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20 Questions with Jason Miller, 4/6/04



Godhead’s Jason Miller

An interview with Jason Miller on Godhead’s website said that Metal Sludge was one of his favorite websites. Well then, who are we to deny a Sludgeaholic the opportunity to do 20 Questions? Since he said he was a fan, we just sent him the 20 Questions and like a good Sludgeaholic, he sent them back within hours and did a good job! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit!
OK well first of all let me say I LOVE your site! You guys make me laugh every day. But anyway, Godhead has an album out right now called "Evolver" that we are currently promoting and a new tour starts April 20th in the U.S. and Europe. I’ve also opened a new commercial recording studio in North Hollywood, CA called Central Command Studios (www.centralcommandstudios.com). Don’t worry though, most of our business will be ADR and voice-overs. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to open a music-only recording studio in THIS day and age! Also I have a song that I co-wrote with Ben Moody (formerly of Evanescence) on The Punisher soundtrack called "The End Has Come" that I sang lead vocals on. On the funnier side, I just sang and played guitar on a TV commercial for "Johnny Rockets" and also just sang on a TV commercial for "Nesquick."

2. Paul Gargano once referred to Godhead as this generation?s Beatles. Seriously now, just between us, what drugs do you think Paul was doing that day to actually compare Godhead to the Beatles?
As far as I know Paul doesn’t do drugs, but he was probably drunk out of his MIND when we wrote that. We ALL know Paul likes to throw A LOT of alcohol down his throat.

3. What?s the story behind you guys getting dropped from Marilyn Manson?s record label?
Well, it wasn’t that we got dropped, the label just folded. You see, when an artist "starts his own label" said artist never uses their OWN money, they use another major label’s money. In the case of Posthuman Records (Manson’s label) that major label was Priority Records. Unfortunately Priority was under the EMI blanket, and right after Virgin/EMI gave Mariah Carey $100 million and she promptly had a nervous breakdown, heads rolled everywhere. Priority Records went from 250 employees to 17. Ozzy’s label Divine Recordings had their funding pulled (two months before "The Osbournes" premiered…BRILLIANT move) and so did Posthuman Records. If you notice, we were the ONLY band ever signed to Posthuman. So: no more funding, no more label, no more Godhead on label. Lame.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Ratt. Aren’t there TWO? C’mon guys! Stephen Pearcy’s Ratt and then just Ratt?!?!? What the fuck? I always hated them anyway…with or without Stephen Pearcy. Round and Round the toilet bowl they should go, down to the sewers of retirement.

5. The last of Jason Miller:
Last time you had hair = over 8 years ago
Last CD you purchased = The Lord of The Rings soundtracks (news flash: I’m a nerd)
Last Cure song you learned = "Push"
Last movie you saw = Hellboy. Kinda lame.
Last voiceover you did = played a gang leader in the sci-fi cartoon "Texhnolyze"
Last concert you saw from the crowd = Static-X
Last strip club you visited = Cheetah’s
Last time you got a sunburn = A LONG time ago. I wear SPF 50 when I go out.
Last time you threw up = 5 minutes ago over the excitement of doing this interview!
Last 80s hairband CD you listened to = Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force: Oddessy

6. It?s on Godhead?s website that we?re one of your favorite sites. So then what ?hairbands? do you enjoy and how great are we in general?
OK well there was a period in my life (before I discovered the Cure of course) when hairbands were ALL I listened to. At one point Dokken was my favorite band. I used to figure out Britney Fox basslines. I taught myself how to play "Gypsy Road" by Cinderella. I ATTENDED A POISON CONCERT!!! Then all of a sudden I got really sad and depressed all the time and started wearing black and my hairband days were gone. Sigh. Then 15 years later C.C. DeVille is at my house at a party and he’s the last one to leave and I’m thinking: I used to have this guy’s picture all over my wall and now he won’t leave my house unless he can take 4 beers with him! You guys are great because you tell it like it is and you remind me of my TRUE hairband roots.

7. You once said, ?Well to teach myself guitar I used to figure out entire Cure albums.? Don?t you think it probably would have been better to learn entire Crue records instead of Cure records?
I was never down with Motley Crue. I think the main reason was Vince Neil’s voice. Nikki Sixx is one hell of a songwriter but Vince Neil’s voice drives me CRAZY! ARGH! I can hear the high note go sharp right now on "Highwire." I can FEEL the piercing chill of his ‘vocal stylings’ on "Too Young to Fall in Love" and I want to kill myself.

8. Since you are a Cure fan, do you think gay couples should be allowed to be married?
Damn you really hate the Cure, huh? Yes they should. Arnold be DAMNED!

9. Ever just wanna grow your hair out?

10. Which do you prefer and why:
Cinnamon Poptarts or Strawberry Poptarts = Cinnamon. Strawberry is just too fruity. I’m fruity ENOUGH, thank you!
Warrant or Winger = Warrant. "Heaven" still makes me cry. It really ISN’T too far away, is it?
Nu-metal guys bitching about their parents or Emo guys bitching about their girlfriends = Ooh that’s a tough one. Both?
Murderdolls or Slipknot = Murderdolls.
Maxim or Stuff = Maxim.
Static-X or Powerman 5000 = Static-X
Kelly Osbourne or Jack Osbourne = Jack
David Bowie or David Lee Roth = Bowie. Roth lost it a LONG time ago and you have to admit Bowie’s still got it man.
South Park or Beavis & Butthead = There NEEDS to be another Beavis and Butthead movie!
Pink Floyd or Pink = Pink Floyd the barber

11. You?ve done some acting here and there. What exactly have you done and what?s the story with ?Hellsing? and ?Ready or Die??
Those were both cartoons. I was recently in my first film called ‘El Charro’ which will be coming out in October. I played a half-retared albino, so it wasn’t much of a stretch.

12. You?ve also done voice over work for cartoons and commercials. What are some of things you?ve done?
As far as cartoon’s go the biggest thing I’ve done so far is a cartoon called "Daigunder" for Disney which airs on the ABC Family channel. It’s pretty much like Pokemon but with robots instead. I’ve composed music, sung on or done voice-overs for Pop Tarts, Jeep, Johnny Rockets, Nesquick, Kawasaki and trailers for "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
I’ll go with an obvious one and say Axl Rose. Dude, SNAP OUT OF IT! Stop getting plastic surgery, wearing Jerry Rice jerseys and cancelling shows. Get over yourself. And stop calling yourself Guns-n-Roses. It’s just YOU. The asshole with the bad hairweave.

14. What are your thoughts on the FCC and all that bullshit that?s going on now?
It’s horrible. The Bush administration is taking our freedom away from us more and more everyday, and we all just sit back and eat his shit. We need to grab the oars of justice and right this ship before we plummet off the waterfall of censorship. John Kerry for President!

15. Yes or no, has Jason Miller ever:
Dated a bald chick = No
Wanted to be a member of the Blue Man Group = Haha. No
Regretted a tattoo = Just one…
Had dinner with Paul Gargano = Yes and Obi Stienman was there too!
Shaved another guy?s head = Yes…but it’s not what you are thinking, really….
Been mistaken for somebody being in The Matrix = No, but I get called Power a lot.
Worn a wig = Yes for fun.
Ever said, ?Hi, may I take your order? = No but I did co-manage a hip hop clothing store in Washington, DC!
Considered suicide = Yes. A lot. Thanks for reminding me…I just considered it again.
Been able to wiggle your ears = Of course!

16. What bands have given you the least amount of respect so far?
Most bands have given us a lot of respect after they hear us play, but apparently the singer of Ill Nino didn’t want us on tour with them because he hates our music. Also I hear Edsel Dope talks a lot of shit about us behind our backs, but he’s always been nice to me in person so who knows? You and I BOTH know that Edsel NEVER talks shit, right?

17. You just did a song with Ben Moody, formerly of Evanescence. How much of pain in the ass is that guy?
He’s not a pain at all! We work really well together and he’s a great guy. He LOVES metal too, you guys should interview him. He HIRED Metal Shop/Metal Skool to play his birthday party! How cool is THAT?!

18. Rate the following bald guys on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a somebody who looks rather ridiculous bald and 10 being somebody who sports it well.
Dave Draiman = 9
Stone Cold Steve Austin = 10
Billy Corgan = 5
Scott Ian = 8
Fred Durst = 4
Aaron Lewis = 3
Rob Halford = 10
Chester Bennington = 6
John Bush = 6
Bret Michaels = He’s bald now?

19. You guys are going out with Orgy. Is this like the ?15 Minutes Of Fame? tour or something? Are State Fairs next?
Haha! Yeah man! Actually I think we need to add Dishwalla and Harvey Danger to the tour too!

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Poison = They don’t need nuthin’ but a good time. How can ANYONE resist?
Alice Cooper = Hear he’s a great golfer and a born again Christian but he’s still doing his full show like back in the day. How does THAT work?
W.A.S.P. = Blackie. He fucks like a beast. Can’t fuck with that statement. Unless you are a beast I guess.
Nikki Sixx = Great songwriter. Worked with an annoying singer for FAR too long.
The Darkness = I like the dark. I like to cover my windows and cry in the darkness of my cold, black room.
Warren Croyle = Great producer, drinks like a fish.
Trent Reznor = Genius, but takes too long to put out records. Pretty soon people will stop caring if he doesn’t hurry up. Don’t pull an Axl!
Gene Simmons = Marketing 101
George W. Bush = Reminds me of the stupidest roadie we ever had. The roadie was much smarter than W though.
Marilyn Manson = Spooky

Jason admitting to learning Britny Fox basslines is almost as good as Wednesday 13 admitting he was in the Tuff Fan Club! Congratulations to Jason for reaching the peak of his career with these 20 Questions!

For more info on Godhead, you can visit www.Godhead.com.

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