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Rewind with Eric Brittingham, 10/3/02



Cinderella Bass Player Eric Brittingham

We first did 20 Questions with Eric way back on June 22, 1999! Eric was pretty honest and open and talked some good shit! Now it’s over 3 years later and he looks like a different person! So here’s a little bit of what Eric’s been up to. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote whatever it is you want.
I just got back home from being on the road for the last four months. I’m taking some time to re-adjust to being home and catch up on all of the household projects that I had put aside. So, by next week, I’ll be trying to hook up with a side gig and go tour some more!

2. You’re look has drastically changed over the last year. How many people walk by you now and have no idea who you are?
Most people, that haven’t seen me in awhile, have no idea that it’s me. I had my hair colored by a guy who had done my hair back in ’98 and after he was done, he asked me what happened to Eric. I said "I AM Eric" and he said "no, the old bass player with blond hair". I couldn’t believe it. This kind of thing happened all summer.

3. Why is it taking Cinderella so long to put out a CD? What exactly are you guys waiting for?
Well, we were waiting for the OK from Sony for about three years and then they pulled the plug about a week before we were scheduled to start the record. So, I guess now we are waiting to settle things with them so we can have a budget to record it ourselves.

4. A then unknown Pamela Anderson appeared in the video for "Shelter Me."
What do you remember about that video shoot and did any of you guys end up hooking up with her?
I remember trying to talk to her (just being friendly) and she totally snubbed me. At the time, I thought she was either stuck on herself or just a bitch. I guess, in all fairness, she was probably used to guys trying to hit on her and was just being defensive. She was dating Scott Baio (chachie) at the time and he was there, watching her like a hawk. I thought it was kind of funny. Another interesting thing was, Tommy Lee dropped by for a while and I remember him asking Fred who she was. I bet he probably doesn’t even remember. Anyhow, nobody even tried to hook up with her.

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a bass God.
Dana Strum = 8
Jerry Dixon = 8
Nikki Sixx = 9
Bobby Dall = 8
Chip Z’Nuff = 8
Fieldy = 10
Robbie Crane = 8
Michael Anthony = 10
Gene Simmons = 8
Tom Hamilton = 10

6. If you could tour with any current bands of today, who would you want to go out with?
It really wouldn’t matter to me. I like a lot of the new bands out there.

7. A few years ago, Chip Z’Nuff said the following: If you listen to one of their songs, I think it’s their second album, "Gypsy Road", they are ripping off "New Thing." And the reason I even say that is because when we were in the studio recording our first album, and they were at Alpine Valley doing a live concert, and the guys in the band came over, they came to check out the studio, then they heard our music and they were blown away. They said, "Hey can we have a copy of the songs to listen to on the bus, even though you guys don’t have a record deal yet?" We were like, "Sure buddy." We didn’t know any better we gave them a tape. A year and a half later they came out with "Gypsy Road." Exact same riff as "New Thing." So Cinderella, they’ve sold a lot of records and done very well, God Bless them guys. We’d whip their asses any time they wanna get on stage with us. We sing and play, they gotta have a guy backstage with a little keyboard doing the harmonies because they can’t do it themselves."
What’s the story with that?
Drugs? Maybe? Gypsy road was written before we toured for our first record. As far as the keyboard guy, we’ve always hired someone to play keys and they usually sing too. Our first guy (Rick Criniti) chose to be off stage. (It made it more convenient for him to get blown when he wasn’t playing) We’ve never used vocal samples.

8. You guys were signed to Portrait but were then dropped before you even put out a CD. What does that tell you?
It tells me that even though someone blows smoke up your ass and tells you they think you’re the best thing since sliced bread, doesn’t mean they won’t bend you over and fuck you!

9. It’s no secret you have no love for Slaughter, but you guys ended up touring with them in 2000 on the Poison tour. Did you run into any problems or have anybody piss in your wardrobe that time around?
No, actually, we buried the hatchet and got along great.

10. What do you remember about writing or recording the following Cinderella songs?
Shake Me = a lot of 8th notes
Nobody’s Fool = a lot of whole notes
Somebody Save Me = even more 8th notes
Cum Inside = ???I think that’s an old demo
The More Things Change = the more they stay the same
Hot & Bothered = going to a screening of "Waynes world" to realize it was the only track not used as a feature. it was used as background music in a club scene.
Love’s Got Me Doin’ Time = it was written around the first riff I ever came up with. I think I was 13.
The Last Mile =
Shelter Me =
Gypsy Road =
There was really nothing special about writing or recording any of these songs.

11. Which Cinderella video needs to never see the light of day again?
Nobody’s fool. Hated everything about it.

12. Yes or no, has Eric ever
Knocked yourself in the balls by doing the guitar around the shoulder thing = I think I’ve hit just about everything but my balls
Wore hair extensions = no
Had something good to say about Dana Strum = yes (I can’t remember what though)hmmm.
Kicked a monitor off stage = no
Been burnt by pyro = yes
Had the bus leave without you = twice
Took a shit in a bathtub = no
Done blow with David Lee Roth = no
Had any plastic surgery = no
Been mistaken for Jason Hook = only one person made that comparison

12. What was your biggest musical related check for and what did you buy with it?
Probably about a half million. I invested most of it and started a college fund for my kids.

14. Give us a touring memory from the following cities:
Los Angeles = the rainbow, posers, and, usually, suck ass shows.
Seattle = it was like being behind enemy lines when we toured there in ’95. Radio stations wouldn’t even sell us commercial time.
Denver = I never seem to realize how quick you can get drunk, because of the altitude, until it’s too late.
Tokyo = visiting strip clubs with the promoter. They do some of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.
Dallas = got into a bar fight on our first tour
Milwaukee = the dressing room at the rave was awesome. It was decorated like an opium den.
Montreal = I partied all night with an outfielder for the N.Y. mets and laughed my ass off watching him play the next day.
Memphis = I used to write with a singer there and we got trashed one night and visited a radio station at 3:00am. Let’s just say that the FCC wasn’t amused.
Detroit = freezing my ass off after being kicked out of the building by David lee Roths security.

15. Now that poison won’t be touring anymore and you can speak your mind, how fucked up were they to you guys, or did C.C. ever try to score crack from you?
Actually, they were great to us. That’s the reason we toured this past summer with them again. Everyone from the their band and crew got along with us and our crew. We probably won’t tour with them anytime soon, but I’m sure we would love to do it again somewhere down the road. C.C. probably has a crack gland in his body. He doesn’t need any stimulation. He partied a little more on this tour, but stays away from old habits. I love the guy and would have to smack him if I heard otherwise.

16. The last of Eric Brittingham:
Last time you threw your bass over your shoulder and it flew off = it’s been awhile, but Jeff did it this summer.
Last time you were in the hospital = about a month ago, For dehydration and fatigue.
Last time Cinderella recorded a song = we had been recording and mixing songs up until we toured this past summer.
Last time you took advantage of a groupie = it’s been quite a while.
Last concert you attended = Chris Whitley
Last song you wrote = a co-write with my wife called "I’m not your bitch"
Last 80s hairband CD you listened to = Tesla
Last strip club you went to = T’s lounge
Last time a fan asked you "what happened to Eric Brittingham?" = about a week ago.
Last record label that expressed interest in Cinderella = actually, there are several at the moment. We have to put the Sony deal to rest first though.

17. Math question. If you have 3 packs of Bass strings and 4 packs of Guitar strings but remove all of the ‘E’ strings from the Guitar sets only, how many total Guitar strings do you have left?
A. 32 – I’m no dummy I can add on my own
B. 28 – my calculator is right here
C. 24 – I can do the math
D. 16 – & I can do my A.B.Cs too
E. I don’t know let me call up Mathew Nelson and ask
That depends on if I had six string, twelve string, or seven string sets of guitar strings. Fuck?. Well? E. I’ll have to call Matt!!!

18. Over the last few years, Cinderella has put out 2 live albums and 2 Greatest Hits CDs. Is that really necessary for a band that only has 4 studio albums?
So?.you’re saying that our plans to release a new "best of Cinderella live" is a bad idea? Hmmm?..

19. Did Aerosmith ever request royalties for the songs that Cinderella ripped off?
Ouch! I’m not sure which songs you’re referring to, but if one’s "gypsy road"; maybe you can ask chip!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Matthew Nelson = he tracked me down and called to apologize after his 20 questions comments. I respect him for that.
Tommy Lee = he’s doing well on his own. I think that’s awesome.
Vince Neil = talked to him in Vegas. He had no idea it was me.
Kevin DuBrow = he’s not as bad as most people say. I hung with him in Vegas and he was pretty cool.
Axl Rose = needs to work things out with his old band mates.
Gene Simmons = ruthless but always right
Don Dokken = I’ve always heard bad things about him, but we got along fine on the poison tour.
Rikki Rockett = nice guy, dedicated artist. He designed a tattoo for my wife.
Howard Stern = loved his morning show. He was always a Cinderella fan.
John Kalodner = thanks for the support

Not as much shit talking as last time, but not bad! Thanks to William Copsey for the photos.

For more info on Cinderella, you can visit www.Cinderella.net.

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