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Rewind With Ryan Cook, 10/11/01




Hair Of The Dog Singer Ryan Cook

We last talked to Ryan Cook on November 28, 2000, just before our Metal Sludge Extravaganza last year. Recently, Hair Of The Dog has put out their 3rd CD, so we thought it was time to catch up with Ryan and find out what’s going on.

1. What are you currently up to? Get all the plugs out of the way.

Hello All! Our new CD "Ignite" is on the streets and we’ve been rehearsing in N. Hollywood for upcoming shows. We also have given our website, www.hotd.com, a facelift; lots of news and info about H.O.T.D.. I also sang on a track with Richie Sambora for his upcoming solo album. The tune is called "Turn On Me". I was told that it will also be included on the soundtrack for an upcoming film.

2. What’s your best memory of our Metal Sludge Extravaganza that you guys played in November 2000.

Being on stage singing "As I Am" and having Kendra Jade grinding on stage next to me. Then her boob fell out of her top. I think there’s a picture of the whole scenario floating around somewhere. That was an interesting evening. Our set time kept getting pushed later and later, which gave us a lot more time to hang out with the crowd. Being the kind people that they are, the Sludgeaholics kept buying the band drinks. After a couple of hours of this I ran into Boot, he was cross eyed from all the drinking and mumbling about some guy named "Sleepy Time".

3. Do you still talk to John Sepetys and what he is doing now? Has his condition improved at all?

I speak with him frequently. He moved to Nashville back in February. He’s currently a fitness trainer. This was something he did for many years, so it was natural for him to pick it back up while he decides what he’d like to choose for his next career move. As far as his condition improving goes, it

seems to be something that will take a very long time. It involves a lot of dedicated therapy and hard work; he basically has to retrain his hand to

perform specific functions. He’s a tough, disciplined dude. If anyone could ever overcome this condition, it’s Sepetino.

Hair Of The Dog with Lemmy
4. How did Lemmy end up "singing" on the new CD and do you have good Lemmy stories for us?

We toured with Motorhead last year and became friends with Lemmy & Co.. It’s not real interesting how we got him to do it…….Our manager got in

touch with his manager and asked if he’d come down and sing on the record. However, what was kinda funny were the details that had to be taken care of to get him to do it. Lemmy doesn’t drive, so we had to supply a car to pick him up. At first we arranged for a Lincoln town car, but then we were told he needed a limo (oh, those rock stars). They also asked if he could have the car for the day to run a few "errands"; I think he went to the dentist and a nudie show. Then, of course, there were the very important provisions that must be at the studio for him: A bottle of Maker’s Mark and a bag of Ruffles. We weren’t sure what kind of Ruffles he preferred so we got them all…Regular, Barbecue, Sour Cream and Onion…..Finally, the secret was uncovered as to how he gets his voice to sound that way – Booze and potato chips! He was busting our chops for drinking Bud Light. Boot went to fix him a drink and asked "Lemmy, how strong do you want your first one?" Lemmy’s response… "Who says it’s my first?" The guy is hilarious. He hung out with us and told us many great stories. He used to roadie for Hendrix, how cool is that?

5. Yes or no, has Ryan Cook ever:

Drove drunk = Yes. I don’t advise it.

Been over 21 and had sex with an underage chick = Maybe. I don’t check ID’s.

Thrown up on Boot = No, but I have seen him throw up on himself.

Seen Boot with a hard-on = Nope. This doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Gone down on a chick and then realized her pussy smelled = Unfortunately……..

Been able to go to a bar without drinking = Yes. I don’t advise this, either.

Considered suicide = No.

Actually seen Mike Dupke sign an autograph = Yes.

Wanted to quit the band and get a normal job = Nah. Normal jobs are boring.

Ate at a restaurant and then walked out without paying = Ah, yes. The ol’ "Dine-n-Dash".

6. Where did you find HOTD’s new guitarist?

Chris Silvagni is from Scranton, PA. His CD was one of the many that were sent in. We auditioned several guys, some were from Los Angeles, some flew in from other states. Auditioning new members is a necessary evil. We had some guys that were great, some that showed up and didn’t know the tunes, some that inquired but never got to audition because they were jackasses.

7. HOTD only sold 150 CDs in it’s first week of release. Which of the following would you like to blame for that:

First off, I’d like to thank the 150 people who were actually able to find it the first week (9/18/01).

A: Spitfire sucks!

Call ‘em and let ‘em know what you think!

B: John Sepetys left the band and took the entire HOTD fanbase with him.

I don’t think so. If so, he’d give them back if I asked him to. He’s my bro.

C: It’s Boot’s fault because he’s bald.

Yes. Boot is bald and it’s funny.

D: Nobody likes Mike Dupke and that’s why.


E: HOTD sounds like a played out 80s band and nobody cares.

I think a lot of 80’s bands wish they sounded as good as we do. 150 people care (see above).

8. Have you ever meet a rock star that was a total dick to you? If so, who?

Not really. I have met several people who think they’re rock stars. They usually turn out to be the biggest assholes.

9. Do you guys plan on touring behind this record or just sitting at home?

We plan on touring behind it, in front of it, over and under it. We love touring.

10. Rate the following CDs on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a CD that sucks and 10 being the shit.

Motley Crue "Theater Of Pain" = 7. I’ve heard Motley doesn’t like it. It’s got some cool moments.

L.A. Guns "Man In The Moon" = Never heard it.

Ratt "Out Of The Cellar" = 10. The video for Wanted Man is hilarious.

Poison "Flesh & Blood" = 2

Disturbed "The Sickness" = Love the song, haven’t heard the entire CD.

Kiss "Psycho Circus" = 5

Creed "Human Clay" = 5

Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" = 10

Marvelous 3 "Ready Sex Go" = 10. Outstanding record. Butch is the shit. I’d love to work with that guy.

Warrant "Cherry Pie" = 5. The intro to "Uncle Tom’s Cabin" is great. However, I heard that part was played by someone outside of the band.

11. Why are the lyrics to "Over You, Under Me" printed twice in the CD booklet?

It’s printed twice in your book? Well, it must be a collector’s item!

12. What do you think it means that Hair Of The Dog sold more records when you weren’t signed than when you signed with Spitfire?

I think there’s a lot to be said for having complete control over a situation.

13. Name one band that had no business going Platinum?

3 Doors Down. I wish they were 3 Miles Down. Way Down.

14. Boot sings a song on the new album. Was this necessary?

Very. He threatened to kill us in our sleep if we didn’t let him. Kidding. Boot wrote the tune (GRIT) and it’s got a slow, heavy, nasty groove. His voice is cool and fit the song better than mine.

15. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:

Chicago = Love the town. The first time we played there the Hard Rock Cafe invited us over for an after show party. The whole band was on a terror that night. Everyone wound up at different places; I wound up in the crew’s hotel which was different than ours. I woke up about 8am and didn’t have a clue where I was. My itinerary was locked up on the bus so I didn’t even know which hotel I was supposed to be at. I had to call our manager in L.A. to tell me where to go. Did she ever.

Detroit = Our first show in Detroit was at the State Theatre. I don’t know how he did it, but Boot left the cabinet to his bass rig at the previous gig

which was somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A couple of fans showed up with the cabinet just before show time and saved his ass.

New York = Irving Plaza around Christmas time. It was our first time in NYC and we were a bit nervous. New York is notorious for chewing new bands up and spitting them out. We were skating on pretty thin ice with the band we were opening for; we had just gotten yet another lecture on our bus from their tour manager saying "don’t do this, don’t do that, stay away from our women……." so going on stage we were both nervous and pissed off. Within thirty seconds the place went fucking nuts and we rocked like we never had before. Thanks NYC!

Milwaukee = Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Stephen Pearcy falls off the stage and loses his knee!

Dallas = Blondes have more fun. Really.

Atlanta = We invited a few friends from Nashville down to the show. One of them was determined that he was going to go the distance and stay up all

night with us. For awhile he was keeping up with us, beer for beer, shot for shot…..just as we were beginning to think he could hang, he passed out. I

got a call the next day telling me he’d had a heart attack. To this day, he tells people we tried to kill him. I say he can’t hang with the big boys.

Las Vegas = Leaving Bobby Blotzer at the blackjack table at 11pm, finding him at the same table at 9am.

Phoenix = Cooperstown!

Denver = There was a big fuss over set times that night. Apparently there was a local who was friends with the promoter; he was pushing for a better

slot, saying they open for no one. Well, we said "screw it", let ‘em go on whenever they want, we’ll just go on and do what we do. The singer for the

other band was this bald guy who painted his entire head and face green. We ended up kicking major ass like we always do and the other guys didn’t go over so well. I still remember walking backstage after their set and seeing this sweaty, green guy sulking in the corner. Don’t fuck with the Dogs.

Cleveland = We had just played the Odeon. Everyone’s doing normal after show business when Lemmy and Mickey Dee show up around 1am. They’re itching to go out so we head to a strip club with about 25 people. The tour manager went in, told the manager we were there and proceeded to throw out anybody who didn’t work there. We took the club over for the rest of the night. I don’t know where they came from, but Dupke and Mickey found some drums and were beating the shit out of them, playing along with whatever the DJ was playing.

16. Who’s the most overrated band today?

I don’t quite get the whole Staind thing. I’m not saying they’re overrated as musicians, I just don’t find their music very exciting.

17. If this new album continues at the pace it’s currently on, what’s next? Will HOTD continue on, get a new deal, break up, etc?

I’m a lifer. Good or bad, things happen for a reason.

18. It seems like you guys are using HOTD a lot more instead of Hair Of The Dog. Is that because you’ve realized Hair Of The Dog is a totally weak


No. We realized it’s easier to write HOTD than it is to write H-a-i-r O-f T-h-e D-o-g

19. How long did it take to write these deep lyrics:

"You cut me off, You’ve got a fight

I’m drinking hard, it makes me feel alright

Oh baby, I Ignite."

"I’ll take your whiskey, don’t want your water,

Just step aside I’ve got my sights on your daughter

Around 2AM she’ll be a 10

I’m gonna take her to a place she’s never been."

A: 10 seconds

B: 30 seconds

C. 60 seconds

D: I was drunk and I don’t even remember writing that

It was five minutes, thank you very much. You love this. The sad truth is, this is the mentality of the gang I hang out with. You take our booze,

we’ll kick your ass. And everyone looks better through beer goggles at closing time.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We give you a name and you give us your thoughts.

Lemmy = The Rainbow.

The Rainbow = Lemmy.

Paul Gargano = Metal’s new spokesperson. Have you noticed that he’s on TV a lot these days? He’s down with the Sludge.

Gene Simmons = I wonder if he sleeps in the Kiss Casket? What’s up with their new boxed set? For the past ten years Gene’s been bragging about

having some demos with Eddie & Alex Van Halen playing on them. I saw the track listing yesterday and they’re not even on any of the discs. Thanks.

Pamela Anderson = What is she thinking?!

Fred Durst = Can’t figure that guy out. What’s he pissed about?

Staind = I just don’t get it. See above.

Dana Strum = I still remember him lecturing me about an in-store we were about to do. He basically told me that it’s not worth it to go unless hundreds of people show up. We had just released our first CD and I remember thinking I’d be grateful if even 10 people showed up.

Kendra Jade = Thanks for the boob.

David Lee Roth = "Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness didn’t know where to shop" Love that guy!

Phil Lewis = He’s in Traci Gunns’ band.

Thanks for hanging with me. Congrats on the site!

For the latest news on Hair Of The Dog, you can go to www.hotd.com and their new CD is out now, providing you can find it!

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