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Rewind With Donna D’Errico, 2/28/02



Actress, Supermodel, Supermom,

and Nikki Sixx’s Wife

Donna D’Errico

She’s back!

When we last talked to Donna on December 21, 1999, she ended up giving us the Best 20 Questions Of The Year and Best 20 Questions By A Chick. Now she’s back for a Rewind!

Donna also send along some exclusive photos of her and & Nikki’s baby girl Frankie Jean Sixx!

Enough talk. Lets get into our Rewind With Donna D’Errico!

1. What does Donna D’Errico have going on right now?

I recently finished filming "Kiss the Bride" starring Alyssa Milano and Faye Dunaway. I will be filming a cameo for the new Austin Powers movie next month. This April is the grand opening of my 5000 square foot day spa, DK Renu, in Calabasas. My baby girl just turned a year old in January. I have never had braces. I have not watched television in a year and a half. I have sex regularly with my husband.

2. If you could give one piece of sexual advice to men, what would it be?

Don’t slap your girl’s ass during sex while doing her from behind just because you saw someone do it in a porno and thought you would come off as a really wild lay.

3. Did you encourage Nikki to get a vasectomy and how’s that going for you?

Yes, i did. There is something about seeing a large knife going towards your husband’s dick when he’s been one.

Donna & Frankie Jean

4. Is there any part of Motley’s book "The Dirt" that freaks you out? Like "I can’t believe my husband was apart of this!"

I had been told all that stuff before, so there was nothing in the book I didn’t know about beforehand. However, the writer put things into his own verbage in some areas and made the "Motley house" sound even more disgusting than I had previously envisioned. Pretty sick shit.

5. Rate the following Playmates as actresses. 1 being someone who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag and 10 being somebody worthy of an Oscar.

Pamela Anderson = 20Jenny McCarthy = never seen her in anything other than MTV

Angel Boris = who?

Kelly Monaco = never seen her in anything

Shauna Sands = ditto

Jamie Bergman = 4…I saw Son Of The Beach once and she cracked me up

Heather Kozar = never seen her either

Shannon Tweed = 4

Erika Eleniak = 4

Victoria Silvstedt = never seen

Heidi Mark = 8 cuz she’s cool

6. What ever happened to Donna D’Errico.net?

I decided that I was simply above having a dot net and that I deserved the more prestigious dot com, so I stopped development of it. Then it turned out that someone owns DonnaD’Errico.com and wanted 10 grand for it! What a fucking joke. Ah well, who cares. Why do I need a website anyway? Whatever people want to know about me they can find out here on your lovely little site. Or they can visit my spa’s site DKRenu.com!


7. What’s your opinion of Pamela taking Tommy to court and saying he’s a bad parent?

I’ve seen that movie before, only when I saw it her character was being played by a girl named Brandi.


8. When you see Jenny McCarthy hosting the American Music Awards while you sit at home with the kids, what exactly goes through your mind?

You mean her husband let her out of the house? Cool!

9. Was being on Battlebots a career goal?

Yes, it was! And I made it!

And you better believe that I went right out and bought a Bentley, a house, two houseboats, a speedboat, and a full length mink coat (which I promptly gave away–fur is out, PETA’s in!!)

10. Last of Donna D’Errico:

Last time you argued with Nikki = last OctoberLast tattoo you got = a lower backpiece with a Japanese symbol meaning endureLast time you were at the Playboy Mansion = last summerLast audition you went for = a new Showtime pilot called 360 (Lisa Rinna was there auditioning too)Last book you read = "Never Be Lied To Again"Last movie you saw = Moulin RougeLast CD you bought = Barney’s SingalongsLast time you threw up = last monthLast time a casting director hit on you = 5 years agoLast drug you took = blowLast time you shaved your pubic hair = all of it? I guess when I had my c-section in January of last year. Sexy, huh?

Donna’s latest tat

11. What do you think about Hef and his harem of young blonde chicks?

I personally think that he does not do them. I think that they do each other and he watches. But maybe I’m wrong…maybe that Viagra is the shit!

12. If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?

13. Do you fully trust Nikki now, or are you still suspicious of his activities?

14. Do you have any plans on quitting work, getting a stripper pole put in your house, and going on tour with Motley as a stripper?

I had made arrangements to do just that, but then I read somewhere that Pam had stolen my idea!

15. Had Donna D’Errico ever:

Cheated on Nikki = noShoplifted anything from Saks Fifth Avenue = no, although I did steal a pack of juicy fruit from Piggly Wiggly onceSang at a Karaoke bar = no wayWorn hair extensions = noThought Vince Neil had nice abs = you guys are funnyTalked in Ebonics = nah yoo no dat iss rood ta be aksin dat kinda shit, boyHit somebody’s parked car with your car and left without sticking around = noUsed coupons at the grocery store within the last 2 years = noHad sex with another chick = one on one, or in a three way situation? one is yes and one is noRegretted getting implants = no

16. What does the name Samantha Maloney mean to you?

17. Which do you prefer:

Gucci purse or Coach Purse = not a purse chickMotley in 1984 or Motley in 1994 = 84Shopping on Melrose or shopping on Rodeo = melroseJenna Jameson or Janine = ??Wrestling or Boxing = wrestling!!Mac makeup or Revlon = macCreed or 3 Doors Down = ??Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s Of Hollywood = Victoria’s secret…Frederick’s is too white trashSon Of The Beach or South Park = Son of the BeachPrada or Fendi = hate em both

18. Is marrying a rock star everything you thought it would be?



19. Do you miss being famous?

I have never considered myself famous

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Kid Rock = spamBobbie Brown = lay off the speedButch Walker = ?Rebecca Romijn Stamos = classyGena Lee Nolin = funnyMick Mars = gentleBritney Spears = sweetSebastian Bach = jokeLita Ford = 80’sCameron Diaz = cool, but hire a new stylistHoward Stern = midlife crisis

Ok, I know I pussed out on three questions… Did my best with what I was given!! I still love metal sludge though!!

Donna D’Errico


While she might have pussed out on 3 questions, we still think this was a good Rewind! Donna always comes through and she did once again! Thanks to Donna for her support and willingness to answer our 4th grade questions!

To check out info on Donna’s spa, you can go to DKRenu.com

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