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20 Questions with Jim Gillette, 6/19/01



Ex-Nitro Singer Jim Gillette


This week we talk to Jim Gillette, who at one time was the singer for Tuff, Nitro, and is currently married to Lita Ford. Speaking of Lita, how has she avoided doing our 20 Questions? Oh well. Anyway, here’s 20 Questions with Jim Gillette. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit.


i would rather not plug my shit?not only does that sound painful, but i’m sure it can’t be good for your health?have you actually ever had someone plug their shit ??? what did they use ??? a cork?

2. Are you wearing any of those outrageous hair extensions from the Freight Train video right now?

you eyeballin me boy? get your hungry eyes off my buns! watch your mouth while the grown up is talkin and please, please don’t hate me cause i’m beautiful

3. Aside from Nitro & Tuff what other bands where you in before or after these projects?

none worth mentioning

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

i cunt tell ya…have you ever clubbed a baby seal

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hack and 10 being a vocal god.

halford is the only true vocal god on this list

Jani Lane = 6

Phi Anselmo = 9?don’t get any heavier?killer voice

Vince Neil = 6

Stevie Rachelle = 6

Mark Slaughter = 7

Jizzy Pearl = never heard him

Lita Ford = 10?pioneer for women in rock

Kevin DuBrow = 6

Rob Halford = 10+

Sebastian Bach = 9?i know you like to fuck with the guy, but he does have a great voice?1 of the best in metal

Bret Michaels = 6? he drove the little girls crazy

Axl Rose = 8

Paul Stanley = 6?grampa stanley was consistent ?nothin special but has anyone sold more merchandise?

6. You had vocal instructions called Metal Power for sale in all of the metal mags. Now they’re being sold by Doug Marks through his Metal Method catalog. How did all of that start, develop and how did it end up in Doug’s hands? i studied opera and noticed that i could sing bass, alto, tenor, soprano, and coloratura soprano…then my friends started hittin me up to teach them how to sing without blowin up their throats?that only went on for a couple months cause i’m not very patient…i decided to put lessons out cause i knew what it was like to want to learn how to sing and not have anybody to learn from…my lessons have taught more people how to sing than any other lessons on the planet…as a matter of fact, i know at least a couple of the singers i just rated have taken them…doug started selling them when i started doing nitro! i couldn’t do both because the lessons took way too much time…at 1 point i was getting a few hundred orders a day?that’s a lot of packages to pack and send?we are going to do a new video soon

7. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your music career?

never had a high point

8. How many dates did it take for you to get into Lita’s pants?

to tell you the truth, i’ve never been able fit into her pants

9. What was your biggest music related check for and what did you buy with it?

an extra value meal?and i supersized it!

10. Has Jim Gillette ever…

Tasted urine = hasn’t everyone?

Ate sushi with a movie star = not my style

Considered suicide = murder-yes? suicide-no?see question 12

Cheated on Lita = we got a great marriage?2 great boys…why in the hell would i wanna fuck that up??? 7 years and counting mutha fucka

Touched another man’s penis = kicked a guy that was on pcp in the balls, if that counts C

Coughed up blood on stage = yes tons…had a pneumonia while touring it was a lotta fun! the show must go on …i always hated when a singer would pussy out cause his throat hurt…pathetic little piss ants!! i sang 26 shows in 1 month w/ fucking pneumonia…also did a show the same day that i got all my wisdom teeth pulled….now that was bloody as hell!

Punched someone for the fun of it = damn right

Shoplifted within the last 5 years = no

Wore women’s clothes = absolutely!! i thought you had seen the 1st nitro album!! ha ha ha .

Gone skinny dipping in the Gulf Of Mexico = no

11. There was a heavy rumor that Michael Angelo went to the slammer for statutory rape. Is this true and had you known about the circumstances, before, during and after?

he never went to the slammer for statutory rape

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

see word association

13. How did it feel being replaced by Stevie Rachelle in Tuff a singer with little vocal ability at all?

the reason i quit was because they didn’t want a singer that had any ability…i had to pretend that i couldn’t sing….not a lot of fun…as for stevie, he has gotten a lot better…he sounds pretty damn good these days?i think he’s as good as the vince neils and bret michaels of the world?we always got along?he’s a cool guy

14. What’s your current tat total?

both arms are sleeved

15. What do you remember about the following years:

1978 =

1982 = i think that was the year that i won the national champion go cart title…not the little putt putts?these things went over a hundred miles an hour

1986 = starving…living in an alley in hollywood? i weighed 130lbs …at 6’2" i made ghandi look fat

1989 = touring?2nd best scream of the decade as voted on mtv?beating out all the metal vocal godz?nitro charting on billboard at #134?imagine that!?

1994 = married lita

1998 = my boy’s 1st birthday2000 = y2k…i had more ammo than the army…no shit!

16. Who’s the most overrated band today and why?

i cunt say ……. a lot of them aren’t that good though…i don’t really keep up on who’s tearing up the charts

17. Who the fuck thought up the title "Hot Wet Dripping With Sweat" anyway?

that would be me?i was living with the infamous ron jeremy at the time?when i would wake up i’d go out of my room to get a drink or somethin and there would be all these naked porno chicks all over the place?they were filming porno movies in my living room!! it was hilarious …uh , excuse me naked babe …could you pass the cheerios ?? ha ha they had tons of lights and the girls were sweating their asses off, always complainin about how hot they were?my other roommate would always scream at ron " they’re gettin sweat all over the couch?it’s gonna start smellin like a locker room in here "?that is how the title came to be

18. You had promoted you four octave vocal range quite heavily and even claimed to be able to break glass.Tell us about the infamous Gazarris show when you brought the wine glasses out in front of a full house and failed to break them?

thank you for pointing out that it was a full house?nitro’s 1st show and it was sold out ! this was when all the hollywood bands were payin to play and would draw 12 of their closest friends?we got paid $ 2500 the 1 and only time we played Hollywood?it was on a thursday night and it was sold out, not bad for a couple punks?i have more than 4 octaves?not sure where i’m at now but i was over 5 octaves during the 1st nitro tour?i did break a glass at the gazarris show?it happened so fast that half the people didn’t see it?i remember signin autographs that night and half the people sayin dude that was killer when you shattered that glass?and the other half sayin why didn’t you shatter a glass ?? it really isn’t that hard to break glass w / your voice?it isn’t an ultra high note that does it?it’s hitting the exact frequency of the glass?it takes a little practice to do it consistently but it is pretty easy?at least you know it was real?if it was fake we would have blown up a ton of glasses

19. Is the music world really waiting for Jim Gillette to resurface after such a long lay-off?

absolutely?well ok?maybe only 7 or 8?but i have names and #’s if you would like to verify?i don’t care if they are ready or not?i aint doin this for anybody but me?if people end up liking it – fucking great?if they hate it – fucking great?fuck you, fuck them, fuck ‘em all?not enough heavy fucking metal out there right now so i’ll make my own ! i love music that makes you wanna kick the hell outta the guy next to you and i’m gettin a little tired of kill ‘em all so i thought–hey jim! you fucking moron?make some heavy ass, brutal, beat you like a dog, split your skull, heavy metal ! so i did and that’s all i got to say about that

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Riki Rachtmen = headbangers ball

Kid Rock = makin millions sellin rhymes

Michael Angelo = to this day i aint heard anybody play as fast

Nikki Sixx = good business man?smart?shout at the devil kicked ass

Chris Holmes = i was never a wasp fan

Tony Iommi = see question 12

Todd Chaisson = glad he’s usin his family name?we were great friends a long time ago?his new project is heavy…say hello to greg?i wish all the chaissons nothing but the best

Doug Marks = good friend, innovator, awesome guitar teacher?the guy has taught over 500,000 people how to play guitar

Limp Bizkit = maybe i should have put them as the most overrated?but they got a fucking wall of sound

Lars Ulrich = part of the biggest metal band on the planet?gotta respect him for standing up for what he thought was right?not many people would do that?too scared?the pansies

For more info on Jim’s new project, check out http://www.beatdownproductions.com/bonesaw.htm


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