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20 Questions with Kingofthehill’s Frankie, 6/15/04



Ex-Kingofthehill Singer Frankie


Kingofthehill was a band that released their first CD in 1991 and had very minor hits with the songs "I Do U" and "If I Say." Kingofthehill had a more funky edge to them the typical hairbands and their lead singer Frankie often got compared to David Lee Roth. And while never becoming a huge band, or even a medium sized band, we’ve gotten plenty of emails over the years asking what happened to them and their singer Frankie. Well for those of you asking, here are your answers! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? Get your plugs out of the way now so we can get down to business.

ive been fronting a band called dr zhivegas, a 10 pc funk, dance coverband that tours the midwest club/college and corporate circuits drzhivegas.com…working on a new collection of jams

2. Originally, Kingofthehill was called Broken Toyz but you guys had to change the name for legal reasons. What happened, and do you think the name change helped or hindered your success as a band?

someone else had it registered but at the time there was dangerous toys,z toyz,about a dozen misspelled toyz bands so we changed it and put some names in a hat and that was that. people talked more about the running of the letters together than the name i dont think it made a difference unless u were just learning how 2 read

3. Kingofthehill released their one and only CD in 1991. A follow-up was recorded, but your label dropped you before it could be released. What ever happened to this mythical second Kingofthehill album, and do you think it will ever see the light of day in the form of an official release?

the mythical koth 2 record was going to be put out by sony but sbk wanted too much to release the masters (they had to try to recoup the ferris wheel costs, u know) so we went in the studio and cut an ep ourselves, which is still the best stuff we ever did (no producer cheesing us out ,no label asking us 2 write t shirt slogans) and together they sit in my studio vault wondering "as do u" if they will ever be released

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

any of those bands still touring with only one original member left or the original techs cousin-in law fronting

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who sounds like they gargle roofing nails, and 10 being someone with a wicked-assed set of pipes.

Bret Michaels =

Jani Lane = 2

Mike Tramp = 1

Vince Neil = 6

Stevie Rachelle =3

Alice Cooper = 5

Marq Torien = 3

Sammy Hagar = 8… rating only the voice, not the songs

Mike Matijevic =who?

Paul Stanley = 6

6. We heard you don’t like to hang around after your shows very much, and, like a huge rock star, you usually do your best to get the hell out of the venue after your performance. What gives?

i dont enjoy the extra attention and talking about my hair isnt on my favorite things 2 do list

7. We understand you co-own a nightclub in St. Louis. What’s the most whacked thing you’ve ever seen a patron do, and have you ever had to throw someone out yourself for being a complete ass?

a woman pee out the door… i have people that do that 4 me

8. Of all the bands Kingofthehill toured with, which one was the coolest to work with, and which one was the biggest group of jackasses you’ve ever met?

extreme was the coolest they gave us a great opportunity, steelheart the worst… actually the band and crew were fine but that singer was a tool

9. Dr. Zhivegas used to have a 3-song maxi-single called "People" for sale on your Web site, but now it’s nowhere to be found. How many copies of that did you go through, and any plans to record a full-length CD of Dr. Zhivegas originals?

a few thousand, good question

10. Rank the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of pig urine, and 10 being a finely etched crystal glass of Krug’s Clos du Mesnil (that’s, like, a really expensive Champagne).

Shakira =

Kylie Minogue =7

Gwenyth Paltrow = 3

Salma Hayek = 9

Hillary Duff = 5

Britney Spears = 8

Halle Berry =9

Jennifer Aniston = 6

Pamela Anderson = 9

Chaka Khan = 3

11. What are the other members of Kingofthehill doing and do you ever talk to any of them?george and jimmy are jamming in a few different projects,vito is married and started a family… i just got onstage for the 1st time in years with them a few months ago sans george at a friends birthday jam…goodtimes

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

the idiot in smashmouth ,but hes not even a rockstar, so how about lars ulrich just because it seems like his parents never did

13. Of the following, which do you prefer and why?

Outkast or Black Eyed Peas =
outkast…the p funk influences

"Freak Show" or "Roses" = freakshow…roses sounds like a bad jovi b side

The Central West End or The Hill = the hill…more chill

Earth Wind & Fire or the Commodores = ewf…better horn lines

Budweiser or Schlafly = bud,…they pay better

Happy Days or Laverne & Shirley = who cares

Big hats or giant belt buckles = belt buckles…because its the only thing that boxers,wrestlers or country guys have in common

Jefferson City or Cape Girardeau =again i say who cares though the crowds in cape are better

Trixter or Tuff = tuff…old school scrappers they just refuse to die …after the nuclear bombs clear the earth there will be cher,those little powdered donuts and tuff who will be releasing a new cd

The Simpsons or King of the Hill = simpsons… we should of sued

14. In your opinion, who’s the most overrated band today?

any one of a number of "the saviors of rock and roll" variety there seems 2 be these days

15. Yes or no, has Frankie ever:

Gone to Hollywood =

Met Bootsy Collins = yes

Flown in a helicopter = yes

Wanted to audition for an 80?s hairband = no

Told a club owner to fuck off = yes

Barfed in the Mississippi River = no

Visited Mark Twain’s boyhood home = ?

Bought a controlled substance in East St. Louis = no

Considered hanging yourself from the Gateway Arch = yes

Touched another man’s penis = no

16. Magazines were saying at one time that they thought you might be the next David Lee Roth. What exactly went wrong?

if i had the answer to that one, id be a very rich man

17. Last of Frankie:

Last concert you watched from the audience =

Last celebrity you shook hands with = the temptations

Last book you read = "gonna do great things" the life of sammy davis jr

Last movie you saw in the theatre = the passion

Last new song you heard on the radio that you really dug = overnight celebrity

Last car you considered buying, but didn’t = a caddi

Last original song you performed live = beautiful one

Last time someone called you "Whitey Cheeser" = u mean "whitey cheeseman"? …the last time i looked in the mirror

Last time you had a party in your pocket = this morning

Last time you talked to George Potsos = about a month ago

18. What was up with that little moustache thing you had going on?

handlers afraid to tell me i looked like an idiot

19. We heard that you were recording a solo album that was supposed to be "nearing completion" well over a year ago. What’s the holdup? And at this point, do you really think the world needs a Frankie solo album?

does the world need me to answer these questions, no…but i do it anyway

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Jimmy Griffin =
the real deal

Paul Chickey = smart guy, great pocket

Gene Simmons = nice enough guy

Cubby Smith = solid

Rob Schlette = ?…sounds like an engineer i worked with if this is him he was good

David Lee Roth = the godfather

Howard Benson = always lands on his feet

Ted Nugent = great gonzos

Vito Bono = hilarious

Prince = genius


Thanks to Frankie for sending out some new photos and taking the time to let us know what he’s been up to.

To see what Frankie’s band Dr. Zhivegas is all about, you can visit www.DrZhivegas.com!

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