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Rewind With Brent Muscat, 5/16/02



Faster Pussycat Guitarist Brent Muscat

The Poison/Cinderella/Winger/Faster Pussycat tour starts today, so in honor of that, we thought we’d do a Rewind with Faster Pussycat’s Brent Muscat.

We last talked to Brent on July 13, 1999. Almost 3 years ago! Anyway, it was time to check up with Brent and find out what the latest is with him. Enjoy!

1. What are you and Faster Pussycat currently up to?
Getting ready to tour with Poison this summer, working on a book about my life ( I know just what the world was waiting for, LOL ).

2. Which Faster Pussycat are people going to get on the Poison tour? Is it the industrial/Marilyn Mansonish Pussycat, or the 80s version everybody knows?
We are playing all the old songs the way the fans know them, no remixes or loops on the Poison tour. But who the fuck cares? In question 19 you say we will be playing to empty houses at 6 pm anyway.

3. Who?s the most overrated band today?
P.O.D., Stained, Papa Roach etc etc etc

4. In your 20 Questions with us in July of 1999, you called Nikki Sixx a ?rip off artist? in your Word Association. Why is Nikki a rip off artist? Explain.
It wasn’t meant as an insult. I just think Nikki borrows a little from everything. If it is "cool" or "in" Nikki will have his hand in it. He is a chameleon. After Hanoi Rocks came out, they changed their look to compete.

Faster Pussycat 1987

5. Rate the following guitarist on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a somebody who sucks and 10 being a virtuoso.
C.C. DeVille = 7
Kristy Krash Majors = 10 if he doesn’t show up for the gig. And 1 if he does.
Jeff LaBar = 9. Jeff and Tom are both great.
Reb Beach = I know he is technically great, maybe a 10, but it’s not my style so I will give him a 6.
Mick Mars = 8
DJ Ashba = We both quit Beautiful Creatures. I will give him a 6 because it took him longer to leave that sinking ship.
Brent Woods = Who is this? Tell me what band he plays in and I will let you know.
Tracii Guns = I think if LA Guns gets a rhythm guitar player he would be an 8. If he would share leads with that rhythm guitarist then he could be a 10.
Keri Kelli = When Faster toured England with Pretty Boy Floyd, Keri would stand on the stage while we played and yell? Hey Muscat! you know who put the cat in faster pussycat? You put the cat in faster pussycat?. I like him he gets an 9
Greg Steele = 5

6. Do you think that Alley Cat Scratch was a tribute to Faster Pussycat or just a typical stupid Hollywood bands name?
I never thought about it. At the time they were playing Hollywood, we we were touring the world and I wasn?t around in Hollywood much.

7. Which do you prefer:
Sushi or Hamburgers = sushi
Joey Allen or Billy Morris = Billy Morris, because I toured with him and he was a cool guy.
Glam or Goth = glam
Kid Rock or Chris Rock = Couldn?t you think of a better question then this? If I have to choose, I guess I would say Chris.
1992 or 2002 = 2002 I?m not living in the past.
Jack Osbourne or Kelly Osbourne = These are Ozzy’s kids, right? Don?t know much about them. I have never seen the show and don?t really care about them; I would rather watch a rerun of South Park.
Eyeliner or lipstick = eyeliner
Sum 41 or Blink 182 = blink 182
Using a bandana to hide balding or wearing a hat to hide balding = I?d go with the Stevie Ray Vaughn method, wear a hat. Because I thought he was cool.
Slaughter or Trixter = Are you really going to make me choose between these two powerhouse groups? If you were asking who sucks more, I would have to say the mighty Trixter.

8. What restrictions has Poison placed on Faster Pussycat for this tour?
They have restricted me from telling you anything (lol)

9. What do you remember about the following years:
1976 = I got a trumpet and started playing music
1980 = I sold my trumpet for a guitar
1984 = I got laid. I read on a gossip board that I make fun of fat chicks, which is not true, you should of seen the first girl I slept with.
1988 = playing in a band with two heroin addicts. Mark Michals got busted at a hotel shipping heroin fed-ex (may have been 89).
1992 = Faster Pussycat got dropped while on tour with Kiss. We got on stage dressed as women during the Kiss song ?take it off? and were the only band to ever get on stage and play a practical joke on them. I heard later form a roadie that Paul Stanley said ?I don?t care if you have to break their legs, get those scum bags off the stage.
1996 = I had an affair with my Japanese teacher
2000 = I toured with L.A Guns playing guitar. While on the road with bar 7, I had to fill in for Tommy Skeoch a couple of nights, when he freaked out and quit. I was playing 2 shows a night and had to learn the bar 7 set including Tesla songs in an afternoon. I didn?t mind, because I think Jeff Keith is a great singer.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a pig and 10 being a hottie.
Gerri Miller = I?m going to be different and say 8
Bobbie Brown = 0 never into her. Not a fan of girls who take rock stars money
Asia Carrera = I met her at a porn convention in Vegas and she told me she was a big fan and had my tape. So she gets a 10 for sure.
Britney Spears = 4, not my type
Lita Ford = 7 in her day
Brandi Brandt = not my style 5 or 6
Kendra Jade = not my style
Julie Fitzwater = 9, does anybody know who she is?
Sharon Osbourne = Once again, who cares
Dawn Greer = since everyone else is hard on her I will give her a 9
Taime and Brent 2001

11. What was your biggest musical related check for and what did you buy with it?
Well? lets just put it this way. House of pain bought me my house

12. Back in the day, Taime & Riki Rachtmen had the Cathouse together but eventually split. Rumor has it there was and may still be some bad blood between the two. What’s your take on that?
I don?t know much about it, but the rumor I heard was Taime fucked Riki?s wife. You would have to ask Taime. If it?s true I guess I would be pissed too

13. Yes or no, has Bret Muscat ever: (who?s Bret?)
( NOTE: Bret, Brent, same thing)
Wished you could join Warrant or Ratt = no way
Wore hair extensions = no way
Touched another man?s wang = no way
Auditioned for Gn’R = I?m waiting for the call
Farted on stage = no
Wanted to DJ at the Viper Room = no
Wished you could play lead guitar = What have I been doing since 1987? Now that Greg?s gone I play all the leads.
Waxed your balls = only shaved
Had sex with a Playboy Playmate = two of them
Shit on a tour bus = Steve Riley taught me the art of the ?bus bomb? you put a plastic garbage bag in the toilet, take care of business, spray some Lysol, tie the bag up and throw it out, nobody ever knows.

14. Do you think Eric Stacey?s band Supercool has even the slightest chance at having any success?
I heard he has already been kicked out of his own band, but he?s keeping the name. Maybe they will do better without Eric.

15. Last of Brent Muscat:
Last time you saw Taime Downe in the sun = The other day at rehearsal. Have you seen the movie Queen of the Damned? I think Taime is one of those powerful vampires who can live in the daylight.
Last time you had sex with an Asian chick = last night
Last time you received a royalty check = Greg Steele hasn?t given Taime, or I one in a while.
Last CD you bought = Guns n Roses debut. (o.k. I stole it)
Last meal you ate = Vietnamese
Last rock star you chatted with = Slash and Duff, I talked to them last night Faster Pussycat played the Viper Room with Duff?s band ?Loaded? and Slash was hanging out.
Last time you vacuumed a floor = I just vacuumed the carpet in my 1963 Mercury Monterey
Last time you puked from drinking = Two years ago, I puked while singing at a karaoke bar after eating sushi and drinking too much red wine.
Last concert you saw = Aerosmith/Cheap trick at the hard rock in Las Vegas
Last time you got asked for ID when buying alcohol = Funny you ask, I got carded just the other day when I was buying some wine.

16. What exactly went down with Greg Steele last Summer during tour? Is it true he just walked off the stage in the middle of a song?
It is not all true. He didn?t walk off the stage in the middle of a song. He did sit on an amp with his back to the crowd and hit only a chord during his ?house of pain? solo. I wish things could have worked out with Greg; he had his reasons for leaving.

Brent and Greg Steele

17. If you have 6 packs of guitar strings on the table but remove all of the ‘E’ strings how many strings are left on the table?
A. 30 strings
B. 12 strings
C. 24 strings
D. I don’t know cause I’m stucking fupid
If there are six packs of strings, and six strings in each pack, there would 36 strings if you remove all the 12 of the ?e? strings, the answer would be C.24 strings. (I had to use my fingers)

18. In your Word Association for Gwen Stefani in your 20 Questions, you said ?good kisser.? Are you trying to tell us you?ve kissed Gwen, and what exactly is your past relationship with her?
I don?t kiss and tell, but wouldn?t you like to know.

19. Are you looking forward to going out with Poison and hitting the stage at 6PM to an almost empty house?
The only reason the houses were empty at 6 p.m. is because the past bands in the first slot on Poison tours sucked. We have some surprises in store and we will be a big hit, or we?ll get kicked off the tour.

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Jizzy Pearl = Great singer and anybody who has the balls to name himself after bodily fluid, has got to be my hero!
Tracii Guns = Ask Paul Black, Robert Stoddard, Nicky Beat, Kelly Nickels, Mick Cripps Bones, Chris Van Dahl, Johnny Crypt, Chuck Garric, Ralph Saenz, Stefan Adika, Muddy, or Jizzy Pearl, and somtimes Phil Lewis. We can?t all be that bad?
Winger = Great you want me to talk shit about a band I?m touring with this summer. Fine, nice ballet moves. Actually Taime told me Kip is a cool guy and I am looking forward to meeting him.
The Cathouse = It was great while it lasted. Our home away from home..
Sunset Strip = I used to remember handing out flyers when it was cool. Now there?s gang bangers crusin’ on weekends and it sucks
Paul Gargano = Who is he?
Metal Shop = Too many rock bands take themself too serious, so its cool that they make fun of it. They’re very funny and Ralph is a great guy.
Axl Rose = He probably doesn?t remember, but I pierced his ears at ?rocket queens house?
David Lee Roth = I have a story about him in my book, but it is too long and filthy to tell here.
Greg Steele = I wish things would have worked out and he was touring with us again.

Thanks for the questions. If we are restricted from anything on the summer tour it is on how much merchandise we can sell. So if you are interested in anything check out www.fasterpussycat.com and if you have any cool stories or pictures you would like to contribute to the book feel free to drop an email to brentthebook@hotmail.com. I look forward to seeing everyone this summer.

Brent did the plugging for us, so we have nothing else to say! Thanks to Brent for doing it and throwing in a little shit talking here and there. Good deal!

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