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20 Questions with Jeff Caughron, 2/17/04



Every Mother’s Nightmare Guitarist Jeff Caughron


Every Mother’s Nightmare was supposed to play our MSE 8 show on January 30th but they had to pull out at the last minute because their manager ripped them off. Regardless, we still did 20 Questions with their guitarist Jeff who’s a big Sludgeaholics and even posts on our Gossip Board. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit!

Just got off tour and recently been working on our website a lot. We just finished some new material that we are going to shop. There is some current interest in us at some bigger labels. Despite all that has happened to us recently with our "manager" and our money, we will be going back out on the road in February. All of our tour dates will be posted on our website at http://www.emnonline.net Download a few of our songs at our site.

2. Rick Ruhl mentioned in his 20 Questions that you visit Metal Sludge everyday. Is it safe to say you don’t have a life and how obsessed are you with us?

I visit every day. I stay pretty busy but I always have time to check out Sludge. Ya’ll rock.

3. Every Mother’s Nightmare has done some work with one of the world’s biggest record labels, Perris Records! How is Tom and what does he do for the band that you can’t do for yourself?

I guess we could do it for ourselves but at the time it was easier to have him do the distribution and to pay for the pressing of CDs. I don’t talk to him very much anymore. Tom is okay. He just doesn’t have a lot of money to really promote us. I just believe that we are not the right music for his label.

4. What rock band should call it a day and pack it in for good?

I’d probably say Kiss though I think anyone who isn’t having fun doing it anymore should quit. Just get on stage, turn your shit up and quit bitching.

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who couldn’t play a Poison song correctly and 10 being a virtuoso.

Snake Sabo = 8 Good style, good guy.

Ace Frehley = 4

Erik Turner = Don’t really know

Michael Angelo = 10 Not really my thing but good.

Jeff LaBar = 8

Eddie Van Halen = 10

Travis Hall = 10 He has a lot of soul in his playing.

Yngwie Malmsteen = 10

Tracii Guns = 8

Zakk Wylde = 10 The man

6. EMN is based out of Tennessee. What kind of good ‘ol boy shit do you guys do that the Hollywood or New York bands don’t? (besides fuck your sisters)

We shoot shit, catch fish, ride dirt bikes, and only fuck our half sisters (duh!)

7. Do you have any really good groupies stories, or are we assuming too much by thinking you might have groupies?

Me and my old singer had some strippers come down and told them to do each other and then we did them afterwards. They would do whatever we told them. That was a cool night. Talking about EMN though, our shows always bring out a lot of girls. Let’s just say we have had fun through the years. In the older days of EMN, there was a time in Little Rock where the first three rows were all girls with their shirts off. There are some real perks with being in a band.

8. Yes or no, has Jeff ever:

Kissed a girl after she sucked down a load of your liquid kids =
Not until she brushes her fucking teeth

Wanted to audition for Warrant = No

Had a finger in your ass = Yes, my own when I inserted a suppository.

Touched a penis other than your own = Hell no

Purchased a Girls Gone Wild video or DVD = Bummed it off a friend

Seen Enuff Z’Nuff in concert = No

Seen Metal Shop = No but want to

Had more than 10 people at Paladinos = Yes, Bridget the Midget opened up for us and as everyone knows she has an incredibly huge following.

Visited Graceland = Yes, when I was a kid. Took pics in some of his rides and that was pretty cool since they won’t let you do that now that I know of.

9. Here is a new question that you’ll be the first to answer. Please go take a look at our famous Exposed section and tell us who are by far the Top 3 most ridiculous Exposed photos in your opinion and why?

Kid Rock – look at that hair. Just like you said, a white Kid N Play.

Layne Stayley because you would never expect that one.

And the last one, Stevie Rachelle. I think he is a really cool dude and he even sent me a couple of Tuff CDs I requested but paint splatter, weights, and a bandana skirt? It must have worked though because he’s banged some of the best.

10. Which do you prefer and why:

Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie =
Paris Hilton. She’s much hotter but wouldn’t turn down Nicole. How about a Simple Life sandwich? They like Arkansas boys, right?

Roxy Blue or Roxy Music = Roxy Blue. Todd is a good friend.

Britny Fox or Britney Spears = Britney Spears. Definitely hotter.

Paul Gargano or Gerri Miller = Don’t care. Neither one do anything for me.

Tom Mathers or Jerry Mathers = Tom. We’ve gotten a few decent checks out of him.

Rikki Rockett or Riki Rachtmen = Rockett is still living it.

Strippers or Porn Stars = Both. Can’t choose. Haven’t gotten lucky with any porn stars though.

Firehouse or Firehose = Just hos will do.

Jack Black or Jack White = Jack Black. Jack White needs guitar lessons. How he ever made it in the Rolling Stone top guitarist list is beyond me.

LeAnn Rimes or Busta Rhymes = LeAnn for the ass and Busta for the hash.

11. Does Rick still get bombarded with the Sebastian Bach Jr. or Skid Row Lite comments?

I have heard the Skid Row Lite comment once but that’s about it. If someone said that to his face, he would probably bust them in the chops.

12. Of all the bands Every Mother’s Nightmare toured with who were the coolest and were the biggest dicks to deal with?

Skid Row was very cool to us. Most groups have actually been cool maybe that’s because we don’t put up with any bullshit. Jesse James Dupree was probably the least cool. He cuts down on the PA and the lights too much for the opening bands. Rick was actually going to take out a gas-powered weed eater on stage one night when EMN was opening just to get him back. On this past tour, we had a situation where the opening band was getting pissed because we were having trouble with the PA and taking a long time in our sound check. The PA was shutting down during every song we tried to play and there wasn’t anything we could do. Their drummer had the balls to tell us to "chop chop." The guy came really close to getting his ass beat.

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Axl Rose. He’s had so many chances to do something but blew it with that god awful Mtv performance and that bad weave with braids.

14. Being in Every Mother’s Nightmare certainly can’t pay the bills. What else do you do to make money?

I have an associate’s degree in Advanced Digital Electronics Technology and I have done that type of work before, but now I work at a blue print place because I can come and go for touring.

15. The last of Jeff Caughron

Last time you stopped into Perris Records =
2.5 years ago when we were recording Deeper Shade of Grey

Last rock star you shook hands with = Steven Adler

Last CD you bought = The Darkness. Wanted to see what the hype was about.

Last time you threw up from drinking = Over a year ago.

Last time you saw a Sludgeaholic from the stage = Meet them all the time on tour.

Last autograph you signed = December in Nashville on our last show of the tour.

Last time you broke a string live = For some reason I don’t really have this problem.

Last time you visited Metal Sludge = There is no last time. I visit all the time. Remember I’m obsessed.

Last movie you saw = Underworld

Last concert you saw = Toby Keith. Had some cool free skybox tickets.

16. Sludge math question. You’re going on tour for 6 weeks and have 24 packs of strings to use. You take 2 guitars, a main axe and a backup. The main axe gets changed every 3 days. You then change the back up once a week. How many spare packs will you have left?

A. 3 packs

B. 2 packs

C. 4 packs

D. 6 packs

What is C. 4 Packs, Alex?

17. Your manager recently ran off with your money and you were forced to cancel your MSE 8 appearance. How did that go down? How long did you know this guy and what’s his story? It’s not Dana Strum, is it?

No, it’s not Dana Strum. He was the brother of one of Jim Phipps’ (our drummer) friends. He had managed bands before and wanted to help us. We needed somebody to shop and get us on the road. He got us on one tour and at the end of it when it was time to pay us, he didn’t have the money at the time. He said the money was coming and we trusted him. He kept saying he was going to get the money to us on a certain day but when that day would come, he would say it would be another day. All he had to do was be straight up with us. He told me that he took Jim some money and deposited some in Troy’s account but both were lies. We then started finding out that he still owed money to the bus company, took the deposits from a few newly booked venues, and even money from a fan. Eventually he quit calling us and would only email. We will probably end up taking legal action. Supposedly he is sending the club deposits back and he claims he is still going to pay us but I guess I will believe it when I see it. It would sure make him look more decent if he did pay us off.

18. Rick has a thing he does by splashing the water jug all over on stage. Has he ever fucked up any of your gear and if so, did you consider shoving the jug up his ass for doing it?

Nah. It never gets on our gear. Somehow he manages to only get it on us.

19. Are you really every Mother’s nightmare? We would think somebody like Marilyn Manson or even a fat Vince Neil would really be every mother’s nightmare. What makes you guys give mothers’ nightmares?

We fuck their daughters and eat all of their mother’s food.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Cinderella =
Great band.

Tom Mathers = Good guy. Never done me wrong.

Jani Lane = Betty Ford and Jenny Craig. What happened?

Kid Rock = His new stuff sounds similar to our earlier stuff. Call me. Let’s tour.

Jesse James Dupree = He’s a redneck and actually made fun of my accent once. Shows how country I am.

Gene Simmons = Marketing genius.

Bret Michaels = Respect him for keeping it going.

Mark Slaughter = Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

Saliva = Long time friends. Hey, Wayne – Rick still wants his guitar back.

Rick Ruhl = Fearless. Like a brother.

Thanks for the opportunity and entertainment. See all of you Sludgettes and Sludgers on the boards.


That was a well written 20 Questions, especially considering Jeff is from Arkansas! Good to see that. For more info, you can visit http://www.emnonline.net

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