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20 Questions With Marty O’Brien, 5/15/01



Methods Of Mayhem Bass Player Marty O’Brien

Marty emailed us a few weeks ago asking us to link his site. We said sure, no problem, as soon as he does 20 Questions!
Marty has played with a variety of bands including Disturbed and Kilgore and is currently in Tommy Lee’s Methods Of Mayhem. So even though Tommy won’t do a Rewind, we still got his bass player to do 20 Questions. There are some cool stories here, so enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to now? This is your only chance to plug your projects.
I just launched my own website. It has tons of photos from my touring adventures with Methods of Mayhem and Disturbed.. Check it out at http://www.marty-obrien.com . At the moment, I am in Los Angeles and I’ll be here all summer, recording the 2nd Methods of Mayhem album with Scott Humphrey producing. We’ve got about 25 songs for the album, and I expect about 15 will make it on the actual CD. It is expected to be released in August. (hopefully). We should be hitting the road sometime around September, and hopefully we will circumnavigate the earth at least twice before stopping. I also just recently got back from playing bass for Disturbed. I filled in temporarily for their 6 week European tour, opening for Marilyn Manson.
Did I mention that I have a website!!??? http://www.marty-obrien.com

2. What happened to Tilo? Was the label not feeling any love for him and are you glad he?s out of the band?
I’m not exactly sure why Tilo was removed from the band. I’m assuming it has to do with the musical direction of the new album. All I know is that one day he was no longer in the band. No, I am not glad he is gone, but I wish him the best of luck on his new project. His new music is completely hip-hop and rap. I actually recently played bass on some of his demos and his songs sound amazing.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I’m not going to name any names.. but all these 80’s metal bands who try to continue on with different lead singers, but go under the same name that they were popular as in the 80’s. .. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you have a new singer, and your music rocks…. change the name of the band, start fresh, start a new beginning, and most importantly, let go, and move on!.. . after all, its a whole new band.

4. How did you end up playing with Disturbed?
I met the Disturbed guys last summer when both Methods of Mayhem and Disturbed toured on Ozzfest 2000. We quickly became friends and kept in touch after the tour. The first week of January, the Disturbed guys called me and told me that Fuzz broke his foot and they were about to leave in a little over a week for Europe for a 6 week tour with Marilyn Manson and they wanted me to fill in on bass. I learned the songs, packed my bags, and jumped on a plane.

5. Rate the following bass player on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being the bomb diggity.
Bobby Dall = 5
Fieldy = 8
Fuzz = Fuzz gets a 10 for letting me replace him.
Twiggy Ramirez = 8
Rex = 10, especially since he gave me one of his basses.
Steve Harris = 8
Dave Ellefson = 6
Nikki Sixx = 10 for being the coolest bad ass ever.
Gene Simmons = 8
Geezer Butler = 8

6. What?s your best story of touring with Marilyn Manson?
I guess my best Manson-related story is when Manson came to our dressing room with a gift. It was a bottle of Absynth. (Absynth is that freaky drink that causes hallucinations).. its the stuff Salvador Dali used to drink when he created those bizzare paintings, and it’s also what Van Gogh was on when he cut his ear off. It’s banned in the US, but you can still get it in Europe. Anyway… Manson brought this to us, I don’t drink, but the other Disturbed guys did, and it turned them into a group of howling, yelling, singing freaks. That night on the bus, driving to the next city, they were singing this Machine Head song together, loud as hell, but replacing the lyrics with words about McDonalds. I don’t think they’ve been the same since.

7. How much was your biggest music related check for and what did you do with it?
$2,500. I’ve never received one giant check at once, so unfortunately, I don’t have a cool story for you.

8. For $200,000: 10 nude prostitutes stand in front of you. They?re all totally hot. The good news is 9 of them a disease free, but one of them has HIV. You must pick one of them to have unprotected sex with. You have a 10% chance of hooking up with the HIV chick, but a 90% chance of hooking up with a clean chick. For $200,000, would you do it?
HELL NO,, not for a Billion dollars.

9. Did you ever wish that Fuzz?s leg wouldn?t get better so he?d have to be kicked out of the band and you could replace him?
Hahah…. No!. I had a blast playing with Disturbed, but Fuzz is my friend. I’m glad he made a full recovery. He had shattered his heel bone, so he was in some pretty rough shape at the time.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.
Pamela Anderson = 10
Donna D?Errico = 9
Jenna Jameson = 10 J-dawg, you rock.
Carmen Electra = 10. (just met her last night, just as beautiful in person, and super-nice)
Heather Locklear = 8
Alyssa Milano = 9 (my friend is in love with her. If anyone knows her, please have her Email me so I can hook him up. Thank you, I appreciate it).
Kylie Bax = Not really sure what she looks like, Some playboy model? Must be a 10 then.
Sharon Osbourne = 15.
Kendra Jade = 10 my website is probably cooler than hers though.
Bobbie Brown = 10

11. What?s the best story Tommy has told you about Vince Neil, and don?t tell us he hasn?t told you a good story or two!
Tommy didn’t tell me this story,,, I experienced this one for myself…. I was standing on Sunset Blvd.. A limo pulls up to this club, Vince Neil gets out, but the valet tells him the lot is full and he can’t park his limo there. He was completely drunk out of his mind, and started screaming, telling the workers to go fuck themselves….. then from out of the blue, some guy in the crowd yells over to Vince, "Hey buddy, Go Shout at the Devil", and Vince just lost it and started screaming even more. Now THAT my friend, is entertainment!

Ozzy, Tommy, and Marty

12. What rock star deserves a bitch slap to the mouth and why?
The only rock star I’ve ever met that was completely rude and disrespectful was that singer for Living Color…. what’s his name… Corey Glover? Oh my god! What an asshole!!!!

13. Which do you prefer:
Stupify or Get Naked = Stupify
Signing a tit or signing an ass = Ass.
Korn or Limp Bizkit = Both.
McDonald?s or Wendy?s = Neither. It’s either In-N-Out Burger or Taco Bell for me.
Linkin Park or Papa Roach = Linkin Park
South Park or The Simpsons = The Simpsons!!!!!
Vince Neil or Mick Mars = Mick Mars. (Rock stars are always cooler when they don’t talk)
Massage parlors or strip clubs = Never been to a massage parlor.
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera = Christina Aguilera
Howard Stern or Tom Green = Howard Stern.

14. Which band did you get the most pussy in?
A. Kilgore
B. Methods Of Mayhem
C. Disturbed
Seems like everyone wanted to be my friend once I joined Methods of Mayhem.

1 5. Do you understand much of what Tommy Lee says?
Every single word.

16. What do you remember about playing or being in the following cities:
Philadelphia = Ozzfest 2000, Rex from Pantera gave me one of his Spector basses. (actually, the prototype for his signature series). A day to remember!!
Detroit = I’ve played small clubs, theaters, and huge arenas in Detroit, and no matter what, the crowds are amazing. Nothing but good memories from Detroit.
London = Played there many many times, LOVE it. One of my favorite cities to play. Have lots of friends there now. It’s more fun each time I go.
Rome = Standing in the Vatican, looking for the Pope,, couldn’t find him. Met Liam Neeson at the Vatican gift shop. How cool is that?,, I mean come on, the guy is a Jedi ! .. Seeing the Roman ruins, the colleseum, Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Pretending to be a Gladiator… the list goes on, such an amazing city.
Atlanta = 4th of July, Ozzfest 2000. Hanging out with all the Ozzfest bands after Ozzy’s set, watching the fireworks with Sharon Osbourne.
New York = Playing my first show with Kilgore at "Coney Island High". I had only been in the band for about 6 days, and had to learn all 19 songs for the set. My brain felt like mashed potatoes from learning too many songs in too little time.
Chicago = Hanging out with all the bands around the tour buses, until we were finally the last bus to leave the lot. Bad things, Very bad things went on that night.
Dallas = Ozzfest 2000, We played Dallas on the hottest day of the year, death was in the air. Night before, HUGE party at the strip club that Pantera owns. Complete madness.
Phoenix = The day Tommy found out he was off probation. To mark the celebration, our entire crew rushed him onstage during our show, and we all drenched him with gallons of beer.
Hollywood = Playing the Whisky a Go-Go for the first time with Kilgore in 1998.

17. Who’s the most overrated band today?
I guess that would be Creed. I mean.. they are a great band.. but over 10 million copies sold?? Good lord!!

18. Have you ever done the following:
Asked for an autograph from somebody in another band = The only time I do that is when my nephews ask me to get them.
Watched the Pam & Tommy porno = Yes,, parts of it. I think everyone on earth has seen that.
Smoked pot with Ozzy Osbourne = No, never. I actually don’t do any drugs.
Surfed = Just bodyboarding. Last time I did it though, in Hawaii, I got stung by a Portuguese-Manowar jellyfish. OUCH. I couldn’t move my legs for 20 minutes. Worst pain I have ever felt.
Caused damage to a hotel room = No, but does stealing the bath-robe count ?
Kicked a chick in the ass = Probably, but I’m sure I did no real damage.
Used a racial slur = No, but I will now….. "Kill Whitey"!!!!
Visited the red light district in Amsterdam = Yes. Just looked though. Amsterdam is SO incredible. I love it there. Been a movie extra = Not yet.. why?,, have some work for me?
Watched 2 chicks have sex in your dressing room = Hasn’t everyone?

19. Are you embarrassed when you tell people you play in Methods Of Mayhem?
Haha…. Of course not. I wouldn’t join a band that I was not proud of.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Pamela Anderson = My friends ex-wife. Nothing but respect.
Disturbed = 4 goofy guys from Chicago. South-Siiiiiiide!
Ozzy Osbourne = Where do I start?! It’s Ozzy were talking about! I’ve opened for Ozzy about 60 times, and I never get sick of watching his show.
Rob Zombie = Don’t know the guy, but he puts on a cool show.
Marilyn Manson = Doesn’t reply to my Emails, but I’m pretty sure he loves me.
Jay Berndt = Who ?
Kid Rock = Never met him, but he’s a bad-ass for sure.
Warrant = Was never a fan. I do like Cherry Pie though. (and I don’t mean the song)
Vince Neil = Never met the guy. Wasn’t he the singer for Warrant? (heh heh)
Tommy Lee = Drum God, friend, sensei, bandmate.

Thats all the dirt from me for now.. Now where’s my damn Metal Sludge T-Shirt??! Did I mention that I have a website !?? http://www.marty-obrien.com

Marty’s story about Vince Neil in question #11 is pretty classic and he gave us some good answers. Also look for Marty to be sporting a Metal Sludge shirt around town and maybe even on stage!

In case you don’t know, Marty has a website! You can find it at http://www.marty-obrien.com

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