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Rewind With Mike Fasano, 5/9/03



Ex-Warrant Drummer Mike "The Sack" Fasano

We first talked to Mike on August 14, 2001. Other the years, Fasano has been a frequent part of Metal Sludge. He was one of the many stars of Rikki Rockett’s 2001 Tour Diary, participated in our World Famous White Trash Dream Date Contest, and even briefly did a Tour Diary of his own for us. He also drops us an email from time to time to let us know what’s up and when he’s getting fired. The bottom line is, Mike Fasano is a legend. We don’t know to who, but we’re sure somebody probably thinks that.

In this Rewind, "The Sack" spills the beans on Warrant, who has a weak drum sound, the latest on Slash’s project and when to expect that CD, and the art of "upper decking."

1. What are you up to?
Well, despite the Jani Lane "sucker punch" of being replaced from Warrant, I’m doing really well. Did you know I’ve been in both Modern Drummer and Drum! magazines for the past 3 months straight? I had a concept of making a better snare drum head, and it’s called the Emperor X Head – Remo makes it from my specs, and both mags have been promoting it pretty well. I’m in these ads with John Tempesta from Rob Zombie’s band (oops did I just drop something!?), who uses it too. This head is amazing, it’s something I came up with working in the Los Angeles studio scene, and ended up turning guys like Tre’ Cool (of Green Day fame), and T-Ravis Barker ( of Blink, Transplants, Box Car Racer fame) on to it as well. This was a custom order head for endorsors only and had became so popular that the Remo thought they should introduce it to the public. The head holds up to the abuse with out pitting or turning into a soup bowl. I think anyone who doesn’t hit like a pussy should check out Remo’s Emperor X Head. The other cool thing about the Remo Family is that they endorse the drummer not the band!

I also did an ad for Pintech electronic percussion. They are running the ad with me, and a few other drummers. The ad was printed while I was still in Warrant, but they misspelled Warrant
"Warrent!" I think thats so rad!!!! (even if I was still in Warrant I wouldn’t of had them change it!) Guess while I’m out of Warrant, I am now in "Warrent" I’ve also been busy with Roxie 77 and the $upafacial$ this past year, we have been rejected by all the major labels so were gonna finish recording the our debut record and put it out ourselves. I’ve also been doing my thing in the studio bla bla bla……. and for all you "mall rats" keep a lookout for Totalposer merch, my fine line of t-shirts and accessories which will be coming soon to a Hot Topic in your neck of the woods. Let’s also not forget my sucky golf game for Team Taylor Made!

2. Have you found out anymore as to why Jani wanted you out of Warrant?
All I know is that Jani liked the way his solo band drummer Karl played, and that he wanted to replace me. But I’m sure when Jani gets tired of seeing kids wearing my Totalposer t-shirts and people asking him about why he fired me, he may just let the Sludge fly. Depending on his mood and or what kind of "personal problems" he is having that day, it could be quite interesting. I hear Kirk is a great drummer though, and I’m told he’s got a "strong image" ( tall, skinny kid with long blonde hair) so good luck to him!, and remember Keith you’ve got Jani in your corner, he’s your buddy you can do no wrong. Enjoy the ride!!!!!!

3. Don’t you think if Jerry & Erik wanted you in the band, they should have stood up to Jani?
You know it’s funny, it’s recently come to my attention that there was or is a rumor going around that I was "unhappy" in Warrant. Just to set the record straight, that wasn’t the case at all – all I
ever wanted to be the best drummer I could be for Warrant. I don’t want to be the best drummer in the world, Warrant isn’t that kind of band, it’s not about the drum fills it’s about playing the right parts to support the classic Warrant hit’s with vibe and attitude. At the end of the night I wanted people to leave the show saying Warrant kicked ass tonight, and Mike kicked ass in Warrant. I put my heart and soul into this band, I didn’t make a lot of money, but it wasn’t
about that. It was my choice to be there.

When there was a Warrant partnership that recently became available this December, I talked to Jerry about being a half partner, 1/3, 1/4, anything, just so they could show me a little more loyalty, and he said "we’re not able to do that, at this time." I asked about perhaps getting a
percentage for my likeness being used on photos, t-shirts, or even the "punk rock style"Warrant logo I designed for them. He again said they don’t really do that either. Then Jerry offered me a raise, a new per show and per week rate so I felt if they weren’t gonna cut me in as any sort of partner I would negotiate for $50 more per show, and $100 more a week than what they
had offered, I felt I deserved it after all these years. I did get what I had asked for so the point I’m trying to make is that he did "throw me a bone" and I was very grateful that he was trying to negotiate with me within whatever the Warrant Corporation limitations were, showing me they were making a step.

The bottom line is that Warrant was my gig – I was the drummer and I wanted to be there. Many nights on "fly dates" we’d be 8-10 guys in a van traveling all night after the show to get to the next city, getting a couple hours’ sleep here and there ( it was pretty brutal. harder to do five days of touring in a van than five weeks in a tour bus), then go set my rental kit up. It’s a lot of
work, you never know what condition the rental gear is in, and that side of it wasn’t always fun, but I did take the time to sort the kit out and do the sound checks every day because I wanted to rock for the kids every night. I didn’t want anyone to leave to the rock show and saying "Fuck, Fasano really sucked tonight." I gave it my 100% every night. If that’s looked upon as not being
happy, it’s definitely mis-skewed. Despite all the bullshit, I was happy to be there. There were nights I wasn’t sure if we were even going to go onstage because of Lane not feeling well, but I was always there ready to rock.

As far as Jerry and Erik standing up to Lane, they have to "back" (you know, that term the kids use, to mean "support") their singer. After all, they are the senior partners of Warrant. It’s nothing against them and I don’t have a problem with them. All for one, one for all, and all that.

4. You work in the studio with a lot of current bands. What are some of the latest trendy bands you’ve worked with?
I worked with a band from Seattle called Vendetta Red (no relation to Vendetta from back in the day.) Also, a band from Chicago called Alkaline Trio (no relation to "Duracell!") And, don’t know how "trendy" she is, but Melissa Etheridge.

5. Last of Mike Fasano:
Last CD you purchased = Turbonegro, the record is called "Scandinavian Leather." It’s fuckin’ awesome! And then Toilet Boys’ (no relation to a "shit fetish") limited edition picture LP record/ vinyl.
Last band you were a tech for = Last week I was in the studio with Matt Sorum (ex-Cult, ex-Gn’R), Duff McKagan (ex Gn’R), Slash (ex Gn’R) and Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) – I think they’re going to call this band "Loaded" and they’re working on some soundtrack stuff
for a movie called "The Italian Job" and also for "The Incredible Hulk." They will be recording their record this summer, and it should be, as all the kids say, "dropping: January 2004. Yeah thats right you heard it here first!

Last movie you saw = I took my twin niece and nephew, who are 13, to see Agent Cody Banks, and Lizzie McGuire, starring Hilary Duff, who my nephew thinks is pretty hot. But for Uncle Mike, in Agent Cody Banks, Angie Harmon mmmmmmmmmmmmm venereal !!!!!!!!!
Last time you held a coke can with your balls = Hold on, let’s get your facts straight. I don’t hold Coke cans under my balls, I do a little party trick called "Now you see it, now you don’t," and I
COVER the can with my balls. I make the can DISAPPEAR!. That’s the trick, it’s all just a bunch of folklore now I’ve retired from doing the trick. But since you want to know the last time I did it was some time on this past summers Metal Edge "Joke" Fest 2002 tour, and I have
even made some cash in my career of doing it as a party trick a few time as well ($25 bucks a head, 3 head minimum!)

Last book you read = "The Musician’s Handbook, A Practical Guide to Understanding the Music Business" by fellow ex-Warrant drummer, Left for Dead, Beggars and Thieves fame, …….Bobby Borg. (Note to Bobby: A lot of good your book did me! Thanks Bobby. PS You’re a kick ass drummer though!
Last time you talked to Rikki Rockett = He called me to send his condolences and pay his respects. We’ve been playing phone tag now. I wanted to thank him for having my back, and he’s made it clear how he feels about what happened. Thanks Rocco!
Last time you talked to Tina Lu = Haven’t talked to her in a couple months, but did get a nice email regarding the Warrant situation from her recently. Mmmmmm Tina!
Last strip club you visited = Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood, CA. It’s absolutely filthy!
Last time you talked to Jani Lane = It was at what was to be my last show with Warrant in Struthers, Ohio, at the Cellar, backstage. Jani had introduced me to the new keyboard player that Warrant is going to use on the road for the summer tour. He was there to check out the show and see what’s up. I also met Jani’s personal trainer, who was there. We also re-worked an section of Uncle Tom’s Cabin that night. Jani wanted a big drum-fill punch/ accent into the second verse of the song (or something like that). We ran through it back stage ( this is how we use to
rehearse), went onstage, hit the new drum part/ punch accent thing we went over, and he was so excited about it that he high-fived me and was stoked the whole night about it. He was always very positive toward me, so this personal vendetta of Jani replacing me really came out of nowhere and still has me scratching my head.

Last time you were fired other than the Warrant gig = it was an L.A. band called 3 Penny Needle about 5 years ago. I played with them for 6-8 months and they wanted to replace me. Guess they just didn’t dig what I did, but I am still friends with them and recommended a friend of mine in my
place, who worked out.

6. Of all the bands you worked with in the studio, what band was the most difficult to work with?
As far as bands being difficult, I’m pretty lucky when I get into a session because my reputation precedes me. The bands are usually pretty happy to see me and know I’m there to help. I really haven’t worked with "difficult" bands per se, as all the bands know my job is to make them sound good and make them to rock!!!!!

7. What’s the key to getting a good drum sound in the studio?
Drum sound – well, this is kind of a tough one to try to make short. First of all, a good drum sound is basically an opinion – it’s what somebody likes or what they prefer. So, depending on what kind of vibe the producer, engineer, drummer, band, label, and A&R guy (boy thats a lot of math) want, we go for that. I prefer to have drum sounds that are like "fat," "thick," "warm," "wooly" tones, vs. thin, tinny, or bright sounds. Obviously you want to start with a good drum that will sound like a -drum- when you tune it, not something with an overing or a warble. Tuning it for the track, picking the right snare for the track – if it’s a ballad, you pick a fatter, deeper, snare. For a faster song, you go with a tighter, quicker, "ringy-er" snare so the note can get sucked up into the track. Bla, bla, bla…….. it all comes down to what you like to here. Opinion.

8. How has Metal Sludge changed your life? Explain.
Come on, Metal Sludge, you know you’re my unofficial web site! What’s there to explain?

9. When Rikki emailed us and asked "Who The Fuck Would Fire Mike Fasano?", he said that him and Blotzer have your back. Does that worry you?
First of all, that email was amazing and it felt good to read that. Some of the Sludgeaholics don’t really know why us older guys use the term "have your back" – it means support and respect. Rikki Rockett speaking for himself (and not for Poison,) I thought everything he said was valid and to the point. He had the balls to call Lane out on what he did and it means a lot to me.

Mike takes the time to talk to an elderly fan.

10. Yes or no, has Mike Fasano ever:
Shit on somebody = Yes, myself. Does that count?
Teabagged a girl on the first date = "Maybe."
Been to Rikki Rockett’s house = Yes.
Been tested for an STD = Yes but the doctor wouldn’t let me study for it. I passed with flying colors Gohneria Green!!!!!!!
Stole something from Travis Barker = Nope.
Met Steven Sweet = No, but I’d really like to. I think he’s a great drummer. This fan/ friend of mine Brian sent me some old live Warrant bootleg videos, Steven rocked!!! – hope he’s still out there playing somewhere, and I’d really like to meet him some day.
Been Bobby Blotzer’s caddy for a day = No, not his caddy, his golf student.
Gone horseback riding = Does the jackass that comes to the house count? By this I mean that guy with the donkey and sombrero, who comes to your house with a camera when you’re a kid, he takes your picture and sells it to your parents? They did that in California when I was growing up, and if so, then yes.
Forgot the drum parts for Down Boys = Yep! What is a Down Boy anyways?
Done cocaine with Jani Lane = That has a kind of ring to it cocaine with Jani Lane…………You do mean Coke!?, who hasn’t? But I prefer Pepsi.

11. What CD has the lamest drum sound you’ve ever heard?
This goes back to my "professional drum sound" opinion thing. In my opinion maybe not the lamest but the one lacking that comes to mind, the new Foo Fighters record, I don’t think the drums sound that great on it. But that just goes to show you, a successful recording doesn’t
hinge on what the drums sound like, as it just won a Grammy! If you have a song that strikes a chord with someone, and it’s a good song, it doesn’t matter if it’s recorded on a ghetto blaster. I love the Foo Fighters! Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins are amazing drummers they could play drums on a cardboard box and it would have a "vibe". I just thought some of the drum sounds and loop samples weren’t as massive as they could of been.

Another example, a record I worked on a few years ago – Rancid’s "Out Come the Wolves." We worked really hard getting different snare drum sounds for different songs. When the record was done and mixed, Andy Wallace put some samples over it to smooth out the sound, but it replaced what we had done. It didn’t have the same bite as it did when we recorded it. The tunes are great, but there’s an example of something that didn’t come out how I heard it in the studio when we were first getting the sound. Nonetheless, it’s a great record, the songs are great, and it’s not always about the drum sound. This is probably the lamest drum sounds I’ve heard and I worked
on it!!!

12. Finish this sentence, "Anal sex is…."

13. If Rikki Rockett asked you to go out as his drum tech for the Poison tour, would you do it?
The Rockett has a great drum tech named Kevin (of Blues Traveler fame), he’s a friend of mine I met when he was drum teching for Matt Laug when Matt was touring with Slashs’ Snake Pit. Rockett needed to replace his drum tech ex Warrant stage mgr./guitar tech Waldo. Rockett needed a guy who really new drums (Waldo is a the best stage mgr./guitar tech!!!!)so I made the call and got Kevin hooked up with Rockett. My days of drum teching on the road are over. For me to go on the road and set the same drum set up every night is a waste of my so called talent – being a tech on tour is more about maintaining the kit on the road, not about precision tuning per say. I’m better in the studio under the microscope, or, "microphone!" Where things have to be very specific, it’s more of a challenge to me not just setting up and tuning and maintaining the same drum kit over and over night after night. I’m really bad at being the maintanence guy on the road, which is more what a live drum tech does. So I guess to answer the question no! Even though the thought of me and the Rockett on the road together is pretty tempting, I think the both of us would probally get pretty filthy out there! Hmmm?

Rikki Rockett & Mike share a hug.



14. Do you ever worry about Jani’s health and have you ever tried to help him clean up his act?
Worried, no. Concerned, yes. Like I’ve said before, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. Believe it or not, he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. I spoke to Matt Sorum about it, who is sober, a couple of years ago when we were getting ready to go on tour with Poison, because I realized that Jani was struggling with his personal problems. Matt was willing to help me in any way he could if it got to that point, where Jani would really want to be helped and not just charm and tell people what they want to hear. It never got to that point, but I am still willing to help him if it gets to that point, if he calls me. I do love Jani like a brother, that asshole brother who’s still a part of your family, and I do want to see him pull out of this downward spiral.

15. Which do you prefer and why:
Sum 41 or Blink 182 = Green Day they just rock harder!!!
Viper Room or House Of Blues = I like the Viper Room. It’s more intimate, it sounds really good in there and is fun to play in. Sal and Johnny Depp (oops did I just drop something again!?) always treat us right when we play there.
Goo Goo Dolls or New Found Glory = I like them both, did I ever tell you my Goo Goo Dolls story? A long time ago when I worked on the Goo Goo Dolls record ("A Boy Named Goo") I was getting drums sounds playing some basic time to get levels in the control room, they really liked the way the drums sounded when I hit them. They had inner problems with their drummer George at the time, and when the record came out, they fired George. I got a call from Johnny Rzeznik and he said he really liked the way I played, and asked if I wanted to come down and audition. I said, I was just there in the studio doing my job getting sounds and tuning drums, i wasn’t there to try and get somebody’s gig, I feel funny about coming down and doing this audition. They said they were going to see a drummer friend from Dallas named Mike Malinin, and we agreed if that didn’t work out and do it, I’d go down and and play with them. The Goos are like brothers and dig their style of music, it’s totally different than New Found Glory. New Found Glory, on the other hand, are like my nerdie little brothers I always wanted but never had who are now successful. They did a really cool punk rock cover version of "Heaven"
if you can find it check it out! I’m really proud of those guys, they’re great. Looking forward
to working on their record this summer.
Zildjian or Paiste = Zildjian. I did a Bud Light commercial about 10 years ago. Zildjain loaned me dummy/dead cymbals for the commercial shoot, and after that I developed a relationship with them. When I was doing the Princess Cruises drum gig (yes, that’s the Love Boat, kids!) I got my endorsement with them. I love my relationship with Zildjian and they’re really good to me. They’re like family!
Gwen Stefani or Shakira = mmmmmmmm Gwen. Gwen’s hot, Shakira’s not! That’s easy. Shakira is the epitome of Totalposer!
Vans or Converse = I’m old skool, Vans! When I was a kid, my mom used to buy me Vans because there was a little hole in the wall Vans shoe store in Burbank, and Vans were cheap/ in expensive.(My moms Italian but i think she’s got a bit of Jew in her!!!! hahaha) And they lasted a long time. Still pimpin’ the Vans product today!
Riki Rachtman or Iann Robinson = I like Iann, I think it’s rad, when he fly’s the Metal sign when he say’s MTV2 and throws his hand up! He’s got a finger on the pulse of whats going on in rock!
Rancid or Pennywise = Pennywise. Loyalty, honor, respect.Thats what those guys are about I back them they back me!
The Osbournes or Jackass = The Osbournes. Sharon is a superstar, shes pretty hot and is a H.I.G.(Huge Industry Giant), and I think it’s pretty rad that she lets the underage kids Jack and Kelly get all boozed up! All the best to Jack I hope you get out of rehab soon Duder!!!!!
Tracii Guns or Phil Lewis = I love both of those guys, they’re characters. Tracii is really cool, though I wish he would quit fucking guitar companies over for gear, like GMP. Phil, you’re a funny fucker when you drink red wine!
Vater or Promark = Vic Firth. Come on guys, get it right. Marco Soccoli is family, la famiglia, if you know what I mean! Marco is the A&R guy for Vic Firth.

16. Have you gotten any offers from bands since you got canned from Warrant?
Those fucking asholes in my old art/rock band the Kitty Litter Disco love that I got "canned" from Warrant! They keep calling me and bugging me to play shows with them. I might do a few shows with them this summer just so they leave me alone! And, let’s not forget about my new band, "Warrent!" and theres this band from Florida that have been emailing me, they are a Warrant tribute band called The Cherry Pie Farmers that might be an option!

Mike during the infamous show where Jani Lane performed wearing a wrestling mask and without a shirt!

17. In your 20 Questions, you made a reference to Matt Sorum having a huge cock and when we asked you if you had ever been with a prostitute, you answered; "Only black ones. I’m an equal opportunity John. But you didn’t specifically ask about black prostitutes, so I won’t answer. Nor did you ask about male/female. Keep that in mind next time."
We also asked in Word Association about Rikki Rockett and you answered, "Underrated. Great guy. Heard he has a big cock, can’t wait to see it!"
And finally, we asked you if you had ever touched another man’s penis and you said, "All the time. I love penises." Not that there is anything wrong with it, but what’s up with all the cock talk? Anything you want to share with the class?
Well well class, when I watch porns, I don’t squint and cover my eyes and try to block the cock out of view when it’s penetrating the female vagina. Last time I checked your supossed to "watch the flick". And, I think it’s fuckin’ rad when some cock is pummeling a mouth, an ass, or a pussy. That turns me on, okay? (*Note: Class this is the porpose of a xxx rated adult video when you get turned on from watching the filth on the tele your supposed to pull your rod/ or clam out and masterbate.) Then, there’s always the anticipation of the money shot. What, do you
turn your head? Dude not me, I count how many times the porn star dude squirts his load all over the filithy cum guzzeling slut whore! God love her!!!!! That sweet little princess!!!! Where else are you supposed to look? Into the chicks eyes? The whole cock thing is about tipping’ your hat to your fellow rock star friend who might do a little squirtin’ in his career!!!

18. Are you eligible for unemployment now?
Am I? *Note to self: I don’t remember reading that chapter in "The Musician’s Handbook, A Practical Guide to Understanding the Music Business" i’d better ask the Bobby Borg.

19. Rumor has it you have a shit fetish. Hey, we didn’t make it up, we just heard that. Supposedly you talk about shit a lot and it freaks everybody out. What’s the story?

Talking and joking about shit I guess means a "shit fetish?" Freaks everybody out? Exactly. I think shit is funny like farting is funny. A little something that I "talk" about doing on tour as a joke is something I call Dry Docking. Dry Docking is when you flush the toilet, let all the water out of the bottom of the toilet – then you shit, and it goes across the bowl like a ship being dry docked. Then you show your friends because it’s funny!

Two ex-Warrant members share an intimate moment.

Another thing I "talk" about doing is called Upper Decking. You shit in the top of the toilet (in the tank,) then close it up and wait till some one flushes it the water in the bowl never seems to get clean. Haven’t you ever done anything like that just to be funny, to fuck with your friends? Erik and Jerry and Jani would get so fucking freaked out about it that it was funny to me! It was rad to see how get bummed out about all the shit talk, so I’d keep turning the screw on them. Ex Warrant lead guitar man and partner in crime Billy Morris (that sick fucker) and I would joke like this, but they didn’t even want to be a part of it. To them, the shit talk was almost as bad as hearing people bring up the Metal Sludge site, they want nothing to do with it. I couldn’t joke with them about the Sludge site so I joked about "upper decking" and "dry docking" It’s funny not a fetish, it’s a a fucking joke man. I just think it’s funny to make people uncomfortable when you turn the heat up!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Vince Neil = When I was in Warrant, we did a handful of shows with Vince. Never got to meet him but his band rocked and he seemed pretty cool. He played all the Motley hits. I still prefer Tommy & Pam’s home video instead of Vince and Janines. Speaking of porn, cock, and Tommy’s in particular, he looked so big because he shaved it back. That adds an inch, you know! Note that, kids.
Eric Clapton = Sober, super cool, soft spoken, rock guitar legend that I got to play percussion on a track he did for a movie sound track a few years ago.
Erik Turner = Diet Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons Lite. Golf pusher, got me hooked, and now I’m addicted. Great golf teacher and friend!
Gene Simmons = Erik Turner’s mentor. Gene is of my favorite bass players i’d really like to jam with him some time. I think it’s rad that i heard a rumore that Gene has a collection of over two or three thousand polaroids of chicks that he has squirted on in his career of 30+ years (of squirting). God love you Gene!, dude you fucking rock!
Joey Allen = Never met him, he looks nothing now like what he looked like back in the day when he was in Warrant. I don’t think it was cool that he slagged my boy Rockett, but Rockett had His own back and called Joey out.
Joe LeSte = He’s always been cool to me. The old school Bang Tango sounds like the Cult’s "Love" record to me, and I’m a huge Cult fan.
Paul Gargano = Another funny fucker when he’s drunk. Speaking of home videos, I can’t wait to see the LA Guns/Paul Gargano Tour Bus home video! Hey Vince and Tommy look out for Paul !!!!!! Hey Paul hows about finding me another gig on one or two conditions, it can’t be Bang Tango or Pretty Boy Floyd!?
Jizzy Pearl = I think Jizzy was a child star,when he was a kid. He has tons of charisma and has always been cool to me. He’s a great singer and the best guy to replace Pearcy in Ratt.(And i’m a huge fan of the Pearcy)
Caesar the tour manager = Caesar and I were the "Italian Battalion," we roomed together for the last 4 years, hung out, we’re bro’s. Ever since I got the axe from Warrant though, I haven’t gotten a phone call. Probably can’t talk to me because he’s in Lane’s camp & is worried about getting fired himself!
Sum 41 = Talked a lot of shit about Jerry Finn, who’s my bro, and I ran into them in a bar in NYC on tour this past summer, and called them on it. They fucking danced around about it, but thats what people do when you confront them about something. I was just backing my bro Jerry Finn by calling them out. I like Dave the guitar player was pretty cool when we were in the bar Stevo the drummer was " off like a prom dress" no where to be found! Rumor has it they’ve been asking Jerry to do their next record. That’s another example of a record "Does this look infected?" that drum sound is lame and sounds like shit, but at least they did a cool video to take your mind off the weak drum sound! it’s really funny, with the action figure dolls! That’s Sum-41 for you, genius.
Axl Rose = Always been cool to me. Haven’t seen or spoken to him in years.

I just want to thank everybody for all the emails, cards, gifts, letters and support. Some fans even made me a cake, and others sent cookies about the Warrant situation! You guys fucking rock. And thanks to the Sludgeaholics too, I can always count on you!

I’m off like a prom dress!!!!!!! mike

-enjoy me!- at WWW.TOTALPOSER.COM

Now that’s good entertainment! Now we all know if you want to freak out Jani, Jerry, and Erik, just talk about various ways to shit and they’ll lose their mind. Good stuff!

Thanks to Mike for always being down and providing us with a quality Rewind!

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