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20 Questions With Billy Morris, 5/22/01



Warrant Guitarist Billy Morris

In honor of the Glam, Slam, Metal, Jam starting this weekend, we thought we’d do 20 Questions with Warrant guitarist Billy Morris. Billy’s been a fan of Metal Sludge back when he was in his local Cleveland band, Kidd Wicked. He even emailed us a few times. So now that he’s in Warrant, he’s eligible for getting slapped around with our 20 Questions. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit.

Currently I’ve been in my studio, Dreamstate Productions with my partner Brandon Youngs and Jani recording some stuff.As you know we are releasing a cover song CD called "Under The Influence".It also has two new Warrant songs on it.It turned out great and was a lot of fun to do.I got to sing lead on one of the songs. Just something to put out until a new Warrant disk sometime in the fall.I’m also trying to get my website, www.CLEVELANDrock.com as current as possible before I leave for the tour.I’m gonna have a bunch of Kidd Wicked stuff as well as some other cool things on there. Also getting everything in order on the homefront because I’ll be gone all summer….

2. You opened a club in Cleveland. Tell us about the club and why you opened it?

The club is called REVOLUTION.Its a concert club in Parma Ohio,About 10 minutes from downtown Cleveland.Lately we’ve had a bunch of people travel from out of town to see the place.We have live music 5 nites a week.We’ve had a few nationals play there, LA guns, Warrant jammed once and we had CC there.We have in house sound and lights and its set up with a bunch of couches and trippy lights. Last week we had Tuff play and Jamie St.James came out.We had a cool jam with Jamie singing,Jani Lane on drums and me on guitar.It was a good nite. I’d also like to say that Tuff was great. Stevie is a class dude……

3. Your previous band Kidd Wicked had a run in with Sebitchian Bach last year. Could you please refresh everybody’s memory about it and what are your thoughts on him?

We all know that Sabastian had a band in Canada called Kid Wyked back in 86 or something.Well I started a band call Kidd Wicked in 90.The name was a friend of mine, Mike Szuter, (of a great band called The Szuters) idea.I dug the name so we went with with it.We became very popular in the Cleveland area.10 years later we get booked with Sabastion and my drummer even E-mailed him and Sabastion said he was looking forward to seeing us.He said in an E-mail "cool name".So we get down to the club to start seting up and Sabastion threw a tantrum saying he wouldnt play if we were on the bill.I went out to their bus and he wouldnt come out to talk to me. So I said fuck-it and went home.That nite there were a large number of Kidd Wicked fans there chanting our name.And I’ll tell you now we would have SHREDDED Sabastion had we played. I really wish we could have played because I still respect him as a singer and performer and it would have been cool to share the stage with him. If I ever ran into him I’d buy him a beer.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

If a band can go out a play their stuff and not have to get up a six in the morning and have to work real jobs, I say more power to them.Keep JAMMIN!!!!!!!

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a virtuoso.

Joey Allen =

Rick Steier = 6

Keri Kelli = 6

Ace Frehley = 7

Mick Mars = 7

CC DeVille = 8

Carlos Cavazo = 7

Jeff Blando = 8

Joe Perry = 10

Erik Turner = 9(love ya bro!)

Snake Sabo = 7

6. Why is it taking so long for Warrant to get a record deal

Obi doesn’t tell me Shit.He knows I talk to much……

7. Kidd Wicked has been around the Cleveland scene forever. Other than Bach, what are some of the other bands that treated you like shit.

Actually our friend Kevin Dubro was shitty to us once.We were opening for them at an old club called Ramons in Akron.And as usual they didnt have any gear so they had to use ours.I was like no problem use our stuff.While we setting up, Kevin came up on stage and said over the mic so everyone in the club could hear, "whos stuff is this? It may be good enough for the opening band but its not good enough for Quiot Riot" Of course they used it(in front of all 75 people) and it all worked fine.But never was there a mention of thanks. But I will say that in high school I must have played Metal Health a thousand times.So yes I am looking forward to jamming with them………

8. Why did it take you this long to join a national band? Any offers that you turned down or is Warrant just desperate and you’re another local guy to fill Joey’s shoes?

Well actually before Warrant I played in Paul Gilberts’ solo band.We toured Japan and Korea and recorded a live CD in Tokyo.Its called "BEEHIVE LIVE" It was great cause I got to tour with Paul and Jeff Martin both formerly of Racer X.I am a huge Racer X fan. The music was great and we played some incredible stuff.Also in the band was Mike Szuter on bass and Scotty Johnson on guitar.And we were treated real good in Japan.Paul is a god over there. I also audtioned for Ratt. But they turned me down.

9. Has anybody ever asked for your autograph, and if so, when was the first time somebody did?

In Japan I must have signed a thousand autographs.I’m looking forward to actually being able to sign a Warrant 8X10 with my face on it and not Carrie Kelly.We’ve got a new band photo for this tour and what do you know,I’m on it!!!

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of shit and 10 being a hottie.

Bobbie Brown
= 8

Pamela Anderson = 8

Carmen Electra = 9

Chantel The Sludgette Of The Month = 5

Gerri Miller = 5

Heather Locklear = 9

Rowanne Lane = 9

Courtney Love = 7

Britney Spears = 10

Jeannine St. Clair = 11 Jeannine is an incredible person both physically and mentaly.Everyone should check here out at WWW.JeannineStClair.com She Rules!

11. It’s a known fact that Jani doesn’t like touring. What makes you think that Jani will be able to handle touring all summer

Jani will be fine this summer. He’s doing great right now just spending time with his family. Hes 100% motivated to kick major ass this summer. We’re gonna play a lot of golf, stay out of trouble and just enjoy this incredible opportunity to be out on this tour.Thats how I feel anyway.

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I thought long and hard on this one and I don’t really have a problem with anyone right now. Plus I dont want to have kick anyones ass this summer if they get pissed………I am ONE BAD MUTHA you know!!!!!

13. Has Billy Morris ever.

Tasted urine =
Not that I know of.

Ate sushi on Sunset Strip (w/who) = Oh yes.With my bro Mike Fassano.You all should send him 20.

Shoplifted = YES

Drove drunk = YES

Touched another man’s penis = NO!

Thought about suicide = Absolutly not.

Dated a porn star (who) = No.I’m from Cleveland you know.Not many pornstars around here.Alot of porn wannabes here.But there all pigs.

Considered a haircut and college = NEVER

Pissed your pants = Yes but not recently

Had sex with an underage girl = No way……

14. Who’s the most overrated band today?

All these band that are 2nd and 3rd and 4th generation Pearl Jam.I never really liked Pearl Jam in the first place,so all these Pearl clones to me are very overrated.

15. Which do you prefer and why?

South Park or Beavis & Butthead = SouthPark.I’ve watched the movie a million times and really like Terence and Phillips attitude.

Touring or recording = Touring.Been recording forever and I will enjoy playing these big places this summer…..

Playing guitar or bartending = Playing guitar.When I bartend everyone wants a free drink and I usually give it to them so I dont make alot of money on those nights.

Cleveland Browns or Cleveland Indians = Cleveland Browns baby!!!!Steelers SUCK!

Tiffany’s Cabaret or Crazy Horse Saloon = Tiffany’s. I used to play in the flats alot and usually would go there.Havent been there in a while though.

Tommy Lee in 1984 or Tommy Lee today = Tommy in 84.Used to drive around with Shout at the Devil at top volume.Those were the days.

Lit or Buckcherry = Buckcherry.I’ve only heard that one Lit tune.And am sick of playing it.

Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai =Paul Gilbert.Paul to me is one of the most well rounded players out of that shred guitar thing.Can shred arppegios like Yingwee and play crazy stuff like Steve Vie and play some incredible blues stuff too.

A salad or a hamburger = A big greasy burger anytime

Stephen Pearcy or Jizzy Pearl = Jizzy Pearl.Jizzy was very cool to me last year on tour.And when I tried out for Ratt,Stephen was a little cold to me.

16. If you had to choose one of the following what would it be…

A. Have sex with Gerri Miller while Jani, Jerry, & Eric jacked off on your back.

B. Start having casual sex with Rowanne Lane and Kirsten Turner behind Jani & Eric’s back.

C. Become a gay porn star and debut in a flick by getting it up the ass by Ron Jeremy.

Come on now! Well B is out of the question cause those guys are my brothers and C is out too because that would be the worst.EEEECKKK!!!So it would be A but that wouldn’t work either cause I think our drummer Mike has a crush on Gerri. So I couldnt do that to him.So I’m out of all those scenarios.

17. Do you still talk to the guys who were in Kidd Wicked or have you blown them off now that you are in Warrant?

I still see the guys that were in the band when we released our CD "THICK".They have a band with Jamie St.James called "ST.JAMES. I have a new lineup now that plays out whenever I’m home.We just played with Poundhound featuring Doug Pinnick of Kings X and next week we’re playing at the Hard Rock Cafe’ with LA GUNS.I have a bunch of new tunes and would like to release a new CD by the end of the year.It wont be called Kidd Wicked though.I’ve got to at least move into the 90’s.What other bands has Sabastion been in?Perhaps I’ll call the band VO5.

18. What do you remember about the following years:

1976 = Racing dirtbikes and going with my dad to watch his band jam.

1980 = Learning to play guitar

1984 = Playing in my first metal band

1988 = Showcase at the Cat Club in NYC.Not geting signed……

1992 = Kidd Wicked ruling Cleveland and Akron.(Long live the Akron Agora)

1996 = Being Kurt Cobain in a Nirvana tribute.

2000 = Joing Warrant and touring with Ratt.

19. How long do you think Warrant will be on the Poison tour before they are kicked off?

Bout 3 months.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Obi Steinman = Very cool dude.Always let Kidd Wicked open for Warrant.About 30 times.

Enuff Z’nuff = One of my favorite bands.Kidd Wicked also opened for them about 50 times.It will be cool to have them go on before me.

Sebastian Bach = I’m still a Skid Row fan.But he let me down……….

Rikki Rockett = Hung out with him in 1986.He was cool to me.Can’t wait to be hangin this summer.

Jaime St. James = My very good friend.Really enjoyed being in a band with him and we still hang out once in a while.I’m a better Golden Tee golf player than he is.Ask him about the time we pranked him from my studio.I’ve got it on tape.Its hilarious!

Kid Rock = Kid Rock Rules.I would like to tell him that he should have me record some shredding guitar solos on one of his next tunes.Could you pass that on to him?

Gene Simmons = Very smart.Made the most of his rocknroll career.

Vince Neil = Cool frontman.Would like to meet him someday.

Howard Stern = Loved his movie.Don’t really listen to him cause I dont get up that early.

Jani Lane = Like a brother to me.Gave me a tremendous opportunity to be in Warrant.I’d go through a brick wall for him.

There you go.Thanks for honor of doing 20 questions.

At least one of Warrant’s guitarists has the balls to do 20 Questions. However Billy might want to learn how to spell some names. It’s Keri Kelli (not Carrie Kelly), Kevin Dubrow (not Kevin DuBro), and it’s Sebitchian Bach (not Sabastion). Please take notes

For more info, you can go towww.warrantweb.net.

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