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Rewind with Taime Downe, 6/12/03



Faster Pussycat Singer Taime Downe


We last talked to Taime way back on April 5, 1999. It was the 9th 20 Questions we had ever done, so Taime’s Rewind is long overdue!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, our Metal Sludge Xtravaganza Tour starts this weekend on June 14th in Sacramento, so what a perfect time to do Taime’s Rewind!

1. What are you currently up to?

Recording a new cd and getting a rock and roll food tv show together.

2. How was the Poison tour you guys did last year? Rumor has it some of the crowd was a little taken back when you guys hit the stage looking like Faster Hitlercat? Any explanations?

It was a blast, had lots of fun…maybe to much fun

Yeah the crowds were a little freaked….oh well its a fucking rock show…we were not wearing swastikas or gassing people…We new we were going on in the daylight with no light show, so we wore our light show instead….but most of the crowds were pretty cool.

3. Speaking of tours, Faster Pussycat is the headliner on the first ever MSX Tour getting ready to hit upwards of 40 cities! Has your affiliation with MSX caused any tension for the group and how have people been reacting to it?

Not at all….seems people are looking forward to it…. so are we.

4. You?re the Monday night DJ at The Viper Room for a few years now. After watching Metal Shop for oh roughly several hundred times, do they ever get old? And who have you watched jam with them that was super cool to witness?

Yeah its been 2 1/2 years now….and yes I’m pretty burnt on them, but they’re fucking funny as hell. I guess its the comedy part of the show that keeps it fun, but they play the shit fucking killer, they really sound good. If you haven’t seen them you should check it out. Steven Tyler was amazing, Meatloaf was cool and I didn’t even know it was him at first. I think Pearcy got up with them but I’m not sure because he played there one night with his new band as well and was really good. I’m usually running around when the go on because that’s when I finish DJing.


5. Rate the following vocalists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who has no business being on the stage and 10 being a vocal God.

Vince Neil =

Michael Monroe = 8

Phil Lewis = 7

Joe LeSte = 8

Wednesday 13 = 8

Jizzy Pearl = 8

Mickey Finn = 7

Steve Summers = 7

Marq Torein = 8

Marilyn Manson = 9

Stephen Pearcy = 8

6. Riki Rachtmen said this in his Word Association with us:

Taime Downe = Fucked my ex wife.

So, did you, was she good and is it safe to say that some other ‘stars’ fucked his wife too?

Yeah, she was my girlfriend for almost 2 years….I’m not sure who she fucked….she’s a hotty and we are still very close.

Old School Faster Pussycat!

7. You guys have been over to Europe a fair amount in the last few years. How do the Euro crowds rate compared to the US fans and is there still a market for the 80s bands more so than stateside?

Its about the same over there as here, it’s fun but the USA RULES!!!

8. Yes or no, has Taime Down ever:

Visited Marilyn Monroe?s grave =

Hung out in Jeffrey Dahmer?s apartment = Yes, well outside of it…got pictures.

Drove a Hearse = No…I want to though.

Tried to quit smoking = Yes

Given somebody voice lessons = No

Paid for sex at a whore house = Yes….Hamburg on my 23 birthday…I wanted to bring that whore home.

Taken the Hollywood tour of the stars homes = No

Gone to the beach within the last 5 years = Yes, but only at night…..sun bad.

Gotten a blow job during a Metal Shop performance = Yes

Wanted to audition for L.A. Guns or Ratt = No….they are my friends but that was never the case.

9. Of all the bands Faster Pussycat played with, what bands were the coolest and who treated you the worst?

I’m trying to think of some dirt but every band we toured with we got along with pretty well….Motley Crue was great and so was G-n-R. Poison/Cinderella was fun but they tried to baby-sit us at first….that didn’t last long though….welcome to the Evil Bus.

10. Give us a Touring Memory about the following cities:

New York =
Playing the Limelight when I was in Pigface on Halloween night…nothing like NYC on Halloween. Fucked at the bar and in the alley.

Boston = Meeting a girl named Debbie Halo back on our first, we became great friends but I lost touch with her a few years back. Hope your good.

Tampa = Gen from the genetortures came up and sang with us, then we tore up the bar afterwards, naked people doing naughty things.

Atlanta = At the Masquerade with Pigface I took acid and E just before we went on…it was fun…..I think.

Detroit = Playing with Alice Cooper on Halloween

Chicago = I remember the first time we headlined our first show there at the Metro, that place rules

Salt Lake City = that place is full of sex crazed Mormon girls.

Seattle = Playing new Years Eve with Alice Cooper and Motorhead… it was the first time playing my home town.

Las Vegas = Xristian’s wedding on the roof of the Hard Rock

Tokyo = Chad passed out at the rock bar so we cut the nipples out of his t-shirt and drew a Hitler stash on his face, when we left there it was light out and he didn’t even notice.


11. You guys toured with Kiss. What?s the most interesting thing Gene ever said to you guys?

I can’t recall anything, interesting.

12. We did a few interviews with Kendra Jade who spoke very highly of you and your penis. What?s your relationship with Kendra like now?

I love Kendra, we are good friends but I haven’t seen her in awhile since we got off tour last fall…Kendra call me if you read this.

13. What do you remember about the following years:

1974 =
I’m ten…I’m to old to remember…

1978 = Saw Kiss for the first time….I think it was 78

1982 = Last year of getting kicked out of school.

1986 = Got a record deal and started the Cathouse.

1990 = Got to tour with Motley, had a top forty hit and got a gold record.

1994 = Moved to Chicago and and went on tour with Pigface.

1998 = I was getting ready to party like it’s 1999.

2002 = and the devil created the Evil Bus.

14. What was your biggest musically related paycheck for and what did you buy with it?

I never got any real big paychecks but I helped my mom get a house.

15. The last of Taime Downe:

Last time you talked to Greg Steele =
around Christmas

Last time you jammed with Metal Shop = never

Last record store you visited = today

Last time you laid by the pool during the day = about 15 years ago

Last rock start you shook hands with = Fred Coury on Monday.

Last time you heard a Faster Pussycat song on the radio = Last summer…

Last time you saw a fan wearing a Sludge shirt = last summer

Last time you had sex with a whirlpool = never…in one, last year

Last movie you saw = the ring

Last book you read = lethal marriage….I’m actually reading it now.

17. During one stretch of the MSX Tour, you guys will be doing 21 shows in a row, and on last year?s Poison tour, you guys did 50 shows on the tour and pretty close to another 50 on the side, by doing two shows in one night. How do you manage to keep up at that pace? Is it good blow? What?s your secret?

Sex, drugs and rock and roll….its boring to have days off, it fucks up your routine. On the poison tour we only played 1/2 hr set, so we would just take off afterward and go do another show somewhere else.

18. What the hell happened with Greg Steele? He was touring with you guys for a while than suddenly bailed. What?s his story?

Greg is a great dude, he just didn’t want to tour anymore.

19. You share your birthday with Jerry Lee Lewis, which is September 29th. Have you have had the urge to marry an underage family member?

Sure, as soon as I can find one.


20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Jani Lane =
Bobby Brown

Fred Durst = Limp

Vince Neil = Mr. Las Vegas, Crazy Horse 2

Rikki Rockett = We go way back and still a good friend…He and Brett helped my mom and I move some of her furniture….you had to be there.

Ralph Saenz = Ralphy Baby….keeps me entertained on Mondays at the Viper Room.

Donnie Vie = Why isn’t he on the tour?

Tim Skold = Rules, one of the coolest people I know. He’s family.

Gene Simmons = I hear he talks shit about me…Why? I have no idea.

Britney Spears = I just want to bend her over and….oh yeah!!!

Alice Cooper = The original OG (original ghoul). Helped us out in the beginning and very cool to us.

Nobody wears a wedding dress like Taime! Be sure to check out our MSX Tour in a city near you to see what Faster Pussycat have up their sleeve! You never know what they’re gonna do.

For more info on Faster Pussycat, you can visit http://www.FasterPussycat.com

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