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Rewind With Bruce Kulick, 9/13/01



Bruce Kulick

We did 20 Questions with Bruce Kulick on September 21, 1999. And since then, Bruce has put out a solo CD so we thought it was time to catch up with him and find out what’s he’s been up to. He has a few brutal answers to a few of our questions here, so enjoy!

1. What do you have going on now?
Gigs with Grand Funk Railroad, some Kiss Expo’s and of course promoting my solo disc, Audio Dog.

2. Name the 3 highlights and the 3 low points of Bruce Kulick’s music career?
3 high: Joining KISS, Playing Madison Square Garden, My solo disc being finished
3 lows: Never playing in the high school band, being left behind by KISS, and flying coach sucks!!!

3. The Kiss Box Set is coming out in November. Do you know Bruce Kulick Era Kiss songs are going to be
I do believe there will be some.. (amazing right?!!)

Bruce in Grand Funk Railroad

4. You went from KISS to Union to Grandpafunk Railroad. What’s next, a CD full of elevator music? Please elaborate….
Don’t know, have guitar will travel. Oh yes.. I hate elevators.

5. What was the last conversation you had with Gene or Paul about?
Gene.. happy birthday and all that etc, Paul seeing the movie Rock Star.

6. Speaking of KISS, when they had all of the Ace problems Tommy Thayer was rumored to have been in the wings ready to play if needed. Has Gene or Paul ever considered yourself to sport the silver paint and then play like shit for the show?
They never have discussed that with me, but Tommy fits in the costume!

Bruce in Kiss

7. What’s up with your biography, "Honorable Discharge?" Is it going to be a sugar-coated biography or are you going to spill the beans the way things really went down?
Some things are better left unsaid, but there will be juicy bits for sure.

8. Would you want to be buried in a Kiss Kasket and what are your thoughts on that?
HELL NO!!!!! Although I get the creeps from the casketbeing called Forever. I love my solo on that song.

9. Is it safe to say that Jamie Hunting is truly insane?
That is a theory that has been discussed. Maybe split personality. I cant say I really know.

10. Has Bruce Kulick ever…
Tasted urine = UGHH NO
Had sexual thoughts about Layla Dawn = She is beautiful, but I respect my friends woman.
Had sexual thoughts about Gerri Miller = For this you should be shot.
Read Metal Sludge with another rock star = Actually no.
Dropped Gene & Paul’s name to get something you wanted = OF course!!! Who wouldnt!
Had phone sex with Paul Stanley = Your killing me here!!
Saw John Corabi with a hard on = No.. he makes fun of it though.
Called Miss Cleo the psychic = I HATE HER>> Send her back to the island.
Considered suicide = Jews do not do that.
Played on an album you didn’t get credit for = Animalize.. KISS of course.

11. Union has gone in several directions. You in Grandpafunk Railroad, Corabi is playing rhythm guitar in RATT and those other 2 guys are in Vince Neil’s band. Was Union really four spare tires that got put on a car but all decided to be spare tires again instead?
We always worked hard, but the market would rather see some washed up hair bands.

12. Would you ever consider playing rhythm guitar in Ratt?
NO… John is perfect for that.

13. Do you make audible sounds when you play with yourself?
Only my neighbor knows for sure.

Bruce in Union

14. Speaking of KISS, again, has Gene or Paul ever talked to you about our great site & when are they going to step up and do 20?
Never came up. Dont you think Peter is ready for them??

15. Finish this sentence. The biggest misconception about:
Gene Simmons is….kind
Ace Frehley is….human
Grandfunk Railroad is….not really funky
MTV is….not corporate
David Lee Roth is….straight
Lonn Friend is….not Jewish
Motley Crue is….satanic
Bob Kulick is….younger than me
Living in Hollywood….will not change you
Playing in Kiss is….wow.. rock and roll all night and party every day ..NOT!!

16. Who’s older, the average age of Grandpafunk Railroad or Bob Hope?
Bob Hope is actually our physical trainer

17. You released your first solo CD entitled Audio Dog. It’s part instrumental and you also sing on a few tracks. Has anyone ever informed you that your singing voice is comparable to mud & rocks in a broken blender?
I like that, but throw some gravel in too!

18. Do you have gray pubic hair?
Actually they all fell out!

19. On tour with Grandfunk Railroad, does it bother you that the only women backstage are nurses?
Hey, the senior crowd is very horny!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
John Corabi = rock star
Carrie Stevens = playmate
Dana Strum = loves himself
Stephen Pearcy = is finding himself
Paul Stanley = all of the above
Dee Snider = smart and insane
Vince Neil = loves to party
Fred Durst = smart .. but why baseball caps?
Brent Fitz = talented but why Hockey outfits?
Eric Carr = great talent and friend, a tragic loss

Wow. Saying that the biggest misconceptions about David Lee Roth is that he’s straight and that Gene Simmons is kind was pretty brutal! Hey, don’t bitch at us about the Roth comment. We only print the answers to our questions!
Bruce also kind of slapped Dana Strum, so all in all not bad! A little brutal honesty never hurt anybody.

For more info on Bruce about what he’s up to, you can go to his website at www.kulick.net! His solo CD can be purchased at his website.

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