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3-Wind with Warrant’s Jani Lane, 1/6/03



Warrant Singer Jani Lane!

This is the 3rd year in a row where we have kicked off the New Year with a Jani Lane interview!

Jani Lane first did 20 Questions with us on December 14, 2000, in Valparaiso, IN, with Jim Bob Dwarf.

He then did his Rewind on December 14, 2001, in Chicago with Jim Bob Dwarf.

And he did his 3-Wind on December 14, 2002, in Minneapolis with Tollywood!

Anybody see a pattern? That’s right, Jani is the only person to have his 20 Questions, Rewind, and 3Wind all done on the exact same date! From now on, December 14th is national Jani Lane Day! It’s the day you’re allowed to bum smokes, get drunk, and deny your past.

Tollywood went through a lot to get this interview to happen, and here’s his story:

The whole thing just about didn’t happen. You can’t believe the shit that went on. The MN Hell’s Angels chapter was in attendance along with a couple of other biker clubs… kind of strange for a Warrant show I thought. Jani wore a shirt onstage that the MN Hell’s Angels gave him before the show. I saw more fights during and after this show than I have seen at all of the combined shows we’ve seen in the last few years. Hottiewood and I were dodging some fists and bodies that were flying around and we weren’t anywhere close to the stage where this stuff usually occurs. I gave some serious thought about bagging the whole idea and leaving the show early with this kind of shit going on. I don’t believe the biker clubs were involved with any of these altercations so I don’t want to tarnish their names. As I’m waiting for Jani one of the Hell’s Angels comes up to me and asks what I’m doing. I tell him why I’m there and he says that Jani was supposed to be leaving with them for a party. I thought oh great, I have to compete with this?

The show finishes about an hour before closing time and Chris who works on the Warrant crew announces that the band will be out in a little while to sign stuff at the merchandise table. I’m waiting near the stage to try to catch Jani before he goes to the table so we can hopefully do the interview after he’s done signing. Mike and Billy are out first and we chat briefly, etc. Jerry comes out a little while later, notices my shirt and walks by without saying anything. I never intended on talking to him anyways.

Time goes by and as closing time approaches and still no sign of Jani. Finally the bouncers start kicking people out at around 1 AM. Billy comes over to us and I explain the situation. He isn’t sure that Jani will do it because he’s pretty sick but told us to hang with him. We go outside with Billy and start talking about the situation and he says that we need to go to Duluth the next night and do it. I tell Billy that that’s impossible because of our kids, work, etc. Billy and I continue to talk about how to get this done another way… email, phone, etc. I then had Billy glance over the questions. Billy says "oh man, these are great questions. Let’s go back inside". Billy gets clearance from the club to allow us back in with him and to try to locate Jani. He leaves us briefly and comes back and says as badly as he (Billy) wants it happen it’s highly unlikely because of Jani’s illness. I’m pretty sure that this was not coming from Jani as you’ll shortly learn. We walk with Billy to the back lot of the club and say our goodbyes. Billy gets in the vehicle and Hottie and I walk to the front parking lot to leave. It’s late.. probably 2:30 AM or so and as we get closer to the front lot there’s some dude laying the smack down on his old lady near our car. Considering the circumstances, the last thing I wanted to do was get in the middle of this to try and break it up so I keep my distance and keep an eye on the situation and send Hottie to the back door of the club to get security. Security comes through the front door to take care of this situation and I walk to the back lot to meet my wife. She meets up with me and says Jani is coming out behind her. I spot Jani and walk up and introduce myself and why I was there. I told him that I can understand that he’s not feeling well and we can arrange for this another time. He apologizes and says that no one had actually told him about it (to be fair to Ceasar and Chris, I’m sure that they were only doing what they thought was best since they had other gigs to follow) and even though he’s ill he still wants to do it. He said he’d give me ten minutes and to follow him back to the hotel.

We get back to the hotel and sit down in the lobby to do the interview. Jani was really into it and never once looked at his watch for the ten-minute limit, as I said it went closer to 40 or 50 minutes. Billy was there for the entire time.

Much love goes out to Tollywood for coming through!!

So now that everything has been set up, here’s our 3-Wind with Jani Lane!

1. What are you up to?

Oh, just kind of hanging out, playing with Warrant. Doing some stuff with my own band. I have my own record out now. Just trying to have fun. Playin’ some shows. Looking forward to getting home and decorating the tree.

2. Are there any plans for Warrant to put out a new studio CD in 2003?

There have been plans forever. You know I really hope it happens. The songs are there. It’s just a matter of, you know, hopefully we can all get it together and write.

Tollywood: In last year’s Rewind, a year ago, you said you pretty much finished up writing a new Warrant record and you were recording in January, which was January 2002. So the status of that?

That fell through because I was doing my own record. Unfortunately.

Tollywood: Fortunately.

Yeah, it all depends on how you look at it. But yeah, the songs are written, I can’t wait to do it, we’re just, you know, trying to get all the logistics together.

Tollywood:Here’s a follow up to that….

Did I just say logistics?

Tollywood: Yes.

That’s way too big of a word for this time of night. Go ahead.

Tollywood: Follow up question to that.
Which record will come out sooner, Chinese Democracy or a new Warrant studio album?

It’s definitely going be Warrant. I don’t think Chinese Democray is every gonna come out. Goodbye Axl.

3. What made you think, ?getting a Mohawk is a good idea.?

Uh, nothing actually, Tracii Guns was of the guy who kind of talked me into it. So I thought I’d do it for one tour.

Tollywood: He’s out doing his own thing with Nikk and the Brides.

Yeah, it sounds great! Oh my goodness it’s really good. Yeah, it’s all Tracii’s fault. It started out green and you know, I’ve worked through a few different colors. It’s all Tracii’s fault.

4. Over the last few months, there has been quite a bit of controversy about Obi Steinman and Artists Worldwide. It always seems like some drama is going on. Why do you still associate with all those people?

Uh, you know what, I still work with Obi but he’s not necessarily working with Warrant at the moment but he’s going to in a different capacity but it’s really something that I don’t want to talk about. But Obi’s a great guy.

5. The first of Jani Lane:

First album you bought = (pause) What’s the first album I bought? (pause) God, I gotta think.

Billy Morris: Was it Zeppelin?

Uh….what was that, uh, Sweet record

Tollywood: Desolation Boulevard?

Yes, yes, that was my first record. After that it was Thin Lizzy.

Tollywood: Jailbreak?

Was it Jailbreak or Johnny The Fox? Johnny The Fox….one or the other, it doesn’t matter. Phil Lynott was one of the most amazing people on the planet. Too bad he killed himself.

First concert you attended = Uh, Cheap Trick/UFO.

Billy: Holy shit!

Double bill. Amazing. Amazing.

Billy: I’d like to add my first concert, Van Halen 1984.

I have never seen Van Halen once. I’ve toured with David, I’ve seen David a million times, but I’ve never seen Van Halen. I guess I missed out. But Dave’s the guy, anyway.

Tollywood: I think mine was Ted Nugent with Cold Chisel in ’78 or ’79. You know Cold Chisel you know with JimmyBarnes…. from Australia

Ted’s a freak. Ted’s awesome, but he’s a freak. The man owns way too many weapons for me to be talking shit about him though.

First chick you nailed = (pause) First chick I nailed?

Tollywood: Billy, do you know?

Billy: No, I don’t.(Laughs)

No, because I have a lot of high school, you know, girlfriends that I was in love with and all that kind of stuff but the first girl that I was with that I really thought I nailed would probably be Janine Lindemulder. It was a good, awesome, you know, honest answer.

First job you had = Uh, Licorice Pizza/Video and Record Store.

First car you owned = I still don’t own a car, I just lease.

Tollywood: What about that Vet though?

Ahh, I sold it. I have a Jag right now.

First band you jammed with = Ahh, first band that I jammed with? I jammed with a lot of bands but King’s X was hands down the funnest. They are very good friends of mine. At least I hope they say they are friends of mine. (laughs) It was Mick Fleetwood and Steve Howe on guitar, Noel Redding on bass, and me on vocals. The Summit in Houston. It was the most unbelievable moment in my life.

Tollywood: When was that?

It was a benefit night when Doug Pennick got real sick and couldn’t sing and I stepped in for him and just looking back at Mick Fleetwood and going "Pick it up a little bit," you know, it was kind of fun. (Billy laughs) Steve Howe sat on a chair all night, Mick was behind on the drums. You guys seriously have no idea, no idea. It was amazing.

Tollywood: I love King?s X. Very under-rated and under-appreciated.

Yes and very copied.

First song you wrote = (pause) Uh, I don’t remember.

First guitar you bought = I never bought a guitar. They’ve all been free. I’m a drummer, not a guitarist.

First time you smoked a cigarette = (pause) uh, I would have been, uh…(pause)…who gives a shit about this stuff? It probably would have been on the pier in Daytona Beach in 1980.

First time you got drunk = First time I got drunk? Dangerous question. I’ve been playing clubs since I was 11, so, uh, pretty much….they say alcohol stays in your system for what, uh eight years? So I’ve been drunk since I was, you know….pretty much conception. Whatever the proper word is.

6. Tell us what you were thinking when you saw Don Dokken walking up towards the stage at the end of your set in Phoenix and your thoughts on that situation?

(long pause)Wow…

Billy:OOOO?. now the box opens, ok!!! You knew it was leading up to that. (laughs hysterically)

What do I say, Billy? Alright, first of all, I really respect Dokken. Great singer. Speaks German, like I do. That night I just thought chill out, have another Vicodan, a Jack and Coke, and do the show.
Tollywood: He?s got that nasty Norwegian streak in him.

Don?t we all.

Billy Morris:I think if you put 5 rock bands together for 3 months, and you know, there are going to be things here or there.

But you know what, I can survive with Don. But there are a lot of people who can’t, but I can, because I just like Don. "Breaking The Chains," I mean, was un-believably cool to me, but then again I know George had a lot to do with that as well. But I don?t want to get involved with all that. Jeff is like the most amazing bass player and singer in the world. And we don’t even want to talk about Mick Brown. The hug in Phoenix was enough.

Tollywood: Have you talked to Don since?

I haven’t. But I would like to. I’ve talked to Mick, once.

7. After waiting for as long as you have to put out a CD, why does it only have 8 tracks?

Because I’m holding a few tracks back because I released it on my own on the internet and

held a few tracks back and that interests people for a deal which I’m probably going to do it with Artists Worldwide.

Tollywood: Actually from my perspective, Jani, is that…

What, you don’t like the 8 tracks?

Tollywood: No, no, no, no, I’m not saying that…

Billy: There?s that nasty Norwegian coming out in Jani.(laughs)

It’s a very good record. I’m very proud of it.

Tollywood: Actually, I was thinking about that question and there are a lot of bands that put out 16, 17 tracks and it just diverts the strength of what’s out there.

Well it does and on top of that, they only get paid for 10 songs. The rest are all extra. But, you know, between management and all the people involved at the label, and the publisher and everything, they try to get as much free music as they can out of the band. So if you are that desperate and want to give ‘em 16 songs, go right ahead.

Tollywood: In my perspective, "Highway To Hell," "Back And Black," 10 or 11 tracks.

God, those songs sucked.(everybody laughs)

8. Last week, Dee Snider said the following….

Dee Snider rules. But go ahead. I really like Dee. I’m sorry.

?We know what it is and we really want to give people a Twisted Sister like they remember us, not some bastardization. You know, Warrant’s out there and I don’t think one person wants to see Jani Lane with baggy pants and a wallet chain!? What are your thoughts about that?

Gee, I don’t know what to say about that. In all honesty, I just think that Dee is a great guy, and it was a great band and they had a great time for a time. I’m just flattered that he knowsIwear baggy pants and a wallet chain, you know.

9. If reuniting with the original band meant not drinking any alcohol but headlining sheds all Summer long, would you do it?


And do you think you could stop drinking if you really wanted to?

Uh, yeah, I do all the time. And then I always start again.

Tollywood: Here’s a followup question, who has a better chance of rejoining Warrant, Joey Allen or Keri Kelli.

Wow! That is so loaded. That is so loaded.

(Billy laughs)Uh, neither because Billy Morris is the guitarist for Warrant.
Period. End of subject, thank you.(Someone in the background says maybe Joey will see this.) I don?t give a shit.. whatever. I’m just bummed about the Dee Snider thing.

10. The last of Jani Lane:

Last concert you watched from the audience = Boy…(pause), that would be Alice Cooper because I wasn’t allowed to watch Poison. When we toured with Alice I was allowed to watch from the audience but with Poison I had to leave the building 30 minutes after we were done. I’m sure they had their reasons.

Last CD you purchased = I don’t buy CDs.

What’s your most recent favorite CD that you got?

That’s tough, it’s either Puddle Of Mudd, or Incubus, who I like a lot. I would have to go with Incubus and a very new band called Cyde on Boxing Load Records and Kevin Shirley, who’s a great producer, did. Incubus first, then Cyde, then Puddle Of Mudd. Cyde’s record is sooo good and nobody’s heard it yet. Insane, insane lyrics. Insanely good record. Unreal. They have a guy who plays an instrument that nobody on the planet has played. Billy, what do you call that thing the kid from Cyde plays?

Billy Morris: I have no idea.

Nobody knows. It’s unreal. UNREAL.

Last meal you cooked = Ahhh, boy. Well I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family.

Last fist fight you got in = I mean, it happens all the time.
Massilon, Ohio, was my last fight. It was this Summer…the 7th. Come on, name a tour.

Last fast food drive thru you hit = Rally’s, cause ya gotta eat. Great chicken sandwiches.

Billy: They are fast. Their Big Mac is called The Big Buford.

The Big Buford kicks The Big Mac?s ass.

Last song you wrote = mmmm, I’m working on it right now.

Tollywood: Is there a title, working title?

Somebody will read it, and take the title. It’s pretty cool. "Half A Mile From Somewhere Better Than Here." Seriously.

Last celebrity you shook hands with = (pause) God I gotta think about that.(long pause) Who was the last celebrity I shook hand with?

Billy: Would it be in Tuscon, saying goodbye to someone?


Oh you?re not counting those people as celebrities?

No, it would have been Eminem in New York. In passing. Billboard Music Awards.
Last time you saw Bobbie Brown = I don’t talk about her anymore.

Last time you got stuck in traffic = (slight pause) I live in Ohio now so it’s not a real problem.

Last time you were inside a gym = a week ago.

11. Do you think it?s fair that Billy Morris and Mike Fasano don?t even make a quarter off each 8 x 10 they sign?

(pause) That’s a very tough question. Um, no, I don’t think it’s fair.

12. Is it true that you split your head open and had to get stitches following a night of drunken partying with Pantera?s Vinnie Paul when you were in Dallas?

Oh my God, yeah! He’s got an incredibly steep driveway…

Billy Morris: His driveway is like a ski slope.

We were jogging down it and he turned the lights out on us. I’m still…..my knee will never be the same.

Tollywood: We’re you partying at his club?

No, I’ve never been to his club, but we were out shooting pool, which I beat his ass for about $100, $200, I don’t know what.

I want to go back to that Billy Morris thing. (referring to question 11)You have to also understand this, we….??????, I can’t speak for Mike Fasano, actually I can. You know, Mike was a guy playing drums in LA who I thought was very talented and very nice, and Billy and I have always been friends, and I didn?t just find them and I didn?t make them come and play for Warrant. So if there is a problem with the 8 x 10s, you know, I, I can’t necessarily speak for them, but I don’t really take care of the business, I take care of the music part of Warrant. But, you know, Billy knows if he wants a quarter from an 8 x 10s, it’s not a problem. But none of these guys are forced to do it, I’m just very flattered that they want to be a part of Warrant. I hope I said that properly.

Billy: Yeah, I mean, when we got in the band, we wanted to be in the band. So, you know, the last thing I’m thinking about is seeing, "I’m going to need .13 cents for each picture I sign," you know.

13. You?ve been in the music business for almost 20 years. What is that Obi Steinman can do for you that you can?t do on your own?

Why is that anybody’s business? That’s nobody’s business.

14. Have you paid for your studio time for your new album?

Uh, I paid for my own album. So when Warrant wants to do a record, we’ll figure it out.

Are you going to get major kudos for doing this interview?

Tollywood: They just asked me to do it….

God, I hope so. Just don’t make me look like an asshole. I’m tired. Say hi to Stevie Rachelle for me, and Mike, and everybody else involved. (smiles)

Tollywood: Well I don’t know...

Well I do.

15. Yes or no, has Jani Lane ever done any of the following:

Milked a cow = no, I tipped a cow.

Cleaned a fish = yes

Gotten a pedicure = hell no, but I have gorgeous feet for a man, go ahead.

Had a personal trainer = no, that’s so LA.

Fired a machine gun = yes. I have a mini 14 with a 45 shot banana clip. It?s behind my door at home.

Let Vinnie Paul think Billy Morris was your roadie =

Billy: No, he didn?t let him? (laughs)

Vinnie Paul is way to smart for that. But send this out to Vinnie, fuck you for going down your driveway and uh, kick his ass in pool again him when I get to Dallas. And I’ve also seen what Vinnie Paul did in Italy at Monsters Of Rock which I will not talk about right now, ok.

Dined at Alice Cooper’stown = Umm, I don’t know where that is.

Tollywood: I think Alice has one in Phoenix.

I thought Cooperstown was a baseball town?

Billy Morris: Right across from Jacob’s Field there is a new restaurant.

Alright, enough of Alice.

Shared a hug with a member of Poison = (laughs) yeah, I love C.C. I love C.C.

Used Jerry Dixon?s soap = never would, never will. Does Jerry actually use soap? You know, just out of curiosity. I thought he went for that natural thing, maybe I’m, well…..

Used a lyric sheet or teleprompter on stage = never

Put 32 Pennies in a Ragu jar = yes, that’s where the song came from. To buy a pack of cigarettes.

16. There are 17 groupies outside the bus, all but 8 drop to their knees and start blowing various band and crew members. How many are left standing?

I don’t talk to groupies, I talk to fans. Realistically, I went through a period in my life where I thought of people like that but I don’t think that way anymore so if somebody wants to conduct themselves in that fashion, that’s fine, I appreciate it but I have nothing to do with that anymore, whatever.

17. Why is it that only the original members of Warrant get hotel rooms, and Billy and Mike are only given the privilege of using the shower if you wake up early enough so they can before checkout?

First of all, Mike is with Caesar. Billy is with…

Billy: Chris.


Billy: We get rooms.

Yeah, everybody gets rooms. I am the only person who gets their own, but I earned that through years of hell.

18. Is it true that you were so embarrassed about the cooking thing that you have Billy Morris doing local radio shows proclaiming that you were never a cook, but that he will cook for people at his club instead?

(pause) You gotta answer that one. I have no idea what’s going on there.

Billy:Absolutely no truth that he has me go on radio stations. If I’m on a radio station and we’re talking about the club…

No, they’re talking cooking.

Billy: I know, I know, I was…

I cook, I love to cook.

Billy: yeah…

I came in, I guest cooked at his club, I helped New Year’s Eve,

Billy: yeah…

but you’re cooking now, that’s your business.

Billy: Yeah, I’m proud to say I’m part owner of a night club and if I have to go back and flip a burger and cook, it’s part of the job. No big deal. Nothing wrong with that. And I don’t go on radio stations and you know…

He’s not nearly that cook I am. But he could have me if he affords it.

Billy: And you can also come to the 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve party at my club and I’ll be cooking for them.

I’m starting to sweat. I still can’t get over Dee Snider talked shit about me. I respect him and I always thought, you know, that he was a stand-up guy.

Billy: I don?t think he meant it as shit or in a hurtful way, he just meant it that, you know, people want…I mean is Twisted Sister now going to go out in pink make-up and full regalia?

Ah nevermind.

19. Is this current Warrant trek the ?Christmas Money? Tour?

What? There is no current trek, we’re just playin’. We got invited up here. For some reason Minnesota likes us.

Tollywood: You do well here.

I have no idea why but thank God for ?em.

Tollywood: Did you use to do some work with a band from around here years ago?

No, the only band I?ve done anything with is Tantric. You know the guys that were in Days Of The New.

20. What really happened in Pittsburgh last Summer. Word has it you wouldn?t leave your

hotel room. Care to explain?

No, that’s not true at all. My car got impounded. I did my best to get to the show.

21. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Neil Zlozower = One of the most famous photographers in history. Love him. "Make love to the camera baby, you’re a fucking rock star, c’mon! Pretend your dick is out of your pants." Neil will appreciate that.

Billy: Took our last 8 x 10.

J.J. Farris = Ahhh, great guitarist. I haven’t talked to him in a while but great blues guitarist.

Paul Gargano = One of my favorite guys in the world. If he talks shit about me like Dee Snider did I’m going to be really pissed!

Sum 41 = I don’t know ‘em.

Butch Walker = One of my favorite guys on the planet. Great guy, Marvelous 3, well now, lets go back to the 80s, Southgang. Butch has got his shit together, he’s awesome.

Tollywood: I?ll probably get shit for saying this with the people on Sludge, but I think he’s an absolute genius at what he does.

Well he is, and not so much, I mean, I won’t call him a genius as an artist, I’ll call him good, I might even call him great, but I’ll call him a genius as a producer. That guy behind the board is…you know what, you know what, Jerry Finn wishes he was as good as Butch Walker. And that’s sayin’ a lot.

Axl Rose = (long pause) You gotta be kidding me?(Looks around the room) I’ll let that go.

Tollywood: Here’s a followup, two years ago you said that Axl was the rock star that most deserved a smack in the mouth. Anything to eleborate on two years later?

No comment, whatsoever. You know, I’ll never see Axl again and he’ll never see me again, who gives a shit. If we see each other in a club, we’ll see what happens.

Don Dokken = I love Don. I love Don, he’s the greatest. Stupid, lovable, bastard! How else can you put it?

Matthew Nelson = I don’t know who that is.

Tollywood: The Nelsons.

One of the Nelson brothers?

Billy: Matthew and Gunnar.

Ricky’s boys, I can’t tell ‘em apart.

Billy: Twins.

Pittsburgh Steelers = suck my cock.

Billy: They’re crap!

Beau Hill = (sighs) Where is he now?

Jared Fogel (Subway guy) = Where are you coming up with these names and stuff?

Beau Hill was wonderful and he was very much a part of making me, you know, get someone who people still recognize even though….I’m kinda over the whole thing. But I mean, Beau Hill was amazing. Beau Hill put me on his shoulders. I wouldn’t be a piece of shit without Beau Hill.

But who’s Jared Fogel?

Billy: Isn’t he the Subway guy?That fat guy from Subway.

Do we actually have to talk about Axl Rose? Is he still being talked about?

Billy:He just blew his whole tour off. He didn’t show up for the show.

You gotta be kidding me?

Billy: No, you didn’t hear that? Clear Channel just wiped out the whole tour.

No, you are shittin’ me?

Billy:No, Friday night in Philly, a week ago Friday, he did not show up and they rioted, after the two opening acts played.

I can honestly say as many times as I’ve gone on stage sick, which he knows (referring to Billy) even tonight, I cannot believe a human being can have that much disrespect for the people who want to come out and see him play. Why do they keep coming out to see him play?

Billy:They didn?t make the announcement until after the opening acts performed. And everybody is waiting.

You mean the show went on?!

Tollywood: Yea, I think the place was fucking soldout.

Oh and don?t tell me that they rioted.

Billy:Oh yes!

Well I had no idea, no idea. Anyway, no comment about Axl.

Who is Jared Fogel?

Tollywood: He’s that Subway guy.

Billy: He’s the fat ass that lost all that weight by eating Subway sandwiches 5 times a day.

Are they trying to say I should get on a Subway diet
(Tollywood and Billy laugh) Is that what they’re trying to say? You know what, I’m going to get old, fat, sit on a bass boat and fish and I could care less because, you know, that whole trying to get girls being a rock star thing is just, I’m kind of over it, man. I’ll tell you what, when I go onstage, I do get up and I do care and I try to give it all to the fans. If they expect me to look like David fucking Cassidy the rest of my life it’s not going to happen. C’mon, I’m 40, give me a break. I’m 40, at least I admit that. Bret wouldn’t!

Prince: Mmmm, I haven’t seen Prince in a while. He’s a truly brilliant songwriter.

Tollywood: Didn’t he finance your demos in 87 out of Paisley?

Yeah, out of Paisley Park. Didn’t sign us though because I couldn’t dance. Seriously.

Tollywood: That’s the reason?

Absolutely. Absolutely. He could of had us but Columbia got us because Prince said, "dude, that white kid can’t dance" and I don’t want to get racial when I say this, but, I’m quoting this,

"This white kid can sing, and the band has potential, but mother fucker can’t dance."

Billy: But I?ve seen you dance. You?re good.

Good enough guy to say, "You know what, I paid the money for the demos, you keep ‘em and go your own way." Didn’t charge us back. A truly small man. He’s 5’2" in heels. Prince is one of the most brilliant people on the planet. As far as mixing hip hop and soul and R&B, uhhh, I don’t have enough good things to say about the guy. Except he didn’t think I could dance.

Tollywood: He’s a very good guitar player.

He’s a suck ass guitar player. But good lord, he can play everything else. I heard he used to lay under a piano with the lights out, make everybody leave the studio, while he sang his vocals. Because he couldn’t stand for somebody to see him get in that mode. And I’m sorry but(Jani sings) "Sexy motherfucker" that’s natural. End of subject though. That?s enough rhetoric.

Tollywood: Every Friday night he actually opens his place up after the bars close and might show up…

You know I believe that cause the guy seems like a real performer, seems like he really enjoys it. You know, like I said, I’ve been playing bars since I was 11, I see it in people’s eyes when they don’t want to do it and when they love to do it. You can tell the people who love playin’. Even when they’re sick of doing it, they still do it. Does that make sense? He will never stop playing. It’s not gonna happen, it’s in his blood. We all get tired, we all get sick of the guys we ride with. We get sick of the guys in our crew. We get sick of everything.

Billy: We get sick of Caesar.

We get sick of the bands we tour with!

Billy: But that hour on stage…..

I don’t want to fucking see Poison for another 5 years. Bottom line is, and I’m not dissing Bobby, or CC, or….Rikki, or any of the guys, but I don’t want to see ‘em but I appreciate what they do. They do a good job but I THINK deep down inside that I love doing it better. That’s, you know, I can’t say that about CC or Bobby, because they’re really, you know, musicians. CC used to be the guy who came out with me (sighs)when I was mental hell and we’d go jam in LA but…..they just, some guy you tour with. You look in their eyes and they’re doing it for a fucking paycheck. You know what, the paychecks aren’t that good anymore. I don’t have to do this to make a living. I could sit at home and collect publishing and fuck the whole thing. I love it and I hate it. I don’t know how to explain it. I absolutely don’t know how to explain that sentence, except to say that when I have to get up and get in the shower, to get ready to go and do the show, I fucking hate it. And the second, the five minutes I’m on the stage I just love every second and it’s just…..it’s a fuckin’ weird thing.

It’s the kind of thing, you know………….Layne Staley, you know, maybe Kurt Cobain, those guys truly hated it, maybe it hurt them a little more, a little more than me before they went on stage. Maybe that’s why the offed themselves. I felt many-a-time to jump out a fuckin’ window. It’s tough. It’s hurts.

Billy: You’re not going to do it?

I don’t do it because I love my kids and I’ll tell you what, this shit is bullshit. It’s fun to be a fucking……rock star, but I was one for a day. I’ll never be one again. But I was one for a day.

Billy: You were one for more than a day.

Ok, a day in a half. But I’ll tell you what, to feel that feeling is just too much. Too much to handle. I’m gone. But I?ve lived through it if I do it, this is why I still understand why I drink occasionally, get upset, miss a show here and there. I don’t cancel whole tours. I don’t do that. Now I’m getting way to honest.What’s it like to be me?

Tollywood (asks two questions on his own): Two questions, the last Warrant release was "Under The Influence," which was a collection of covers from your favorite bands and influences…

Right, but it was, you know, pretty much put out there as bullshit. You know, just to keep people….comfortable with the band until it got to the real record. So, sorry about some of those covers.

Tollywood: Why weren’t there any Lit covers on it? (Billy laughs)

Although the Badfinger song, sorry that is the
bomb fuckin’ shit.

Tollywood: Joey lives in town.

Joey who?

Tollywood: Joey Molland of Badfinger.


Tollywood: Yeah he lives in the Twin Cities.

You gotta be kidding me. You have to understand……

Tollywood: No, no, he lives by Lake Minnetonka and usually plays with guys he calls Badfinger.

Could you possibly call him and allow me to say hello? You have to understand, this is one of my favorite bands in the world.

Billy: Yeah, we’re sitting in the studio, you know, thinking of songs and Badfinger came on and….

(To somebody else) We’re talking about Badfinger. (pause) You gotta be kidding me!

Tollywood: No, no shit, the guy I kind of know actually played drums with them. Yeah, and they call them Badfinger. Seriously.

Do you have a cigarette? Wasn’t this only supposed to be 10 minutes?

Billy: Bumming a cigarette is not cool on Metal Sludge, for some reason. That’s going to be on there now. That’s the worst thing to do.

I thought it wasn’t Metal Sludge. I though it only might be.

Tollywood: Going back to what you were talking about earlier, are you dirty, rotten, filthy, fucking rich?

Yea, but I’ve got enough money. I’m not worried about money. I can lay in bed and make more than the average guy. But am I incredibly rich, no. Am I fuckin’ Prince? I wish.

Tollywood: You’re very honest.

I’m trying to be.

Tollywood: That’s all anybody asks.

Oh, not true. (Talks into the tape recorder.) Hey Stevie this is all for you, baby. Hope you like that, you too Mike Nash. Mister.(Turns off tape recorder.)

Well, that was certainly interesting and entertaining on several different levels! We have to thank Jani for sitting down and doing this for the 3rd time. Regardless of the abuse he gets from the page, he’s still always down to do it. That either means he can totally hang and gets it or he’s just a glutton for punishment!

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