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Rewind With Eddie Ojeda, 11/1/01



Twisted Sister’s Eddie Ojeda

That’s right, Eddie Ojeda has returned to redeem himself! After winning "Worst 20 Questions Of The Year" for 2000, Eddie has stepped up to the plate once again. He emailed us and wanted to do it again, so we hit him up for a Rewind. Now it does take some balls for Eddie to come forward after we slapped him around so much for his last 20 Questions. We give him props for wanting to redeem himself and putting in some effort this time. These are pretty good! Check it out.

1. First things first. How does it feel to know out of the 170 interviews we?ve done, people say yours was the lamest? What was the deal with your last 20 Questions and why didn’t you put any effort into it?

Well Like I said in my emails I was just trying to be funny, I was not familiar with your site and I was not sure if someone was just playing around. After I saw the site and checked some of the other interviews you had done with some of my old road buddies I wanted to do it over. I should have checked out the site before I sent my answers, but that was my mistake. Had I done that I would have realized the kind of interview you guys wanted. I’m not a dick and I always like helping out supporters of Heavy Metal Music.

2. What do you have going on now? What’s up?

At the moment I’m working with two other song writers Gene Michael and Chris McCarvill, were trying to put a solo/band deal together. We just finished a four song demo and just started shopping it.

3. 14 years after breaking-up Twisted Sister are finally doing a reunion show with all five ‘Stay Hungry’ era members on November 28 at the Hamerstein Ballroom in NYC. Considering that this is a reasonably small venue in the bands home town, and after 10 days on sale it hasn’t sold out yet, do you attribute this to:

A. Sebastian Bach being on the bill

B. The fact that the name Anthrax is on the bill

C. Ace Frehely being on the bill

D. Overkill being on the bill

E. It’s a benefit and you’re probably not getting paid so you don’t give a shit

F. All of the above.

Actually I was told that they sold 2200 tickets the first 2 days they went on sale.

The room holds 3500 people and I think its just about sold out or should sell out by the end of the week. So I don’t think that’s too shabby

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I think you should never give up what you love doing. I know some bands are having a hard time making a living out there but I have to take my hat off to anybody who still has the balls to go out and play especially during the rough times. As long as they keep our type of music alive that’s all that matters.

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who plays with broken fingers and 10 being a virtuoso.

Tracii Guns = I am not familiar with LA Guns music so I cant really rate him.

Bruce Kulick = Bruce is an old friend of mine and I think he’s an excellent player so I Feel he falls in the 8 category

even after that "please no Twisted Sister Reunion" remark. I know he was just kidding. ( in the words of Eddie Murpphy AHA ! ! I get it that’s a joke right) I think he’s mad that Koch Records didn’t ask him to play on the T.S.Tribute album.

C.C. DeVille = Recently Dee did "Were Not going to take it" at a Poison gig when Dee walked into the dressing room C.C. broke into one of our opening songs.

He told Dee he saw us at Lamour’s all the time and loves T. S. I think he really enjoys himself on stage and is a good showman so I got give him a 7. for sure.

Mick Mars = I think Mick is a good solid player and he is an important part of Motley’s sound. so I say 7.as well

Joe Perry = Joe has come up with some of the coolest riffs in Rock so for that alone he deserves a 9. Plus he always looks so cool on stage even when he just rocks in place.

Zakk Wylde = Zakk is another good solid player, but I don’t know what possessed him to make a bullseye Les Paul that looks exactly like the design of my bullseye strat.

My bullseye guitar is synonymous with T.S. but as a player he does deserve an 8.

Steve Stevens = I saw Steven play at the MTV 20 Party with Billy Idol, and he sounded great. He is a very original player and like Joe Perry just always looks cool on stage.

He told me he use to love to go see us at Lamour’s all the time as well he is definitely in the 8. category

Ace Frehley = Ace is a good friend of mine and I have jammed with him a couple times and always had a great time. He has a very signature sound that fits KISS perfectly. I give him an 8. for intensity

Scott Ian = I like what they did with Destroyer on the Tribute Album it kicks ass-great solo so I say 8.

J.J. French = He is what makes us Twisted. I love bands like Maiden and Priest that have very similar players but J. and myself have different styles and he knows how to lock in with me. I think its what helps round out the T.S. sound.

He can get pretty intense when he gets going so 7. it is.

6. Other than ?Sin City,? what’s your favorite track off the Twisted Sister Tribute CD?

That’s a hard call, but "The Fire Still Burns" by Cradle Of Filth is pretty Heavy Duty.

7. When’s the last time you received a check for a Twisted Sister related royalty and how much was it for?

Well we do see them nowadays because we were able to clear things up with the record company and make some new deals, but its always a different amount.

8. Who’s the most overrated band today?

I think allot of the boy bands get a bit overrated, even thought allot of them have great voices, they just get hyped a bit too much.

9. When Twisted was big J.J. released a guitar instruction video. Did you also release one, or wouldn’t J.J. let you for fear that the fans would realize that you were a much better player than him?

No I never did one I believe I spoke to a few people about doing one but I just got side tracked and never pursued it again. It just seemed like everybody and their mother was doing one so I felt the market was a bit saturated with Instructional videos.

10. Rate the following Twisted Sister albums on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being something that sucks and 10 being perfect.

Under The Blade = 8.

You Can’t Stop Rock ?N? Roll = 8.

Stay Hungry = 9.

Come Out And Play = 8.

Love Is For Suckers = 7.

Live At Hammersmith = 9. for intensity

Club Daze Volume 1 = 9. for rawness

11. When Dee formed Desperado after ‘Sister, he said in the press that he wanted a "Guitar Hero" type band, which basically implied that you and J.J. sucked. How did that make you feel?

I thought it was a pretty shitty thing to say and it definitely hurt to hear that.

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Most of the people I have met through the years have always been cool with me, but I think its because I’m from Twisted Sister so there’s no one I can think of except maybe Dee for saying that Guitar Hero shit.

13. What do you remember about the following years:

1970 = David Bowie Ziggy era Lou Reed, Mott the Hopple, Queen – there was some very cool music in those years.

1974 = I think that’s when Disco Kind of messed up the hole Rock scene for a while.

1978 = We were playing the clubs big time. Some good times

1981 = Still doing the Bars but on the verge a a record deal.

1984 = That was our Biggest year " Stay Hungry" era. In the words of Frank Sinatra "it was a very good year"

1987 = That was the year of the TS demise, but my daughter was born that year on Christmas day which is probably the best gift I ever got.

1990 = The early 90s Sucked for me and a bunch of my friends as well.

1994 = That Was another rough year but we managed.

1998 = This year allot of things just turned around for us I worked with some good people and all the guys in TS were talking to each other again.

2000 = Was a very cool year I moved into a new house and worked on some very cool projects.


14. What’s the one Twisted Sister song that could go into the vault called ?Songs That Suck??

Most of the songs that Sucked never made it on the albums but " Leader of the Pack" was one we should have passed on or that comes to mind.

15. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:

Boston = We went to a great topless bar there but I cant remember the name of the place. Anyway I got pretty drunk that night and almost go my ass kicked.

Philadelphia = We sold out the Spectrum and it was just a great night overall.

Cleveland = We went to a cool bar after the gig and saw a band that did a pretty cool Rod Stewart show the guy looked just like him.

Detroit = Detroit is a rockin town, great crowd.

Sometimes its like a blur because you just go from one town to the next and unless something weird happens it hard to remember every gig.

Chicago = I stayed at a different hotel then the band because they had flew in and I took the tour bus. I went to bed and woke up at 7:15 PM. We were on tour with Iron Maiden and had to be on at 8:00PM. I had to jump out of bed and take a cab to the gig. I got there just in time and threw my close on and went on stage im front of 17,000 people talk about shell shock.

Phoenix = That is one Hot as in temperature place to play I remember doing a gig there in the summer outdoors. It was 120 in the shade. When I picked up my guitar to play the stings actually burned my fingers.

Los Angeles = LA is always a blast because everybody comes down (as in all the bands that live there) to see you and you end having a great time at somebody’s house after the gig.

Dallas = We had a friend Named Jeff you would have the greatest parties at his house after the gig.

Atlanta = I was bored at the hotel and took a ride on the subway for some strange reason, they are supposed to have a great Subway System. I must have really been bored that day, but it was a pretty nice Subway.

San Francisco = The Last time we played there I went out with the guys from Y&T went to Leonard’s house (Y&T drummer) and remember having a great gig and fun night. We also took a few days off there and it was great going all over town.

St. Louis = I bought a black Les Paul there. It was the first Les Paul I ever owned.

16. Is it safe to say that Dee Snider?s CD ?Never Let The Bastards Where You Down? was probably the weakest thing Dee has ever done?

I don’t think he was really into doing an album because of his schedule at the time and was kind of pushed into doing it.

17. Yes or no, has Eddie Ojeda done the following:

Had lustful thoughts about Suzette Snider = No, She is a beautiful woman but I cant look at a friends wife like that.

Seen JJ French without his wig = No

Drove drunk = When you played as many bars as I did it was unavoidable at times but its definitely not a cool thing to do.

Felt like you’re opinion didn’t matter in Twisted Sister = Yes

Masturbated in a tour bunk = No I waited till I got to the hotel because the bunks ceiling was not big enough for my two hander.

Thought that one of Dee’s songs sucked = Yes

Had your ass beat for wearing makeup = No

Purchased a Britney Spears CD = No but I think she’s fine

Had anal sex with a chick = No I’m not a back door man.

Sold your Twisted memorabilia on Ebay to make a quick buck = No

18. Did it ever occur to anyone in ‘Sister that playing a show in NYC with bands named ‘OverKill’ and ‘Anthrax’ may not be a great idea??

Yes but they are NY bands and want to help the City so they really should not be penalized from helping out because of a name.

19. How long do you think it’ll be before Mark Mendoza snaps and beats the piss out of Dee?

I think on BTM he got allot off his chest which was good he seems much calmer these days, but it could happen at any moment so it adds a little excitement to the mix

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

A. J. Pero = One one the best Rock Drummers around

Alice Cooper = Great showman – great guy

Jay Jay French = One of my best friends

Sebastian Bach = Great singer – great showman and a good dude.

Blackie Lawless = I meet him at Kevin Ds house from Q. R. real nice guy I was surprised to find out he was from Staten Island. He also told me about a great pizza place in NYC.

Nikki Sixx = Old friend we use to hang out together allot back in the 80s but we have kind of lost touch through the years.

Kiss = One of the best shows I have ever seen.

Mark Mendoza = Great old friend but plays to dam loud.

Lemmy = Great old friend, there’s only one Lemmy and he knows how to ROCK.

Cooch = Should see a doctor about his Laminate making problem

Dee Snider = Old friend – Great performer always gives it 110%



Now that was good. See, we knew Eddie had it in him. Maybe in our upcoming Year End Awards, Eddie can be the first person to go from Worst 20 Questions to Best Rewind. That would be an accomplishment!

For more info on Eddie, you can go to www.eddieojeda.com or www.twistedsister.com

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