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Rewind With Marty O’Brien, 7/24/03


Tommy Lee’s bass player Marty O’Brien

We first did 20 Questions with Marty back on May 15, 2001. Recently we heard that Marty was down for a Rewind so we sent off these questions and here they are!

1. What are you up to?
Lets see… Back when I did my first 20 questions, I was playing for Methods of Mayhem and had just filled in on bass with Disturbed. so…. Since then, I actually filled in on bass for the band Static-X for a month on tour, when yet another bass player had broken a bone. (coincidence?…. I think not).. I keep a small collection of voodoo dolls of the bassists of all my favorite bands, and I do damage when I need work.
Throughout 2002 I toured with Tommy Lee in support of his solo album. (different band lineup than his Methods of Mayhem project). Now I’m back in LA, doing random studio session work when I can get it.. I love recording, so any producers out there that read this,, Email me damnit ! MartyTK421@aol.com I did a session not long ago for a new band called Prething. It was me on bass and Matt Sorum on drums for 2 songs… Hopefully that gets released soon.
The touring cycle for Tommy’s solo album is over, so he is taking some time off to write music, produce, and write a book about his life… so I’m taking advantage of the time off, and I’m playing and touring with other bands. I’m currently playing for a new singer on Arista records named Brooks Buford.. We have a few private music-industry shows coming up, and during the week of the CD’s release (Sometime in September), we are tentatively scheduled to play on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno and also Jimmy Kimmel Live, and most likely hit the road in Sept/Oct. Next week I’m flying to Budapest, Hungary to play one show with Tommy Lee on Aug 2nd at some huge festival. That should be interesting.

2. Don?t you think Tommy takes Metal Sludge a little too seriously and needs to lighten up?
Honestly, I did read that little feud you two were having, but I’ve never mentioned Metal Sludge to him. I avoid conflict at all costs. haha

3. What happened at the Penthouse show you guys did a few months back? It was reported that Tommy tried to take a pet ?s shirt off and ended up getting booed. What the hell was going on?
That was a story that the tabloids made up…. this is what really happened. These 2 Penthouse girls jumped up onstage during our set and start dancin’ around, so Tommy tried to get them to take their tops off.. When we’re on tour, at almost every show there are girls taking their tops off,, so I guess Tommy was disappointed that these girls who get naked for a living wouldn’t even bare any skin for the crowd.. So,, the girls got booed off the stage, and we continued on with our rock show.

4. ?Never A Dull Moment? got plenty of press and exposure, as well as a video on VH-1. So why do you think it didn?t take off?
I wish I had the answer. The song "Hold Me Down" was actually a big hit on most rock stations around the country, and the video got some heavy airplay on VH1, but for some reason it never translated into big CD sales.

5. Yes or no, has Marty O?Brien ever:
Seen Tommy Lee looking at Metal Sludge = No sir.
Heard Tommy Lee bitching about Metal Sludge = No sir.
Met Pamela Anderson = No sir. (In the last 3 years, I have been asked that question more times than you could possibly imagine, in just about every city and country.)
Wanted to play bass for Mandy Moore = I had never thought about it.. but I would do it. She probably pays quite nicely.
Been to Nikki Sixx?s house = No sir. (hopefully Sixx will read this and invite me to a BBQ or something… Sixx, I’ll bring the Doritos)
Boiled your bass strings within the last year = No. I get them for free. I’m like that pompous rich guy that wears a pair of socks and throws them out each day. (but with bass strings)
Had sex in a European brothel = No sir, but I have to admit, its quite entertaining to walk around and look what the window’s have to offer.
Been to Pantera?s stripclub = Many times. One time in particular stands out.. Ozzfest 2000 tour…. We took the Methods of Mayhem tour bus there and parked it in the lot out front and it became the little club outside the club.
Fucked a Playboy Playmate = Does it count if she became a Playmate afterwards?
Thrown up in an Irish pub = Nope. I don’t even drink.

6. Do you think we?ll see a Motley Crue reunion in the future?
In the future?… Yes.. In the near future?… I doubt it. I would love to see that though.

7. You?ve been playing with some guy named Brooks Buford, which sorta sounds like a shoe store. What?s his story and how did you hook up with him?
A shoe store?! haha I met Alice Cooper recently, and when I told him about this new gig I’m doing, he said that Brooks Buford sounded like a character on Dallas, or Dynasty !! Brooks is basically a hip-hop guy, with a rock band behind him.. Some people compare the music to Everlast and Kid Rock, and I even read a review once that said he was like a "white version of Nelly, playing Outkast style music" Everyone has their own opinions I guess.. All the songs are hilarious, and the lyrics will crack you up. The person who called me about doing this gig was actually Jeff Pilson of Dokken. A few months ago, Pilson called and explained that he and my other friend Tommy Henriksen had produced this demo for this guy named Brooks Buford and Arista records loved it, and wanted to sign him, but needed to see him perform live. I was hired for just one gig in NYC, to play in Brooks’ band for this private showcase for the record label. 2 weeks later, Brooks signed the deal, and the rest is history. The album comes out on Arista in September.

8. What CD have you purchased that has the worst bass tone you?ve ever heard?
I can’t think of a CD I’ve purchased, but my bands demo tape from when I was about 18 has the world’s worst bass tone ever. Absolutely nothing gets worse than that. What the fuck was I thinking ??

9. At what age should you no longer wear a backwards hat and talk in street slang?
You should be able to wear a baseball hat backwards forever, .. but talking in street slang should be a crime at any age. PS.. "yo yo yo".

10. The last of Marty:
Last time you saw Metal Shop = About 3 weeks ago. I see the singer in my neighborhood sometimes. I think he lives near me. On a few occassions I’ve seen him and I throw the metal sign up and I say, "dude, its Michael Diamond"!.. (I did that at Target about a month ago).. He doesn’t know who I am, but I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m insane.
Last CD you purchased = The Cars
Last movie you saw = in the theater: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and at home on DVD: Thomas Crown Affair (1968 original)
Last concert you had a backstage pass at = Jane’s Addiction / dress rehearsal show, Culver Movie Studios, a week or two ago.
Last time you were at Tommy ?s house = about a week ago.
Last band you played with other than Tommy = Brooks Buford, in NYC a couple weeks ago.
Last book you read = I’m reading "God, Guns, Government" by Ted Nugent right now.
Last speeding ticket you got = I can’t even remember. Probably 10 years ago. I usually drive fast, so I guess I’m just good at avoiding the authorities. Ponch and John have yet to catch me.
Last porn you watched = Some DVD I got for free. I’ve never actually watched an entire porn movie all the way through if you can believe that.. but then again.. has anyone? (besides the guy that edited the damn thing?)
Last time you listened to a Motley Crue CD = Probably a month or so ago. I can always go back to Shout at the Devil. I have "Too Young to Fall In Love" loaded into my MP3 player at the moment, so I’ve heard that song a few times this week.

11. Have you ever thought of hiring somebody, ala Tonya Harding, to take out Fuzz from Disturbed so you can replace him again?
Thought of it !? How do you think I got the gig playing for Disturbed in the first place? I had Fuzz taken out just like Nancy Kerrigan ! (just kidding)

12. What?s been the best perk about playing with Tommy Lee?
I’d have to say, the travelling, seeing the world. The Methods of Mayhem gig led to many other gigs too, so thats a perk in itself.

13. Is having a goatee or some sort of facial hair a requirement to play in a band these days?
I think you may be right. Could I be a victim of a trend ? I want a T-shirt that says "Free Goatee Rides for the Ladies".

14. If Ratt came along and needed you to play bass with them for a tour, would you whore yourself out to them too?
Sure, why not ? I’m honored when any band asks me to play for them. It still baffles me that I actually get paid to play my bass.

15. Rate the following bands on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a band you would have no desire to play bass for and 10 being a must!
Ratt = 5
Korn = 6
Limp Bizkit = 7
Warrant = 1
Dokken = 7 (I was a huge fan back in the day)
Staind = 9 (that actually almost happened once)
AC/DC = 9
Ted Nugent = 9
Vince Neil = 5
Bloodhound Gang = 1

16. When Tommy goes back to Motley, what are you going to end up doing?
Same thing I’m doing right now.. Touring the world….. having fun… Playing my bass. Every time Tommy’s tours end, I’m always off playing with other bands, and he is supportive.

17. Now that your 15 minutes are up, how does it feel to be receiving a Rewind from Metal Sludge, and are you hoping for it to jumpstart your career, if you can call it that?
Ha ! Actually, my clock says I’ve been going strong for about 25 minutes now.. and this is just the beginning. I will always be the band whore, touring the world with every band you can imagine.

18. Within the last year you?ve gone from playing with Tommy Lee to Brooks Buford. Is playing with white guys who think they?re black something you look for in a band?
Ok, that one was funny. Actually, for my next trick, I’m going to play bass for a black man, who thinks he’s white.

19. If you had kids, would you let them go swimming at Tommy?s?
Definitely.. but I would watch them, like any responsible parent would do. What kind of jackass let their kids go swimming without watching them ??

20. Time for Metal Sludge ?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Tripp Eisen = Edsel’s best friend. The most eclectic person I know. Collects cereal boxes, listens to Manowar, and drives hours outside of LA to attend lectures. Hail to Tripp, Quisp til the end.
Edsel Dope = Tripp’s best friend. This guy is a huge Motley fan and was very cool when I met him. The Tommy Lee band rehearsed in NYC in a room next to his one day, and I brought Tommy over to meet Edsel and their guitarist, who were working on songs. Edsel just about shit and it was obvious he was a huge fan. Edsel had Tommy hit a snare drum, and they sampled it and they were going to load it up in Pro Tools and use it on some of their demos they were working on.
Eminem = Talks fast, over music.
Jenna Jameson = a purrrrty girl I haven’t spoken to in about 2 years.
Linkin Park = "Lincoln Park" was a greyhound-dog racing track near my house in Rhode Island when I was growing up, so I can’t really take that band-name seriously.
Jack Osbourne = Television Star.
Conan O? Brien = a funny tall man with my last name.
David Lee Roth = The Prince of Pasadena.
Gene Simmons = A very $mart man.
Nikki Sixx = He recently gave me one of his Gibson Blackbird basses.. I almost shit a brick. Who’s cooler than Sixx ? nobody.

That’s all folks.. thanks for the questions.. Now everyone go check out my website damnit !

It’s good to see that even though he’s in Tommy Lee’s band, he’s not afraid to step up to the plate and deal with our questions. For more info on Marty, go check out his website!

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