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Rewind With Phil Varone, 6/20/02



Skid Row Drummer Phil Varone

We last talked to Phil on August 7, 2001. Now that Skid Row is hitting the road for the Rock Never Stops tour, plus the fact that Sebastian Bach’s drummer Bam Bam talked some smack about Phil, we thought it was time for a Rewind! Like last time, Phil doesn’t really beat around the bush about things, at least when it comes to talking about his former band Saigon Kick! Enjoy!


1. What are you up to?

Currently we are on the rock never stops tour till October, and on the off days finishing the new record.

2. We recently did 20 Questions with Sebastian Bach’s drummer Bam Bam and he talked some shit about you. Your thoughts?

I don’t care what Bam Bam says about me, but if that pebbles says one more thing, I will knock her ass out.

3. Skid Row is touring with Tesla, Vince Neil, and Jackyl. How do you feel about having to go on before Jackyl?

Well, there are certain people that booked The Rock Never stops tour that still question the new line up of Skid Row. Being the underdogs is what we are used to, and we have proven time after time that we are a great band. I would think after doing 130

shows with Kiss, people would wake the fuck up and see our worth, but we knew this going into it. All in all, the tour is alot of fun, and we are getting all geared up for the touring to come in October supporting the new record.

4. Where the fuck is Snake’s Rewind we sent him over a month ago?

I think the best way for him to see them, is putting them in the beer cooler. He is always in there.

5. Has Phil Varone ever:

Shit yourself while drumming =
No, maybe some good skid marks

Snorted so much blow you got a bloody nose = not yet, but trying

Lost a grand or more gambling = not at one sitting

Tried to suck your own cock = yes, successfully!!!!

Stole another guys chick while he was touring = I have no idea what you are talking about

Wore a diaper as an adult = not yet

Shoplifted in the last 5 years = nope

Cockblocked a bandmate = nope, its all about the chooch

Had the tour bus leave without you = no

Loaded your own gear within the last year = hell yeah

6. Whatever happened to Jason Bieler’s group Shuttlecock? And does he still think his shit comes in cold creme jars?

Who gives a fuck. Is he dead yet?

7. Why is it taking Skid Row so long to put out a CD? What are you guys waiting for?

We have been working on new material as we tour, and remixing alot of the stuff we recorded. I promise it ill be out very soon. We are in the studio as we speak on our days offworking on it. It will be worth the wait.

8. Is there anything you won’t do sexually?

Not that I know of. Well, I never got into the animals.

9. What are the chances of Saigon Kick doing a full blown re-union and opening for Poison next Summer?

Hell Fuckin No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. If you had to kill, fuck and marry these 3 people who gets what?

A. Paul Gargano

B. Gerri Miller

C. Bridget the Midget

I would fuck , marry , and kill them all since I like killing, but keep Paul alive the longest cause he is hot!!!


11. Is Skid Row traveling in a bus this tour or are you guys in a van again?

No we have a crazy yellow bus with the wild shower in the back lounge. Its the hit on tour..

12. Bam Bam said that Kerry King wouldn’t watch Skid Row open for Jackyl. How does that affect you and are you sad that Kerry King might not want to see Skid Row go on before Jackyl? Your thoughts.

Well I have no idea what Bam Bam is talking about, Kerry King, and Slip Knot were at a Skid Row show, watching and partying.

13. How much do you think Vince Neil resembles his Shout at the Devil


A. 90%

B. 55%

C. 30%

D. 10%

E. I’m convinced it’s not the same guy

I am having a great time with Vince, he is 100% partying wise, and is making the tour alot of fun. He is rock and roll and brings the house down every night.


14. If you we’re given the choice to join Beautiful Creatures or a Trixter tribute band who would you chose and why?

The Creatures of course. They are good guys, and I have known them for a while.



15. The Last of Phil Varone:

Last time you got a tattoo =
about 2 months ago

Last movie you saw = Fast and the Furious

Last time you took the piercing out of your dick = About 12 hours ago

Last time you had the shits = everyday, too much Crown Royal( the oil slick)

Last time you punched someone = a week ago, me and Snake wrestling

Last drug you did = Sudafed

Last time you went into a Starbucks = No idea

Last time you talked about Metal Sludge with fans = Last night

Last CD you purchased = Injected

Last drummer you saw that sucked = There are so many , its hard to remember. Thank god for Pro Tools, or half these bands wouldn’t have records out.

16. If Skid Row was to re-unite with Bitch Boy Bach would you still want to play drums for the band?

There is only one singer that I know , and his name is Johnny Solinger. Someday people will get over it.

17. You have the chance to become a tax free millionaire. But you’ll have to eat a tablespoon of human fecal and wash it down with a tall glass of warm urine for 30 days straight would you do it?

Sounds like the last 2 weeks of this tour. Of course I would. But can I have 2 tablespoons a day?

Skid Row with Jon Bon Jovi

18. Do you really think "Thick Is The Skin" is on par with any of the past Skid Row songs?

I think its a great song, and this is a new band. We are not trying to compete with past records. I love the old records, and there will be some sounds that will be similar. Contrary to popular belief, The song writers are in Skid Row, and adding Johnny and myself , it completes the new sound.

19. Who was the drunk who came up with the idea to open your shows doing a punk version of "I Remember You?"

Well Rachel has the punk influence, and it was a version that was done in Prunella Scales. We enjoy playing it, and we also do the regular version in the set.

20. Time for Metal Sludge Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Matt Kramer =
Love the guy, The next Morrison

Scott Ian = don’t know him too well, great guitarist

Rob Affuso = really great guy

Marilyn Manson = Alot of respect for what he has accomplished. Brilliant mind!!

John Corabi = Amazing talent, great person

Butch Walker = don’t know him

Jesse James Dupree = don’t know him too well

Doc McGhee = The man ,the myth ,the legend and some(thanks for all the passes on the Kiss tour)

Kelly Osbourne = Fuckin Hot!!!!!

Creed = Great songs

Snake Sabo = Best friend, underrated talent

Bam Bam McConnell = Can’t we all just get along?

So there you have it! Thanks to Phil for the speedy reply and Carlene at SkidRowOnline.com.

For more info on Skid Row and to find out if they’ll be hitting a city near you, check out their website listed above and below.

Photos are courtesy of SkidRowOnline.com and ScottiHill.com

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