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Rewind with Jasmin St. Claire, 1/6/05




Jasmin St. Claire is a true life celebrity. A current wrestling valet/wrestler and former adult film star, she’s transcended into the world of many different kinds of media. She’s in movies, magazines, on Web sites, radio, television and DVDs, and a frequent guest on Howard Stern. She also co-hosted our ‘MSX-9′ event in September 2004 and did an entertaining "Ask The Stars" column for us with The Blue Meanie. She’s everywhere!

As much as she’s got going on, you’d think she’d be too busy to talk to us, right? Hell no! None of that Hollywood bullshit with Jasmin. She’s totally down to earth and a true Sludgeaholic at heart.

Jasmin‘s been a fan and a friend of Metal Sludge for years, so she knows her metal and she knows her Sludge. Since she first did 20 Questions with us back on July 4, 2000, it was more than time to catch up with her. So we’re pleased to present to you our first Rewind of 2005 with none other than the one and only Jasmin St. Claire! Ready? Good. Here we go.

1. What are you currently up to? Get your plugs out of the way now so we can get down to business.

Thanks for having me back. I have a few things happening.

I have 3 movies coming out next year: ?Communication Breakdown,??The Coalition? and ?Swamp Zombies.?

I am also working on a National Lampoon movie.

www.jasminstclaire.com is still up and running.

I am still running 3PW and the dvds are doing well. We are on the Pax network in some states.

I hosted a documentary called ?Hollywood Rocks.? I interviewed quite a few bands form the 80?s for that. I really enjoyed it.

I also hosted a dvd for a Maiden tribute cd. I interviewed Chris Jericho & Helmet on that since they played on the tribute cd.

I am currently doing a dvdzine called ?Metal?s Darkside:The Hard & the Furious.? It is similar to the Hard & heavy series. It is for death metal, new metal bands, extreme metal & black metal. The 1st one is slated for a Spring 2005 release.

Cleopatra Records are the one producing it.

I really love this project & have my whole heart into it. I want to host a heavy metal show eventually when I get the opportunity. I know my stuff & would put 1000000 percent into it.

Jasmin St ClaireI hate it when people who don?t give a shit as much as I do, or wanna do stuff with metal cause it is a hip thing to them or its just an avenue to be on tv and get involved with projects such as these.

I am very flattered that the BP at Cleopatra records gave me a chance.

www.jasminstclaire.com will be dedicated mostly to that project & the wrestling. I will also have interviews up there.

I will be doing stuff with Roadrunner records for this project as far as the print interviews go.

I will be at the NAMM show this year-my 1st time. I am now the BC Rich spokesmodel. I am excited about that.

I will still become publicly traded sometime next year.

2. When you and the Blue Meanie hosted our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #9 in September 2004, you showed up with a film crew and were seen interviewing people in the parking lot. What was that all about?

That was part of the ?Hollywood Rocks? project. I was interviewing people & getting their thoughts from a fan?s POV about that era & heavy metal.

Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9

Jasmin and the Blue Meanie judge the "Best Thong Contest" at our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9

3. You and Meanie have also appeared in some B horror movies involving swamps, zombies, and cannibalism, plus some comedy flick called Communication Breakdown and shit like that. What were those all about, and have you ever seriously considered acting in real movies?

I have always considered acting & real movies. I have my SAG card & I have been given a chance in a National Lampoon movie. I have also been in talks with 2 big agencies.

Communication Breakdown was a comedy.

It was kind of like Clerks meets Airwaves.

4. Recently, you?ve signed on to be the spokesmodel for the Black Metal line of Coffin Case guitar cases and will be promoting their new VX series of cases for flying V?s, Explorers, BC Rich Beasts and all sorts of XXXtreme-shaped guitars. Do you get to keep any of the guitar cases, and do you actually own any instruments that will fit into them?

Well, I hope to own a BC Rich guitar. I have a coffin case shaped purse. As soon as I get the guitar, I will get a coffin case.

Jasmin St Claire

Jasmin hanging out in her coffin case

5. Time for Metal Sludge?s 20 Band Battle Royal! Here are the 20 bands that are in the battle. Give us the order of elimination and who would win.


Bang Tango

Motley Crue

Quiet Riot

Twisted Sister

Judas Priest

Skid Row





Iron Maiden

3 Inches of Blood



Bowling For Soup

The Darkness




Wow, okay!! But, this will be kind of tough since my 3 favorite bands are up there!!

Jasmin St Claire1: Bang Tango

2: Skid Row

3: Killingbird

4: Bowling For Soup

5: Slaughter

6: Twisted Sister

7: Warrant

8: Quiet Riot

9: Keel

10: Anthrax

11: Poison

12: the Darkness

13: Megadeth

14: Cinderella

15: Ratt


16: Motley Crue

17: Tuff


18: Judas Priest

19: & 20 : A DRAW. 3 Inches of Blood & Iron Maiden: The True Gods of metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Which WWE diva deserves crazy glue in her Vagisil and why?

Dawn Marie. Definitely not a metalhead. She also needs to seal that nasty thing up so it can regenerate. Shame on her for fucking around on Simon Diamond-he was way too good for her anyway. She looks like a little boy. I wonder how many cocks she had to suck to keep her job there. At least in ECW,it was only 1.

Slutbag whore.

Jasmin hanging out on the beach somewhere

7. We heard that each one of your several cats opened up their own page on MySpace. How is it that your cats even know how to use a computer, let alone run their own blogs at MySpace?

Um, they just do. They have watched me many times & they learned.

8. Of the following, which do you prefer and why?

The WCW or the WWF = WWF. It was great back in the day.

Wildside or The Wildhearts = The Wildhearts. I have never heard of Wildside. Besides, the singer has a hot girlfriend.

Paul Gargano or Gerri Miller = Paul Gargano cause he is cool.

Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant = Andre the Giant-he is still an icon.

Scoop-Away or Tidy Cat = Scoop Away because my cats like it.

Peter North or Ron Jeremy = Peter North-I never worked with Ron.

Deconstruct or the Swamp Candles =Damn!! I love the both of them-don?t do this shit to me. Deconstruct has that hot chick in the band & Swamp Candles sound real gd.

Parachute pants or acid-washed jeans = Acid wash jeans rock!!

Vanilla Midgets or Killer Dwarfs = Killer Dwarfs – I am a big fan of theirs. I love their stuff. I hope they play live one day. Dirty Weapons fucking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Jericho or John Cena = Chris Jericho He is a fellow metal head & actually has talent. He is the only WWE wrestler who can have a successful career in music.

9. Name the 3 highest points and the 3 lowest points of your entire career to date.

Jasmin St ClaireLOWEST POINTS:

1: when ECW went bankrupt

2: learning that my previous manager stole $250,000.00 from me.

3: Working with Rob Black


1: Opening 3PW

2: My projects with Cleopatra records.

3: Doing stuff in the name of metal

10. What the fuck is your obsession with the word ?Tucchas??

Well, it means ass in Yiddish & I think it sounds cute. I like saying it around Orthodox Jews. It gets mixed reactions.

11. It?s rumored that a lot of the wrestlers today are losing faith in the writing team. What are your thoughts about that?

The people that feel that way are absolutely correct.

The WWE writing team sucks ass. The Mc Mahons should use Paul Heyman for his strongest talent-creativity. If they would put their egos to rest and let him do the writing, they would have a better product.

Jasmin St Claire12. Yes or No, has Jasmin St. Claire ever:

Grown a Chia Pet = No

Coughed up a hairball = lol-no!

Stepped in cat shit = No

Made out with another chick under a table = on a table, not under.

Kicked the shit out of someone for touching your hair = Everyday

Put gum in another person?s hair = At the Vince Neil show 2 weeks ago-wanna see a picture?

Been photographed or videotaped with a feather duster sticking out of you = Never

Dropped acid = in high school

Ate boogers = only when I am at the Sludge parties

Farted and blamed Meanie = It’s usually him

13. What do your remember most about visiting or being in the following cities? Please share your fondest memory with us.

New York = my hometown. There are always plenty of stories from NY. I love NY & it will always be a very special place to me. I would have to say just growing up there is the best memory ever.

Seattle = It was rainy & I did not get to see very much.

Philadelphia =Tony Luke?s. I love their cheese steaks. Great wrestling town, too.

Chicago =Not very impressed.

London =another wonderful I lived & spent many summers. My fondest memory would be feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square & never getting shit on by them.

Ft. Lauderdale =Where I first got my start in the adult magazine biz. My fondest memory would have to be seeing an alligator in the parking lot. I lived on a canal.

San Francisco =I love that city. I really enjoyed spending time in Haight Asbury, Ghirardelli Square & going to see Exodus play.

Paris = Great place in the summer. I remember yelling at some guy when I was 11 to stop talking to my Mom.

Toronto = Great town. When I featured at a club there, I was dragged off by the fucking cops for selling my videos there(It was never a problem in the past) and nude 8 x 10?s. How stupid was that? There was never an issue before. Besides, look at all the crazy stuff the girls do in those clubs-that should be illegal!

New Orleans =Karaoke at Mardi gras!!!

14. Do you ever miss your days as an adult film goddess? Or are you glad to have moved on?

I am happy that I moved on. That business is rather boring and doesn?t do much for the brain.

15. Finish the following sentence, ?The biggest misconception about ____________ is?? For example, ?The biggest misconception about MTV is that they play videos.? You get the idea.

Los Angeles is = that people are so real here.

Backyard wrestling is =that it takes real talent to do it.

Bret Michaels is = he is stuck up.

Kendra Jade is = that she is my enemy.

Smokey Mountain is = they have such a great wrestling territory.

The French language is = it is difficult to learn

Amateur porn is = that it is glamorous.

Hello Kitty is = that it s for kids only.

The Blue Meanie is = he has blue pubic hair.

Olive oil is =it eases anal tension.

Metal Sludge is = that it is for mindless people. Immature does not mean mindless.

16. Out of all the rock stars and wrestling stars you?ve ever met, which ones stand out in your mind as the absolute coolest when you met them, and which ones were the biggest jackasses you?ve ever met in your life?

Jasmin St ClaireChris Jericho is the coolest wrestler that I have met. He loves Iron Maiden, but probably not as much as I do & is a very talented musician. He was always nice to me & was great to interview. He did not have the ego that some of these stupid WWE guys have. So many of them let the TV time get to their heads. They seem to forget that in the real world there are people smarter than they are.

Terry Funk is the nicest wrestling legend I have ever met.

The biggest jackass as far as wrestlers-hmmmmm? That is very hard to answer. I guess I will list 3

1: Jon Bradshaw. He had the nerve to say shit about me & never even met me. Has a very bad case of insecurity since all he does is picks on people. He has to be a closet case homosexual. Any guy that hog ties other men & threatens to fuck them in the ass has some issues.

Rumor has it that someone else wrote his stock trading tip book for him.

2: Kevin Nash- what a dork. I see him at the gym all the time. For some reason, he thinks he is better than the rest of the world cause of his measly role in the Punisher. What an insult to Russians since he played the role of a Russian & claims that he got paid like a Russian. I seriously doubt he knows that Moscow is one of the richest cities in the world.

3: Raven- unfortunately I had the pleasure of working with him. I fired him. He has a habit of exposing himself to everyone in the locker room. He is also a whiny little bitch who complains about everything & thinks he is better than everyone else. His work rate sucks!!

As far as rock stars, everyone I have met has been real cool.

17. Being a Sludgeaholic yourself, you?ve met and/or hung out with a ton of other hard core Sludgeaholics. Give us a quick random thought about the following Sludgeaholics and Sludgettes and your impressions of them.

Evel Dick =I love him!! He is so cool & reminds me of the porn producer in the movie ?The Girl Next Door?.

Nate S. Axel = Nate is cool as hell & very helpful. A trip to hang out with & very smart!!

Sherry ?Rockphoto? Globman = Not only is this bitch hot, but she is one heck of a photographer & can cut shirts like no other. She showed me how to cut up my old shirts to make them look cool. She & Todd are fun to hang out with.

Arkansas Cracker =Very fun & mellow. A blast at the parties.

Ette =Hot bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also has a nice tucchas!! Very cool chick.

Stalker Jr. =I think it’s cute she shows up at all the parties, but can’t get in. They should let her in. She is loyal.

JJ Brooks = Very cool!! I think I borrowed his pentagram.

Jim Bob Dwarf =Very fun and extremely nice person.

The Metal Chick = If that chick was my teacher, damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so much fun & is true to metal.

Static Beth =Nice big boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A hottie. She is a complete perverted sweetheart!!

Jasmin St Claire18. For a tax-free $100,000 in small, unmarked bills, which of the following would you do (and you have to pick one):

a) Inhale a full shotglass of unscented Clorox bleach through your nose;

b) Eat the entire contents of an overflowing litter box with a spoon. You can wash it down with your choice of beverage;


c) Get full color Metal Sludge barbed wire logo tattooed on your forehead, and it has to be at least 2?x4? in size.

I would have to go with A. I have no problem inhaling the Clorox!!!!!

19. The Last of Jasmin St. Claire:

Last book you read = Jim Morrison?s bio

Last CD you purchased = Advance & Vanquish by 3 Inches of Blood

Last concert you attended that you actually paid to get into =Shit???. That was so long ago. The Black Crowes

Last film script you read =Ride Into Terror.

Last fast food drive-thru you hit = In & Out Burger.

Last movie you saw in the theatre = SAW

Last gift you bought the Blue Meanie =a VOTE OR DIE T shirt

Last person you interviewed = Brandon from the band Bleeding Through

Last time you talked to Howard Stern =a cpl of years ago

Last time you threw up =after the Vince Neil show 2 weeks ago. There was an open bar

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association! We mention a name, and? well, you know how this works.

Tommy Lee = A very gd performer back in the 80?s

Butch Walker = Pretty cool

Rob Van Dam = an arrogant little overrated fuck. He treats others like shit & his Yoko wife was a cunt to me for no apparent reason. I guess it was because I was working somewhere she wanted to. Maybe she should go back to sucking cock at whatever strip club she works at.

Paris Hilton = A waste of air.

Ted Nugent = Love that cat scratch fever!!! Great hair as well.

Ron Keel =very cool & fun to interview. I wish him the best.

DJ Will = Plays the best music.

Stephanie McMahon = Untalented spoiled brat who has, and never will, work for anything in her life. It must be great having everything handed to you on a silver platter.

Sharon Osbourne = A businesswoman.

Bruce Dickinson = He is GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bruce. He is the best vocalist & he speaks real good French!

Now there’s a Rewind to kick off 2005!

What can we say to that? For once we’re speechless. Jasmin fucking rules and you know it.

For more information on Jasmin and her current projects, stop on by her Web site at www.jasminstclaire.com.

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