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3-Wind With The Blue Meanie, 8/4/03



The Blue Meanie

We first did 20 Questions with The Blue Meanie back on December 7, 1999, when he was in the WWF.
Then we did his Rewind on November 16, 2000, when he was in ECW.
Now it’s 3 years later, the WWF is now the WWE, ECW doesn’t exist, and The Blue Meanie has his own wrestling promotion! And here to tell us about that and more is The Blue Meanie!

1. What are you currently up to?
Right now Jasmin and I co own 3PW, Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling. We run wrestling events once a month out of The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. We book the shows along with our good friend Tod Gordon (ECW creator).

Along with the co promoting the shows, I do the graphics for our website. I write the press releases. I design, print and cut the flyers. When we first started at the old ECW arena I designed, printed, cut and numbered all of our tickets lol. Plus on top of that I wrestle on the shows. So I wear a couple different hats in the promotion. I have been pretty busy since the Rewind I did a while back. I went from being a wrestler to promoter/wrestler and it’s WHOLE other ball of wax.

On top of running shows we have also signed a national distribution deal for home video and DVD with DG Distribution. Our first DVD "Blood! Brawls! and Broads!" is available on amazon.com and at the Musicland chain of stores. Our 2nd national DVD/video "Recipe For Disaster" will be available in August. For our previous videos you can click the video link at 3PWrestling.com

2. When somebody asks you what you do for a living, what exactly do you tell them?
For the most part I still get recognized. Hard for me to not get recognized with the blue hair lol. As I type this I have done my hair black. I figured if Pink (fellow Philadelphian *BIG POP*) could do the color change and get away with it. Why not?

3. Lets say Vince McMahon calls you and says you’re head booker with total power over both Smackdown and Raw. What are the first 5 things you would do for each show?
1. Get rid of all the Hollywood TV writers they have hired. Just because they wrote for the TV show "Friends" doesn’t mean a thing. If they were never a fan of wrestling or know nothing about the business to begin with they’re useless There’s a difference in writing for a show that is mostly filled with canned laughter and writing for wrestling which has thousands of fans in the audience. The only people who can write a decent wrestling show are people who have "been there and done that." When you have the outsiders over riding the people who know what they’re doing, you are destined for failure. You don’t see Paul Gargano managing Beau………OK bad example…….let’s see……………oh OK…….you don’t see Steve Austin coaching the New York Knicks do you? Why? Because he’s a wrestler, NOT a basketball player!!!

2. I would scrap the brand extension (for the non wrestling fans reading WWE went and split the company into two separate entities One being the RAW show and the other being for the show Smackdown). It’s a money losing proposition now that ratings and attendance are down now. With brand extension you are running an extra house show a night with means renting an extra arena, paying for extra airfare and paying another set of ring crew and wrestlers. That’s extra money going down the drain when the well is running low.

During the 1980s boom period you could get away with running three towns a night because fans were going buy tickets just because it was wrestling. The WWF would run "A" shows, "B" shows and "C" shows in different parts of the country on the same night and it would sell out. These days the WWE would be lucky to get 7,000 people in a 20,000 seat arena without papering (comp tickets).

3. Moral in the WWE locker room right now is the drizzling shits. There are guys who have been loyal for years who are feeling pretty fucking betrayed when the WWE flushes a huge chunk of change on the likes of Goldberg and they are wondering where their turn is. For every big money bomb like Goldberg you do away with, you have a young crew that is starving to get their opportunity. Which leads to……………

4. Start utilizing the undercard. I would still use Austin, Taker, and HHH but I would also start bringing guys like Jericho, Booker T, RVD up to the next level. They had a period when they were white hot, the fans wanted them but out of spite they were never utilized because they were stars from WCW and ECW. Now is the time to put them up a notch, start bringing up the fresh faces from the developmental leagues and put the focus strictly on the talent instead of the owners, management, and creative staff.

It might sound hypocritical for me to say "put the focus strictly on the talent instead of the owners, management, and creative staff" when Jas, Tod and I are on the 3PW shows. But we don’t put ourselves as the focal point of the shows. I wrestle on the shows and for the most part I have lost more matches than I have won. Jas the T&A segments and she’s doing a deal where Tod is her "sugar daddy" which a show to show deal. We are just the spokes in the wheel without being the entire wheel itself.

5. Change the name of the company. World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT sounds weak. Before it was the World Wrestling Federation it was the World Wide Wrestling Federation. Why not got back to being the W.W.W.F? I guess that would too much sense. Everyone knows it’s entertainment but when you put the emphasis on that fact, the fans are watching entertainment it kills the mystique.

Wrestling is all about escapism and suspending their disbelief for the 2- 3 hours they are watching the show. Same reason why someone buys a movie ticket. You want to get lost in the story, the action and you want to cheer the people you like and heckle the people you hate. The escapism and suspending is lost when you blatantly have the word entertainment reminding the fans that it’s all a show. People know David Copperfield really isn’t sawing the lady in half. If he turned to the crowd and said "By the way folks, I’m not really sawing her in half but play along will ya" that would kill the illusion.

4. Have you had any contact with any WWE management about coming back at all?

5. Yes, or no, has Blue Mean ever:
Wrestled Chris Jericho = Sort of. I managed Stevie Richards when he wrestled Chris.
Had a gay guy hit on you = Of course. LOL! I had just started in ECW and one time at a show they needed a pair of handcuffs and the only place near the ECW arena was a sex shop. So go up to the counter to pay for the cuffs and I am digging our my pocket for exact change. The guy behind the counter goes "I’ll let you keep the change if you show me your monkey!!" and nodded towards my crotch. Needless to say I gave him the change went back to the arena lol.
Read Tietam Brown = I’m in the middle of reading it now. I have to say it’s surprisingly good.
Smoked a fatty with Sabu = no
Met Ozzy Osbourne = been in the same room but didn’t get to talk to him.
Been backstage at a WWE event within the last year = no
Wrestled drunk = no but I have wrestled a drunk.
Had a threesome = me, Jasmin and "Fistina."
Spent the night sleeping in you car = On many a road trip. In my first year of wrestling I used to drive from Atlantic City (where I lived at the time) to Detroit or where ever I had to wrestle. Most times I didn’t make enough to afford a hotel room.
Wondered how you ended up dating Jasmin St. Claire = Yes. People ask what I did or ask for advice like I’m Dr. fuckin Ruth lol. Sometimes just being yourself works better than anything else and that’s all I have ever done.

6. What are your thoughts on the Metallica’s "St. Anger" CD?
Yea. The new direction sounds too forced. Sound like they’re ripping off the metal bands from Sweden. Every time the St. Anger video comes on a pray for a riot or an episode of "OZ" to break out. "That Lars looks magically delicious *ZZZZZZIP*"

7. When Nathan Jones has a job with the WWE and you don’t, does that make you want to go on a killing spree?
I wouldn’t say killing spree. Maybe just take a knee out and then teabag him when he’s down.

8. Describe a typical day in the life of The Blue Meanie?
Wake up. Go to the kitchen and take my supplements. Eat 9 egg whites with turkey chopped in it. Take a protein shake. Watch the news for about an hour. Go online and check my personal e mail. Read wrestling news sites. Read Sludge. Check some wrestling boards and post our press release on the boards. Check and answer 3PW e mail.

If we have to get ready for the next show I’ll start doing the graphics to send to our video people so they can make our TV commercials. I’ll design our flyers. I’ll write the press release. I’ll e mail out our press release to the wrestling news site and to our fans on our mailing list. I’ll type up our radio ads and send those in to the radio stations.

When Jas and I are done with the computer we’ll get ready and go to the gym sometime in the afternoon or later in the evening. Depending on if we have to get ready for a show, we’ll go and print and cut the flyers. We send them out to the street team. Jas does a ton of stuff with Ebay so we go to the post office and mail that stuff out as well. Depending on when we’re done those errands we’ll go out for lunch or we’ll have lunch at home.

After we’re done with the 3PW stuff and the gym we’ll go home, take post workout supplements. 2 hours later we’ll have dinner and then do whatever plans we come with. We go to a lot of movies or sometimes we’ll chill out at home. Then wake up the next day and wash, rinse and repeat.

9. A lot of wrestlers treat Kay Fabe as a thing of the past. Do you thinking opening up the business and exposing so much is a good thing, or is an old school mentality better?
The business had been exposing itself for a while before Vince official told the world that it’s a work (fixed). Whether it has been with a silly gimmick or a wrestler selling a dropkick that missed him by a mile, the business was obviously a work. In a way, telling the fans we are entertainment actually gave the business a new line of respect. Even though we are entertainment we still get hurt and I think the fans know it, the fans understand it and they appreciate what we do to entertain them.

10. The last of Blue Meanie:
Last CD you purchased = Black Label Society – The Blessed Hellride
Last movie you saw = Bad Boys 2 (stop laughing)
Last WWE wrestler you talked to = Al Snow a while ago.
Last strip club you were in = Platinum Plus in Columbia, SC.
Last concert you attended = Anthrax & Ministry at the Electric Factory in Philly. Anthrax played too short and Ministry played too long.
Last rock star you shook hands with = Scott Ian
Last injury you had = I sprained my back a year ago in May.
Last book you read = I just finished Jerry Lawler’s "It’s Good To be King……….Sometimes" and I just Started Mick Foley’s "Tietam Brown"
Last thing you bought off Ebay = I tried to win a Layne Staley tribute shirt but it disappeared. It sucks because I really wanted that shirt being the Alice In Chains mark I am.
Last wrestler you had real heat with = This is really a loaded question…….GEEEEEEZ. I’ll just go and say this. When you start your own business, you find out who your real friends and enemies are and it’s kinda of sad. Really. I could name a few wrestlers but they don’t deserve the press they would get from being mentioned on Metal Sludge.

11. Is it safe to say that Jasmin wears the pants in your relationship?
LMAO!! I wouldn’t say she wears the pants and Jas wouldn’t say it either. Jas is just more aggressive business wise than I am. Jas has a lot of cool things going on that will be announced soon thanks to her ability to get her name out there and the fact that she is gorgeous. People underestimate Jasmin which is probably to Jasmin’s advantage.

People tend to be cheap and take the low road to pick on Jasmin because she has the porn past. Plus she’s a female in a male dominated business with the stereotype of "if it’s a man then he’s the boss. if it’s female then she’s a bitch" and that’s pretty fuckin lame. The line between fantasy vs. reality in the wrestling is blurred and some people can’t tell the difference between the two.

Jas just has the tendency to tell the truth and sometimes people can’t handle that. They want their ego stroked, their ass kissed and if you don’t deserve the praise she isn’t going to give it to you. So people will talk shit on her and me for that matter out of their bruised ego. Like I said before you find out real fast who your real friends and enemies are when you open your own business and have to make BUSINESS DECISIONS on who to book and who not to book. Our decisions are never personal, they are just business.

12. What’s the general attitude of independent wrestlers compared to 10 years ago? Are people getting stressed since there are less opportunities for success?
I can’t speak for all but it is definitely harder now than it ever was. Before, you had WWF, WCW and ECW you could work to get to. Now there’s just one big show in town. Imagine if there was only one major record label and having to compete with every other band to get noticed. It’s the same exact thing and it blows.

13. Which do you prefer:
Dusty Rhodes or Ric Flair = Ric Flair
Judas Priest or Iron Maiden = Judas Priest
Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson = Stacy Keibler
Linkin Park of Limp Bizkit = ZERO MANCER
Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon = right now? Paul Heyman
Ted Nugent or Rikki Rockett = Rikki Rocket with the triangle choke
Missy Hyatt nude or Sunny nude = Missy Hyatt
Los Angeles or Philadelphia = Marina Del Rey.
Dave Meltzer or Dave Scherer = I’d have to go with Dave ;)
Backyard Wrestling Videos or Jackass Videos = Jackass and CKY

14. What do you think is the next big trend in wrestling and music?
The music scene is a mutated of "attack of the clones." I can’t put on the radio and tell one band from the other. It’s all processed bullshit and it’s the reason why CD’s sales are down. Don’t blame it on MP3’s, blame it on the labels.

Blue Meanie with Kittie

As far as wrestling goes I hope it gets better because I pray it couldn’t get any worse. Allow me to borrow a quote that is fitting and can be related directly to the wrestling world.

"You know what the problem with Hollywood is. They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit. Now I’m not some grungy wannabe filmmaker, that’s searching for existentialism through a haze of bong smoke or something. No, it’s easy to pick apart bad acting, short-sighted directing, and a purely moronic stringing together of words than many of studios term as pros. No, I’m talking about the lack of realism. Realism. Not a pervasive element in today’s modern American cinematic vision." – John Travolta in Swordfish

15. Match the following wrestlers with the bands that are on the same level as them. For example, Hulk Hogan = Kiss
Stone Cold Steve Austin = AC/DC
Golddust = Sevendust ( when I first heard of Sevendust I automatically thought of Goldust)
Kurt Angle =
Sandman = Sex Pistols
Kane = Earth, Wind and FIRE!! (get it?…..fire?…….nevermind)
Goldberg = Creed *snicker*
Brock Lesnar = Korn
Steven Richards = Motley Crue
Booker T = and the M.G’s
Al Snow = The Cult

16. Give us 3 bands and 3 wrestlers who should have become bigger than they were?
The Cult
The Donnas
The Swamp Candles. (theswampcandles.com) They are the best original Rock and Roll band in Philly hands down! All they need is for the right people to hear them.

Terry Taylor
Terry Gordy ( I would have liked to see him make a run against Hogan)
Dynamite Kid ( I would have liked to see him wrestle longer than he did.)

Craig Nunenmacher (Black Label Society) and Blue Meanie

17. Have you ever thought about getting a real 9 to 5 job?
Thought of it yes. But luckily I don’t need to for the time being. Sometimes you can become jaded in any business. I’ve had the urge to say "fuck this," shave my head and go back to the normal kind of life. That’s when I’ll whip out a tape of Bill Watt’s UWF, Pre 1989 NWA, pre 1984 WWF, 1996 ECW and then I realize why I fell in love with wrestling in the first place. I love what I do. I love the biz. I love the pre show jitters. I love the anticipation of going through the curtain whether if there’s 30 people or 60,000 people in the crowd. I have defended it to all the non believers who told me a was stupid for liking it. I made a lot of sacrifices just to have the privilege to step in the ring. I wouldn’t trade what I do for ANYTHING in the world. *STEPS OF SOAPBOX*

18. What’s worse, Paul Stanley being in his 50s and dancing around on stage with his shirt off grabbing his own ass, or Terry Funk being almost 60 and being champion of 3PW?
LOL on the Paul Stanley line. Seriously, I love Terry Funk in the most heterosexual way you could love another man. Originally Sabu was to win the belt on our June show but Sabu no showed. The only logical and smart thing to do was to give Terry the title.

Terry Funk at 50 busts his ass more than most guys 1/2 his age. Plus to have Terry Funk in the 3PW title lineage gives the belt some credibility. Ya know what I mean? Terry Funk doesn’t have to work another day in his life but chooses to wrestle for 3PW and for that I am honored.

19. Do you think that maybe if you chopped off a leg or an arm you’d get a WWE contract?
I gave my left nut the first time around. So why not?

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. You know how this works.
Al Snow = Under utilized. Throw him a frickin bone besides "Fluff Enough"
Scott Stapp = Eddie Cheddar.
Rowdy Roddy Piper = True Icon. Got the shaft for speaking the truth.
Bret Michaels = Abs. Showman. Looking forward to seeing the Poison show August 15 in Philly which is the night before the next 3PW show.
Zack Gowen = inspiration. next time someone says they can’t wrestle cause they stubbed their tow. Tell them to give Zack a call.
Kevin DuBrow = Sports Entertainment Hair
Triple H = power
Jizzy Pearl = dunno much about him to have an opinion.
Jim Ross = UWF
Zakk Wylde = Fuckin’ awesome! I were my Black Label Society patches he gave me on my jacket proudly. "The Blessed Hellride" is the best rock CD I’ve heard in a long time.

Of course that’s Meanie with Black Label Society to your right.

For more info on The Blue Meanie you can visit www.3PWrestling.com or www.TheBlueMeanie.com!

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