. You have a lot of tattoos. Why?
Cause I have a lot of skin.

7. Have you ever fucked anybody famous?
How much time you got? We might be here awhile….

8. Have you girls encountered any really whacko/stalker type fans? If so, give us an example.
Yes currently but he is cheesy…harmless.

9. Who’s the most overrated band today?
See question #4

10. Rate the following guys on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Kid Rock = 10
Vince Neil = 4
Bret Michaels = 6
Tommy Lee = 8
Fred Durst = -12,589
David Lee Roth = 10+++
Ajay Popoff = 10
Mick Mars = 7
Lemmy = 10
Sebastian Bach = Now or then? Then 7, now 5
Carson Daly = 2
Eminem = 2
Alice Cooper = 10

11. How long do you wait before you let a guy in your pants?
Not long at all if I — I mean he — is lucky…

12. Which do you prefer:
Spit or swallow = Swallow
3 Doors Down or Creed = Who are they?
Nipple claps or pierced clits = pierced clits
WASP or Motley Crue = Motley Crue
A guy with a 3 inch cock who can always get hard or a guy with a 10 inch cock who’s always drunk = 10 inch cock who’s always drunk
Gwen Stefani or Madonna = Gwen’s personality and Madonna’s CASH
Sucking on a guy’s nuts or licking a guy’s ass = Sucking on a guy’s nuts
The Go-Go’s or Destiny’s Child = The Go-Go’s
Lesbians or Gay guys = Is there even a question on this one?????

13. On the new CD, you have a song about hair bands called "Big Hair, Broken Hearts". What are some of your favorite hair bands and which bands did you hang around with back in the day?
Faster Pussycat mostly. We are getting ready to play a show with them. They just got back together for a tour.

14. What rock stardeserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Fred Durst….see 3 inch cock question above

15. Duff from Guns N Roses produced your EP. We know he must have told you some Axl stories, so give us a good Axl story or two.
I never kiss and tell but they were good

16. Have any of you girl sever taken a shower with each other? Perhaps to save time before or after a gig?
Plenty of times. A band that showers together stays together

17. We hear that Betty Blowtorch has a lot of pyro during your shows. Have you ever gotten in trouble for blowing shit up in small club or has anything ever caught on fire?
Well during filming for this movie Bubble Boy some girl’s hair got a bit singed..she cried like a baby about it…and it wasn’t even that bad.

18. Do you think Kittie has any talent?
No comment


19. If Betty Blowtorch was asked to go on tour with a hair band, would you do it and which hair bands would you like to tour with?
Faster "faster,faster" Pussycat…meow!

20. Have you ever:
Considered suicide = Yes
Used a racial slur = Yes
Shot heroin = Yes
Sang along to a Backstreet Boys song = NO!!!!
Pissed on a guy = Yes
Wanted to go on tour with Poison = Yes
Masturbated with fruit = Yes
Had an abortion = Yes
Been molested by a family member = Yes
Regretted a tattoo = Yes

21. You don’t really think you’ll have any success at this, do you?
No, We are just going to rule the world and kick your ass!

22. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention aname and you give us your thoughts.
Joan Jett = Goddess
Lita Ford = VH1
The Donnas = Cute
Kittie = No comment
Kid Rock = Kinda sexy
Lars Ulrich = see Fred Durst
Nikki Sixx = Many nights of mastrubation to Mr. Sixx…we all wanna fuck him!
Duff McKagan = We love him lots and lots.
Courtney Love = Botox
Gene Simmons = God-like

So here’s a recap. Bianca hates Fred Durst, thinks Lemmy and Alice Cooper are 10s, has nothing to say about Kittie, loves Faster Pussycat, has done basically everything we listed for Question 20, and masturbates to Nikki Sixx. That’s pretty metal!

For more info on Betty Blowtorch, you can go to their website at www.BettyBlowtorch.com.

They are on tour all Summer long, so check out their site for Tour Dates and if they are coming by your town, stop by and watch them blow shit up!

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