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3-Wind With Kevin DuBrow, 8/12/03



Quiet Riot Singer Kevin DuBrow

It’s Tuesday and you’re saying, "where’s 20 Questions?" Well in case you never noticed, our Rewinds and 3-Winds generally have 20 questions, so guess what? We’re doing a 3-Wind today instead of "20 Questions" but you still get 20 questions anyway, so shut the fuck up.

We first talked to Kevin DuBrow and did 20 Questions on July 18, 2000.

Then we did his Rewind, almost exactly a year to the date later on July 19, 2001.

Now it’s August 11th, and we have here our 3-Wind here with Kevin! He’s never been one to hold back and this 3-Wind is no different! Enjoy!

1. What are you up to?

QUIET RIOT continues to tour with the ‘Metal Health’ line-up doing between 150-200 shows a year. We have our first concert DVD/ Live album about to come out called QUIET RIOT- "Live in the 21’st Century, 20 years of Metal Health" which after several delays from the distributors will be released on October 1. We have a great new website www.quietriotforce.com. Our Drummer Frankie Banali also has a new website, www.frankiebanali.com. Also I am a sometime contributor to what I feel is the best Randy Rhoads website called "The Day The Music Died" at http://www.flash.net/~ulknatme/index.html

2. You live in Vegas and so does Vince Neil and your favorite rock star, Dana Strum. Ever run into Vince at a buffet or Dana at a porn shop, or shit like that?

I see Vince every once in a while at The Palms hotel and I have gotten up and jammed with him and his band a few times here in Vegas. I find Vince to be very cool, funny, and is always a gentleman to me. As far as Dana goes yes he’s in the porno shops, in the section of Fake Dicks!

Vince Neil & Kevin DuBrow at The Palm

3. What is the single most important thing to Kevin DuBrow as of today?

The same thing that’s always been important, being happy. It’s a lot easier to say then to do! I’m still very happy doing what I do for a living and like to think I’m doing it better than ever.

4. VH-1 put Quiet Riot on their list of the top 100 one-hit wonders. Do you consider Quiet Riot a one-hit wonder?

Of course not. "Cum On Feel The Noize" went to #5. "Bang Your Head" went to # 31 . "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" went to # 51 .

5. Rate the following loudmouths on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who isn?t obnoxious at all and 10 being Kevin DuBrow in the 80s.

Fred Durst =
Being that I have never heard this guy sing or talk, I can’t say. But if he indeed did do Britney Spears, right fucking on Fred!!

David Lee Roth = Dave is an old friend and we come from a similar school of thought. At this point in my life I’m probably better at self-editing.

Nikki Sixx = I’d love to see QUIET RIOT open for Motley Crue on a reunion tour, but for some reason Nikki seems to have a problem with me. Considering his great success I still can’t figure out why.

C.C. DeVille = I love this guy. I can’t say enough good things about him or the rest of Poison. Loudmouth? Yeah and that’s one of the things that makes him so great.

Chris Robinson = 10+ As a person I’ve only seen in interviews he seems unreasonably self- important. How he compares himself to real singers like Steve Marriott or Rod Stewart I cannot understand. Getting Jimmy Page to play with him as vocalist is way beyond my comprehension.

Dana Strum = You know, Dana is usually so busy hiding from people who want to kick his ass that you really can’t call him a loudmouth. He doesn’t have the balls to mouth off to anyone to their face, so he tries to get other people to do it for him.

Sebastian Bach = I really like Sebastian but he seems to have a knack for getting himself in trouble. Sounds familiar, eh?

Gene Simmons = I respect Gene very much, but for God sakes he tried to hit on my girlfriend right in front of me! I know he has a big tongue but it seems he has balls to match.

Don Dokken = Don has always been polite and respectful to me in spite of what I read.

Jani Lane =A rather unpleasant person. I wouldn’t call him a loudmouth, more so a seemingly miserable person.

6. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical career?

High points 1. Playing with Randy Rhoads. 2. Jamming with Steve Marriott. 3. Becoming good friends with the best singer on the planet, Glenn Hughes.

Low Points 1. The death of Randy Rhoads. 2. Working with Spencer Proffer AKA Satan. 3. The death of Steve Marriott .

7. Which do you prefer:

Mandalay Bay or Hard Rock Casino =
Mandalay Bay, they have better restaurants.

Cheetah patterned pants or Zebra patterned pants = Cheetah

Siegfried or Roy = Boy that’s real toss up, having to pick between two 70+ year old gay guys.

Caesar’s Palace or MGM = I love Caesar’s but MGM has my favorite restaurants, Emeril’s and Coyote Grill.

Blackjack or Craps = Don’t know how to play either. Gambling is one of the only vices I managed to avoid.

Wayne Newton or Juice Newton = I’ll have to go with Wayne here. Juice has been squeezed out.

Topless bars or full nude bars = I always prefer full nude but they’re not always at the best part of town. I say "Show me the pink" (Just so long as it’s not that nasty-ass, stoned out "get this party started" chick.)

8. Nikki Sixx auditioned for Quiet Riot way back when Randy Rhoads was still in the band. What do you remember about Nikki and what songs did you guys jam?

I remember Nikki looked great but hadn’t yet mastered the instrument. He was a really nice guy with a great attitude and very innocent at the time. Randy tried to teach him a song called "Killer Girls". Randy told him it was in the key of F and Nikki says "Where’s F?" Obviously he’s no slouch on the Bass these days and has written some nice Bass parts.

9. You share your birthday with Winona Ryder. Have you ever shoplifted anything before or been hooked on heroin?

As a kid I stole some comic books but that’s it. Heroin? Never. I hate needles and vomiting.

Kevin with Randy Rhoads at The Whisky, 1979.

10. Give us a memory about writing or recording the following songs:

Bang Your Head (Metal Health) =
I was going to produce Carlos’ band called SNOW as they were about to break up. Frankie suggested we hire Carlos for QUIET RIOT and Randy Rhoads agreed. I remembered a song they had called "No More Booze" that had a great guitar riff for the chorus but the rest of the song was crap. He showed it to me on guitar, I wrote the verse, lyrics and Frankie arranged it and it really came together.

Slick Black Cadillac = In 1977 Randy Rhoads was complaining that our songs were getting too simple. So I wrote something with a shitload of chord changes and three modulations.

Sign Of The Times = Carlos had this chord pattern and I remember seeing the title on a Holiday Inn sign in the 80’s.

Rock The House = If it were 1984 this would have been huge! I wrote this at home using all the new computer software that I had gotten. I wrote it on my own, called Frankie and he edited my ideas.

Don?t Know What I Want = In my opinion the best thing QUIET RIOT has ever recorded and the best song I’ve ever written. The drum track is amazing, the lyrics really mean something and I love the guitar solo and sound.

Put Up Or Shut Up = I really don’t remember much about this except we were trying to do AC/DC.

Trouble = Written about a girl who was threatening me with legal problems in the 70’s

Don?t Wanna Let You Go =This was a song Carlos had in SNOW that we only changed the words. Even the title stayed the same.

Wild And The Young = Spencer "Piece O’ Shit" Proffer insisted we do this. I never really cared for it but it worked live (for a while). Sometimes songs take on a life of their own and this one has a life I don’t want to hang out with anymore.

Alive And Well = I wrote most of this when QUIET RIOT was doing the album with Paul Shortino. The original title was "Meet The Beat." While working with Rudy for the first time in many years I revisited this and Carlos added a number of nice parts. I then changed the title.

11. What was the biggest check you’ve received from the music business and what did you buy with it?

I think the biggest single check was for about $250,000. Considering how many records we sold, that’s peanuts. I already had a Corvette so I bought a 1956 T-Bird and a house.

12. Last of Kevin DuBrow:

Last CD you purchased =
Glenn Hughes "The Return Of Crystal Karma" and Type O Negative’s latest.

Last concert you saw = Glenn Hughes at The Coach House, San Juan Capastrano.

Last concert you were backstage at = QUIET RIOT, Football hall of fame, Canton, OH.

Last time you had a fight with a band member = We never "fight" per se, we just agree to disagree.

Last song you wrote ="Partners In Crime" for the next album.

Last time you wore a ‘Members Only’ jacket = I thought only Jeffery Dahmer wore those!

Last car you leased = I own, don’t lease….

Last time you punched somebody in the mouth =Never had a reason to.

Last fast food drive-thru you hit = Port O’ Subs

Last time someone threatened to sue you =Only on days ending with a "Y"

13. Are you happy with the sales of ?Guilty Pleasures?

I would have loved to have seen it sell more, a lot more. It had some of my best songs on it. Having said that, I think if we released "Metal Health" today it wouldn’t sell dick! The business and the audience has changed. So has radio. (For the worse)

14. What?s the best story you?ve heard about yourself that you don?t remember doing?

You’d have to get a bigger bandwidth just to compile that much data…

Steve Marriott with Kevin DuBrow

15. Yes or no, has Kevin DuBrow ever:

Punched a prostitute in the face =
Well, I came on her face, but I blew a really big load so it might have hurt. Does that count?

Visited a brothel = Once in South America and they tried to make me pay twice!

Considered publishing your memoirs =Yes, but I don’t think anyone would buy them.

Stolen a newspaper from a neighbor’s doorstep = No.

Used a music stand to remember song lyrics =On stage? No. At the volume we play at, if I forget the words I just mumble and no one seems to notice.

Seen Frankie Banali do sit-ups in the last 5 years = Frankie has lost a lot of weight (See photo at right) and looks and feels great. He can sit up, sit down or do whatever the fuck he wants. He’s healthy and happy, and that’s all that matters.

Tried to find Itchycoo Park on a map = Somewhere in London………

Exposed yourself in a nursing home =Who told you?

Gotten a tapeworm = No but I got a double hernia from working out so much after the Poison tour.

Jacked off in a port-a-potty = Every chance I get. The smell drives me wild!

Prank called Rudy Sarzo = Thought about it but I don’t speak Spanish.

Shaved your nutsack = Many people don’t realize that Quiet Riot had a huge hit in Romania with a song called "Nutsack City Limits". As part of the show I display my nutsack, so good grooming is important.

16. Who are the top three biggest bull shitters in rock n’ roll?

1. Gregg Guffria another Vegas resident has made a very profitable career out of it. Very clever and funny guy. 2. Dana Strumm, go figure….3. Pretty much the entire industry. It’s a business made up of people earning a living ripping off artists.


17. What happened to QuietRiotOnline.com? One day it was there, the next it wasn’t. What gives?

The guy running it was about to start a family and really didn’t have the time to devote to it anymore. Also, the unmoderated message boards were out of control. A couple of Sludgeaholics, Jen and Dragen had their own QUIET RIOT website that looked great so we made that our official/unofficial website www.quietriotforce.com

18. Does it ever get old getting up on stage and singing ?Metal Health? for the millionth time while in front of 200 people?

No, I happen to like that song. Two hundred people one day, 7 thousand last Saturday in Canton, OH, 5 thousand in Elko, NV and 20 thousand in Allegan, MI a few months ago. It all adds up. "Feel the Noize" I could live without.

19. Quiet Riot went directly from their big success to staying at HoJo’s and playing clubs to small audiences before the 80s were halfway over. How does it feel to have been such a trendsetter amongst your peers, years ahead of your time?

It’s great to be recognized for so many firsts, and it’s surprising to see how many have followed our footsteps so quickly.



20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. You know how this goes:

Obi Steinman =
Always trying to put his nose, hands or whatever where they don’t belong.

Craig Williams = My former morning radio show sidekick. He turned out to be a real piece of work, uh, I mean shit. A real snake who only has a job because he blackmails the General Manager.

Gene Simmons =You gotta respect a guy who gets that much pussy with a face that makes me look like Brad Pitt.

Chuck Wright = Amazing Bass Player, Great musician, longtime friend.

Vince Neil = A really good guy who seems to know how to have a good time. Hey Vinnie, we’re available next summer………..

Drew Forsythe =Moved on to other things.

Blackie Lawless =He likes Frankie and that’s good enough for me!

Kenny McGee = Another snake. Dig around the grass and they are eveywhere!

Steve Marriott =My biggest influence and the all time greatest rock singer, ever, hands down.

Don Dokken = Nice to me, should smile more :)

Carlos Cavazo =One of the easiest people to work with. Very funny, not very motivated but in a band with me and Frankie, I’m not sure there would be room.

Thanks to Kevin for all the Sludge Love he’s given us over the years!

For more info on Quiet Riot, you can visit their website, which is run by two Sludgettes Of The Month, at www.QuietRiotForce.com!

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