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27 Questions With Jani Lane, 1/2/01



Jani Lane!
Warrant Singer Jani Lane

That’s right, Jani Lane! How did we pull this off?

We’re just that fucking good!

Actually, we noticed that Warrant was playing in Valparaiso, Indiana, on December 14, 2000, which is where our December Sludgeaholic Of The Month Jim Bob Dwarf lives. We emailed Jim Bob and asked him if he was going to the Warrant show and he said he was. Hell, what else is there to do in Valparaiso? So we sent him some questions and told him to try to get Jani to do 20 Questions. We really didn’t think it was going to happen, but figured we had nothing to lose. We wished him good luck and expected to never hear from him again after Warrant beat the fuck out of him.

However, that didn’t happen.

Somehow Jim Bob pulled it off and got Jani to answer all our questions! And believe it or not, Jani didn’t puss out on any of them.
Jim Bob said,
"He was totally cool and *brutally* honest. I’m not shitting you either… I have no idea how I pulled it off, but Caesar (the tour manager) and Jani were totally cool about it.
10 points to Caesar for endorsing it and telling Jani it was a good idea to do 20 Questions. I followed the van back to the band’s motel and did the interview right there in the Portage Super 8 with Jani, with the whole band and their street-team & entourage watching. Jani really was a good sport about it. He and the rest of the band, and their road manager, were very, very cool to me."

Jim Bob and Jani, 12/14/00

So picture Jim Bob sitting down at a table with Jani at a Super 8 motel, why the rest of the band and various fans watched. It was probably the biggest thing that has ever happened to Valparaiso, Indiana.

And a few days later, the tape and a CD-R of the interview was in our PO Box!

What you are about to read is the exact transcript of the interview. We didn’t leave anything out! Jani definitely gave us some interesting answers and said some things he hasn’t said before.

Jani’s answers are in yellow, Jim Bob’s comments are in white, and any crowd comments are in blue.


1. What is Warrant currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your tours, websites, albums, etc.
JANI LANE: I have nothing to do with the website. Eric runs that. Tours… that’s all we do.
Jim Bob: What’s your address, i
t’s www.warrantweb.net?
You know what, I have no idea.
Somebody else in the crowd. Yeah.
Jerry Dixon comes by: Is this for an interview?
Jim Bob: This is it. 20 Questions.
Jerry Dixon: Is this for Metal Sludge? What’s up dude?
Jim Bob: Nice to meet you.

Jerry Dixon: How you doin’ man? (Shakes Jim Bob’s dirty hand)

JANI: Getting ready to hopefully do a record with Spitfire.

2. If you could sing any one song beautifully and perfectly, which one would you pick and why?
(Long Pause)
That’s a very tough question. I don’t know. I like so many songs. I just think in general I’d like to sing ONE song beautifully and perfectly. There’s too many dimensions. I really listen to all different kinds of music. I listen to too many. There are a lot of songs. There’s no way I could possibly pick one.

3. What do you think about Napster and Metallica going after them?
I understand why Metallica’s going after them. I also understand why there’s a big "pro" for up-and-coming bands and Napster allows them recognition; some kind of… you know… what is the term here I’m looking for…help me out….
Jim Bob: Some kind of underground fan base or something.
Yeah. Recognition for what they’re doing. I think Napster really helps out the up-and-coming bands. Now a band like Metallica that’s plugged away for years and years and have hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars off their record sales and all of a sudden for Napster to say, "we’re going to sell your shit for free… and someone can download their songs and no one has to buy your record. You know, it kind of goes against everything the band aspired to and created for themselves. But on the other hand, they have so much fucking money, I don’t know what they’re so worried about. I guess that’s their issue.

4. What one Warrant song do you have no desire to ever sing live again?
Cherry Pie!
NOTE: That was said without a delay!


5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who totally sucks and 10 being somebody who is a God.
Bret Michaels = 4
Jizzy Pearl = 5
Vince Neil = Ok, I take that back, Jizzy Pearl 6, Vince Neil 5
Sebastian Bach = 7
Stevie Rachelle = Hmm, haven’t him enough to rate him… but he’s a nice guy. But I never really listened to Tuff. I’m sure he’s good.
Stephen Pearcy = 3
Ozzy Osbourne = 7
David Lee Roth = 7
David Brooks = David Brooks? (Jani laughs) Fucking double-zero loser motherfucker! Tell him to kiss my ass if he doesn’t like what I said about him! Actually, he’s pretty good. He’s got great range. David Brooks… 7!
Jesse Harte = That’s another person I never listened to.
Bruce Dickinson = 8
Ajay Popoff = Who’s that?
Jim Bob: Hell if I know!
Who’s Ajay Popoff?
Jim Bob: I have no idea! LOL
NOTE TO JANI: Ajay Popoff is the singer for LIT!!! You know, your buddies!
Butch Walker = Oh Butch from Marvelous 3?! That’s like an… 8 3/4… almost 9. I like Butch.
But what about like Billy Joel, Elton John, and Sting. And all the people I really really really admire likeRoger Daltrey and Robert Plant. What happened to all the 10’s? I was waiting for the 10’s. Paul McCartney… John
Lennon. 10! 10! Mick Jagger… 10! Alice Cooper… 9 1/2. Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks… 10! A lot has to do with attitude. 

6. Tell us your 5 Best and Worst Memories of Warrant
Best: – Long Pause. That’s so tough, there are so many.
But the 5 best were probably the first real tour we did, opening for Paul Stanley –
First real tour we headlined Blood, Sweat and Beers.
And the other 3 times…

The first 3 times I went out of the country – Japan – Europe – South America.
Those are the 5 best memories I could think of.
Because they were all exciting and new things.
Worst: – 5 worst? (Long Pause)
Uh, the 5 shows following the call from our manager saying that "Grunge has kicked in, your label is unhappy with you and you’ve got to scale down the clubs." Those first 5 shows were pretty tough.

Jim Bob: Number 7. (Clears his throat) Don’t hit me alright!? I’m an ambassador here! LOL

7. Why do you bum smokes off the fans when you could easily request a pack of cigarettes on the rider?
Actually, because no promoters…. (Talking to someone else) I can’t smoke that…can I have a regular cigarette and not a menthol? Anybody have a non menthol?
First of all, promoters refuse to give you cigarettes on riders anymore.
Jim Bob: Really?
Yeah, unless you’re like Rage Against The Machine and you’re making $200,000 a night playing a show. You don’t do that, it’s their way… morally, they have ground to stand on and on top of it they save money. So they don’t give you cigarettes. And second of all, I think it’s crowd participation, so I kind of like that interaction.
NOTE: Jani was asking for cigarettes during that question! How funny is that?

8. Other then Warrant, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Oooh… what one shouldn’t?! Ummm….God that’s tough… that’s really tough. That’s a very good question. Guys that came around a little bit earlier, you know likeVan Halen, and Aerosmith in the 70s… the Stones, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters… some of the guys in the 60s – they still get to do whatever they want to do. Also some of the singer-songwriters – Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Sting, those guys they get to play as long as they want, those guys can be in their 60s and retire whenever they want. For some reason with Hard Rock you have a limited time frame were you are allowed to play in. So… I don’t think anybody should HAVE to give it up. I think that the people that are wondering if they should give it up, should just not worry about it and not go to the fucking show. Let the people who want to go to the show go to the show.

Jim Bob: Number 9.
(Clears throat again) Again, don’t hit me, please.

9. Why do you apologize for writing the songs that brought you the most fame? Don’t you realize that people show up to hear "Heaven" and "Sometimes She Cries" and it pisses them off when you apologize for writing them?
(Pause) Personal question. All of those songs deal with personal reasons, and if you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of shit and 10 being a hottie.
Bobbie Brown = Oh man! Bullshit. That’s my ex-fucking wife! You have to have Ph.D. in Physics to figure out every position I’ve had that woman in. So how do I rate her? Oh God, you know she’s bagged on me so many times, I’m so tempted to bag on her right now. BUT… I won’t. I’ll be a gentleman. I actually think she’s a very, very beautiful woman. Just not the right chemistry for me. But we did make a wonderful child.

Susan Dixon = Honestly, never got close enough to Susan Dixon to really rate her. It was always one of those kind of hands-off band things.
Kendra Jade = Who the hell is that?
Jim Bob: Porn Star
Well give me a porn star I know.
I used to date Janine Lindemulder. So can I rate her?
Jim Bob: Sure
Bekka Bramlett = 10 and my soulmate 
Kathy Allen = oh… fucking 2
Kendra & Jani
Kendra Jade and Jani

Courtney Love = fuckin’ 2! Although Courtney just downloaded this thing about…you know, her own opinion about how…she wanted to explain how a band could get a million-dollar advance, and sell a million records and still get ripped off… AND I think she’s a halfway-decent actress. I don’t want to get into the fact whether she was involved in the death of Kurt Cobain or not because I have no idea and it’s all 2nd-3rd-4th hand information, so I would say just for the fact that I’m not attracted to her physically, but I think she’s probably got her shit together, I’d give her a 5.
Gerri Miller = I love Gerri. I’m not gonna rate her with a number.
Britney Spears = kill me… 9! In 2 years she’ll be a 10!
Sharise Neil = Ah Sharie Neil, wow… (Very long pause) Wow. How to answer that. Attractive woman, bad influence. I don’t know how to answer that. Was involved in the whole divorce thing. Uh, 5.
Kirsten Turner = Oh a 9!
Anna Marie DeSanto = Anna Marie…The photographer?! Uhm… Anna Marie is like my bud! I gotta give Anna Marie…. You want me to be honest here, right? I gotta compute physical appearance with personality. Intelligence… grace… a 7.
That’s it? Where’s Rebecca Ramon-Stamos? Where’s the fuck is… my god!

Jim Bob: They start getting nasty soon, so….
Crowd laughs

11. Do marriage vows mean anything to you?

Old ass Warrant flyer from 1987!
Old ass Warrant flyer form 1987

12. When was the last time you personally talked to your "good friends" in Lit?
About a month ago. Well, I talked to Jeremy a month ago.

13. How much have you had to drink today?
Umm… well, one half shot…. I would say… less than the crowd, but probably more than the guy that’s going to drive us to Des Moines.

14. Joey Allen addressed Warrant’s fans last year and said, Joey Allen can kiss my fucking ass!!!
"If you knew the real reason behind Stevens departure you wouldn’t feel so great about the band you continue to support." What exactly was Joey talking about? What was the real reason? Please explain.
About Steven? I was friends with Steven since high school. It just got to the point where musically, personally, and every other way, we just saw things in a different light, you know. He wanted to go one way, I wanted to go another, and we split. And that’s it.

15. What do you remember about the following years?
1980 = starving!
1984 = starving!
1986 = starving!
1988 = corvette!
1991 = Blood, Sweat, and Beers tour… one of the 10 biggest rock bands in the world. Thought that would last forever.
1994 = Realized that 1991 would not last forever.
1997 = Realized that touring was going to become a major part of my life.
2000 = Actually, kind of a crossroads. Trying to write for other artists and also doing the Warrant thing. Working on a couple of other projects. 2000 has been a very diverse year for me. You know, trying to figure out what I want to do in different places, where I want to live. Kind of sick of L.A., been out there for 16 years and tired of it. Want to move back to Akron, and just see what happens. I really can’t say. 2000’s not done yet, but I’m hoping it will end up a good year.

For 1997, can I add: Rehab.

16. Have you ever seen the inside of a gym?
Mm-hmm. I don’t know where he’s at now. I’m joking!
Jim Bob laughs as if that was funny.

17. Some people see you as a depressed person. Have you ever thought about suicide and have you ever been on Prozac?
Never been on Prozac. Have thought about suicide. Only because… put yourself in my shoes, do what I do for a living. See what it’s like. There’s a lot of pressure involved. You don’t have to be U2 to feel pressure.

18. Other than yourself, what rock star deserves a smack in the mouth?
I gotta say… Axl.
A lot of people will probably be pissed off at me for saying that, but give me a fucking break. And let me piss a few more people off and say John Lennon, because of Yoko. I’m sorry, but somebody needs to smack that guy and fuckin wake his ass up and say, "You’re the greatest band in the world. PLEASE don’t let Yoko break you up." We’re living in a great country. People have alot of guns here. There are shooting ranges. People practice every day. You can’t tell me that that motherfucker couldn’t have put just ONE bullet in her.
That was said in jest.

19. What’s up with you leaving in the middle of tours? Don’t you think that’s unprofessional? Many bands have toured just as long if not longer and they don’t run home. Why do you do that?
Uh… I left 3 or 4 tours… but usually right at the very end. And I think it’s probably burn-out. We also toured more than the average band. So if we were staying in the Ritz-Carlton and satelliting out of Dallas I think it’d be a little easier. I reached a point where I would tell our management and booking agents, "6 weeks I could do, 7 weeks you’re pushing it. 8 weeks… I made my quota. I can go home."

20. Joey Allen also said the following about your: "If any one would like to know why I have NO respect (what some people see as bitter) for Jani ask the 100 people/companies that were financially affected by his selfish ways when he ‘single handily caused a multi million dollar bankruptcy (what is commonly known as pulling a ‘Lane’)." How do you answer those comments? Is that true?
All I can say is… they went after me and not him. They went after the one with the deeper pockets. BUT – if Joey had written some of the songs, and had some sort of contributing factor creatively for the band, then he would’ve been responsible also. So, he can sit back and point the finger because nobody’s coming after him.
Jim Bob: So you are are the principle songwriter for all those tunes?
I’m not just the principle songwriter… I’m the only one.

21. How many times have you been in rehab and have you ever completed all the steps?
Once, and yes… all thirteen.

Warrant 200022. Since your job is to sing, don’t you think you should cut down on the chain smoking because it certainly ain’t helping your voice?
I don’t know. Ask Robert Plant or Freddy Mercury. Wait, Freddy Mercury’s dead.

23. Do you think Poison will ever want to take you guys out again, and do you have a question for our own Dr. Rockett?
Does that mean, like, take us out on a date? Or on a tour?
I don’t give a fuck!
Actually, I like Rikki. He’s a very creative guy. I don’t know who "Dr. Rockett" is, but I hope his clothing line is doing well.

24. Which of the following substances have you done and when was the last time you did them:
I’ve done ‘em all!!!
Pot: Yes!
Cocaine: Yes!
Crystal: Yes! NO! Well, only when it was slipped to me by Lars and Bazz in Toronto. I didn’t know that I was doing it. Actually that was Heroin! Crystal was like when I was 16.
I’ve done them all.
Heroin: Yes
Acid: Sure.
Ecstasy: Love it! But only "crunchy herbal ecstasy".
Mushrooms: Never done shrooms. But I’ve watched Erik and Jerry freaking on them.
GHB: Never.
Special K: Don’t know what that is.
Viagra: God no!

Jani & Bobbie
Jani & Bobbie

25. When we did 20 Questions with your ex-wife last Spring, she gave you a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 was a lame fuck and 10 was hot sex. So how does that make you feel?
She must’ve been numb!

26. Today is the first day of your 3 day tour. So how many times have you cheated on your wife already?

27. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Joey Allen = disgruntled employee.
Steven Sweet = disgruntled employee, but polite about it.
Josh Lewis = where is he now? I haven’t seen Josh in forever!
Dana Strum = Fuckin’ ASSH- err wait… (Long Pause) What can I say about Dana? Brilliant businessman, but buy a new pair of leather pants.
Nikki Sixx = Brilliant businessman, but buy a new pair of leather pants!
Phil Lewis = Limey bastard! But he gave me the absolute BEST cure for a sore throat that I’ve ever gotten. I’ve really got to take my hat off to Phil, he gave me like a secret cure about which I really can’t say. For when you’ve got to get through just one show.
Jim Bob: You’re not going to divulge that?
I don’t know what’s it called. It’s from England. It’s a weird mix of all these oils…

Vikki Foxx = Prettiest man I’ve ever met.
Fred Durst = Fred Durst?! Save your money!!!
Lit = My buds! I like Lit… alot… OC rock, cool band… and they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.
Nelly Aloun = Huh? I don’t know who that is?! I feel bad, because maybe I should. Everybody has a good side. I’m sure she does too. I hope Nelly’s a "she"!
NOTE: Nelly was a booker at the Country Club who booked a lot of Warrant’s early shows.
Richie Sambora = Very talented guitarist whom I went through a very bad period with. Back when I was dating Bekka… We were gonna start a war, then called a truce, and… I think he’s actually one of the more mature people in rock.
Tommy Lee = No comment.
Bekka Bramlett = Still is, was, and always will be my soulmate.
Bobbie Brown = She’ll get her check next week.
Howie Hubberman = Owes me money!
Obi Steinman = Oh, fuck! You had to ask that! (Long Pause) You know, the whole thing went well until then. Lets just say, umm… NO COMMENT!!!

So there you have it. Who would have thought we would get Jani?

Now let’s recap:
Jani didn’t know Warrant’s website address.
He doesn’t want to sing Cherry Pie anymore.
He doesn’t recognize the name Ajay Popoff yet claims to be buddies with Lit.
He doesn’t know who Kendra Jade is even though we have a picture of them together.
He dated "aka as fucked" Janine Lindemulder.
Bekke Bramlett is his soulmate.
Marriage vows mean nothing to Jani.
Joey Allen can kiss his fucking ass.
He’s tired of LA and would like to move back to Akron!
Jani isn’t a fan of Yoko Ono.
He left tours due to burnout.
He has thought about suicide.
Lars Ulrich and Sebastian Bach slipped him heroin!

We’ll give credit where credit is do. That was cool of Jani to do and he took the questions seriously. We’ve given him a lot of shit over the years, but for him to sit down and answer everything we wanted to know took some balls. Even if you don’t agree with his answers, at least he did it and gave his opinion. That’s all we ever ask.

Is this interview worthy of a Super Balls Award? We couldn’t decide, so we’ll let the Sludgeaholics vote on it in our Year End Awards which will be posted in a few days.

To find out more info on Warrant, you can go to www.warrantweb.net.

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